Dolmen Mall celebrating 25 Years with biggest winter shopping festival

Karachi (Cliff News) Dolmen mall is celebrating its 25 years with the biggest winter shopping festival that will last till 7 th January. The festival started on 22 nd December in all three malls, Clifton, Tariq Road and Hyderi. Winter Food Street, flash sales, fashion carnival, beauty lounge, and a lot more are happening there. Celebrities from the showbiz world are attending the event and sharing their experience. This event is the biggest shopping festival till date, says the organizers. Apart from the shopping bazar, there are numerous other activities going on in the malls including lucky draw, live music, and live cooking demonstration. Dolmen shopping festival also marks the 25 th anniversary of dolmen mall and since it’s a global brand hub, this time they are also promoting and celebrating cultural diversity from around the world. The organizers have planned for months for this festival, to give the best possible experience to the

public. One of the organizers said that they are doing it for their customers and they want them to be a part of it. The giveaways include gift vouchers, shopping vouchers and beauty makeovers from renowned beauty gurus. Mohammad Abrar, 42, talked about his experience, he said, “we have been shopping from here since generations, my grandparents and parents used to shop from here and now we come here with our children and it has always been a great shopping experience.” Another shopper, Aaliya Waqas, 32, said, “Festivals like this have become essential for today’s shopper, which are a combination of western festivals and eastern bazaars.” The shoppers can also participate in the lucky draw by showing their shopping receipts. There is a grand prize of Rs 2.5 million, 25 daily prizes and 25 lucky draws. The festival also brings an arts lounge to pay tribute to the founders; various artists painted live including Aftab Zafar. A photography competition is also being held at the mall and Sharmeen Obaid Chionoy exhibited memories of the mass migration during independence. The dolmen management stated, “This festival has all the happenings that karachiites need in their holidays season, to relax from their fast paced life, for people of all ages be it children, adults or housewives.”

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