Pakistan Digi Awards will be a Mile Stone of Digital Industry,Abdul Haseeb Khan


Karachi (Cliff News)The 8th Brain storming session of Marketing and Communication Committee of FPCCI was organised yesterday at Federation House Karachi which was chaired by Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan.This meeting was held in lieu of the upcoming Pakistan Digi Awards to be held in October. The marketing committee sought feedback on their decisions from the FPCCI Standing committee. Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan who was also proposed to be the jury member by the FPCCI committee said that he was glad to be part of the Pakistan Digi Awards 2017.He further said that the awards will be a milestone for the Pakistan’s Digital Industry.The Pakistan Digi Awards is termed as the first of its kind event in the calendar and the only independently managed digital industry awards programme. This is not just another awards evening but a unique opportunity to use this prestigious event to achieve valuable year-long exposure in the digital media industry, through multi-media platforms.Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan further emphasized that the Jury panel of the awards must also include representatives from the academic institutions, universities and IT Companies. The Acting Secretary FPCCI, Meher Alam Khan appreciaated the efforts Ashifa Paracha and said that the Marketing and Communication Committee is diligently working on the awards in a very Professional way. The attendees of the meeting included the famous Jewellery Designer Miss Naznain Tariq, Mahvash Khan, Sumeria Sheikh, Fahad Usmani and others. The meeting ended with a note of thanks to the participants and to the presiding members with the vow to make the Pakistan Digi Awards a big success this year and the years to come.

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