Riversong organised bloggers meetup in Lahore

362A5967Lahore (Cliff News)March 17, 2018: Riversong, one of the leading smartphone accessories manufacturer headquartered in China organized a bloggers and media meet-up at Faletti’s hotel today in Lahore. Through this meet up, Riversong aimed to enrich relationships with bloggers community in the region and inform them more about Riversong and its product offerings.At present, Riversong is available in 17 countries across the world with substantial customer base and just last month, Riversong launched officially in Pakistan. The company seeks to be recognized in the country as the providers of most affordable yet most innovative and premium in quality products to its customers.The prominent bloggers from Bloggers community attended this event. Riversong took it as an opportunity to not only give information about itsproduct range but also welcomed genuine feedback from the bloggers regarding company’s products.Syed Ali Yousuf, the global Riversong COO gave a brief presentation at the event describing the unique features of Riversong smart devices to the attendees. He also showcased a variety of Riversong products. He explained that Riversong seeks to provide innovative and technologically advanced products to its users. He further told the media and bloggers about upcoming products range of Riversong and their launch schedule in Pakistan.He also provided insight into the official distribution and retail network of Riversong in Pakistan and told that Riversong products are available at Hyperstar, Metro and Alfatah in Lahore.Mr Rizwan Younus, CEO at TikTech which is the official distributor of Riversong products in Pakistan were also present at this event.In the end, Bloggers asked different questions from Riversong team and gave their feedback.

About Riversong:

Riversong, a global award-winning premium-quality mobile accessories manufacturer, is the subsidiary of China-based IMG Group Communications Technology Ltd., an innovative high-tech enterprise working since 2001 specialized in mobile phone manufacturing, design & R&D.Riversong is registered and operating in more than 17 Countries including US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, UAE, India, Singapore, Japan, Australia, China, and now also in Pakistan. It offers an array of smart & innovative products for improving productivity in daily life. The products range include fitness bands, Bluetooth powered earphones, power banks and wi-fi adapters to give users a seamless travel, connectivity, and musical experience.

About Ali Yousuf:

Syed Ali Yousuf is a technology industry veteran with over 14 years of experience in managing innovative products’ cycles including their sales, marketing, business development, and product specialization. He is the VP Sales for IMG Group Communications Technology Ltd. which is specialized in OEM/ODM for Mobile Phone manufacturing since 2002 and acting as Chief Operating Officer of the globally renowned accessories brand Riversong present in over 17 countries including US, UK, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Dubai, India, Singapore, Japan, Australia, and Pakistan.Ali supervises overall Global Business for the brand like Smart Devices, Power Banks, Wireless Chargers, Fitness Tracker & Bands, Headsets, HDMI Adapters and Smart Watches. He is currently managing the challenging emerging markets such as South Asia, Central Asia, Africa, Middle East and Eastern Europe.

Previously he has partnered and worked for product & sales with international technology giants like Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, United Mobile (Voice) and Obi Worldphone.

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