Project Ghazi Releases Adnan Jaffar’s looks as “QATAAN”

Karachi (Cliff News)Project Ghazi is a unique film in the cinema history of Pakistan, and seeks to showcase the technologically advanced side of Pakistan.Project Ghazi released its first look in which ‘Adnan Jaffar’ is shown as ‘Qataan’ . Qataan is an international mercenary with the ability to influence the minds of the weak willed men, an ability that he has now mastered and uses to command his followers.
He was born and raised as a street urchin. During his entire childhood, he saw crime and violence in every form, and rather than being afraid of it, he began to experience a fascination with the evil that surrounded him.IMG-20170531-WA0073Thus, Qataan becomes a product of our desensitization to crime and corruption in all its forms across the country.
The film is scheduled to release in July 2017 by Distribution Club.

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