Annual Edition of Premier Children’s Urdu Monthly Appeared

Photo-Sathee Salnama Appeared


Karachi(Cliff News)When it comes to children’s literature, Urdu is well-ahead than the rest of the world’s languages being spoken and written today. This was said by Muhammad Tariq Khan, Chief Editor, Mahnama Sathee at the launch of the ‘40-year Edition’ of Pakistan’s premier children’s Urdu monthly. He said the government in any part of the world has never been that supportive of literary pursuits, as this is the very struggle of writers and poets who keep the flag flying high as far as the creation of Children’s literature is concerned.Celebrating its 40-year anniversary in November 2017, the annual edition of Pakistan’s premier children’s Urdu monthly Mahnama Sathee’ has appeared. The publication of children’s magazine ‘Ruby Year’s Edition’ tends to be a milestone in the history of Urdu literature produced for schoolchildren and young adults, particularly in the Subcontinent.“The young lot of short-story writers and poets are capable enough to carry on the legacy left by such classical literary figures as Sufi Ghulam Mustafa Tabassum, Pirzada Ashiq Keranvi, Ismail Mirthim Mirza Adeeb, Shanul Haq Haqqee, etc.,” said Muhammad Tariq Khan, Editor, Mahnama Sathee.Started its journey in 1977, Mahnama Sathee is one of the leading literary initiatives taken in the subcontinent for the promotion of children’s literature and family reading and to accelerate the overall literacy drive and education in the country. The Ruby Year’s Edition of Mahnama Sathee for the month of November, 2017, contains a literary treasure created by leading writers and poets of the country. Among the most prominent names are: Mubashir Ali Zaidi, Ahmed Adnan Tariq, Zia-Ul-Hassan Zia, Ather Ali Hashmi, Ahmed Hatib Siddiqui, Hafsa Siddiqui, Bina Siddiqui, Javed Bisam, Hammad Zaheer and many others.

Karachi has been degraded in the last seventy years,Gul Hassan Kalmatti


Karachi(Cliff News)The last day of three days Karachi Conference held at Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi by Karachi Conference Foundation. The first session of the day discussed the annals of Karachi in which three distinguished presentations on the history, architect and the past scenarios on presented. The session chaired by Dr. Kaleemullah Lashari and the discussant was Dr. Hafeez Jamali.Babar N Sheikh is an internationally acclaimed filmmaker, musician and audio visual installation artist. His presentation was about the usage of heritages for commercial. He used to explain the commercial usage of the historical buildings and the heritage of Karachi. He said that a handsome amount has being paid as a rent for covering these areas for filmmaking, ads and other visual usage but that money is not allocated on the renovation of these building. He added further that these buildings must be save as a cultural heritage, while working on any project we care for the single inch of these buildings. He said that for the betterment of cultural heritage we aren’t saving our buildings.Karachi was a rich land but we ruined it said by the speaker Gul Hassan Kalmatti who is an indigenous writer, renowned researcher and historian. His research is revolving around the Naalas and natural drains of the Karachi that has been degraded in the last seventy years. He enlighten the rich fresh water and rain streams history of Karachi that is either changed or vanished with the passage of time. He represent the three main rivers of Karachi and their linkage streams these three rivers are Malir River, Lyaririver and Hub river. He added in his presentation that the traditional name of these rivers and streams have been changed as it were in the sindhi language.Saaz Aggarwal join the session through Skype, she is living in India and a contemporary writer whose body of work includes biographies, translations, critical reviews and humor columns. She showed some pictures of post partition in which Hindu Amil community were shown living in the Karachi. She explained the role of her forth father in the institutional development of her forefathers in the Karachi who were migrated from the Hydroabad and latterly moved to India after Partition. She said that there are historical buildings in Karachi that were belonged to her family in the past.The session was ended on the lunch break. Before the ending of session the panel discussion with the presenters held in the hall in which audience commented and ask different question where some further information added into the presented subjects.IMG_3118


Napa host story telling festival on 4 and 5 Nov 2017


Karachi(Syed Qalb-e-Muhammad)National Academy of Performing Arts (Napa) host a two day story telling festival on 4 and 5 Nov 2017. Festival will include dramatic reading performances by underprivileged children of Baldia,Mauripur and Ibrahim Hyderi.Speaking to the Press Conference Director Napa Arshad Mehmood said this is not a easy task to work in these areas but Napa always aim to find the new talent of the society.The Process started in March and We went to these areas and introduced the art of storytelling to the youth,”. Storytelling is important for the betterment of society and its also building the confidence level of our youth,we will know how much hidden talent we have in this country.”Theatre director Zain Ahmed said the storytelling festival, we held 45 community performances and 60 student performances, and now we want to showcase their progress to the mainstream audience.”He shared that around 90 boys and girls participated from these areas, and 20-25 will present at the festival. There was no pre-requisite of education, theatre background or age group and everyone was welcome.Murtaza Abbasi said some of in these kids was involved in negative activities because they have nothing to do before but now we polish their skills and soon you see the talent of these children.In the end of Press Conference  Instructors of Story Telling Festival Nazarul Hasan, Zarqa Naz alos share their exprience.


Jazz to Offer Customers their Favorite Smartphones

Jazz-Smartphone-Festival-Feature Image

Islamabad(Cliff News)Jazz has exclusively partneredwithSmartlink Technologies and Greentechfor‘JazzSmartphone Festival’. This festival allows customers to buy their favorite smartphones on easy installment plans from any Jazz Service Center across Pakistan. Furthermore, a host of Xiaomi accessories are also available on amazing discounts.Every device bought will come with a free 4G data offer, so customers can experience Jazz’s exceptional mobile internet service.Customers will be evaluated on the basis of a set credit scoring criteria and receive the device upfront after verification and agreeing to the terms and conditions.Speaking about the offer, Muhammad Ali Khan, Head of Data and Devices – Jazz, said, “We are constantly looking for avenues to provide our customers with the best in-class services and products. The ‘Jazz Smartphone Festival’ looks to facilitate our customers with hi-end smartphone devices so they can continue doing the things they enjoy online. This is our way of thanking them for years of support.”The ‘JazzSmartphone Festival’ looks to promote smartphone usage in the country and is in line with Jazz’s commitment of introducing innovative products and services to improve the overall experience forvalued customers.

Meezan Bank Records 15% Growth in 9 months of 2017

Karachi(Cliff News)Bank has maintained its growth momentum and recorded good results for the nine months period ended September 30, 2017. Profit after tax increased to Rs 4,717 million from Rs 4,114 million in corresponding period last year reflecting a healthy growth of 15%.The Earnings per Share (EPS) of the Bank increased to Rs 4.70 as compared to Rs 4.10 in the corresponding period last year. The Bank maintained its position as the leading Islamic bank in Pakistan (amongst both Islamic as well as conventional banks) with a branch network of 571 branches in 146 cities.The Board of Directors of Meezan Bank in its meeting, held in Karachi on October 25, 2017 approved the unconsolidated financial statements of the Bank and its consolidated financial statements for the nine months period ended September 30, 2017. The meeting was presided by Mr. Riyadh S. A. A. Edrees – Chairman of the Board, Mr. Faisal A. A. A. Al – Nassar – Vice Chairman of the Board also attended the meeting.The Board noted with satisfaction that on October 04, 2017 the Bank successfully completed the 6% Right Issue of shares to the existing shareholders at a price of Rs 50 per share (inclusive of Rs 40 as premium per share). The Bank’s equity (including share premium) has increased by Rs 3 billion after the Right Issue. This increase in equity will support the Bank’s growth plans. The Bank’s Capital Adequacy Ratio now stands at a comfortable level of 13.6%.Net income from financing portfolio grew by 17% primarily due to the healthy growth in the Bank’s financings portfolio, while its fee income increased by 70% over the corresponding period last year. Trade business (import and export) volume handled by the Bank grew by 42% to half a trillion landmark as against Rs 353 billion in the corresponding period last year. Total deposits crossed Rs 600 billion benchmark to close at Rs 607 billion. The Bank continued to maintain optimal cost of funds through strong relationship management and better customer experience.The JCR-VIS Credit Rating Company Limited, an affiliate of Japan Credit Rating Agency, Japan has reaffirmed the Bank’s long-term entity rating of AA (Double A) and short-term rating at A1+ (A One Plus) with stable outlook. The short-term rating of A1+ is the highest standard in short-term rating. The rating indicates sound performance indicators of the Bank.Meezan Bank is the 8th largest bank in Pakistan and the leading Islamic bank of the country. The Bank provides a comprehensive range of Islamic banking products and services through a retail banking network of more than 570  branches supported by a countrywide network of over 570 ATMs, Visa & MasterCard Debit cards, a 24/7 Call Center, Internet Banking and Mobile Banking facility.Meezan Bank has consistently been recognized as the Best Islamic Bank in Pakistan by numerous local and international institutions, which is a testimony of the Bank’s commitment to excellence. These institutions include Islamic Finance News – Malaysia, Global Finance magazine – New York, Asset AAA – Hong Kong, Asiamoney – Hong Kong, The Banker – United Kingdom, South Asian Federation of Accountants, Islamic Finance Forum of South Asian Awards, Pakistan Banking Awards – Dawn & IBP Pakistan, Employers Federation of Pakistan and CFA Association – Pakistan. The JCR-VIS Credit Rating Company Limited, an affiliate of Japan Credit Rating Agency, Japan has reaffirmed the Bank’s long-term entity rating of AA (Double A) and short-term rating at A1+ (A One Plus) with stable outlook. The rating indicates sound performance indicators of the Bank. Meezan Bank is the only Islamic bank with AA credit rating in the Islamic banking industry in Pakistan.

Oman Air Regional Vice President visits TAP


Karachi(Cliff News)Mr. Sunil V.A., Regional Vice President Oman Air and Mr. Ken Marshall, Country Manager Oman Air had a luncheon meeting with TAAP at Karachi Gymkhana where he was warmly welcomed by Mr. Anwar Rasheed, Vice Chairman TAAP and Mr. Muhammad Hanif Rinch,Vice Chairman APJC-P & Ex-Chairman TAAP alongwith Executive Committee and Senior Members of TAAP and large number of Travel Agents and Tour Operators.In his welcome address Mr. Muhammad Yahya Polani, Ex-Chairman TAAP and APJCPakistan stated that TAAP is the National Association of Travel and Tourism Industry duly registered with Federal Commerce Ministry, Government of Pakistan and aims to promote goodwill, harmony and mutual understanding with the Government and Foreign Counterparts to promote travel and tourism industry and safeguard the interest of its members.He also said that Members of TAAP across Pakistan are contributing towards Travel and Tourism Industry of Pakistan. TAAP maintains a strong presence, in the governmental circles
and enjoys representation in Councils and Advisory Board of important Federal and
Provincial Ministries, Departments and Authorities.Mr. Ken Marshall, Country Manager Pakistan of Oman Air accompanying the Chief Guest
thanked TAAP for the warm welcome extended to him and the Chief Guest.
Mr. Sunil while conveying his thanks for the heartiest warm welcome extended to him upon his visit, stated that Oman Air started its flights for Karachi-Pakistan in year 2007 keeping in view that Oman Air network would strengthen the bilateral economic relation and promoting tourism by connecting the commercial and industrial hub of Pakistan and now in 2017 Oman Air is operating from Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad to international destination. He said Oman Air widely recognized as one of the most innovative airlines in the world particularly state of the art cargo handling facility soon to be completed at Muscat would also be extended and available in the region in near future, thus providing unmatched facilities to the travellers of Pakistan.
A crest was presented to Mr. Sunil V.A. by Mr. Muhammad Yahya Polani and a traditional Pakistani Turban (Kulla) was worn by Mr. Muhammad Hanif Rinch.

Depilex Reveal-A one of a kind hair and makeup show all set to take place in Lahore



Lahore(Cliff News)Depilex, renowned beauty salon and training institute, is all set to launch the biggest national showcase dedicated to hair and makeup, ‘Depilex Reveal’ on the 23rd of November, 2017 in Lahore.Depilex Reveal will be showcasing its nationwide hair and makeup collection for the year – with each look promising to be a work of art. It would be divided into four main categories – Bridal/Groom hair and makeup, Men’s hair styling, Hair Color and Avant Garde hair and makeup. A number of international hair and makeup artists would be a part of this event including Julieta Del Toro – a cosmetology graduate from the famous Madeleine Meyer Institute and the Paul Mitchell The School Esani and Saima Khalid – licensed instructor from Paul Mitchell, The School Esani in Georgia.Masarrat Misbah established Depilex in 1980 at a single premises which today, has now turned into an empire, creating an industry; that vision is carried through today by the second generation of the family.The Creative Director of the Depilex Group of Companies, Redah Misbah, stated, “Depilex Reveal will be an exclusive showcase of the latest hair and makeup collection developed by my team, every detail of which has been finessed over a period months. Our vision is to create original concepts and customize global trends to local needs. We are sure we will receive as much as excitement and enthusiasm from our followers for this event just as we have gotten for our past endeavours”Hafsa Haseeb, Director at the Depilex Group of Companies USA, stated, “We are all really excited for the grand Depilex Reveal event next month. We hope to set a benchmark for the beauty industry with the aim of inspiring the future generations of hairdressers and beauty therapists to enter the industry in Pakistan.”

About Depilex

The rich legacy of Depilex Beauty Clinic and Institute, started in the year 1980, at a single premises which today is an empire with over 60 locations nationwide, making Depilex the first and largest chain of salons in Pakistan. From the time it opened its doors, Depilex paved the the way for the creation of a professionalised beauty industry having worked with and trained leading names. Depilex represents empowerment, innovation and the exceptional vision of Masarrat Misbah.