“Teri Meri Love Story”releasing officially on 2nd September 2016

Karachi(Cliff News)”Teri Meri Love Stroy”(TMLS),a directorial knack from Jawad Bashir manages to enthrall and entertain audiences at its premiere in Karachi.The film is now scheduled to hit cinemas across the country on 2nd September 2016.A quirky and upbeat rom-com,the movie revolves around Esha(played by Ushna Shah)a beautiful,stylish Tv Host who is on an exciting shooting assignment accompained by her crew and friends including the goofy and mischievous Sherry (played by Mohsin Abbas),Mona (played by Uzma Khan)and Danish (played by Ahmad Abdul Rehman).Esha wants to marry her true love Ramis,(played by Omer Shahzad),but her father(played by Salman Shahid)is adamant that she marries her childhood family friend Nael,(who is being played by the drama industry superstar Mohib Mirza.What follows is an adventurous and hilarious journey to finding true love.Produced and distributed by Summit Entertainment and with a strong cast,the movie is all set to entertain audiences of all ages,adding a new flavor to the Pakistani Film industry.While talking at the premiere,Wasay Nabi,Director of Summit Entertainment,said,”Pakistani film projects like this are a reason of immense pride and joy for us all”.On the other hand Rafay Nabi,who is also a director in the same company added “Like all the previous milesstones we have achieved as a company,TMLS will also be a trendsetter based on its action sequences,humorous one-liners and a strong story line.I am sure we shall be able true audiences to theatres for a fun-filled experience.Speaking at the Occasion,Writer and Director of TMLS,Jawwad Bashir said “The movie is a sincere attempt to add a new flavor to the local industry.The idea was to create something exciting that would entertain and capture the attention of our audiences worldwide.I m grateful to all my supporters who waited patiently for the movie and can only hope my work and efforts are witnessed through this film and are truly enjoyed.”

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