Mahnama Sathee Celebrating the Funniest Phase of Childhood

Karachi(Cliff News)Mahnama Sathee, children’s premier Urdu monthly, has brought out a special ‘Bhool’ number this month, celebrating the funniest phase of childhood with its all innocence and merriment. The exclusive ‘Bhool’ edition features a host of stories, poems and write-ups that speak of a child’s inclination to forget something important for a while, leading to interesting things and their funny outcomes in the end.“Appearing in May 2016, Mahnama Sathee’s special ‘Bhool’ edition celebrates childhood with its all innocence, learning slips and malapropism. To err is human. Likewise, to forget information and mix known things together is a typical early childhood phenomenon, which truly defines infancy, a golden period of one’s life no one wants to forget in any case,” says Mohammad Tariq Khan, editor, Mahnama Sathee.The magazine’s title is based on a poem ‘Dhaniya thaa ya podina?’ by Abdul Rehman Momin. It depicts the confusing mind of a toddler unable to recall the vegetable name he is supposed to buy from the greengrocer.According to Mohammad Tariq, children’s literature in Urdu is gaining maturity, reflecting every phase of childhood, comprising diaper-wearing age to post-crawling stages that are largely ruled by naivety, creating adventures, celebrations of small achievements, consistent exploration and the process of discovery.The May-2017 issue starts with the senior writer Seema Siddiqui’s story, featuring an absent-minded lady of the house whose unreliable memory results in unforgettable, but inevitable situations. The next story, ‘Asl Kaam’ (the real task), written by veteran author Naila Siddiqui, describes a house of attentive family members, spoiling a marriage party through their imperfect memory. Offering the most hilarious stories, fun-filled poems and articles, the May-2017 edition is a valuable addition to the children’s literature.Photo-Bhool Number Title

Among the other leading contributions are ‘Bhool Calander’ by Imran Shamshad, ‘Main Kuch Nahi Bhoolta’ by Faiza Hamza, ‘Bhulakkar Bena Mehman’ by Bina Siddiqui, ‘Sotaili Bhool’ by Dr. Imran Mushtaq, ‘Bhulakar Hemaray Aayhd Ke’ by Maham Jawaid, ‘Bool Jata Hun Aksar’ by Rana Mohammad Shahid, and many others.

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