Annual Edition of Premier Children’s Urdu Monthly Appeared

Photo-Sathee Salnama Appeared


Karachi(Cliff News)When it comes to children’s literature, Urdu is well-ahead than the rest of the world’s languages being spoken and written today. This was said by Muhammad Tariq Khan, Chief Editor, Mahnama Sathee at the launch of the ‘40-year Edition’ of Pakistan’s premier children’s Urdu monthly. He said the government in any part of the world has never been that supportive of literary pursuits, as this is the very struggle of writers and poets who keep the flag flying high as far as the creation of Children’s literature is concerned.Celebrating its 40-year anniversary in November 2017, the annual edition of Pakistan’s premier children’s Urdu monthly Mahnama Sathee’ has appeared. The publication of children’s magazine ‘Ruby Year’s Edition’ tends to be a milestone in the history of Urdu literature produced for schoolchildren and young adults, particularly in the Subcontinent.“The young lot of short-story writers and poets are capable enough to carry on the legacy left by such classical literary figures as Sufi Ghulam Mustafa Tabassum, Pirzada Ashiq Keranvi, Ismail Mirthim Mirza Adeeb, Shanul Haq Haqqee, etc.,” said Muhammad Tariq Khan, Editor, Mahnama Sathee.Started its journey in 1977, Mahnama Sathee is one of the leading literary initiatives taken in the subcontinent for the promotion of children’s literature and family reading and to accelerate the overall literacy drive and education in the country. The Ruby Year’s Edition of Mahnama Sathee for the month of November, 2017, contains a literary treasure created by leading writers and poets of the country. Among the most prominent names are: Mubashir Ali Zaidi, Ahmed Adnan Tariq, Zia-Ul-Hassan Zia, Ather Ali Hashmi, Ahmed Hatib Siddiqui, Hafsa Siddiqui, Bina Siddiqui, Javed Bisam, Hammad Zaheer and many others.

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