Premier Monster Shakes and Choclate Destination “Cafe Liquiteria”Newly arrive in Karachi

Reviewed by Syed Qalb-e-Muhammad

Cafe Liquiteria is Premier Monster Shakes and Chocolate Destination that is Newly arrive in Karachi.The Healthy and Energized New Drink Revolution of Monster Shakes is give you lot of Energy Specially in Hot Weather.Ice Cream and others Milk Shakes of Cafe Liquiteria with its Beautiful Serving Styles awards your Taste with the Latest Fad.The Five Flavours Monster Shakes Brownie Monster,Chocolate Lara,Creamy Strawberry,Doughunt,Nutella Mix and Cookie Freaky attracts a Milk Shakes Drinks Lovers.The others Fancy Goodies are Choclate Sizzlers,Lollipops and Mocktails.Warmth Welcoming Environment to the Compact Accommodate 22 Persons at the Same Time.You can go and Enjoy Cafe Liquiteria along with your Family,Friends and Colleagues with assurance of one of the Best Cafe in Town.


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