ACCA hosted the Siemens Delegation on “Opportunities for Growth”

Karachi(Cliff News)ACCA Pakistan hosted the Siemens Delegation and held a dialogue on ‘Opportunities For growth’ to drive the Emerging Pakistan agenda set in motion by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of Pakistan which includes a vast array of nation building activities. The discussions at this dinner revolved around developments that are poised to shape the Pakistan of the future.The corporate dinner saw thought provoking insights shared by a dynamic mix of individuals; a gathering of vibrant strategists, business thinkers, policymakers, entrepreneurs and young ACCA members. It presented an opportunity for leading business figures from Islamabad to present their ideas and effective business strategies to address business concerns prevalent in Pakistan.The chief guest, Naeem Zamindar, Minister of State and Chairman Board of Investment highlighted, ‘The China Pakistan Economic Corridor project presents a great opportunity for Pakistan’s young population and theorganisations employing them. The country needs strategic forward thinking professional accountants to benefit from and sustain these important developments. Moving on the second key trend impacting Pakistan as we speak is the role of technology. This is a central issue that dominates short, medium and long-term strategic discussions across businesses of all sizes and sectors. These developments will also have a profound effect on the future of the finance function because, in a fast-moving, data-rich business environment, we need to understand what will be central to creating value for corporations.”The representatives from Siemens included Daniel T. Simpson, Executive VP Global Solutions for the Dresser-Rand business, part of Siemens Power and Gas, and Umer Jalil Anwer, CFO, Siemens Pakistan. “It is an exciting time to be in Pakistan and to witness its growth. As it has done over the past many decades, Siemens looks forward to participating in and contributing to the country’s economic development,” said Simpson.Representation from ACCA included Sajjeed Aslam, the Head of ACCA Pakistan who reinforced in the discussions that ACCA members have committed themselves to achieving an average GDP of 7% as well as improving the global ranking of Pakistan to top 50 for the ease of doing business and global competitiveness Index.

Huawei publishes Global Connectivity Index 2018

Huawei, a global leader in ICT related solutions and systems recently published the global connectivity index 2018.  The Huawei Global Connectivity Index 2018 (GCI), now in its fifth year, the GCI ‘S-curve’ is a visual representation of 79 nations’ path to the digital economy and the relationship between GCI score and GDP. Huawei’s Global Connectivity Index (GCI) measures how nations are progressing with digital transformation using Information and Communications Technology (ICT). It is a quantitative assessment that comprehensively evaluates connectivity from both a national and industrial perspective.According to the Huawei GCI index Pakistan currently ranks 77th on the GCI in 2018. Pakistan’s lower ranking is due to the fact that information technology is not streamlined and it scored a 2 for ICT investment while the average score for these 80 countries with an average of 4.4 this year. Its Internet penetration remains low, with the volume of mobile broadband services exceeding the fixed broadband sector of the market. Smartphone penetration rate continued to go upward and users experience in terms of FBB affordability, cloud migration and broadband download speed had improved for the year.Broadband access in Pakistan in particular remains limited, but this sector of the market is finally starting to expand, having been given a massive boost with the arrival of mobile broadband. The country has been pursuing an aggressive IT policy, aimed at boosting Pakistan’s drive for economic modernization. Of special significance has been the administration’s provisioning of e-government services.The Huawei GCI report also highlights opportunities that are available in Pakistan. The Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication has finalized the “Digital Pakistan Policy 2017” envisions Pakistan to become a strategic enabler for an accelerated digitization ecosystem that expands the knowledge based economy and spur socio economic growth. The key goals for the initiative will be to create a digital ecosystem supported by infrastructure and institutional frameworks for rapid delivery of innovative digital services, applications and content. It is a shift away from the initial piece-meal approach to a more holistic technology strategy clearly focused on ICT as a broad enabler for every sector of socioeconomic development. It will also promote the use of technology in education, health, agriculture and other key socio economic sectors. Enhancing the current market size of e-commerce will also be another key focus as the market is estimated to carry an enormous growth potential due to exponential growth in broadband subscribers over the years. The growth trends projected to persist in the future with overseas investments to continue to grow in e-commerce. One way to promote e-commerce is by providing and enabling an environment where Payment Service Providers (PSP) and Payment Service Operators (PSO) can operate and establish an effective e-commerce platform and take e-commerce activities in Pakistan to the next level.Huawei Technologies pointed out that: “We are now witnessing a paradigm shift initiated by AI according to the GCI study, advanced economies that saw growth from ICT development plateau are using ‘Intelligent Connectivity’ to open new opportunities, while some developing economies are also finding ways to tap the new technology to speed up their own strategic growth plans.”

Samra Khan won “Best Solo Female 2018” in Music Garage

Karachi(Cliff News)The soulful vocalist, Samra Khan owned the musical reality show Music Garage’s stage too well that she won the Best Solo Female 2018 award in the much hyped, heavily watched series, produced by Elite Films! The famed Pakistani singer rocked the stage and gained a huge fan base in no time. Her music has the propulsive rhythmic feel that leaves the audiences rapt.Samra Khan came into limelight through Coke Studio Season 8. The hidden star performed alongside Asim Azher and delivered “Hina Ki Khushbu” – rendition of the Noor Jehan original track – so impeccably that left people awestruck! The rising star was then handpicked by Elite Films for Music Garage – first ever original series – along with other Middle East expats. And the talented diva won the Grand Event for Pakistan. Pakistanis have been praising her performances that have a refined edge needed to continue her appeal to a wider audience. After reaping massive admiration for “Hina ki Khushbu”, the singer opted to release her solo songs which were well taken by the audience. The melodious vocalist is banker by profession and trying to keep a balance in both fields.Samra Khan (2)Music Garage, started on April 7, was telecasted on a weekly basis and had a grand finale on May 26, 2018. It was the first season and considered to be the milestone for Viu – Vuclip’s over the top (OTT) platform – targeting South Asian residents in the Middle East. From the diverse market, all six participating bands and singers were given an opportunity to showcase their talent in each episode. The seventh episode was a recap of all performances and the grand finale featured the most voted male singer, female singer and the top voted band. And Samra Khan stood out and won the reality show through public voting. Her debut in Coke Studio changed her life tremendously and we wish her all the best for her future endeavors.

Na Band Na Baraati ready to hit cinemas on Eid ul Fitr

Karachi (Cliff News)Since the day the first teaser of the rom-com Na Band Na Baraati hit the TV screens and social media platforms, fans have been desperately waiting for the release of the movie. So today finallywe have a good news for all the Pakistani movie lovers that Na Band NaBaraati is releasing on Eid-ul-Fitr this year. That means we just have to wait for barely 15-20 days now.The rom-com has been in the limelight for all the right reasons and there are a number of reasons that why theaudience has been eagerly waiting forNa Band Na Baraati. First, it is the movie debut of the multi-talented Shayan Khan. Second, the plot of the movie is quite unique and the Pakistani audience hasn’t seen something of this magnitude in recent times. Third, not only Na Band Na Baraati features young blood with the likes of Shayan Khan, Mikaal Zulfiqar,Nayab Khan, Komal farooqi and AliKazmi but the movie also features some of the most veteran Pakistani artists likeQavi Khan, Azra Mohiuddin and AtiqaOdho. Four, the music is fresh anduplifting. Neither it is too Bollywoodishnor too old school Lollywood. The music has the perfect sound for the modern day Pakistani cinema goer.We decided to contact ZashkoEntertainment to confirm the movie release date. The representatives ofZashko Entertainment told us, “Yes, we are releasing the movie on Eid-ul-Fitr as the fans have been asking for it. Plus, asEid-ul-Fitr is simply one of the biggest occasions in Pakistan, so we also thought it would be better to release the movie on a festive season. So Na Band Na Baraati is our Eid gift or Eidi for all the Pakistani movie lovers”.IMG-20180531-WA0005We also contacted Jellyfish PR agency which is responsible for all the marketing and PR activities of Na Band Na Baraati. The team members of Jellyfish were definitely excited but told us that it is a lot of work but they are working day and night to pull this off successfully.Na Band Na Baraati revolves around atypical desi Pakistani family living in Toronto and the family is in the midst of organizing wedding for their sons. The movie is a full-fledged entertainer with an ensemble cast, unique storyline, picturesque locations, light hearted comedy, foot tapping music and has all the ingredients of a perfect masala Pakistani entertainer. The movie is releasing on Eid-ul-Fitr and we can’tthank the makers enough for it.



Geo Tv “Ittehad Ramzan” transmission grabbing the full attention of viewers across the globe


Written by : Syed Qalb-e-Muhammad

Geo ittehad ramzan transmission is getting great suceess and grabbing the full attention of viewers in Pakistan and across the globe.Rabia Anum and Sami Khan are the host on the iftar time.The participants of ittehad ramzan transmission is win the million of prizes every day.To make colourful and attractive to Ittehad ramzan the management of geo decided to introduce a different competition for the children like debate and quiz and for the intrest of youth and senior citizens the Ullama gives the answers of your question which were asked by the viewers by call and sms and briefly discuss the current issues of the society to make comfortable your life in Ramzan and after Ramzan.The most important part of transmission is health tips because fasting in this type of hot weather is very difficult but the health experts,doctors and ullama tells the techniques to maintain your fitness and completely fasting the whole holy month.Geo always bring the best for people of all ages and the first ashra of Ramzan the Geo “Itthead Ramzan” has become the country most popular transmission in the iftar timings.The segments of transmission are given below.


Qasas-ul- Quran :
The segment of Qasas-ul-Quran is hosted by Umair Rana. This segment throws light on the events discussed in Quran. A different event related to a messenger is discussed each day.Ziyarat (pilgrimage) to sites associated with Muhammad, his family members, His companions and other venerated figures in Islam such as the prophets are carried out each day.

Allah Walay:
The Allah Walay segment is inclusive of discussing the life events and way of life of the Sufi personalities who have shown immense love for the supreme Almighty Allah T’alah.


Jaan kar Geo :
Jaan kar Geo, also called the kids story segment is the segment in whichWarqah, the little story teller, narrates religious stories to kids. A different inspirational story discussed by Warqaheach day has a beautiful lesson and guidelines for the muslim Ummah

CSR segment:
The segment involves inviting needy and grief-stricken families to come on set. Donations are raised live with RabiaAnum and Sami Khan requesting the audience to contribute generously.NGO’s are also invited to the platform to generate solutions on what can be done to help the needy families.

Dil sey kehdo:
Dil sey kehdo is a debate segment in which participants are provided with a platform to voice interactive argumentson a variety of topics. 4 participants address their debates out of which 1 is sent to the quarter finals. The winner is gifted different merchandise including bikes and home appliances.

Rabb-e-Zidni Ilma:
This is a quiz segment which comprises of 4 participants who go through 3 rounds of questions asked on Islamic and social studies topics. The participants who give the maximum number of right responses clear their way to the final round and the winner is rewarded with free merchandize.

This segment involves a Naatcompetition between 3 participants. 2 of the participants get eliminated and the winner makes it to the final round. The audience gets to listen to a beautiful and melodious recollection of Naats from young talented Naat Khwas .


Uber Pakistan and Kashf Foundation partner to promote dignity at work for drivers

Uber - Picture Release

Lahore (Cliff News)Uber, the global smartphone app that seamlessly connects riders to drivers, has teamed up with Kashf Foundation in a bid to educate driver partners on how to refrain from inappropriate behavior to recognize and prevent unsuitable actions. Titled ‘Dignity at Work’, this training is a part of Uber’s global initiative to help prevent harassment of any kind.“Since launching in Pakistan over two years ago, Uber has continuously worked to improve the safety of riders and drivers using its app. Through our technology, we are providing a safer and more reliable ride in a way that was not possible before, working with members of the communities we serve to best represent local needs,” said Safee Shah, Uber General Manager in Pakistan. He further added “This partnership withKashf Foundation helps us to listen, learn, collaborate and build on our global commitment to prevent harassment and assault. We will continue to invest in new technology and similar social partnerships to not only contribute to the safety of everyone who drives and rides using the app, but also drive change in Pakistan,”The purpose of the training is to educate Uber drivers on maintaining dignity at work and in-depth knowledge on prevention of harassment, while also encouraging a zero-tolerance policy towards any kind of harassment. It will also develop understanding about the legal policies and punishments for harassment in Pakistan.Roshaneh Zafar, Managing DirectorKashf Foundation stated, “We strongly believe in a gender sensitive and enabling work environment and have made it an integral part of our institution’s core values. Looking at the alarming numbers of harassment issues women and young girls face in our country every day, we feel it is imperative upon us to help other organizations in building safer environments and maintaining dignity at their workplaces and otherwise. This is just the beginning and we hope our relationship with Uber fosters and we can culminate this into a long-term partnership.”On a global level, Uber is taking huge strides in fighting the menace of harassment and domestic violence, by forging working partnerships with thought-leading organizations and making important changes internally.The ride-hailing app will continue to develop, collaborate and launch initiatives in the coming months in an effort to drive change in Pakistan and in the other countries it operates in. Some of these initiatives include facilitating employee training and education, hosting global listening tours to capture feedback and concerns from local community organizations, continuing to engage on internal speaker series, and employee volunteerism.

What is Uber?

Uber is evolving the way the world moves through its app. By seamlessly connecting riders to drivers at the push of a button, we make cities more accessible, opening up more possibilities for riders and more business for our partner drivers and transport operators. Uber’s rapidly expanding global presence continues to bring people and their cities closer and is currently providing service in more than 600 cities across 77 countries on six continents. To request a ride, users must download the free application forAndroid, iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry 7, or sign up at

Cinepax announces Cine Junior for kids

Press Release - Cinepax announces Cine Junior from 25th May (2)


Karachi (Cliff News) Pakistan’s favorite cinema chain, ‘Cinepax’ revealsa treat for kids this summer by the name Cine Junior. Cinpeax is renowned for catchy incentives to cater all age groups. This time Cinpeax is focusing on little juniors and is back with another captivating appeal.The notion that Cinepax came up with is arranging 5 movies exclusively for kids.The screening started from 25th May, 2018 onwards that includes Allahyar and The Legend of Markhor, Sherlock Gnomes, Despicable ME 3, Tick tock and Coco, which is a complete pull factor for little denizens to enjoy their holiday.Cinepax Cinemas exhibit eminence when it comes to customers’ experience or the state-of-the-art technology. Recently they have introduced CMAXPakistan which is Pakistan’s first laser dual Atmos system with a screen projection and Dolby sound for an unmatched experience. Cinpeax has been thriving to provide quality entertainment and luxurious feel to movie buffs.“Cine Junior’s primary lure is screening those movies that are a complete treat to kids. It is just a step towardsspectacular scenic for the little champs.We hope it will be an exciting carousal for kids!” – Cinepax

About Cinepax Cinemas:

Cinepax is Pakistan’s Favorite Cinema Chain, which is currently running 13 cinemas with 35 screens in 9 cities across Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Gujrat and Hyderabad having a total of 6,100 plus seats nationwide.


QATPL,HEI and GE announce the start of combined cycle commercial operations

Lahore(Cliff News)Quaid-e-Azam Thermal Power (Private) Limited (QATPL), Harbin Electric International Company Limited (HEI) and GE Power (NYSE: GE) announced the completion of combined cycle commissioning activities and  the start of full-fledged commercial operations on May 20, 2018, 00:00 hours at the Bhikki Power Plant. The facility is now adding up to 1,180 megawatts (MW) of power to the national grid – the equivalent power needed to supply up to 2.4 million Pakistani homes.The plant is owned by QATPL, HEI is the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor for the project, responsible for setting up the power plant and all commissioning activities and GE has supplied two advanced HA heavy-duty gas turbines, associated equipment and technical advisory services for the facility.“We realize that the country’s energy needs are immediate and growing and have left no stone unturned in meeting these needs,” said Mr. Akhtar Hussain, Chief Operating Officer of QATPL. “Bhikki Power Plant is expected to run for up to 30 years and will help to power homes, villages, towns and cities across Pakistan. The selection of GE’s HA gas turbines, which have helped to deliver world record levels of combined cycle efficiency, will help ensure that the power generated at Bhikki is reliable, affordable and leaves a smaller environmental footprint than average, to the benefit of millions of Pakistanis.”GE’s HA technology has now helped to deliver two world records – one for powering the world’s most efficient combined-cycle power plant, based on achieving 63.08 percent gross efficiency at Chubu Electric Nishi-Nagoya Power Plant Block-1 in Japan and another for helping EDF’s Bouchain Power Plant achieve 62.22 percent net combined cycle efficiency in France. Furthermore, the HA can ramp up or down quickly, while still meeting emissions requirements to help maintain grid stability. It thus offers an excellent flexible complement to renewable sources as Pakistan increases the proportion of solar and wind power in the energy mix, which is intermittent in nature and can fluctuate by time of day and season.Mr. Li Chao, Chief Operation Officer of HEI and General Director of 1st Power Division of HEI added,“The Bhikki Power Plant is a testament to our commitment to power Pakistan and fuel progress. Each stakeholder involved in this project went the extra mile to cooperate, promote and benefit from one another’s expertise to bring power online at an accelerated timeframe.”Mr. Mohamad Ali, President & CEO of GE’s Gas Power Systems – Projects in the Middle East, Pakistan and India, added: “Uninterrupted, affordable power is a cornerstone of modern societies.  The successful completion of the Bhikki Power Plant will benefit communities, businesses and industries across Pakistan and lead the way in helping to secure the country’s energy future. We are honoured to support the government, our customer and the people of Pakistan in establishing this state-of-the-art facility.”GE’s HA technology has completed off-grid, full-speed, full-load validation testing at extreme conditions well beyond those encountered while in service at the world’s largest, most thorough gas turbine test stand located at GE’s manufacturing facility in Greenville, South Carolina. The technology is the fastest growing fleet of heavy-duty gas turbines today, with more than 75 units ordered to date by over 25 customers across more than 15 countries, including the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Pakistan, Japan, Bahrain, China, France and others. More than 20 units are already operational, clocking in over 100,000 operating hours.“We are proud to bring GE’s industry-leading HA technology to Pakistan, which will help the country save billions of rupees over the life-cycle of the Bhikki Power Plant through better fuel utilization and greater economies of scale,” said Mr. Sarim Sheikh, President & CEO of GE Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan. “I congratulate the Government of Punjab and all other stakeholders involved in bringing this critical project online.”GE’s HA technology also equips the Haveli Bahadur Shah (HBS) and Balloki power plants. Together, HBS, Bhikki and Balloki power plants are a significant component of the government’s strategy to enhance access to electricity to over 90 percent of the population and are expected to add a total of up to 3,600 MW to Pakistan’s grid.GE has supported the development of energy, transportation and healthcare infrastructure in Pakistan for more than 50 years. Today, GE-built technologies can generate the equivalent power needed to supply up to a quarter of the country’s electricity.

About Quaid-e-Azam Thermal Power (Private) Limited (QATPL):

Quaid-e-Azam Thermal Power Private Limited (QATPL) is a wholly owned company of the Government of Punjab engaged in setting up the regasified liquefied natural gas (RLNG) Bhikki Power Plant to meet the energy demand in Pakistan.

About Harbin Electric International (HEI):
Harbin Electric International Company Limited (HEI) is an important member of the Harbin Electric Corporation, and is China’s leading large-scale enterprise in power project contracting and the export of power equipment. Established in 1983, HEI is primarily engaged in the engineering, procurement and construction of thermal, hydro and combined-cycle power plants, and the supply of complete sets of equipment; moreover, the company can be contracted to build large-scale transmission facilities and public utilities, and provides professional comprehensive after-sales service. Since 2014, HEI has expanded its business in power investment to help resolve a global shortage of electric power.

About GE:
GE (NYSE: GE) is the world’s Digital Industrial Company, transforming industry with software-defined machines and solutions that are connected, responsive and predictive. GE is organized around a global exchange of knowledge, the “GE Store,” through which each business shares and accesses the same technology, markets, structure and intellect. Each invention further fuels innovation and application across our industrial sectors. With people, services, technology and scale, GE delivers better outcomes for customers by speaking the language of industry.

About GE Power:

GE Power is a world energy leader that provides technology, solutions and services across the entire energy value chain from the point of generation to consumption. We are transforming the electricity industry by uniting all the resources and scale of the world’s first Digital Industrial company. Our customers operate in more than 150 countries, and together we power more than a third of the world to illuminate cities, build economies and connect the world.

Matloob eyes CNS Open after winning Chevron DHA tournament


Karachi (Cliff News)Matloob Ahmed is perhaps in the best form of his life but the Lahore professional is confident that he can do even better after triumphing in the Chevron-DHA Karachi Cup All Pakistan Open Golf Championship here recently at the Defence Authority Country and Golf Club.Matloob, who has been in terrific form since the start of this year, was in full flow as he won the Chevron-DHA Open by four strokes ahead of Pakistan No. 1 Shabbir Iqbal.“I’m in great form and hope that with more hard work I will continue doing well on the national circuit,” Matloob said.Matloob’s sights are now firmly set on the US$300,000 CNS Open – an Asian Tour tournament – which will be played in Karachi in July this year.“It’s the biggest event to be held in Pakistan in more than ten years and I will try to give my best in it,” he said.Meanwhile, Pakistan’s rising youngster Ahmed Baig won the amateur title in the DHA-Chenvron Open and then vowed to win more laurels in the future.“I’m gaining confidence after every tournament and hopefully I will do even better in the coming events,” he said.Almost all of Pakistan’s top players featured in the prestigious tournament which carried at stake a total prize purse of Rs3.5 million. The tournament was played from May 10-13 with the main professional event taking place over 54 holes.Top professionals and amateurs from all over the country were part of the stellar cast of the tournament sponsored by Chevron Pakistan Lubricants (Private) Limited, a manufacturer and distributor of premium lubricants in Pakistan. This tournament is a unique yearly event of Pakistan Golf Federation calendar, which is counted among the most prestigious golf events in Pakistan. More than 200 golfers featured in the tournament including leading professionals and amateurs of the country. Other events which were played during the tournament included Senior Professionals, Seniors, Veterans, Ladies, Juniors and Masters.Muhammad Najam Shamsuddin, Country Chairman & Area Business Manager, Chevron Pakistan Lubricants (Private) Limited, stressed that his company will continue supporting golf in Pakistan.“Chevron Pakistan Lubricants (Pvt.) Limited firmly believes in a secure, long-term future in Pakistan and aims to continue investment and provide world-class products and services to its esteemed customers in Pakistan. We have a legacy of more than 75 years of service in this region and are committed to sustain and grow in the Pakistani markets. We will also continue supporting community events and activities like the Chevron-DHA Karachi Cup All Pakistan Open Golf Championship,” he said.The final round of the four-day championship was followed by an impressive prize distribution ceremony. Brig Shahid Hassan Ali, Administrator DHA, was the chief guest. Also present at the occasion were Mr. Muhammad Najam Shamsuddin and Brig Qasim Changezi, Secretary DACGC.



Faiza Saleem – A Mirthful Humorist to have her own tv show on Hum News

Karachi(Cliff News) “I want to explore TV next”, said by none other thanFaiza Saleem and boom! She’s here with another feather on her cap with a regular show titled ‘Cover Page’ on the newly launched satellite news channels, Hum News.Starting from theatre, creating memes and making satirical videos, FaizaSaleem became the pioneer of female comedian market – garnering tremendous positive press locally and internationally. Her first television stint was a telefilm Dil Daariyan followed by big screen debut as the infamousSumaira Khanjawala in 2018 first Pakistan blockbuster – Parchi.“Comedy is my passion and loving what you are doing is crucial to me. I have had an exhilarating journey and I believe originality goes a long way. I am extremely thrilled to be experimenting on a new media – television!”, said by FaizaSaleem.“The show offers a variety of segments – and gives me an opportunity to don multiple roles within the 30 min duration. It is an amalgamation of entertainment updates, celebrity interviews, inside media gossips and a lot more masala!”Saleem further added.Cover Page is a magazine show which will be telecasted on every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30pm on Hum News.

About Faiza Saleem:

Faiza is a lawyer by profession but always wanted to pursue acting and comedy. Faiza spent a lot of her time in Germany but was born and bred in Karachi. The youngest of four siblings, she has been an achiever throughout her academic years. Starting from theatre, creating memes and making satirical videos, she became the pioneer of female comedian market. Right from big screen she’s all set to make waves on TV now.Faiza Saleem - A Mirthful Humorist - To have her own TV show on HUM News