foodpanda turns Rawalpindi & Faisalabad pink

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Faisalabad(Cliff foodpanda, the on-demand international food delivery service, has headed up north and opened up a world of excitingflavours to residents in Faisalabad with its distinctive pink colour. And thisWednesday evening, people from restaurant industry, the media, food & lifestyle bloggers and top customers offoodpanda, all overjoyed, came together to celebrate foodpanda’s official launch in the city.Faisalabadis will now be able to order a variety of food from over 80 restaurantpartners right to their homes, offices and even outdoor hotspots, increasing convenience for users and providing restaurant partners with a new avenue to reach customers. With the vision to deliver good food to people’s every day,Faisalabad is the fifth major city to enjoy the renowned service standards offered by foodpanda, following Karachi, Lahore,Islamabad and Rawalpindi.Aiming to deliver the best food the city has to offer to their customers no matter the craving or price range, foodpandaknows that it is not merely about eating a meal but savouring that very first bite of food with great discounts.“We are very excited to expand our service to Faisalabad and deliver good food right to our customers’ doorstep, especially with our enhanced app and website. This is the perfect city for us to continue doing what we do best and we look forward to partnering with more restaurants on foodpanda” said NaumanSikandar Mirza, CEO, foodpandaPakistan.The honourable chief guest, Mr. RazzakMalik, Mayor of Faisalabad expressed, “The residents of Faisalabad are excited for foodpanda’s launch in their city. With the ease of ordering food online, foodpanda is setting high standards of customer service and has revolutionizedhow the restaurant industry works. We wish foodpanda all the best!”foodpanda has over 80 specially curated restaurants that are available inFaisalabad, some of which include the international chains like KFC,McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Subway, Nando’s and Domino’s.To place your first order, or download the new app on the App Store or Google Play now!

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-27 at 10.05.11 PM

About foodpanda:

foodpanda is dedicated to bringing food lovers around the world their favorite meals from curated local restaurants. Since its creation, the on-demand food delivery service has grown to more than 27,000 partner restaurants in more than 190 cities across 12 Asian and Central Europe countries globally. foodpanda is active in Pakistan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines, Bangladesh, Brunei, India, Romania and Bulgaria. It belongs to Delivery Hero, worldwide leader of the food delivery industry. For more information visit

How it works:

Through the foodpanda website or via the new iOS and Android apps, customers can enter their area and view a curated list of restaurants serving theirneighbourhood. Once they have found their meal of choice, they can place an order in the comfort of their home or office, paying online throughfoodpanda’s secure platform. The order is then carefully prepared by the restaurant, picked up by the foodpandarider and delivered straight to their doorstep.

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