Dawood Foundation opens first ever MagnifiScience Children’s Studio in Karachi


Karachi(Cliff News)The Dawood Foundation (TDF) opened its doors today, to a first-of-its-kind TDF MagnifiScience Children’s Studio in Karachi. TDF Studio is a space where children can explore science, mathematics, technology, engineering, illusion with fun and hands-on activities and exhibits.Meet the skeleton, catch the stars, sit on a chair of nails, and explore more than 60 hands-on exhibits created for children and schools. TDF Studio will also host programmes, discussions and events to promote creativity and innovation. The venue also has a café and a shop for visitors.Speaking at the launch event, CEO of The Dawood Foundation, Sabrina Dawood said “It has become important for us as a nation to rekindle the love of science in our children and promote critical thinking amongst them. TDF Studio is built on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) concepts that will foster imagination and creativity in young visitors in a fun-filled environment.” “Such learning spaces in Karachi are extremely important as they provide an educational family entertainment,” she added.The launch event was attended by children from public schools and school for differently abled. Numerous families also visited to experience science.TDF Studio offers an outside-the-classroom-experience by providing an inclusive environment where children from all backgrounds can play, learn, imagine, ask questions, explore and discover the wonders of science. Through hands-on science, problem-solving and educational activities, TDF Studio hopes to enable the next generation of creative thinkers.TDF Studio is segmented into different themes: Propulsion/Forces, Mathematics, Mind Games, Pre-Engineering, Tinkering Studio/Design Lab, Acoustic and Sound, Health, Optical Illusion, Light, Energy. Each theme has various activities planned around its subjects such as interactive exhibits and educational games.TDF Studio is located at the Dawood Centre in Karachi and will be opened for the general public from October 1, 2018, onwards. It will be functional all week, including Saturday and Sunday. TDF Studio can also be utilised for organising workshops, birthdays, school trips and exhibitions. Tickets are available at the venue.

About The Dawood Foundation

The Dawood Foundation (TDF) is working to promote education since the 1960s. From establishing institutions in its former years, the Foundation has morphed into formulating informal learning spaces that serve everyone without discrimination. TDF focus on informal learning spaces will help children to exhibit their creative talent freely.


BASF unfolds a comprehensive range of solutions for International Poultry Expo 2018

Karachi(Cliff News)BASF presented a broad range of animal nutrition products and solutions to help the poultry industry innovate and produce the best quality feed, at the International Poultry Expo 2018 in Lahore, Pakistan.Feeding more animals for the growing meat, milk and egg demand while saving the environment is the key challenge for the feed industry and farmers. At the exhibition, BASF showcased its comprehensive portfolio of feed additives including organic acids, enzymes, carotenoids, vitamins, and glycinates that ensure more effective and sustainable output for the animal feed industry and local farmers.The event attracted key feed industry stakeholders, customers, value chain players, distributors, influencers and government officials.BASF Nutrition & Health provides a comprehensive product and service portfolio for the human and animal nutrition, pharmaceutical and flavor & fragrance industries. With innovative solutions and modern technologies, we help our customers improve their business efficiency and the sustainability of their products. Our human nutrition solutions include vitamins and carotenoids, plant sterols, emulsifiers and omega-3 fatty acids. Vitamins and carotenoids also form an important part of our animal nutrition portfolio, as do other feed additives such as trace elements, enzymes and organic acids. We provide the pharmaceutical industry with a broad range of excipients and selected large-volume active pharmaceutical ingredients such as ibuprofen and omega-3 fatty acids. Furthermore, we offer aroma ingredients such as citral, geraniol and L-menthol. BASF Nutrition & Health operates sites in Europe, North America, South America and in Asia Pacific.English Cap BASF

CG of Indonesia Totok Prianamto announce to support Pakistan Government initiative “Plant for Pakistan”


Karachi(Cliff News)Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Karachi Mr.Totok Prianamto announce to support the Pakistan’s government initiative of “Plant for Pakistan” to counter threats of climate change and pollution,for the benefit of our future generations.He was addressing the Tree Plantation Drive hosted by CG of the Republic of Indonesia in collaboration with Rotary Club Platinum Karachi.CG Mr.Totok futher added that Climate change is a universal issue and it will effect all countries regardless of borders.We need an aggressive and non business as usual approach to combat it.We must ensure healthy environment and economic prosperity for the well-being of Karachi people and Pakistan in General.Being an archipelagic country,Indonesia is also one such country that faces the threat of global warming.That’s why the government and people of Indonesia have seriously try to address this problem with various measures,both home-grown and internationally-recognized initiative.Those initiatives are,but not limited to,striving for clean and renewable energy by building Indonesia’s first wind turbine power generator in Sulawesi Island,providing various regions in Indonesia with solar-powered electricity generator,forest rehabilitation,making 30% green spaces in big cities mandatory by law,reducing plastic use,educational programs on climate change to create awareness and many more.CG said that he is hopeful that’s this event will start bigger initiatives for both the Consulate and Rotary Platinum Karachi down the road in combating climate change.


CarFirst and OLX Group rapidly expand its operation Nationwide

CARFIRST (OLX Group Company) Logo (2)

Lahore(Cliff News)CarFirst (an OLX Group company), Pakistan’s leading used-car online auction, and trading platform is rapidly expanding their operations by opening up new purchase centers across Pakistan. Most recently CarFirst opened its doors to customers in North Nazimabad in Karachi, Ravi Road in Lahore and Stadium Road in Rawalpindi. Over the next three months, CarFirst will be expanding its nationwide network of purchase centers and warehouse at 12 new locations, in addition to the 16 purchase centers currently operational.Commenting on this announcement, Raja Murad Khan, Co-Founder, and CEO of CarFirst said, “We are excited to open our doors for our customers based in North Nazimabad in Karachi, Ravi Road in Lahore and Stadium Road in Rawalpindi. As a part of our commitment to respond to our customers and partner dealer’s popular demand, we will be expanding our network at 12 new locations across Pakistan. We most recently shared our latest innovation, ‘Used Cars Live Auction’, with the public and were happy to see the immense value and excitement it added to the car trading process.”CarFirst is a first of its kind used-car online auction and trading platform, with a nationwide network of purchase centers and warehouses. CarFirst was founded in 2016 and has been the recipient of the largest Series ‘A’ investment in Pakistan from FCG, and the largest Series ‘B’ investment from OLX Group. CarFirst, (an OLX Group Company) aims to revolutionize the way cars are traded in Pakistan by offering comprehensive solutions for all things related to cars, such as evaluation, certification, financing, insurance, live auctions, and many more. CarFirst aim is to keep adding value across the customer’s journey, improving efficiency and transparency at every milestone of the car trading process.

Makli Commune plants 100 new trees in Karachi

planting 100 saplings adopting the Miyawaki-style of plantation

Karachi(Cliff News)Members of Global Green, Heritage Foundation trustees, people interested in environment protection and Maklicommune came together here yesterday to plant 100 saplings adopting the Miyawaki-style of plantation, at Heritage Foundation.It was heartening to see the dedicated young and old alike planting various saplings like lemon, falsa, banana, morenga and much more, while braving the relentless heat of the day.It may be noted that this was the tenthcommunity forest planted under the GSP (Green Shelters Project), that has so far planted 3000+ trees and 600+ bushes.The other forests are all in the Makliheritage site area, and this was the first plantation of its kind done in Karachi. The Miyawaki style of planting trees close to one another ensures that trees achieve a phenomenal growth in two years that they would normally achieve in ten. The soil used to plant the trees was also prepared by the Makli commune. Hundred per cent organic, it is a special mix made by them which has proved to be extremely effective in the forests where it has been used. A number ofparticipants were motivated to adopt this technique of plantation in other areas as well, which was one of the aims of this exercise undertaken at Heritage Foundation.

saplings of lemon, falsa, banana, morenga and much more to be planted

Altamash Institute grab 3 top positions in BDS Exam


Karachi(Cliff News)Altamash Institute of Dental Medicine students outshine in University of Karachi BDS Final Professional Annual Exam 2018 results declared.All three top positions were grabbed by Altamash students: Iqra Gulzar d/o Gulzar Ahmed secured First position with 910 marks, Yusra Farooq d/o Mohd Farooq secured Second position with 902 marks and Falaq Nusrat d/o Nusrat Hussain secured Third position with 886 marks.AIDM stands unparalleled in the high standards of quality education with high degree of academic excellence.


ACCA’s complete 75 years of thought Leadership

Karachi (Cliff News)This year marks a very important milestone – ACCA’s 75th anniversary of thought leadership. The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) was established in 1943 as a Technical advisory committee (now called Technical research committee) – publishing their first report a mere four years later – and over the years transforming into the expert thought leadership team that Professional Insights is today. A bold innovator in the accountancy profession for over 110 years, ACCA’s Royal Charter has as the first of its principal objects and purposes the advancement of ‘the science of accounting and financial management’. Over the last 75 years, the outputs of the technical and research teams at ACCA have contributed increasingly to its mission to be a global leader in the profession.ACCA’s research has pushed forward the state of debate on topics from accounting for water resources to the effect of tax havens on the taxation of corporate income.  ACCA has also been at the forefront of the integrated reporting movement, as the first international professional body to examine integrated reporting in the ACCA Qualification and the first to produce an integrated report on its own corporate performance.