Marketing and Communication Commitee of FPCCI Organised a Seminar “Evolution in Shoppers Marketing”


Karachi (Cliff News)Marketing and communication committee of federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce Industry organized the seminar on “Evolution in Shoppers Marketing”. This Seminar was conducted in Federation House, while speaking on the Occasion Mr.Syed Babar Shah SVC of the Committee (Sindh Region) said that, “Local business groups in Pakistan aren’t aware by the Digital marketing strategic approaches, we need to narrow down the gap between new marketing trends and local business groups so our committee endeavors to acknowledge these local groups in developing ingenious marketing programs for more business growth ”.Syed Babar Shah has rich experience in field of Marketing for last 17 years, worked in leading multinational, media groups and advertising agencies. In the end he expressed that he acknowledged the honored designation from the office bearer of FPCCI and will prove himself as an obvious addition in the team of FPCCI for the industry of Marketing and Communication. He further added that seminar was an excellent effort of Ashifa Paracha Chairperson Marketing and Communication committee of FPCCI Sindh region.The seminar was conducted by the well-known public speakers and mentors, Atif Farooqui and Hamza Awan; they shared their views on new trends in shopper marketing. Additionally, speakers emphasized on how Shopper Marketing can enhance overall sales of product. Both speakers appreciated Ashifa Paracha for organizing such a productive seminar. Attendees of the seminar were also excited about upcoming seminars and workshops by MNC committee. All members of Marketing and communication were present specifically Mrs.Nazneen Tariq, Sumeria Sheikh, Nadeem Zafar, Samreen Anwer, Tariq Raheem, Sadia Muneer, Kamran Javaid, Fahad Usmani, Azhar Hussain and others.

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