A Memorable Art Exhibition in Karachi

Written by Mr.Mujeeb ur Rehman Khan

President Culture Literary International Friends Forum

Social Economical Analyst

Citizens of Karachi really amazed and enjoyed a superb evening in the month of Ramadan when a remarkable calligraphic exhibition starts at Karachi most prestigious place -Frere Hall. This credit goes to renowned promoter of Art and Culture, prominent figure of FPCCI Cultural wing, and CEO of Majmua-Art Gallery with the collaboration of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC- Cultural Department) and CLIFF Pakistan (Cultural Literary International Friends Forum) .The colorful exhibition was attended by large numbers of Art and Culture lovers and dignitaries who showed their keen interest in the artifice and skill of artists in their beautiful paintings. Honorable Consul General of Turkey was also among dignitaries who graced the occasion. All artists, through their paintings, showed their artifice and skill by projecting Quranic -Verses, names of Allah and other ideas in most enchanting and fascinating way.Necessity of such events cannot be denied when whole nation is involve in war against terrorism and extremism since long. On the other hand by organizing such events a soft and peaceful image of Pakistan can be projected locally as well as globally.Print & electronic media gave full coverage to the colorful and memorable event . While addressing the colorful large gathering Ms. Mehreen Ellahi CEO-Majmua, emphasized the need to promote Art & Cultural activities by organizing such events countrywide . She greatly appreciated the artistic work of all artists who demonstrated their work in the exhibition. She announced further programs in near future. Mujeeb-Ur- Rehman Khan, President CLIFF Pakistan (Cultural Literary International Friends Forum) also expressed the importance of promotion of Art & Cultural activities not only in our society but also essential internationally. He appreciated work of all artists and saidthat CLIFF Forum is endeavoring hard to promote Art and Cultural activitieslocally as well as globally to present a soft and peaceful image of Pakistan before the world. He specially stressed youth to join hands with CLIFF Pakistan to promote Art, Cultural and literary activities globally which is essential for peace all over the world.


At the end Ms. Mehreen Ellahi thanked all dignitaries, artists and participants who graced the occasion in such a large number even in the month of Ramadan for encouragement of artists and their valuable art work She specially thanked Mr. Tariq Naseer, Director Culture KMC for fascilitating in organizing such a successful and memorable event in the city. In concluding session sets of HolyQuran were distributed among all artists who displayed their valuable work and dignitaries, later a sumptuous Iftar was arranged for all participants from host.

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