The Complete Guide for Body Oils

Overhaul Damages; Maintain Healthy Hair with Preservative Treatment of SAC Herbal Oil

Meta Description: This winter season, alongside us being languid and not having any desire to do anything, does our wellbeing endure, as well as so does our skin. SAC Group of Companies arehere to improve your life a little with our broad rundown of home grown oils.

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Stepping out gorgeous curls or perfect waves by spreading over preservative treatment of SAC Herbal Oil’s natural skull care therapies. SAC Herbs is another branch of the S-Amden Group of Companies (SAC) Encounter for first time in Pakistan, an extensive variety of Herbal oils.

Your skin transpires to be the largest organ of your body and is there protecting all those other smaller organs. So, what if something happens to the very thing shielding your precious organs? We can’t let that happen now, can we? These oils are carefully extracted from the best plants and seeds available to man and SAC makes it possible for you to give your skin the nourishment it needs. These oils provide you with the complete skin care you need.

Being one of the biggest herbal oil distributing companies to ever exist in Pakistan from 1948, SAC Group of Companies have made considerable progress from serving its reliable customers/ users and will keep on making that exertion in the circumstances that take after. In our body care collection, we offer you oils from every herb and seed possible that can help fight persistent skin problems. A wide range of oils that not only leave your skin feeling soft and luscious but also have healing effects in the long term.

Tea Tree Oil (TTO) being the most famous oil there is to date is all in ragethese days because of how amazing it for people who suffer from skin problems. Not only does it help you get that glow back, but it also helps cure acne, dry and dull skin and pigmentation.Next best thing to Tea Tree Oil (TTO) isAlmond Oil (AO) which also helps ward off unwanted skin diseases. Mustard Oil(MO) and Neem Oil (NO) fall in the same body care category as these two and have the same effects.

Now let’s talk about what’s happening inside. Your insides are just as important as your skin and need nourishment in the form of minerals and vitamins. SAC has a complete list of oils that are edible and should be an essential part of your daily diet. We distribute oils extracted not only from herbs but also from vegetables and fruits alike.


In case of dietary problems, we suggest you add Orange Oil (ORO) to your diet. Not only does this oil help you ward off problems that occur due to the inefficiency of your immune system, but also helps your digestive tract do its job.Onion Oil (ONO) is great for the growth of hair that’s missing from your hairline and any other places you need hair growth to happen.

One of the oils from our collection happens to have such a huge amount of great effects on the consumer that it will take up an entire document in listing them and that is Garlic Oil (GO). Garlic Oil (GO) not only helps fight cardiovascular diseases but it also great for bone problems, treats persistent cognitive problems and great for treating toothache related problems.

All of these oils are exclusively available online and you can get to know more about them through our Facebook page and website that are linked below.

Happy Oiling!

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