IOT in Healthcare,innovative project of the students of SRM institute of science and technology

By Syeda Maryam Fatima

Acquisition of IOT occurs at all fields and in every platform. In healthcare sector advancement has been placed day by day. Combination of information technology and healthcare emerges the concept of smart health. The main purpose of IOT in healthcare is the improvement of care. Time and environment are entirely changed by IOT. A patient can be checked and monitored at home through different IOT devices. This system also helps patients who are feared to go hospital. Remote health monitoring and telehealth reduce the workload by workers in the hospital and also reduce the cost of traveling and help solve the rise of chronic diseases. Smart bed is the major evolution in this field.Patient monitors, energy meters and x- rays and imaging devices are the most common IOT devices. The use of IOT increase innovation, better visualization of data and economize the cost.

In healthcare sector technology enters not only in sensory devices but also in recording and display devices. A group of students of the department of electronics and communication, SRM Institute of science and technology, Chennai, India designed a secured smart healthcare monitoring system based on IOT. In their project they use ATMEGA8 microcontroller for communication, Msg91 for security issue and GSM for alert massages. Internet of thing is the connection of objects to the internet. This concept stands on wireless system. Since these devices revolutionize healthcare. Constant monitoring of the patient is accomplished by this system. The main idea of the group is to design a webpage which eliminate the distance between the patient and the doctor and helps for continuous monitoring. The data collected by the ATMEGA8 microcontroller which can be accessed by the doctors from the corresponding unique URL at any of the internet browser. Sensors of health monitoring system are ECG, Bed wet, temperature, GSM Module and buzzer. Architecture of the system include AVR microcontroller, pressure sensor, bed wet sensor and gateway. MSG91 and Atmel 8 -bit microcontroller, HDI sensor is used because they met all specifications. The most important solution of the most common problem of childhood is bedwetting alarm, which is very safe. Gateway is a portal in which information is shared between two computer programs or systems. Gateway is an application level proxy. Proxy server conducts conduct the communications from client to the proxy server and proxy server to the destination. The user can browse the information anywhere from the laptops or mobile phones. Using virtual number, messages can send to the user and webpages, virtual number is provided by the MSG91. Pressure and temperature sensors are also used. Alarming messages are sent to the doctor in extreme situations.

We can see health parameters in both value and graph formats displayed in the webpage.

Healthcare sector gains more benefits from IOT. In the future they want to use Rasberry pi and Django web framework.

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