Rail Road Tigers:A Presentation of Distribution Club

Karachi (Cliff News)Despite the heavy competition during the year-end period, RailroadTigers – directed by #DingSheng and starring JackieChan, #HuangZitao and WangKai – has made more than #USD43million within only six days in Chinesecinemas. In addition to leading the box office charts, the film has led a wave of excellent reviews. The upcoming New Year holiday will certainly lead to another wave of success for the film. “It’s from the director of Saving Mr. Wu.” “Who knew that DingSheng could be so funny.” This family-friendly comedy has given the director a chance to widen his range FromTheUnderdogKnight to SavingMrWu, Ding Sheng has been known for his “tough guy” movies. Railroad Tigers sees Ding’s toughest star of all: A roaring locomotive. The train takes up much of the film, including scenes like horse chase, boarded by people with eloquently choreographed moves or a major crash that causes a chain reaction.Railroad Tigers marks the third collaboration between Jackie Chan and Ding Sheng, so the two naturally share a rapport already. “A lot of the action scenes are designed by Jackie and his stunt team on the set,” Ding says. He raises the classic set piece in which the Tigers use a rope to steal the explosives as one example. “That was supposed to be a dialogue scene. Jackie, the action choreographer and I discussed it again and again on set. We had to consider the laws of physics and make sure that it looks good. Then I went back and story boarded it. The process took a half month.”Ding Sheng has become quite the expert at the action comedy genre. In one hilarious scene, three Tigers use parkour to climb up a wall only to discover a ladder on the side. “That was thought up by Jackie and I on the set, and it created a really great scene,” Ding says. Another surprise for the audience was Chan’s self-deprecating humor in the film. Chan revealed that on his first film with Ding, he told the director to pack up and go home if the results turned out to be bad. Now, Chan has complete trust in Ding. Ding Sheng has always been a director who does his research. For Saving Mr. Wu, he embedded himself with the police for three months, earning praise from the audience for the film’s accuracy in depicting police procedures. The same went for Railroad Tigers. Ding faced a mountain of research material when he decided to touch on the topic. “I made sure that I had my research accessible so that I can grab it whenever I needed it,” Ding says. In the end, he chose a story that has “no bureaucrats, completely untraditional and shined the spotlight on supporting characters.”
“He really knows his actors. He even gave a close-up to Wang Kai’s hands flipping up and down.” It’s not easy for a film to create a connection to audiences, but Railroad Tigers has definitely succeeded. However, Ding Sheng admits that since he didn’t know the younger actors very well, he had to do research on their physical demeanor when they were locked to be in the cast. “I made sure to incorporate Zitao’s off-key singing, Wang Kai’s hands and Jackie’s preachy nature into the story. I wanted each character to stand on its own,” Ding says. Jackie Chan reveals that Railroad Tigers is a film that he has always wanted to do, and Ding Sheng came recommended by director Feng Xiaogang. It’s obvious that his chemistry with Chan, his dedication to detail and his handling of characters make Ding the perfect candidate for the film.
RailroadTigers is brought to you by Distribution.Club across Pakistan.img_20161231_224736

Chairman BMG Siraj Qasim Teli President KCCI Crest to Chairman Tehrik e Insaf Imran Khan


Chairman Businessmen Group and Former President KCCI Siraj Kassam Teli and President KCCI Shamim Ahmed Firpo presenting crest to Chairman Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf Imran Khan during his visit to Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) on Saturday.Vice Chairmen BMG Tahir Khaliq, Zubair Motiwala and Haroon Farooki, Senior Vice President KCCI Asif Nisar, Vice President Muhammad Younus Soomro, Former Presidents KCCI AQ Khalil and Younus Muhammad Bashir and others are also seen in the picture.


FPCCI announces new Office Bearares for the Year 2017

Karachi (Cliff News)The 60th Annual General Body Meeting of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Chambers & Industry (FPCCI) was held today (31st December, 2016) at FPCCI Head Office Karachi, wherein, FPCCI Election Commission officially announced the following FPCCI Election results for the term 2017 which, the house, received with loud clapping:

 1.    Mr. Zubair F. Tufail, President

 2.    Mr. Aamer Ata Bajwa, Senior Vice President

 3.    Alhajj Dhani Bukhsh Memon,, Vice President from Sindh Province

 4.    Mr. Wali Muhammad, Vice President (Unopposed) from Balochistan Province

 5.    Mr. Manzoor ul Haq Malik, Vice President from Punjab Province

 6.    Mian Shaukat Masud, Vice President from Federal Area (ICT)

 7.    Mr. Sajjad Sarwar, Vice President from Chamber of Small Traders & Small Industry

 8.    Mr. Irfan Ahmed Sarwana,, Vice President representing Association

 9.    Mirza Ishtiaq Baig, Vice President representing Association  

 10.  Mr. Saquib Fayyaz Magoon, , Vice President representing Association

 11.  Haji Atta ur Rehman, Vice President representing Association

 The results of Vice Presidents from Women CCI and KPK CCI withheld due to litigation in the honorable High Court.


Elections on Pakistan Cycling Federation,Idris Khawaja President, Ch.Kamran Elected Secretary

Lahore (Cliff News)Mr. Idris Haider Khawaja President & Ch. Kamran Secretary were elected for next four Years 2016-2020 of the Federation.The Elective General Council Meeting of Pakistan Cycling Federation was held on 25.12.2016. All the affiliated Units of PCF attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Ch.Nauraiz Shakoor Khan Chairman of Pakistan Cycling Federation. The General House took the following important decisions according to agenda:

1-      The Minutes of the last General Council were unanimously approved.

2-      Audited Statement of Accounts for the year 2015-16 unanimously approved

3-       The holding of elections of New Office Bearers for the next term of 4 years (2016-2020) the House unanimously approved.

4-      The election for the Office bearers of Pakistan Cycling Federation for the next term was held and following Office Bearers elected unanimously (2016-2010):

Chairman                                            Ch.Nauraiz Shakoor Khan

President                                             Idris Haider Khawaja

Sr.Vice President                                 Rai Muhammad Asghar          (WAPDA)

i-         Saeed Iqbal Khan                    (RAILWAYS)

ii-        Haji Muhammad Umar          (BALUCHISTAN)

iii.         Mr. Iftikhar Ahmad Awan     (KPK)

iv-        Mrs. Farhat Malik              (LADY V.PRESIDENT     Secretary General                               Ch. Kamran Amin                    (PUNJAB)

Associate Secretaries:             i-          Waqar Ali                    (COACHES ASSOCIATION)

II-        Gul Muhammad Kakar             (BALUCHISTAN)

III-       Rashed Mehmood Butt           (RAILWAYS)


Treasurer                                            Mrs.Tania Mallick                   (LADY MEMBER)





Sr.Vice President

Secretary General



Gul Muhammad Kakar           (BALUCHISTAN)

Raza Ullah Khan                      (SIND)

Ms. Uzma Khan                       (BALUCHISTAN)

Ms. Misbah Mahmood           (SIND)

Ch. Ibrar Ahmed         (TECHNICAL ASSOCIATION)

Mr. Qasir Saddiq Bhatti           (PUNJAB)

Mr. Fayyaz Ahmad                     (KPK)

The House unanimously approved to hold the 17thTour-de-Pakistan International Cycle Race in the month of March/ April 2017. This race will be consisting of 12th Twelve Stages instead of 11 stages because Nawab shah also included this time  from Karachi to Peshawar. Mr. Idris Haider Khawaja President Pakistan Cycling Federation announced that Insha Allah we will organized this mega event after six years in a befitting manners.  Mr.Gul Muhammad Kakar Secretary  Baluchistan Cycling Association announced that a National Level Road event will be organized by the Baluchistan Cycling Association in the month of May/June 2017.The final dated will be notified  later.









Westbury Open Ranking Tennis Championship Starts on 8th January

Karachi (Cliff News)Sindh Tennis Association will organize 15th Westbury Open Ranking Tennis Championship from 8th to  14th January 2017 at DA Creek Club Karachi.Westbury Group is sponsoring this  prestigious ranking Championships for the last 15 years without any break, Thanks to its CE Mr. Rashid Jan Muhammad.The events are, Men s singles, Ladies Singles , Juniors 17,  Under 15, Under 13, Under 11, Under 9, Seniors  50 Plus  singles.With the technical Support from  Pakistan Soft Tennis Association and Para Sports  Pakistan ,Men s Soft Tennis , Girls Soft Tennis  , Special Boys  Singles.  Special Girls Singles events are also included in the championships.Last date of entry is 6th Jan.All out station players will get Daily allowance as per STA rules, and all out station main draw players will also be entitled to economy class railway fare both way. Out station players must send their entries through their respective Provincial or District tennis associations.Kh. Saeed Hai is the president of organizing Committee,  Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed, & Mr. Gulzar Firoz as vice president, Muhammad Khalid Rehmani, Tournament Director & Referee, Nadia Razzak , Ishrat Zehra, Qudsia Raja, Uzma Waqar , fahim Ramzan  and Akbar  Khan are the members of organizing Committee , where as Sarwar Hussain is the  Media Coordinator.





Junior Davis Cup Team Members Selected

Islamabad(Cliff News)Trials to select Junior Davis Cup team members were held at S. Dilawar Abbas PTf Tennis Complex  Islamabad.  Nine players from  Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and Islamabad namely, Shoaib Khan, Nouman Aftab, Subhan Bin Salik, Zubair Raja, Hamza Bin Rehan, Amin Shafi, Ahmed Kamil, Aqib Umer, and Abdullah Khan participated. Trials were held in two phases using  Round Robin format.As a result of the transparent format Shoaib Khan, Hamza Bin Rehan, and  Aqib Umer, were selected as  members of the team and Nauman Aftab has been kept as a standby. Pakistan Team will take part in prequalifying Round of Junior Davis Cup scheduled to be held at the Hard Courts of R. K. Khanna Stadium, New Delhi, from 20th to 25th February, 2017.




One Day Departmental Cup,HBL and SSGC Qualify for Final



December 31, 2016


SNGPL 284-8 in 50 overs: (Imran Khalid 105*, 13x4s, 1×6, 76 balls, Imran Butt 81, 10x4s, 112 balls, Muhammad Hafeez 49, 5x4s, 2x6s, 52 balls, Ammad Butt 3-44, Zohaib Khan 2-45)

HBL  287-4 in 46.1 overs: (Ahmed Shahzad 166, 17x4s, 6x6s, 134 balls, Fakhar Zaman 61, 8x4s, 68 balls, Ramiz Aziz 28*, 3x4s, 31 balls, Aziz Ullah 1-39, Imran Khalid 1-57, Sadaqat Ali 1-60, Bilawal Bhatti 1-64)

Result: HBL won by 6 wickets

Toss: HBL

Umpires: Shozab Raza and Ahmed Shahab

Referee: Ishtiaq Ahmed

Scorer: Syed Obaid Ahmed



WAPDA 145-9 in 45 overs: (Aamer Sajjad 43, 1×4, 73 balls, Nauman Anwar 23, 3x4s, 38 balls, Rizwan Haider 20, 1×4, 35 balls, Ahmed Jamal 2-14, Zafgar Gogar 2-17, Shoaib Malik 2-27)

SSGC 148-4 in 29.3 overs: (Awais Zia 59, 8x4s, 1×6, 57 balls, Fawad Alam 34*, 4x4s, 45 balls, Shoaib Malik 33, 3x4s, 2x6s, 43 balls, Khalid Usman 2-33, Junaid Khan 1-30)

Result: SSGC won by 6 wickets

Toss: SSGC

Umpires: Ahsan Raza and Khalid Mahmood Sr.

Referee: Muhammad Javed

Scorer: Tariq Noor

President Cliff Pakistan Mujeeb ur Rehman Khan Message for New Year


Karachi (Cliff News)President Cliff Forum Mujeeb ur Rehman Khan wishes Warm and Hearty greetings to our Christians brothers all over the world at the auspicious occasion of New Year. May New year 2017 bring more happiness, prosperity and peace to all mankind & help us to make this world a better & peaceful place to live.

Mujeeb ur Rehman Khan
President – Cliff Pakistan
Cultural Literary International Friends Forum

Anaya by Kiran Chaudhry Exhibits her Festive Chiffon Collection

Karachi(Cliff News)KiranChaudhry, recently held an exhibition at Labels Karachi to celebrate the New-year with an Exhibition of Anaya by KiranChaudhry, the collection showcased herlatest Festive Chiffon Collection, in addition to selected styles from their upcoming pret line.After the successful exhibition in Lahorefor Anaya’s Festive Collection theexhibition took place in Karachi at this festive season with their new bestselling Festive Chiffon Collection (Vol. 2)!Talking about the latest collection,Creative Director Kiran Chaudhry shares, “With the wedding season upon us, we wanted to bling thing ups a bit and showcase our signature style with a somewhat bolder style statement.”It’s a fun, feminine and contemporary range in light pastels for daytime affairs and more formal ensembles that are perfect as an evening or wedding wear.Every piece is made with pure finesse and there are subtle elements that are sure to catch your eye.

About Anaya by Kiran Chaudhry

Anaya by Kiran Chaudhry – “Premium fabrics and effortless style at reasonable prices”. The brand continues to showcase their unique color palette and their focus remains on providing high quality luxurious fabrics and a very refined design aesthetic at prices that won’t break the bank.

NBP Rules out Misleading Reports of Rs 1.5 Billion Fraud by the Bank

Karachi (Staff Reporter)Media reports have implied that a fraud of Rupees 1.5 billion was committed at National Bank of Pakistan and that the bank incurred a loss of this amount. National Bank of Pakistan firmly denies these allegations.In some media reports it is also implied that National Bank of Pakistan has caused a loss to our valued client, Abandoned Properties Organization (APO). We again categorically deny these allegations. National Bank of Pakistan has acted upon the client’s instructions with respect to the activities in the APO account.In the course of several banking transactions in 2014-2016, valid instructions were received from APO’s Authorized Signatories. The client’s instructions requested National Bank of Pakistan to remit the funds to Habib Bank Limited (HBL) for onward credit to Abandoned Properties Organization. After carrying out the appropriate level of due diligence, National Bank of Pakistan remitted these funds in accordance with the client’s instructions, using the RTGS system, a secure electronic payment prevalent in the country.However, very recently we received a query from Abandoned Properties Organization concerning their account activity, and within a few days, National Bank of Pakistan completed an investigation which uncovered the fact that Habib Bank did not credit the client with the funds in accordance with the instructions that National Bank of Pakistan provided in the RTGS instructions.National Bank of Pakistan acted swiftly and registered a case with the FIA. Several people have been apprehended by the FIA, including at least 4 past and present senior officials from APO (having the authority to operate their account with National Bank of Pakistan); one or more Habib Bank officials; and a junior executive of National Bank of Pakistan. This lady has been suspended by the bank and does not represent the bank in any capacity. She remains in the FIA’s custody.National Bank of Pakistan is fully cooperating with the regulatory and investigative agencies in this case and is committed to securing the interests of its valued client, Abandoned Properties Organization.

About NBP:

National Bank being the largest bank of Pakistan is operating with more than 1400 branches across Pakistan. In addition to core services being trustee of public funds, bank has diversified its business portfolio and has been competing market in the debt equity market, corporate investment banking, retail & consumer banking including agricultural and government collections & payments. NBP aims to evolve a National Payment Eco-System to facilitate entire population of country through every possible delivery channel 24/7. Under this initiative bank is already in process to enhance digital outreach through all available digital channels in the banking.