Rail Road Tigers:A Presentation of Distribution Club

Karachi (Cliff News)Despite the heavy competition during the year-end period, RailroadTigers – directed by #DingSheng and starring JackieChan, #HuangZitao and WangKai – has made more than #USD43million within only six days in Chinesecinemas. In addition to leading the box office charts, the film has led a wave of excellent reviews. The upcoming New Year holiday will certainly lead to another wave of success for the film. “It’s from the director of Saving Mr. Wu.” “Who knew that DingSheng could be so funny.” This family-friendly comedy has given the director a chance to widen his range FromTheUnderdogKnight to SavingMrWu, Ding Sheng has been known for his “tough guy” movies. Railroad Tigers sees Ding’s toughest star of all: A roaring locomotive. The train takes up much of the film, including scenes like horse chase, boarded by people with eloquently choreographed moves or a major crash that causes a chain reaction.Railroad Tigers marks the third collaboration between Jackie Chan and Ding Sheng, so the two naturally share a rapport already. “A lot of the action scenes are designed by Jackie and his stunt team on the set,” Ding says. He raises the classic set piece in which the Tigers use a rope to steal the explosives as one example. “That was supposed to be a dialogue scene. Jackie, the action choreographer and I discussed it again and again on set. We had to consider the laws of physics and make sure that it looks good. Then I went back and story boarded it. The process took a half month.”Ding Sheng has become quite the expert at the action comedy genre. In one hilarious scene, three Tigers use parkour to climb up a wall only to discover a ladder on the side. “That was thought up by Jackie and I on the set, and it created a really great scene,” Ding says. Another surprise for the audience was Chan’s self-deprecating humor in the film. Chan revealed that on his first film with Ding, he told the director to pack up and go home if the results turned out to be bad. Now, Chan has complete trust in Ding. Ding Sheng has always been a director who does his research. For Saving Mr. Wu, he embedded himself with the police for three months, earning praise from the audience for the film’s accuracy in depicting police procedures. The same went for Railroad Tigers. Ding faced a mountain of research material when he decided to touch on the topic. “I made sure that I had my research accessible so that I can grab it whenever I needed it,” Ding says. In the end, he chose a story that has “no bureaucrats, completely untraditional and shined the spotlight on supporting characters.”
“He really knows his actors. He even gave a close-up to Wang Kai’s hands flipping up and down.” It’s not easy for a film to create a connection to audiences, but Railroad Tigers has definitely succeeded. However, Ding Sheng admits that since he didn’t know the younger actors very well, he had to do research on their physical demeanor when they were locked to be in the cast. “I made sure to incorporate Zitao’s off-key singing, Wang Kai’s hands and Jackie’s preachy nature into the story. I wanted each character to stand on its own,” Ding says. Jackie Chan reveals that Railroad Tigers is a film that he has always wanted to do, and Ding Sheng came recommended by director Feng Xiaogang. It’s obvious that his chemistry with Chan, his dedication to detail and his handling of characters make Ding the perfect candidate for the film.
RailroadTigers is brought to you by Distribution.Club across Pakistan.img_20161231_224736

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