1st International Sufi Conference Starts in Karachi

Karachi(Cliff News)With clear message against extremism, terrorism and to promote peace and harmony in the Muslim world, prominent Sufi Scholars from the Arab world are visiting Pakistan to participate in the first International Sufi Conference being held here from Sunday (today) having its first session atNishtar Park on its first day.Leading practitioners of Sufism including judges and professors will interpret the real definition of Sufism and Sufis, concept of moderation in Sufism, authentic Sufi teachings, Sufism against extremism, impact of Sufism on students and scholars, promotion of suficultural exchanges among nations and organization of global Sufi conferences in various countries.Briefing media about the aims of conference, the leader of the Sufi orderShaykh Dr Abdul Aziz Al Khateeb(descendant of Shaykh Abdul QadirJilani), who came from Syria, said that the Sufis are coming to Pakistan with the message of peace and harmony. “We have come with the real message of Sufism which was distorted by some misguided people”, Shaykh Khateebadded.Following the main event being held atNishtar Park, other events will be held on May 01 and May 02 at Regent Plaza andKarachi University respectively.The prominent Shaykhs of Sufi Orderincluding, Shaykh Dr Abdul Aziz AlKhateeb from Syria, Shyakh Dr Muhammad Nasir Al-Hout from Syria,Shaykh Dr Idris Fassi Fahri from Morocco, Shaykh Al-HaHafiz MustafMehmood Zaghloul Al Qadri from Egypt,Shaykh Muhammad Keskin from Turkey,Shaykh Faisal Mohammad AhmedAlamodi from Kenya, Shaykh Dr Osama Abdul Razzaq Al Rifai from Lebanon,Shaykh Ahmed Mazouz from Algeria,Shaykh Dr Abdul Qadir Qareebullah fromNigeria, Shaykh Dr Safwan Muhammad Reza Odaibt from Jordan, ShaykhJustice Muhaddith Muhammad Al KamilSaadi from Tunis, Shaykh Dr MuhammadJarad Al Eesawi from Iraq, ShaykhHamdi Kanjo from Syria, Shaykh Al syedLatif Rauf Rida from Iraq and AalaShumali Yaseen from Syria will address on the occasion.During the course of event the establishment of centre of Sufism in Pakistan will also carried out in the supervision of Arab Sufis.



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