Nestle hosted the launch of Book “A Story of Milk in Pakistan”

Karachi (Cliff News)Nestlé Pakistan hosted the launch of a book, narrating the story of milk in the country, Drop of the Divine: A Story of Milk in Pakistan. Developed by Markings Publishing, it is a beautifully photographed book that shines the spotlight on the history and journey of the packaged milk sector in the country.Pakistan is the fourth largest milk producing country in the world, with dairy and livestock’s contribution to the national GDP at a staggering 11%. It’s little wonder then that the constantly evolving and prolific dairy sector which has been through monumental changes since the birth of the nation.As mentioned in the dairy book, since independence most of the Pakistan population lived in rural areas. Households tended cattle and produced raw milk for their own consumption. Over the years, as, Pakistan experienced a great surge of urbanization, farmers became more enterprising distributing milk in densely populated areas with the help of mobile milk collectors (dodhis). During the early 80s, the Government of Pakistan introduced favorable policies to fuel growth of the dairy and packaged milk industry. Following this, in 1988, Nestlé partnered with MILKPAK Limited to revolutionize the dairy industry in liquid and powder milk as we know it today.Nestlé Pakistan currently stands as the leading food and beverage Company with an extensive dairy product portfolio of liquid and powder milk that has continued to enhance the lives of Pakistanis for over 30 years. Commenting on the significance of the packaged dairy industry, Bruno Olierhoek, CEO Nestlé Pakistan said, “Apart from tracing the dairy trail and the packaged milk industry in Pakistan, the coffee table book also features insight from those associated with the country’s dairy sector over the years. We hope this book goes a long-way in adding to readers’ knowledge of the evolution of packaged milk, both liquid and powder in Pakistan”.Kiran Aman, CEO of Markings, said, “Working on a book about milk for Nestlé was totally characteristic of Markings Publishing, solely because I know it has never been done before in Pakistan. It showcases the growth of packaged milk in dairy sector, the potential we have, and the room for so much more to happen in future.”We often take for granted where packaged milk comes from and how it reaches us; therefore, Drops of the Divine: A Story of Milk in Pakistan takes us behind the scenes and uncovers the entire journey from the cow to the consumer.





BASF joins the World Plastic Council

Ludwigshafen, Germany(Cliff News)BASF joined the World Plastics Council (WPC), a global organization of key leaders in the plastics industry. The WPC promotes industry topics of global relevance like the responsible use of plastics, efficient waste management and solutions to marine littering. “Doing business in a sustainable manner is an integral part of BASF’s strategy and has been a central inspiration already since its foundation. For example, using by-products of one plant as raw materials for another does limit waste generation and increase efficiency. This Verbund principle is part of BASF’s identity,” explained Raimar Jahn, President Performance Materials, BASF. “Additionally, we are involved in initiatives addressing global challenges and engaging entire value chains such as Operation Clean Sweep®. We implement this international program designed to retain plastic pellets from getting lost in the environment,” said Jahn, representing BASF at the WPC’s 2017 General Assembly in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. “Joining the WPC is a way to be further involved in creating a world that provides a viable future with enhanced quality of life for everyone.”Abdulrahman Al-Fageeh, Executive Vice President, Petrochemicals SABIC and Chairman of WPC welcomed BASF as new member to help in WPC’s global efforts to deliver sustainable outcomes for the plastics industry, and for society. He said: “Since 2011, our industry has partnered in many efforts to research and prevent marine debris around the world under our ‘Declaration of the Global Plastics Associations for Solutions on Marine Litter’. This has been signed by 70 plastics associations in 35 countries.” The most recent Progress Report lists 260 projects that have been completed or are in progress in various parts of the world.BASF is as well a member of American Chemistry Council and PlasticsEurope that are associate members of the WPC and working towards a more sustainable, circular and resource-efficient economy. The WPC does not replace national or regional plastics associations. Instead, it focuses on issues that require global or at least multi-regional solutions. For a company such as BASF, present in all markets, these widespread actions can be implemented throughout all the regions to contribute to circular economy.

About BASF
At BASF, we create chemistry for a sustainable future. We combine economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. The approximately 114,000 employees in the BASF Group work on contributing to the success of our customers in nearly all sectors and almost every country in the world. Our portfolio is organized into five segments: Chemicals, Performance Products, Functional Materials & Solutions, Agricultural Solutions and Oil & Gas. BASF generated sales of about €58 billion in 2016. BASF shares are traded on the stock exchanges in Frankfurt (BAS), London (BFA) and Zurich (BAS). Further information at

About BASF in Pakistan
BASF has been present in Pakistan for more than four decades. With production facility in Karachi, BASF offers innovative solutions for key local business sectors. BASF maintains offices in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Sialkot.

Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan announce century’s of Qawali concerts around the globe in 2018


Karachi(Cliff News)Having completed a series of concerts globally to pay tribute to the legendary Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, we are embarking to bring back Qawali to its old galore through a series of 100 concerts around the world. We have chosen the poetry of the famous poets and sufis from the subcontinent to bring to you “JUST QAWALI Tour 2018.” Ustad Rahat FatehAli Khan will be performing live in more than 100 concerts across the world and enthral his fans with the renditions. Similar to 2017 when a befitting tribute was given to Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan through a series of concerts across the globe, 2018 from March onwards will becelebrated as the year of the Qawali.The tour is called “JUST QAWALI 2018”and performances are planned in America, Canada, UK, UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Morocco, South Africa, Kenya, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan and some more countries. The details were disclosed by Salman Ahmed, CEO PME at a press conference in Karachi. Ustad Rahat FatehAli Khan and his Business Manager Aamir Hassan also attended the media briefing.Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan speaking to the media said: “I am basically a Qawaland the poetry of the sufi’s runs in my veins. Qawali is at the heart of our family traditions and my ancestors have worked hard to develop this genre of music and introduce it to the world. The world of Music has not seen a Qawal that is parallel to Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. He glorified the art of Qawali and took the art to international audiences. He won many awards and accolades for his performances. Qawali and I are inseparable. It runs in my blood. Whatever I am performing, qawali is always at the heart of it. Qawali gives me the unique edge in all the music that I do.”

Responding to another question UstadRahat Fateh Ali Khan said that he has noticed that his Qawali’s are appreciated more than Bollywood numbers in live concerts. Hence based on the preference of his fans, he has decided to celebrate 2018 as Year of the Qawali. To further celebrate Qawali, he will also be releasing a new album the year. Salman Ahmed and his team are working very hard to make this happen.The world will see Qawali being brought back to the forefront and hence we are calling the tour “JUST QAWALI”. We feel that our listeners have been seeking good Qawali’s for some time and hence we have regrouped for these concerts. To bring back the true spirit of the tradition we have called back some of the old musicians who specialise in this type ofmusic. These veterans have performed with the legendary Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. We will be introducing some new music and looking at enhancing the beauty and depth of this genre of music, however it will all be very pure Qawali. We have chosen the poetry of Hazrat AmeerKhusrao, Shaikh Saadi, Bu Ali SeenaQalander, Haafiz Sherazi amongst other classical giants.All preparations are in place and rehearsals are in full flow. Qawali is a very popular cultural music and will be played till eternity in the shrines and places of sufis and saints. It is a centuries old tradition and we want to make an effort to glorify it further in the coming years. The spirituality that we experience in songs today are all because of the richness that qawali has given to modern music. Infact it is being said that in order to produce a block buster film, all that needs to be done is add a Qawali. Foreigners who don’t understand the language also appreciate Qawali and love the traditional music. Even Indians love Qawali and listen to it in personal gatherings. Interestingly ouryounger generation also appreciates Qawali and I get a lot of requests from them during my concerts in colleges and universities.”Salman Ahmed further elaborated that for centuries sufis and saints have been expressing themselves through poetry. Shrines and holy places have a long history of qawali renditions which date back centuries. Sufi music or qawali was started during the times of Khawaja Moinuddin Chisti and Hazrat Ameer Khusrao. In the Subcontinent the art of Qawali is thousands of years old, which has been passed down from one generation to the other. In Pakistan Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan truly glorified the art and introduced new techniques of the art to the world. After his young death, his disciple UstadRahat Fateh Ali Khan has held the mantle for glorifying the art and keeping his family tradition alive. Being born and brought up in a musically oriented family, qawali runs in his blood. From a young age Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan used to perform with his uncle Ustad NusratFateh Ali Khan in various Qawaligatherings.In December 2014, Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan performed a Qawali in Oslo at the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony which enhanced Pakistan’s image in the international arena. He also has the honor of performing at the United Nations General Assembly Hall during the “Pakistan Day Celebrations”. His renditions at the “Sufi Night” are remembered by many even till today. This UN session was attended by representatives of more than 200 countries and they went into a trance when they heard Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan perform. In 2017 Oxford University dedicated a space in “Khan Sahab’s” name and he has also been a guest at the Google global head office. He is a true good will ambassador for Pakistan and promotes brotherhood and peace everywhere he goes.

2017’s Most Popular YouTube Ads in Pakistan

Karachi(Cliff News)Google today released its first YouTube Ads Leaderboard for Pakistan in the platform’s first full year of operation after returning to the country in 2016. This list represents the top 10 ads and branded content people chose to watch on YouTube through a combination of popularity and promotion.

Brand Title Media / Creative Agency
1. Coca-Cola Sahir Ali Bagga & Aima Baig, Baazi, Coke Studio Season 10, Episode 3 (7:26)
Starcom / Digitz
2. Surf Excel Surf Excel Ramazan 2017 | #NekiEkIbadat (2:20)
Mindshare / Mullen & Lowe
3. Sunsilk Sunsilk Wedding Diaries (1:05)
Mindshare / JWT
4. Paddle Pop The New Adventures of Paddle Pop Full Movie (45:43) Mindshare
5. Cornetto Yeh Kya hua by Komal Rizvi #CornettoPopRock2 (3.58) Mindshare / Body Beat Pakistan
6. Telenor Telenor 4G – Jo Har Pakistani Chahay (1:00)
OMD / Ogilvy

7. Lifebuoy Dr. Lifebuoy vs Jaraseem Full Song (1:03)
Mindshare / Mullen & Lowe
8. Sprite Mirchi Ko Sprite Kar – TVC (0:55)
Starcom / Ogilvy
9. djuice Oye Kuch Kar Guzar: Episode 1 – The Journey Begins (9:46)
OMD / Adcom
10. Pepsi Launch Song | #PepsiBattleOfTheBands (2:30)
Mindshare / Saatchi

Trends from the annual leaderboard:
● Ads and branded content that entertain and take their time. Long-form ads dominate the list, with all ten running well beyond the traditional 30 second TV spot. The ads on the list are all videos that viewers in Pakistan chose to watch, so holding an audience’s attention for an extended period, in Paddle Pop’s or djuice’s cases is quite a feat. The beauty of YouTube’s flexible ads is that it allows brands to focus telling compelling stories running however long (or short) the story requires.
● Lights, camera, music! People in Pakistan love their music, and brands like Coke, Cornetto Lifebuoy and Pepsi have realised that and incorporated catchy tunes into their ads. But music is only impactful if it can be heard—the good news is that 95% of ads on YouTube are played with the sound on.
● Seizing aspirational and seasonal moments. Ramadan (Surf Excel), important life events (Sunsilk) and staying positive are also themes that cut across ads that got the most engagement from the YouTube viewing public.Globally, 1.5 billion people log into YouTube every single month, and users spend over an hour each day watching YouTube on their mobile screens. These winning ads and branded content are a reminder of the amazing creativity alive today in the Pakistani ads industry. While sometimes digital can seem to be all about technology, digital video ads and branded content on YouTube frees up brands and agencies to spend more time doing what they do best — getting creative and communicating brand values that resonate with consumers.

About YouTube
YouTube is the world’s most popular online video community allowing millions of people to discover, watch and share originally created videos. YouTube provides a forum for people to connect, inform and inspire others across the globe and acts as a distribution platform for original content creators and advertisers large and small. YouTube, LLC is based in San Bruno, Calif., and is a subsidiary of Google Inc.

The Citizens Foundation’s “Obhartay Sitaray” concludes on a high note


Karachi(Cliff News)The Citizens Foundation (TCF) organised the Finale of Obhartay Sitaray 2018, at a local hotel where contestants were school going children brimming with the passion for music and singing. Obhartay Sitaray is an annual inter-school singing competition that provides students a platform to prove their passion for singing with the opportunity to raise funds for education of the less-privileged children of TCF. The Chief Guest of the event was the US Consul General Mr. Grace W. Shelton. This year, more than 70,000 household from 120+ schools campuses in Karachi participated in the fundraising efforts while over 629 students (277 teams) competed in the school level singing rounds. For the Team’s Final, 88 voices in 32 teams from Primary, Secondary, Senior, & College levels participated in the competition where the judges were maestros like Tina Sani, Arshad Mehmood, Afshan Ahmed and Salman Alvi.Speaking on the occasion, TCF Chairman & Co-Founder, Mr. Ateed Riaz said, “TCF remains committed to the cause of education. At TCF, we believe that education has to be more holistic than just textbook studies. Obhartay Sitaray brings TCF children and private school children on the same platform and I think that is a true reflection of TCF’s mission of removing the barriers of class and privilege. It is heartening to see more supporters for Obhartay Sitaray each year, this ever growing TCF family marks the victory of education over illiteracy and deprivation. I am delighted to see such young students perform difficult Pakistani songs with great poise. You see these bright children of private schools sharing stage with TCF children and you cannot help but see a brilliant future of our country.”‘Obhartay Sitaray’ initiated in 2012, has now become a signature event of TCF in the course of five years. It is managed by a ladies volunteer group called Supporters of The Citizens Foundation (STCF). The group actively puts in time, effort, expertise and resources to arrange a vast array of fundraising events to support the cause of an educated and enlightened Pakistan.Commenting on the phenomenal response, Mrs. Biba Baseer, Project Lead for Obhartay Sitaray said: “We are a generous and big hearted society; all people need is a direction and the assurance that their funds will be utilized in good faith. We are thankful to all the partnering schools and their students who not only participated actively but also collected funds for TCF. I feel Obhartay Sotaray has become a singing platform for the young and talented children of our country. They have the voices as well as the hearts of gold.”The Citizens Foundation (TCF) is a professionally managed, non-profit organization set up in 1995 by a group of citizens who wanted to bring about positive social change through education. 21 years later, TCF is now one of Pakistan’s leading organizations in the field of education for the less privileged. The TCF model focuses on providing quality education through purpose-built schools located in the heart of Pakistan’s urban slums and rural communities. The organization ensures that girls represent nearly 50% of overall student enrollment.

The Citizens Foundation's 'Obhartay Sitaray' concludes on a high note

The Winning Voices are:

Primary Level

  Winner: Tarab Nafees of The Hampton School (Pop genre) and Nida Fatima of Beaconhouse school (mili naghma genre)

  Runners Up: Muhd. Abdullah Khan of Beaconhouse (Pop genre) and Sani of Shahwilayat school (mili naghma genre)

Secondary Level

  Winner: Sakina Haider of Beaconhouse school (pop genre) and Ali Abbas of Beaconhouse school (mili naghma genre)

  Runners up: Mujtaba Mehdi of Beaconhouse school (pop genre) and Rejjah Zabir of St. Joseph’s school (mili naghma genre)

College Level

Winner: Khillat Zehra of Nixor college (Ghazal genre)

Runner up: Aisha Ijlal of The Lyceum (Ghazal genre)

Winner: Natasha Rasool of Nixor College (Mili naghma genre)

Runner up: Bilal Hasan of Karachi Grammar School (Mili naghma genre)

Winner: Zuha Adnan of Nixor college (Pop genre)

Runner up: Maria Malick of Karachi Grammar School (Pop genre)

The Winning Teams are:

Primary Level

Winner Team: Beaconhouse School (Jauhar Campus)

Runner-up Team: Beaconhouse School (N Nazimabad Campus)

Secondary Level

Winner Team: Happy Home School (Society Campus)

Runner-up Team: St. Joseph’s Convent School.

About TCF: The Citizens Foundation (TCF) is a strong advocate of the belief that a truly informed and educated society forms the foundation of a progressive state and instills in its citizens the ability to adapt and evolve with changing times. It is a non-profit organization set up in 1995 by a group of citizens who wanted to bring about positive social change through education. 21 years later, TCF is now one of Pakistan’s leading organizations in the field of education for the less privileged. The TCF model focuses on providing quality education through purpose-built schools located in the heart of Pakistan’s urban slums and rural communities. The organization ensures that girls represent nearly 50% of overall student enrolment. To magnify its impact, improve enrolment and quality of education, TCF is now adopting Government schools across Pakistan.

Peek Freans presents Gluco Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor

[Poster] - Gluco Allahyar and the Legend of MarkhorKarachi (Cliff News) Peek Freans Gluco, a favourite amongst millions of children and mothers alike, is proud to be the official sponsor of the much-anticipated animated movie, “Gluco Allahyaar and the Legend of Markhor”.Set to be released on 2nd of February 2018 nationwide, the movie depicts the story of Allahyar, a young Pakistani boy who despite all odds gathers the strength and courage to embark on an adventure for the greater good. Peek Freans Gluco, healthy and tasty snack fuels Allahyar’s energy and sustains him throughout his journey. Enriched with the goodness of wheat, milk, and butter, Gluco is the perfect biscuit for children who are courageous, energetic, and resilient and believe in standing up for what is right, just like Allahyar.Produced by 3rd World Studios and spearheaded by Uzair Zaheer Khan, the film aims to educate children to also play their part in protecting the environment. The movie features the lush beauty of Northern Pakistan while also reminding us about the responsibilities of the new generation and what it means to be a Gluco Kid.The movie is directed by Uzair Zaheer Khan and the rest of the team includes some of the leading names of the Pakistani film industry such as Ali Noor, Ali Rehman Khan, Hareem Farooq, Arshad Mehmood, Nadia Jamil, Amjad Chaudhry, Ahmed Ali, Anum Zaidi, Arieb Azhar, Azfar Jafri and Natasha Humera Ejaz.“We at EBM, makers of Peek Freans Gluco, have always believed in supporting the upcoming local talent and showcasing their work. This film is a testament of the incredible work being produced in Pakistan and we are proud to be part of this exceptional venture,” says Dr. Zeelaf Munir, Managing Director and CEO of EBM.

About Peek Freans Gluco:

Preparing children for life’s challenges for over 45 years, Gluco is the biggest energy biscuit brand of Pakistan and loved by many generations of consumers. Made with natural ingredients, Gluco provides the much needed energy to the new generation and mothers who want to ensure that their children are well-nourished.

Role of Meat as a Functional Food,Dr.Rizwan Tariq

IMG-20180128-WA0051Karachi (Cliff News)A seminar was organised by the Faculty of Science of DIHE on “How food can be used as a Medicine”.Dr. Rizwan Tariq spoke on the role of Meat as Functional Food. He covered the nutritional composition of meat. Also presented a com-positional analysis of Beef and Rabbit Meat. Another speaker was Dr Waseem Safdar, who talked about importance of Omega 3 Fatty Acids and it can be used as Food Supplement. He enlightened the audience with a detailed introduction to poly-unsaturated fatty acids (PUFA),Omega 3 sources. its role on human body.Rector of DIHE Dr. Shahana Urooj Kazmi emphasized on the fact that Food is the main component that can be used as a Medicine, Because other medicines are subject to its relativity and are time bound however if we alter our eating methods food, it can be beneficial for our body functioning rather causing any harm to it.Chairperson Advisery Council Consumers Association of Pakistan Rana Awais Khan, Chairman Consumers Association of Pakistan Kaukab Iqbal, HOD of Microbiology department Dr. Rakhshanda Baqai
HOD of Food Science Marium Tarique, Dr. Syeda Sadaf Akber and Mr. Syed Arsalan Ali also attended the session.

19th InterSchool Scrabble Championship starts on 3 Feb 2018

Karachi (Cliff News)The 19th Inter School Scrabble Championship will be played at BVS Parsi School on February 3-4, 2018.Once again this event will be sponsored by Horlicks who have been helping us promote scrabble for many years and have played a vital role in promoting scrabble all over Pakistan.As you are aware the 2017 edition turned out to be the largest scrabble tournament in the world with 1394 players. This year’s event is almost certain to break all previous participation records. It is expected to be the biggest tournament of any single sports in Pakistan with approximately 2000 players.Players aged 7-21 can participate. There are 10 categories giving players of all ages a chance to win trophies. Medals will be given to the top ten, while trophies will be given to the top three in each category. There are various other prizes to be wonThe championship is open to ALL schools and colleges. Entry forms are available at our website The last date of registration is 29th January.200 top players from this championship will be picked for training by a professional coach for several months and then the Pakistan team will be selected for the WESPA Youth Cup (Dubai) and Junior World Scrabble Championship (England).We are proud to remind you that the team Pakistan picked from last year’s inter school championship went on to create history at the Junior World Scrabble Championship played in Nottingham, England by winning five WORLD CHAMPION titles. The reigning champions of under 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 age category are all from Pakistan.These players although still in school will not be playing in the upcoming inter school championship but will be a part of the management of the event. This is a great tradition proudly introduced by PSA. The youth players who become international players are elevated to the management and take up important roles.The largest scrabble tournament in the world will once again be managed by a team of about 50 youth players.The year 2017 turned out to be a greatyear for scrabble in Pakistan. Apart from the last year’s inter school and the JWSC mentioned above:

— Hammad Hadi won the 32nd Princess Cup Youth Championship in Thailand

— Pakistan finished 2nd in the WESPA Youth Cup played in Malaysia. Four players from Pakistan finished in the top ten

— 15 year old Sohaib Sanaullah (a find of the inter school tournament) became the national champion of Pakistan dethroning the great Waseem Khatri

We are hoping that 2018 will bring further glory to Pakistan as our young players are getting regular international exposure with support from the corporate sector.

*Horlicks has been a pillar of support for a number of years

*United States Education Foundation has been a strong ally.

*This year we had strong support from Silk Bank and Jubilee Insurance and we hope that they’ll find this partnership rewarding for their brand and extend their support for future events too.

*Pelikan Stationary is also a new partner and they are providing all the stationery for the event

*Geo Super is the official media partner of this championship and has been giving great coverage to scrabble

We are seeking support from our friends in the media to promote the game which is presenting a great image of Pakistan in the world by producing champions after champions.


Greenstar promote healthier Lifestyle through its new products

Karachi(Cliff News)Greenstar Social Marketing (Greenstar), also known as ‘sabzsitara’, has launched three new medical products to promote a healthier lifestyle and improve on the maternal and child health, especially amongst marginalized communities.‘Misoprostol’, a safe and effective choice in Post-Partum Haemorrhage (PPH) in both prophylaxis and treatment. This ultimately reduces maternal mortality and morbidity.
‘Ossein Mineral Complex + Vitamin D’ is a Calcium supplement that promotes bone formation mineralization, which is essential in the development of an intact strong skeleton. ‘Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3)’ is important to treat conditions in which calcium is not used properly by the body. This product is beneficial for individuals and breast-fed infants who lack exposure to sunlight.
Since 2006 GSM has successfully averted more than 9,246,419 unintended pregnancies, 153,572 child deaths, 1,557,398 abortions and 13,239 maternal deaths. The company has taken steps to put technology and power of choice into the hands of women that they serve and making this possible through a vast number of Sabzsitara clinics in the rural and urban areas.Greenstar Social Marketing has been working for the betterment of the society since 1991, to improve the sexual and reproductive health of the country with the help of modern and quality products and family planning.

About Greenstar Social Marketing:

Greenstar Social Marketing (GSM) was established in 1991 as a social enterprise, to improve the sexual and reproductive health of people in the country by increasing choices and access to quality modern family planning methods and contraceptives. With a distribution network of over 7,000 franchised clinics & 70,000 retail outlets, GSM is responsible for provision of approximately 53% of all contraceptives, distributed by the private sector, in Pakistan

Pakistan,Iran safety lies in unity and solidarity


By Zahid Hussain Karani

The ever growing close relations between India and Israel, is fast turning into a nexus that will have great and adverse repercussions for the Muslims of Asia particularly Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan and other Central Asian and Middle East countries. In fact many responsible leaders have not minced words in calling the India, Israel, United States an unholy alliance against Muslim countries and their freedom, with Iran and Pakistan being the prime targets.

The recent trip to India of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is best described as a fascist and war-criminal along with a 130-member delegation is the latest development in the unholy alliance of America, Israel and India.

The Israeli, Indian cooperation is meant to forge a united stand against Iran and Pakistan and disrupt their progress and economic development.

The Israelis signed nine defence cooperation agreements with India. Israel will sell India an anti-aircraft missile system for $2.5billion besides help India to develop a state of the art guided missile system. India and Israel also signed the following agreements during the Israeli Prime Minister’s visit.

An MoU on Cyber Security Cooperation between India and Israel. MoU between India and Israel’s Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas and Ministry of Energy on Cooperation in Oil and Gas Sector. A Protocol between India and Israel on Amendments to the Air Transport Agreement. Agreement on Film-co-production between India and Israel. MoU between the Central Council for Research in Homeopathy, Ministry of AYUSH and the Centre for Integrative Complementary Medicine, Shaare Zedek Medical Center on Cooperation in the field of Research in Homeopathic Medicine, An MoU between Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (IIST) and the Technion- Israel Institute of Technology for cooperation in the field of space. A Memorandum of Intent between Invest India and Invest in Israel. A Letter of Intent between IOCL and Phinergy Ltd. for cooperation in the area of metal-air batteries. A Letter of Intent between IOCL and Yeda Research and Development Co Ltd for cooperation in the area of concentrated solar thermal technologies.

It is no secret that Israel considers Iran it greatest enemy and opponent and has no love lost for Pakistan as well. Iran has fully supported the Palestinian people in their just cause for a homeland. Pakistan too, is fully committed to the Palestinian cause. Israel’s hegemonistic ambitions have also been checked by Iran while Pakistan’s nuclear capabilities are viewed with alarm by Israel.

The reason for the loving relationship between the Zionist power oppressing the innocent Palestinians and fundamentalist Hindu state that has usurped the freedom of the Kashmiri people is America.

The United States has nudged Tel Aviv and New Delhi to come close to each other as Washington is dead opposed to the prosperity and progress of the Muslim countries of South, West and Central Asia. In this respect, America has incorporated Indian and Israeli services to stop the China Pakistan Economic Project which also enjoys the blessings of Russia which stands to benefit from this project.

The Chairman of Pakistan’s Senate, Mr Raza Rabbani during a recent meeting with the visiting Speaker of  Iran’s Majlis (parliament)Mr Ali Larijani said that recent developments in the world and Donald Trump’s decision to shift the US embassy in Tel Aviv to Holy Quds (Jerusalem) have brought Iran and Pakistan even closer to each other.

Senator Rabbani who is a seasoned statesman with a close eye on world events was in fact giving a wake-up call to the Pakistani and Iranian people. The US President is purposely reneging on America’s word to Iran by revisiting the nuclear deal. On the other hand the other nations, the UK, France, Germany and Russia have refused to follow the US as Iran has honoured its commitments.

As far as Pakistan is concerned, the US has dragged out every dirty trick from its bag to put pressure on Pakistan, from its usual “Do More” mantra to questioning the territorial integrity. The latest Dirty trick was President Donald Trump’s tweet on Jan 01, 2018 in a new year tweet saying Pakistan had taken $33 billion to do nothing. This set off a storm and Pakistan decided to stand up for its honour.

Pakistan and Iran have to realise that in this dark hour for both countries, either they stand close together as twins and blood brother to survive as independent honourable nations. The need of the hour, is that the friendship of Pakistan and Iran should reflect the close Pakistan and China ties. Higher than the Himalayas and deeper than the oceans. Any other option is a sure recipe for disaster for Islamabad as well as Tehran.