Ashan Khan joins hands with Harpic to promote a cleaner Pakistan

[Press Release] - Ahsan Khan joins hands with Harpic to promote toilet hygiene for a cleaner Pakistan

Karachi(Cliff News)Ahsan Khan, renowned Pakistani celebrity, joins hands with Harpic, the leading toilet cleaning brand of Pakistan, to promote toilet hygiene across the country. This shared vision was exhibitedby Ahsan and Harpicrecently at an activity at The Garage School in Karachi.According to a report by WaterAid, 79 million people in Pakistan lack decent toilet facilities. Based on this report, Pakistan is the seventh worst country in the world in terms of basic sanitation; a number aggravated by the lack of education around maintaining toilet hygiene. According to a report by UNICEF, in Pakistan, 110 children under the age of five die from Diarrheal-related diseases every day, often attributed to poor sanitation. While work needs to be done around ensuring that toilet facilities are accessible to everyone, many of these deaths are preventable by simply creating basic education around keeping toilets and bathrooms clean.Harpic’s aim is to raise awareness around the importance of toilet cleaning across the country as part of a mission to achieve a cleaner Pakistan. Ahsanengaged with the kids at The Garage School to emphasize the importance of cleaning in schools and homes, especially ensuring cleanliness in the bathroom.Ahsan Khan, the brand ambassador for Harpic, said “It deeply grieves me to see that the kids in Pakistan face different health issues which can easily be prevented with basic education around toilet hygiene. All it takes is awareness around the fact that clean toilets and bathrooms are critical in ensuring health and hygiene. With Harpic’s mission, we want to reach out to the people with the objective of educating them on toilet hygiene, thus, gradually moving closer to the vision of a cleaner Pakistan; a cause very close to my heart”.Talking about this initiative, Akbar Ali Shah, Country Manager RB Pakistan, said, “As a company, we have aligned our corporate goal of spreading health and hygiene with the aim to create a cleaner and healthier Pakistan. Harpic is committed towards achieving this goal by spreading the critical message of toilet hygiene.”

About RB Pakistan:

RB (formerly called Reckitt & Coleman) is the world’s leading consumer health and hygiene company. It has operations in over 60 countries, with headquarters in the UK and sales in almost 200 countries. RB Pakistan (through an Associated Company) began operations in the late ’50s. The Company invested $23 millionin 2013 and continues to further invest in areas including manufacturing, factory expansion, education programs, and communication along with consumer coordination.


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