Commercial Pilots from SAFTS Class of 2017 All Set to Soar High

Karachi(Cliff News)In line with its vision of setting the highest standards of professionalism in the local aviation industry, the first batch of commercial pilots graduated from Shaheen Air Flying Training School (SAFTS) in a ceremony held in Faisalabad. The first batch comprises of 13 aviation professionals who have completed the first Commercial Pilot License Course (CPL-I) at the facility.A graduation ceremony was held to commemorate the occasion and honor the faculty and students who have worked tirelessly to achieve this feat. Along with the Shaheen Air International Limited’s, Chairman Mr. Kashif Sehbai – other senior officials heaped praise and commendation on the graduates and welcomed them to the Shaheen Air family. 13 graduates obtained the PCCA approved CPL/IR license.While spreading vigor amongst the graduates, Kashif Sehbai, Chairman, Shaheen Air International, said: “I am proud of every individual who is passing out from our training school to serve in the Pakistan Aviation industry. The entire Shaheen Air family welcomes you, and believes that you will discharge your duties with integrity and passion. I also wish to congratulate the faculty for their utmost support in making this a great success. SAFTS is one of the leading training schools in Pakistan where we enable passionate individuals to achieve their dreams and soar high in the sky.”Since its establishment in 1993, for the past twenty four years the carrier has significantly contributed towards providing skilled aviation professionals to the aviation industry. Currently, the academy trains pilots and it endeavors to enhance its capacity in the upcoming years.

Shaheen Air:

Shaheen Air International Limited (SAI) is established as a public limited company under the Companies Ordinance, 1984. It is mandated to perform the business of air transportation of passengers and cargo. Shaheen Air commenced its operations as the first private airline in Pakistan in December, 1993. It operates on various domestic and international routes and in 2015, it became the only private airline from Pakistan to fly east with non-stop flights from Lahore to Guangzhou, China.

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