19th InterSchool Scrabble Championship starts on 3 Feb 2018

Karachi (Cliff News)The 19th Inter School Scrabble Championship will be played at BVS Parsi School on February 3-4, 2018.Once again this event will be sponsored by Horlicks who have been helping us promote scrabble for many years and have played a vital role in promoting scrabble all over Pakistan.As you are aware the 2017 edition turned out to be the largest scrabble tournament in the world with 1394 players. This year’s event is almost certain to break all previous participation records. It is expected to be the biggest tournament of any single sports in Pakistan with approximately 2000 players.Players aged 7-21 can participate. There are 10 categories giving players of all ages a chance to win trophies. Medals will be given to the top ten, while trophies will be given to the top three in each category. There are various other prizes to be wonThe championship is open to ALL schools and colleges. Entry forms are available at our website www.pakistanscrabble.org. The last date of registration is 29th January.200 top players from this championship will be picked for training by a professional coach for several months and then the Pakistan team will be selected for the WESPA Youth Cup (Dubai) and Junior World Scrabble Championship (England).We are proud to remind you that the team Pakistan picked from last year’s inter school championship went on to create history at the Junior World Scrabble Championship played in Nottingham, England by winning five WORLD CHAMPION titles. The reigning champions of under 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 age category are all from Pakistan.These players although still in school will not be playing in the upcoming inter school championship but will be a part of the management of the event. This is a great tradition proudly introduced by PSA. The youth players who become international players are elevated to the management and take up important roles.The largest scrabble tournament in the world will once again be managed by a team of about 50 youth players.The year 2017 turned out to be a greatyear for scrabble in Pakistan. Apart from the last year’s inter school and the JWSC mentioned above:

— Hammad Hadi won the 32nd Princess Cup Youth Championship in Thailand

— Pakistan finished 2nd in the WESPA Youth Cup played in Malaysia. Four players from Pakistan finished in the top ten

— 15 year old Sohaib Sanaullah (a find of the inter school tournament) became the national champion of Pakistan dethroning the great Waseem Khatri

We are hoping that 2018 will bring further glory to Pakistan as our young players are getting regular international exposure with support from the corporate sector.

*Horlicks has been a pillar of support for a number of years

*United States Education Foundation has been a strong ally.

*This year we had strong support from Silk Bank and Jubilee Insurance and we hope that they’ll find this partnership rewarding for their brand and extend their support for future events too.

*Pelikan Stationary is also a new partner and they are providing all the stationery for the event

*Geo Super is the official media partner of this championship and has been giving great coverage to scrabble

We are seeking support from our friends in the media to promote the game which is presenting a great image of Pakistan in the world by producing champions after champions.


Greenstar promote healthier Lifestyle through its new products

Karachi(Cliff News)Greenstar Social Marketing (Greenstar), also known as ‘sabzsitara’, has launched three new medical products to promote a healthier lifestyle and improve on the maternal and child health, especially amongst marginalized communities.‘Misoprostol’, a safe and effective choice in Post-Partum Haemorrhage (PPH) in both prophylaxis and treatment. This ultimately reduces maternal mortality and morbidity.
‘Ossein Mineral Complex + Vitamin D’ is a Calcium supplement that promotes bone formation mineralization, which is essential in the development of an intact strong skeleton. ‘Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3)’ is important to treat conditions in which calcium is not used properly by the body. This product is beneficial for individuals and breast-fed infants who lack exposure to sunlight.
Since 2006 GSM has successfully averted more than 9,246,419 unintended pregnancies, 153,572 child deaths, 1,557,398 abortions and 13,239 maternal deaths. The company has taken steps to put technology and power of choice into the hands of women that they serve and making this possible through a vast number of Sabzsitara clinics in the rural and urban areas.Greenstar Social Marketing has been working for the betterment of the society since 1991, to improve the sexual and reproductive health of the country with the help of modern and quality products and family planning.

About Greenstar Social Marketing:

Greenstar Social Marketing (GSM) was established in 1991 as a social enterprise, to improve the sexual and reproductive health of people in the country by increasing choices and access to quality modern family planning methods and contraceptives. With a distribution network of over 7,000 franchised clinics & 70,000 retail outlets, GSM is responsible for provision of approximately 53% of all contraceptives, distributed by the private sector, in Pakistan

Pakistan,Iran safety lies in unity and solidarity


By Zahid Hussain Karani

The ever growing close relations between India and Israel, is fast turning into a nexus that will have great and adverse repercussions for the Muslims of Asia particularly Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan and other Central Asian and Middle East countries. In fact many responsible leaders have not minced words in calling the India, Israel, United States an unholy alliance against Muslim countries and their freedom, with Iran and Pakistan being the prime targets.

The recent trip to India of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is best described as a fascist and war-criminal along with a 130-member delegation is the latest development in the unholy alliance of America, Israel and India.

The Israeli, Indian cooperation is meant to forge a united stand against Iran and Pakistan and disrupt their progress and economic development.

The Israelis signed nine defence cooperation agreements with India. Israel will sell India an anti-aircraft missile system for $2.5billion besides help India to develop a state of the art guided missile system. India and Israel also signed the following agreements during the Israeli Prime Minister’s visit.

An MoU on Cyber Security Cooperation between India and Israel. MoU between India and Israel’s Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas and Ministry of Energy on Cooperation in Oil and Gas Sector. A Protocol between India and Israel on Amendments to the Air Transport Agreement. Agreement on Film-co-production between India and Israel. MoU between the Central Council for Research in Homeopathy, Ministry of AYUSH and the Centre for Integrative Complementary Medicine, Shaare Zedek Medical Center on Cooperation in the field of Research in Homeopathic Medicine, An MoU between Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (IIST) and the Technion- Israel Institute of Technology for cooperation in the field of space. A Memorandum of Intent between Invest India and Invest in Israel. A Letter of Intent between IOCL and Phinergy Ltd. for cooperation in the area of metal-air batteries. A Letter of Intent between IOCL and Yeda Research and Development Co Ltd for cooperation in the area of concentrated solar thermal technologies.

It is no secret that Israel considers Iran it greatest enemy and opponent and has no love lost for Pakistan as well. Iran has fully supported the Palestinian people in their just cause for a homeland. Pakistan too, is fully committed to the Palestinian cause. Israel’s hegemonistic ambitions have also been checked by Iran while Pakistan’s nuclear capabilities are viewed with alarm by Israel.

The reason for the loving relationship between the Zionist power oppressing the innocent Palestinians and fundamentalist Hindu state that has usurped the freedom of the Kashmiri people is America.

The United States has nudged Tel Aviv and New Delhi to come close to each other as Washington is dead opposed to the prosperity and progress of the Muslim countries of South, West and Central Asia. In this respect, America has incorporated Indian and Israeli services to stop the China Pakistan Economic Project which also enjoys the blessings of Russia which stands to benefit from this project.

The Chairman of Pakistan’s Senate, Mr Raza Rabbani during a recent meeting with the visiting Speaker of  Iran’s Majlis (parliament)Mr Ali Larijani said that recent developments in the world and Donald Trump’s decision to shift the US embassy in Tel Aviv to Holy Quds (Jerusalem) have brought Iran and Pakistan even closer to each other.

Senator Rabbani who is a seasoned statesman with a close eye on world events was in fact giving a wake-up call to the Pakistani and Iranian people. The US President is purposely reneging on America’s word to Iran by revisiting the nuclear deal. On the other hand the other nations, the UK, France, Germany and Russia have refused to follow the US as Iran has honoured its commitments.

As far as Pakistan is concerned, the US has dragged out every dirty trick from its bag to put pressure on Pakistan, from its usual “Do More” mantra to questioning the territorial integrity. The latest Dirty trick was President Donald Trump’s tweet on Jan 01, 2018 in a new year tweet saying Pakistan had taken $33 billion to do nothing. This set off a storm and Pakistan decided to stand up for its honour.

Pakistan and Iran have to realise that in this dark hour for both countries, either they stand close together as twins and blood brother to survive as independent honourable nations. The need of the hour, is that the friendship of Pakistan and Iran should reflect the close Pakistan and China ties. Higher than the Himalayas and deeper than the oceans. Any other option is a sure recipe for disaster for Islamabad as well as Tehran.

Schwabe Award Winner 2017 Fayeeza Naqvi represents Pakistan at Davos 2018

Davos, Switzerland(Cliff News)Fayeeza Naqvi, Chairman and Co-Founder of The Aman Foundation attended the World Economic Forum 2018 at Davos. The Aman Foundation was a part of the Pakistan Pavilion hosted by PathFinder Group in collaboration with Swiss-Asian Chamber of Commerce (SACC).Aman Foundation was nominated as the sole philanthropy partner for its award winning critical care ambulance service and vocational training. Pathfinder group has been hosting the Pakistan breakfast for notable Pakistani individuals and organizations as a regular feature during the Annual Summit of the World Economic Forum (WEF) at Davos for the last 18 years.The World Economic Forum (WEF) in 2018 is centered on the theme of “Creating a shared future in a fractured world.” This year’s aim is to tie together some of the organization’s previous themes and ongoing topics of discussion, including the Fourth Industrial Revolution, climate change and tackling the productivity crisis in labor markets.Fayeeza Naqvi while commenting on Aman’s presence at the World Economic Forum said, “We are here, as representatives of Pakistan’s social entrepreneurs to explore innovative, yet pragmatic, solutions to the complex social and economic challenges facing our world today. Creating a shared future in a fractured world requires addressing issues on the global agenda in a collaborative, cohesive and holistic way. We hope that our participation, at the World Economic Forum, will take us closer to our aspiration of transforming lives and empowering the most vulnerable in our communities.”Ikram Sehgal – Chairman Pathfinder Group further added “The idea behind the Pakistan Pavilion is to inspire change and support organizations that are creating a positive impact in their respective fields. We are proud to have Aman Foundation as our philanthropic partner at Davos 2018 because our visions to enable people to shape their own paths in life are aligned. In this respect, Aman has developed outstanding programs”.The Prime Minister of Pakistan Shahid Khaqan Abbasi made a 30 minute speech where he spoke about the present economic and security situation. Khaqan pressured on the need to create a shared future.” While addressing the audience He said.This year, along with SACC, Pathfinder Group and Martin Dow Group took the initiative of establishing a representative Pakistan Pavilion. In this walk-in-Pavilion, Pakistani entrepreneurs/officials in IT media, Financial Services (including microfinance and financial inclusion) and philanthropy were available to interact with international investors, experts and officials.Established in 1976, The World Economic Forum is committed to improving the state of the world and is the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation. The Forum engages the foremost political, business and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.

TCS inaugurates ZTE Warehouse in Tarnol


Karachi(Cliff News)A TCS warehouse for ZTE Corporation has been inaugurated in Tarnol near Islamabad. A ZTE delegation from China participated in the inauguration ceremony hosted by TCS.ZTE aims to place TCS at the forefront concerning all its logistic needs in Pakistan and manage its warehousing and logistics requirements across the country. It is expected that this would be the beginning of a productive partnership between TCS and the ZTE Corporation.Rehan Ally Agha, Business Head Warehousing & Distribution at TCS, said that this was a moment of pride for TCS to partner with ZTE.“We are delighted to offer warehousing and distribution services to ZTE, and look forward to maximizing this fruitful relationship.”The Chief Technical Officer of ZTE Pakistan, Chen Tao, appreciated the role of TCS and said, “We are really thankful to you and appreciate your efforts for arranging the Islamabad warehouse inauguration.”He added, “The warehouse is in an excellent condition regarding stacking, hygiene, cleanliness and staff uniforms. We hope TCS would not only sustain this standard but improvements would be made covering all aspects.”He said ZTE was a leader in providing innovative telecom solutions worldwide and had been in the Pakistani market for the last 20 years and had developed a strong footprint in the country. Mr. Chen Tao recalled the company’s rich history and foresaw a bright future for it in Pakistan.He further said, “ZTE wishes to establish long-term business relationships with its service providers and suppliers. In this context, we are confident that the long-term and good business relations between TCS and ZTE would be nurtured further because we believe in the philosophy of ‘Fighting together, winning together’”.






Cheetay.pk Introducing a New Bussiness Category “Cheetay Healthcare”


Karachi(Cliff News)Cheetay.pk Having started from food delivery, we have expanded our business verticals by introducing ‘The Cheetay Tiffin’ and are well on our way to adding multiple categories in our repertoire of services. Healthcare is next in line for us to proliferate the existing e-Commerce market.According to Ahmed Khan, CEO of cheetay.pk, “This is an avenue we wish to pursue because scores of people need medicines immediately. General medication that can be bought without prescription is a staple for most households and is frequently purchased. Our people thrive on convenience and instant gratification, so the idea is to provide OTC (over the counter) medication to our audience in a timely and hassle free manner along with basic healthcare products. Eliminating the need to go to pharmacies makes it convenient for a customer to get a much needed amenity delivered to their doorstep since not all of them have proper inventory. We solve the inventory problem by having multiple vendors on board to ensure maximum coverage and availability. Lastly, we keep track of order history which enables the customer to view their buying patterns which makes it easier.”Having an e-Commerce platform that provides maximum benefit and order fulfilment is our mantra. Therefore, spearheading into a business vertical which is untapped gives cheetay.pk a competitive advantage. The idea is to provide the masses with OTC medication (over the counter medication) which can be attained without a doctor’s prescription, on an instant basis. We have multiple vendors on board such as CSH Pharmacy, Spencer Pharmacy, Sehat.com.pk, Health Online, etc. who will provide the required medication.“The process is simple; we’re not keeping a stock or inventory. Our role as an intermediary is to provide the available options which can be delivered to whoever needs medicines urgently. Being a new category, Cheetay Healthcare will have a separate website domain featuring medicines and healthcare products. We’re following Amazon’s model of giving the options of multiple vendors for a given product or brand on our website for a user friendly experience. Moreover, we will have multiple categories and sub-categories for the audience to choose from i.e. Pain Reliever, Allergy, Cough & Cold, Digestive & Nausea, First Aid, Vitamins and Dietary Supplements, Personal Health Care, Baby Health Care, etc.” said Mohsin Khan, Category Manager at cheetay.pk.With regards to delivery and logistics, there will be two options that the customer can avail. The first option called “Express Delivery” will ensure that the customer gets the order within ninety minutes of placing the order while the second option called “Economy Delivery” gives a delivery time frame of 24-72 hours. Not only can the customer order medicines, they can order a litany of consumer products available with the vendor i.e. grocery items, baby formula, health and beauty products, etc. The website is set to go live on 23rd January 2018 with a brand new logo and a multitude of items which not only include medication but household amenities and a whole lot more.Our long term objective is to be the market leader in providing pharmaceutical and healthcare products including prescription drugs by creating an automated healthcare marketplace platform which brings doctors and pharmacies in the mix, making it extremely convenient for anyone to order medicines which aren’t easily available. Moreover, we are working to create an intuitive system which will incorporate Patient Records and a Management System which enables Pathological and Radiological testing at home and digital delivery of results.Convenience of ordering is not confined just to medicines but cosmetics, beauty products, baby care products, therapy rehabilitation equipment and grocery items as well.Apart from expanding our business operations, our focus now is to be the leading e-Commerce platform that provides basic amenities to our customers. Having a logistics apparatus in place, we are on a mission to revolutionise the industry by creating a multidimensional, customer centric e-Commerce platform which offers ultimate convenience to all.


Inspiring Global Success Stories Emphasize Women Empowerment

Karachi (Cliff News)New World Concepts organized Pakistan’s premier annual conference for women professional development, the International Women Leaders’Summit, on Tuesday, 23rd January 2018 at Movenpick Hotel Karachi.“The International Women Leaders’Summit is a unique chance for women professionals in the corporate and business sectors of Pakistan to learn from global success stories and business leaders” said Yasmin Hyder, CEO, New World Concepts and Founder President Pakistan Women Entrepreneurs Network for Trade (WE-NET). The insights shared are a source of inspiration for learning and corporate career growth.This year’s conference theme ‘‘Invest in Yourself’’ focused on women leadershipincluding women from diverse fields such as international diplomacy, multilateral organizations, private enterprise and the armed forces. The summit explored ways for breaking gender stereotypes, investing for higher returns, giving back to society, branding yourself, personal financial management, and investing in yourself for global engagements. The conference also held round table mentoring sessions for the audience.Major General Nigar Johar, Vice Principal Army Medical College, delivered the keynote address. She serves as the first female Deputy Commandant of an institute and the first female officer to command one the biggest Pakistan Army unit. Major General Nigar Johar is the highest ranking lady officer in Pakistan Army.Mr. Shamsuddin Shaikh, CEO, Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company delivered a special presentation to the audience about the gender initiatives led by SECMC including their Female Dump Truck Driver Programme. An interesting panel discussion took place featuring Her Excellency Ingrid Johansson, Ambassador of Sweden, Mr. Khalid Mansoor, President, OICCI, and Raza Pirbhai, CEO, KFC Pakistan focused on Perceptions vs. Reality: Gender Inclusiveness in Organizations.Hilde Heye, President of les Femmes Chefs D’Enterprises de Monaco (Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Monaco) addressed the audience, detailing her inspiring story to success in the corporate world.Becky Lin, CEO, Hangzhou Jinjiang Group, Pakistan, gave a presentation on Rules of Success and the innovative techniques of waste management her company has adopted.Sqn. Ldr. Bisma Nasim, Pakistan Air Force addressed the conference regarding her experience in creating history by being the first ever femaleparatrooper in Asia in 2006.Her Excellency Ardi Stoios-Braken, Ambassador of Netherlands and Her Excellency, Dr. Brigitta Blaha, Ambassador of Austria participated in panel discussions relating to Working Across Borders and Thriving in the Asian Workplace, respectively.