ACCA’s complete 75 years of thought Leadership

Karachi (Cliff News)This year marks a very important milestone – ACCA’s 75th anniversary of thought leadership. The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) was established in 1943 as a Technical advisory committee (now called Technical research committee) – publishing their first report a mere four years later – and over the years transforming into the expert thought leadership team that Professional Insights is today. A bold innovator in the accountancy profession for over 110 years, ACCA’s Royal Charter has as the first of its principal objects and purposes the advancement of ‘the science of accounting and financial management’. Over the last 75 years, the outputs of the technical and research teams at ACCA have contributed increasingly to its mission to be a global leader in the profession.ACCA’s research has pushed forward the state of debate on topics from accounting for water resources to the effect of tax havens on the taxation of corporate income.  ACCA has also been at the forefront of the integrated reporting movement, as the first international professional body to examine integrated reporting in the ACCA Qualification and the first to produce an integrated report on its own corporate performance.


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