KCF discussed the ecology of Karachi in new liberal world


Karachi(Cliff News)In the last day of Karachi conference held at the Arts council of Karachi by Karachi Conference foundation discussed the ecology in Karachi in the new liberal world. The session chaired by Farhan Anwar and the discussants were Mahim Mahar and Saqib Ejaz Hussain.As in the second session the ecology of Karachi has discussed Mr Taimur Suri open and discussion on the Bin Qasim Park of Karachi and its environs. Mr Shahab Usto is a corporate and commercial lawyer. His presentation on the Civic amenities was eye opening in which he collected the data from all over the Sindh and presented it. The condition of water supply in all over the Sindh is alarming most of the filtration plants aren’t working which has been placed years ago. He has collected the data from the different departments of public health and water supply centers of the different cities of the Sindh. The conclusion of his presentation was almost 88% of water supplies are supplying dirty water and almost 100% of the people of Sindh has no fresh water to drink.Dr. Tipu Sultan has been served as a head of anesthesiology as well as medical superintendent at Karachi civil hospital. His research revealed many truth about the pharmaceutical industry of Pakistan. According to him there are 625 pharmacutical industries working in Pakistan and only 20 of them are multinationals where 120 industries are reliable. All the other industries are producing low standards medicines and they are selling it to the rural areas. He said that Pakistan is allocating its 80% of health budget on urban areas which has only 30% in population where 20% remains for the rest of rural areas which is three time larger than the urban areas. According to him every year 140 medical colleges in Pakistan are producing 14000 doctors and almost 1200 specialists but they prefer to go abroad because of the less opportunities.FixIt is a renowned Non-Governmental organization of Karachi which is working in the different social issues of Karachi. Syed Muhammad Taha is the general security of FixIt. He represented and share the FixIt story with the audience. He said their vision is to make young generation stronger and stronger so that they would be independent and government role remains very low.The last presentation of the second session was by Mr Mansoor Ali who has the expertise in the solid waste management, water and sanitation. He enlighten the waste management, water and sanitation and the case of Karachi in this sense. He shared the different methods of waste management being practiced in the world and the modernization in the waste management. Shafaat Khawaja is the student of the Habib University of Karachi, her research revealing around the new Nazimabad project in the north west of Karachi. Her finding was about the local community around the New Nazimabad project and how the people of these areas or suffering with this project. She said people are effecting largely as the areas around the project are Katchi abadies.Uzair Ibrahim is also student of Habib University of Karachi. His research was reflecting the point of view of the people and the socio-economic effects of the Beharia Icon tower on the Abduallah Shah Ghazi Shrine. He said the impacts are large but people are suffering as it will difficult for the people to reach shrine.Farwa Hussain also belongs to Habib University her research topic was making the invisible visible in which she was illustrating the shortfall of water distribution system in Karachi. She showed different maps in which the water supply system of Karachi was shown. She said it need a lot more work to meet the needs of water in Karachi.Nazish Rizwan is another student of Habib University whose research topic was the Air quality management policy in Karachi. She said there is no data available of air quality. We are living in the city which has many environmental and ecological issues where no one is caring about it.Komal Hijani belongs to IBA Karachi her research hold the case of people who came from the northern areas of Pakistan to Karachi for the economic and job purposes. Her research reveals different issues these people face and suffer while living in Karachi. She said the major issue is unawareness as these people have the experience of living with the joint family system where Karachi is a diversify city so they often couldn’t cope-up with the issues and fails to maintain their lives in the Karachi.Sana Ahmed represented the Zulafqar ali Bhutoo institute of science and technology. Her research reveals the truth of the modern use of information technology and the power of social media as how the different commercial industries are using the interest of common human being.Samia Nafees belongs to the Institute of business administration where her research belongs to the abnormal people in the streets of Karachi and the people behavior towards them. She said that these people also need attention of the society to maintain their live and to live as a normal human being.


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