Junior Davis Cup Team Members Selected

Islamabad(Cliff News)Trials to select Junior Davis Cup team members were held at S. Dilawar Abbas PTf Tennis Complex  Islamabad.  Nine players from  Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and Islamabad namely, Shoaib Khan, Nouman Aftab, Subhan Bin Salik, Zubair Raja, Hamza Bin Rehan, Amin Shafi, Ahmed Kamil, Aqib Umer, and Abdullah Khan participated. Trials were held in two phases using  Round Robin format.As a result of the transparent format Shoaib Khan, Hamza Bin Rehan, and  Aqib Umer, were selected as  members of the team and Nauman Aftab has been kept as a standby. Pakistan Team will take part in prequalifying Round of Junior Davis Cup scheduled to be held at the Hard Courts of R. K. Khanna Stadium, New Delhi, from 20th to 25th February, 2017.




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