Hassan Hadi Khan won Princess Cup Youth Scrabble Championship


Bangkok(Cliff News)Hassan Hadi Khan capped a great year for Pakistan by winning the Princess Cup Youth Scrabble Championship at Bangkok, Thailand today.Intrestingly his identical twin Hammad Hadi won the same championship last year. This is only the second time Pakistan has participated in the Princess Cup and won each time.Hassan was in great form throughout the championship and remained in the top three positions almost from the beginning.
His twin brother Hammad was also in the race for the title. With one match to go there was a real possibility of an all-Pakistan final but Hammad list his last game and finished 4th.Hassan finished the main round on top of the ladder and faced Thailand’s Tanaphon Kamenkij in the best of 3 final.The final was a unique experience which was played on a giant 12 feet scrabble board and watched by thousands of spectators at the arena.Hassan won the first game 454-383 but Tanaphon made the finals exiting by winning the second 498-410.It all came down to the last game of the championship which turned out to be a nail-biting affair. Hassan kept his cool and won 413-397.This is Pakistanis fourth global youth title in the last year or so. Incredibly all four have been won by different players.This is probably Pakistanis greatest performance in any sport. The Director Youth Program of Pakistan Scrabble Association hoped that the Government will take notice of these achievements and play its due role in further development of the game

“League of Nations” was created to prevent future wars:CG Japan addressing in Nasra School

Photo Release -Fourth Nasra Model United Nations (NASRAMUN IV) concludes

Karachi(Cliff News)“Thousands of lives were lost in World War I and World War II. In order to prevent future wars, an organization called the “League of Nations” was created. It was the first international organization whose principal mission was to maintain world peace. Unfortunately, the credibility of the organization was weakened by the fact that the United States never officially joined the League of Nations after the first World War”, said the Chief Guest, Mr. Toshikazu Isomura- Consul General Japan in his speech at the openingceremony of the fourth Nasra Model United Nations (NASRAMUN IV). The two-day event was held on the 24thand 25th of November 2018 at the Education Trust Nasra School (ETNS), Saddar campus. The event attracted 850participants that included students of ETNS (Korangi, Malir, Super Highway, North Karachi and Saddar campuses), students from Nasra Public School (NPS), faculty, guests and as well as students participating from other schools namely The Educators – Lucknow Campus, Beacon Light Academy – Maymar Campus, Karachi Public School – Safari Campus and Alpha College – Shahrah-e-Faisal branch.Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or MUN, is an extra-curricular activity in which students typically role-play delegates to the United Nations and simulate UN committees. Participants in the NASRAMUN IV, known as delegates, were placed in committees and assigned countries, while a few represented political figures. The students were presented with their assignments in advance, along with a topic or topics that their committee were to discuss. By discussing topics that ranged from the situation in South Sudan to the health implications of Climate Change, the different committees took part in a healthy debate till they came to unified decision to pass a resolution. The NASRAMUN engaged the students and allowed them to delve deeper into current world issues.Out of the 800 delegates, 720 students were from the Nasra Schools (ETNS & NPS) while 80 were from the participating schools and colleges.Mr. Toshikazu Isomura, Consul General Japan (Consulate of Japan in Karachi) was the Chief Guest for the opening ceremony that was held on the first day of the event. Ms. Aazya Rafiq, Deputy Head of Department- Sukh Initiative of The Aman Foundation and Mr. Umair Aslam, Manager Programs from The Aman Foundation were both the Guest of Honour on the first day of the event representing Dr. Haris, Head of SukhInitiative, Aman Foundation who had graciously supported this year’s NASRAMUN IV from the Aman Foundation’s platform.At the end, the best-performing delegates in each committee, as well as best delegations were recognized with awards. The top three delegates in each committee were given shields for “Best Delegate” and certificates for “Outstanding Diplomacy”” and “Honourable Mention”.  Ms. Elin Burns, British Deputy High Commissioner Karachi graced the occasion as Chief Guests for the closing ceremony on the 25th of November and awarded the delegates with their awards.The purpose of NASRAMUN is to provide the youth with the opportunity to participate in a two-day Model United Nations Program in order to prepare them to be leaders of tomorrow inculcating in them a sense of diplomacy, tolerance, negotiation and leadership. It also provides them with a platform where they can implement critical thinking, confidence building, teamwork and leadership abilities.The event was an energetic one that saw students dressed in their best attires holding flags of the countries they represented. It is a great achievement for a school that caters to the low-incomestrata of society to host such an impressive and informative event.The initiative strives on achieving well-rounded and globally aware individuals who can utilize their abilities in making, not just their own country, but the world, a better place. We hope that ETNS continues to host the NASRAMUN every year with the same vigor and passion that it has been doing for the past three years.


Agha Steel inaugurated third Dialysis Centre

Agha Steel Photo Release - CEO of Agha Steel Industries Limited, Mr. Hussain Agha at the launch of third Agha Dialysis Centre (Nov 26, 2018)
Karachi (Cliff News)Agha Welfare Trust (ADC), a CSR initiative of Agha Steel Industries Limited, recently inaugurated state-of-the-art Agha Dialysis Centre (ADC). This is the third such facility and has been established at Imam Clinic, Karachi. The purpose-built dialysis 10 bedded unit will accommodate at least 720 dialysis per month. ADC is committed to providing quality healthcare especially to the less privileged segment of our society. In all three facilities, beneficiaries not only receive free of cost treatment but also get rehabilitation facility which directly impacts poverty alleviation. The first such facility was established at Bait-ul-Sukoon Cancer Hospital while the other one was at Fatimiyah General Hospital. Both the facilities have so far successfully treated 25,000 renal cases.
Speaking at the occasion, Executive Trustee of Agha Welfare Trust & CEO of Agha Steel Industries Limited, Mr. Hussain Agha, highlighted the need for such medical facilities. “Kidney failure is among the leading causes of death in the country and with only 140 fully equipped dialysis centres nationwide. There is an epidemic of renal diseases in our country today that is affecting both the rich and poor. “Thousands of patients have to undergo regular twice- to four-times a week haemodialysis treatment that causes strain to their families who have to continuously cope with the prohibitive costs of maintaining their dialysis treatment sessions that include regular and emergency medical examinations, hospitalization and medicines. Even those who have money found it difficult because if one has a renal disease, lifetime treatment is needed.”According to studies, as of 2018 there are 21 million people in Pakistan that are battling chronic kidney disease. 80% of patients on dialysis die within a year due to inaccessibility of proper treatment. Agha Welfare Trust aims to provide relief to this number through installation of fully equipped Dialysis Centre facilities throughout Pakistan.

IOT in Healthcare,innovative project of the students of SRM institute of science and technology

By Syeda Maryam Fatima

Acquisition of IOT occurs at all fields and in every platform. In healthcare sector advancement has been placed day by day. Combination of information technology and healthcare emerges the concept of smart health. The main purpose of IOT in healthcare is the improvement of care. Time and environment are entirely changed by IOT. A patient can be checked and monitored at home through different IOT devices. This system also helps patients who are feared to go hospital. Remote health monitoring and telehealth reduce the workload by workers in the hospital and also reduce the cost of traveling and help solve the rise of chronic diseases. Smart bed is the major evolution in this field.Patient monitors, energy meters and x- rays and imaging devices are the most common IOT devices. The use of IOT increase innovation, better visualization of data and economize the cost.

In healthcare sector technology enters not only in sensory devices but also in recording and display devices. A group of students of the department of electronics and communication, SRM Institute of science and technology, Chennai, India designed a secured smart healthcare monitoring system based on IOT. In their project they use ATMEGA8 microcontroller for communication, Msg91 for security issue and GSM for alert massages. Internet of thing is the connection of objects to the internet. This concept stands on wireless system. Since these devices revolutionize healthcare. Constant monitoring of the patient is accomplished by this system. The main idea of the group is to design a webpage which eliminate the distance between the patient and the doctor and helps for continuous monitoring. The data collected by the ATMEGA8 microcontroller which can be accessed by the doctors from the corresponding unique URL at any of the internet browser. Sensors of health monitoring system are ECG, Bed wet, temperature, GSM Module and buzzer. Architecture of the system include AVR microcontroller, pressure sensor, bed wet sensor and gateway. MSG91 and Atmel 8 -bit microcontroller, HDI sensor is used because they met all specifications. The most important solution of the most common problem of childhood is bedwetting alarm, which is very safe. Gateway is a portal in which information is shared between two computer programs or systems. Gateway is an application level proxy. Proxy server conducts conduct the communications from client to the proxy server and proxy server to the destination. The user can browse the information anywhere from the laptops or mobile phones. Using virtual number, messages can send to the user and webpages, virtual number is provided by the MSG91. Pressure and temperature sensors are also used. Alarming messages are sent to the doctor in extreme situations.

We can see health parameters in both value and graph formats displayed in the webpage.

Healthcare sector gains more benefits from IOT. In the future they want to use Rasberry pi and Django web framework.

NRT presents current affairs drama “Jaza Saza” from 1st Dec 2018 at Napa


Karachi(Cliff News)NRT Presents the current affairs drama of  William Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure “Jaza’Saza”.The 2 hours comedy drama starts on 1st Dec 2018 and it will remain watch until Dec 10,2018 8 pm at Napa auditorium Karachi.Speaking for the Press Conference Artistic Director Napa Zain Ahmed said that “Jaza’ Saza” is a subtle and passionate explore of sexual morality and of the Uses and abuses of power. The events of the play take it out of the world of romantic comedy in to that tragicomedy or as the 20th century label has it: “problem play”.The drama translated by Khalid Ahmed and Directed by Zia Mohyeddin. The Cast of drama is based on  Saad Zameer Fareedi, Amir Naqvi, Meesam Naqvi, Fawad Khan,Kaif Ghaznavi, Nazar-Ul-Hasan, Zarqa Naz, Syed Arsalan, Samhaan Ghazi,Natalia Karanjia,Ifra Khalid,Mzhar Suleman,Naveed Kamal,Bilal Rahim,Ejaz Khan, Shamaila Taj,Fraz Chhottani,Danish Irshad,Jahanziab Navbieala, Sddaam Hussain, Muhammad Amir Ali,Amjad Junaijo, Muhammad Fawad Malik, Ahad Tauqeer,Zulfiqar Ali Gohar, Ansaar Mahr.





TCF “ObhartaySitaray” croone the Pakistani melodies of yester years

Performance of the little champion at TCF's Obhartay Sitaray Event

Karachi(Cliff News)The Grand Finale of Obhartay Sitaray 2018, was a treat to the ears with the young, soulful voices echoing through the hall. In the new season of Obhartay Sitaray, more than 75,000 household from 138 school campuses in Karachi participated in the fundraising efforts while over 862 students (206 teams) competed in the school level singing rounds. For the Team’s Final, 134 singers and the Voices Final 150 singers from Primary, Secondary, Senior, & College levels participated in the competition.Obhartay Sitaray is an annual inter-school singing competition that provides students a platform to prove their singing talent and also raise funds for education of the less-privileged children of TCF. The notable as well as veteran musicians that graced the event on the judges panel included Tina Sani, Afshan Ahmed, Salman Alvi, Shahid Hamid, Z H Fahim, Sultan Arshad Khan and Zoe Viccaji.Speaking on the occasion, CEO of TCF, Syed Asaad Ayub Ahmad said, “TCF remains committed to the cause of education and believes in enabling a holistic learning for the less privileged children. Obhartay Sitaray provides a fantastic ground for the aspiring young singers. It is heartening to see TCF students and the students of the leading private schools of Karachi share the same stage; this is a true reflection of TCF’s mission of removing the barriers of class and privilege. We are humbled to have more schools as part of ObhartaySitaray each year, this ever growing TCF family marks the victory of education over illiteracy and deprivation.”‘Obhartay Sitaray’ which was initiated in 2012, has now become a signature event of TCF in the course of five years. It is managed by a ladies volunteer group called Supporters of The Citizens Foundation (STCF). The group actively puts in time, effort, expertise and resources to arrange a vast array of fundraising events to support the cause of an educated and enlightened Pakistan.“We are grateful to all the schools that participated in Obhartay Sitaraycompetition this time around. The number of participating schools and students continues to grow in every competition and is a testament to the continuous success of the event. A big thank you to all the students for tirelessly raising funds for the TCF children just like them and giving them a chance to get education as well. Obhartay Sitaray has earned the spotlight by becoming a hotbed for future young musicians – some students from last year even got selected for the Coke Studio,” said Mrs. Biba Baseer, Project Lead.The Citizens Foundation (TCF) is a professionally managed, non-profit organization set up in 1995 by a group of citizens who wanted to bring about positive social change through education. 23 years later, TCF is now one of Pakistan’s leading organizations in the field of education for the less privileged. The TCF model focuses on providing quality education through 1,482 purpose-built school units located in the heart of Pakistan’s urban slums and rural communities, educating more than 220,000 children. The organization ensures that girls represent nearly 50% of overall student enrollment. 

The Winning Teams are:

Primary Level

Winner Team:

Runner-up Team:

Secondary Level

Winner Team:

Runner-up Team:

 About TCF

The Citizens Foundation (TCF) is a strong advocate of the belief that a truly informed and educated society forms the foundation of a progressive state and instills in its citizens the ability to adapt and evolve with changing times. It is a non-profit organization set up in 1995 by a group of citizens who wanted to bring about positive social change through education. 23 years later, TCF is now one of Pakistan’s leading organizations in the field of education for the less privileged. The TCF model focuses on providing quality education through purpose-built schools located in the heart of Pakistan’s urban slums and rural communities. The organization ensures that girls represent nearly 50% of overall student enrolment. To magnify its impact, improve enrolment and quality of education, TCF is also adopting Government schools across Pakistan. 

Pakistan won both matches in Veterans World Cup

Sydney(Cliff News)Pakistan won both matches in the over 50’s Veterans World Cup being played in Sydney.In the first round match played on Wednesday at the Old Kings Oval Ground Pakistan Veterans beat New Zealand in an exciting finish by 10 runs. Pakistan winning the toss opted to bat first and scored 231 runs for loss of 9 wickets in the allotted 45 overs. Skipper Ghulam Ali scored 59 runs with one six and six fours. Sagheer Abbas batting at No. 8 scored a match saving innings of 44 n.o. with 3 fours. Sajid Ali scored 36 and Shahid Anwer 26 runs. For New Zealand A. Nuttal and A.Dale took 3 wickets each for 41 and 45 runs. Batting second New Zealand side were in deep trouble losing first 5 wickets with only 37 runs. Their innings were rescued by excellent innings of 75 runs by D. Robinson and 61 runs by A. Dale in an excellent partnership of 90 runs for the sixth wicket. New Zealand could only score 221 runs for loss of 9 wickets and lost the match by 10 runs. Amir Tousif and Jaffer Qureshi took 3 wickets each for 30 and 58 runs. Robinson of New Zealand was declared Man of the Match.In the second roundmatch played on Tuesday at the Alan Davidson Oval Ground Pakistan beat Wales by 5 wickets.Wales batting first scored 153 for 7 in a match reduced to 43 overs because of rain.                  S. Maddock scored 43 and M. Donovon 32 n.o. Javed Hafeez and Jaffer Qureshi took 2 wickets each for 28 and 38 runs.Pakistan batting second reached the winning target of 154 runs for loss of 5 wickets. Ghaffar Kazmi scored 40, Dastagir Butt 36, Babar Butt 21 n.o. and Jaffar Qureshi 20 n.o. For Wales C Hudson took 3 wickets for 15 runs. Dastagir Butt was declared Man of the Match.In the round matches played on Wednesday and Thursday Australia beat Canada by 8 wickets and New Zealand by 2 wickets, England beat Sri Lanka by 5 wickets and South Africa by 6 wickets. Wales beat South Africa by 3 runs and Sri Lanka beat Canada.

Urdu ghazal come out from 70s and its changing tremendously:Najma Rahmani

Karachi(Cliff News)The second day of International Urdu Conference at Arts Council of Pakistan started with the title “Urdu Poetry: Old a New Creative Dimensions”. The session was chaired by famous poet Iftikhar Arif, Imdad Hussain, Jazib Qurashi, Afzal Ahmed Syed and Basir Kazmi from the UK. Famous researcher, translator,and Prof from India Najma Rahmani read her paper “The contemporary Urdu poetry scene”. She said that modern generation has all the sense of modernism, Urdu Ghazal has come out from the 70’s time and it is changing tremendously. New poetry is coming up with the needs and demands of time. She added that Love and politics were the famous aspects of Urdu poetry and it now has new dimensions and now we have determined that we cannot separate poetry from the politics.Famous poet Tanveer Anjam read his paper on the title “Modern poetry and feminine sense”. He said that modernism is old now and the women have a different experience of life than men but taking both on the same level is a feminine sense. He added that in the last decade of the 18th century Zahid Khatoon Shervani was the first poetess of modern feminism, modern poetry has opened new doors for women, and they express their rebel through their poetry, Kishwar Naheed, Zehra Nigah is the representative of modern feminism in Urdu poetry, the famous poem of Kishwar Naheed “We sinful ladies” are highlighting this aspect. He further added that Fahmida Riaz stands alone in the Urdu Poetry.Famous poet and researcher Zia Ul Hassan presented his paper on “Effects of Ghalib on modern Ghazal”. He said that Iqbal takes a lot from the Ghalib and this led to Noon Meem Rashid in the Urdu poetry, Ahmed Afzal Syed was the last representative of Ghalib Poetry. Famous Critic Shadab Ahsani presented his paper on “Poetry and our society”. He said that English and Urdu literature has a great resemblance that both don’t have any country on their name However English was a language of Oppressors where Urdu was the language of convicted. He said that literature is being published in Pakistan, but it cannot be truly said as a Pakistani literature. Famous poet Saba Ikram presented his paper on “Some important names in the modern Urdu poem in Pakistan”. He said that many things have been changed since 60’s to present. We have many famous name in the Urdu poem including Saleem Rahaman, Kishwar Naheed, Ifzal Syed, Fahmida Riaz, Tanveer Anjum, Anwar San Roy, Syed Kashif Raza, Shabbir Nazim, Saleem Shahzad, Azra Abbas, Saadat Saeed, Saleem Aagah Qazlabash, Raees Farogh, Ali Muhammad Farshi, Mubeen Mirza, AyubKhawar, Iqtadar Javed, Sahar Ansari, Zahra Nigah, Pirzada Qasim Jazib Qurashi, Muslim Shamim and many others. Famous Poetess and writer Yasmeen presented her paper with the title “The concept of old and new dimensions of creative poetry”. She said it is impossible to cover the subject because the creativity is itself is a complex phenomenon. We need to see poem and Ghazal differently. Urdu poem is changing from the sensation to the reality.Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi hold a conference by York Shyer Literary Forum Award which was hosted by Ghazal Ansari, two lifetime achievement awards were presented to Yameen Akhtar and Bashir Murad the session was chaired by the award committee Ishtiaq Mir, Naseem ul Haq, Tasneem Hasan, Zaheer Ahmed, Basar Kazmi, Saman Shah,andFatimaHassan. The awards were presented by the famous broadcaster Raza Ali Abdi, He congratulated the president Arts Council of Pakistan Muhammad Ahmed Shah for 11th successful International Urdu Conference.  Karachi: In the third session of the 2nd day of the 11th international Urdu conference, intellectuals from the Urdu fiction gathered on the stage for the Subject of “Urdu Fiction: Past Present and Future”. The session was chaired by Asad Muhammad Khan, Hasan Manzar, Mustansar Hussain Tarrar, Masoor Ashar, Aamir Hussain, Noor Zaheer, and Javed Ali. Daniyal Joseph talked about the “lost travelogue of women in Urdu”. He told to the audience that he is researching on the travelogue by women for the all times and he will come up with a great piece very soon. ZaibAzkar Hussain Talked about the “Fiction and session sense”. He said that social sense is a complex terminology and it depends upon the vision of the writer. Famous writer Akhlaq Ahmed Talked about “Urdu Short Stories after 9/11”. He said that Urdu short stories changed and it got a great change form the event, although Urdu fiction writers takes some time to come up with fiction on such a great event but still they accepted the change and now Urdu fiction has new dimensions and covering against the terror in the society where Khalid Mahmood Sanjrabi discussed on the “modern concerns of the Urdu short stories”. Renown writer Asif Furkhi presented his paper on the “Urdu Short Stories: after the symbols and abstract”. He said that Urdu has changed its dimensions with time and it accepted the change in the literature and society. He further added that Fahmida Riaz was not only a poetess but a great short story writer as well. She has written some great short stories while she was exiled to India. Muhammad Hameed Shahid talked about the “Modern Urdu Fiction and its style” where Aslam JamshadPuri talked about the “Modern Urdu short stories: Subject and problems”. He discussed the different aspect of Urdu short stories. Famous short story writer Mirza Hamid Baig talked about the “Urdu Fiction: Past, present,and Future”. He enlightens the history of Urdu Short stories and reveals that Prem Chand was not the first Urdu Short story writer but it’s happened 115 years ago with the short story of entitled “Naseer and Khadeeja”.


Strings release the 6th track from on-going album titled “30”Chal Para

Chal Para Poster

Karachi(Cliff News)Celebrating 30 years in the music industry, Pakistan’s favorite and most iconic band for 3 decades, STRINGS announce the release of the sixth track, ‘Chal Para’ from their on-going album titled ‘30’. This album has been a huge milestone for Strings as it has bestowed them to another pedestal of success in the music industry.Written by Anwar Maqsood, ‘Chal Para’ is an anthem that offers everyone a simple mantra to just follow your heart and your way will find you. It highlights the adventure called life. Shot with a dream-like aesthetic, by the director Mohsin Kamal, the video reiterates the same point and highlights a lighter -never seen before- side of the band. ‘Chal Para’ combines soft yet powerful vocals with a vintage rawness.Earlier this 2018, STRINGS announced the music album “30” in celebration of their three decades of definitive music with the release of the first song, ‘Sajni’ which was followed by ‘UrrJaoon’, ‘Piya Re’ and ‘Milgaya’ and ‘Hum Dono’to much acclaim. The album “30” is from the soul that celebrates the rich musical years of Strings. With three decades of pop rock experience Strings possesses the talent to create beautifully enigmatic energy through their music.Strings are acclaimed for their rhythms and melodies, poetic songs written by Anwar Maqsood and Bilal Maqsood who also composes, plays guitar and occasionally sings. He has been writing lyrics for the band since its re-formation, with Kapadia the lead vocalist. The band has sold over 25 million albums worldwide.

About Strings:

Strings is an internationally acclaimed Pakistani pop rock band composed of two members, plus four live band members from Karachi, Pakistan. The band was initially formed by four college students—Bilal Maqsood (vocals and guitars), Faisal Kapadia (vocals), RafiqWazir Ali (synthesizer) and Kareem Bashir Bhoy (bass guitar)—in 1988. In 1992 the quartet disbanded, only to make a comeback with Maqsood and Kapadia in 2000. While the initial band rode the new wave of Pakistani pop music, the later lineup ushered a revival in the Pakistani music industry.



Engro Polymer and Chemicals co-hosted the 1st CCPS Regional Meeting in Pakistan


Karachi(Cliff News)Engro Polymer and Chemicals (EPCL) co-hosted the 1st CCPS(Center for Chemical Process Safety) Regional Meeting in Pakistan. Over 40 companies and educational institutions from all over the nation graced the meeting with their presence. The conference also hosted organizations from Germany, Japan, USA and South Africa. The forum was formally kicked off by Mr Shakeel Kadri, Executive Director CCPS, by stressing on the significance of process safety in the chemical industry all around the globe.Imran Anwer, CEO, Engro Polymer and Chemicals, spoke about the need of training people and ensuring that management starts focusing equally more on process safety alongside personnel safety. He stressed the need for auditing systems at a defined frequency and benchmarking our systems with the best in the business. Mr. Shakeel Kadri then presented Mr. Imran Anwer with a memento for co-hosting the first CCPS conference in Pakistan.Engro Polymer & Chemicals Limited (EPCL) is the only fully integrated Chlor-Vinyl chemical complex in Pakistan. It is a subsidiary of Engro Corporation, involved in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of quality Chlor-Vinyl allied products and PVC under brand name ‘SABZ’.EPCL is also the sole manufacturer of PVC resin in Pakistan. The Company is actively involved in ensuring the sustainability of the domestic PVC industry, along with providing support through provision of quality products and technical services.Multiple personnel from corporations nationwide contributed their knowledge by highlighting their efforts towards Process Safety. Previous catastrophic industrial disasters were discussed, and preventive methods were identified. Participants stressed that any compromise on process safety can wipe out business lines from existence. The conference has been setup to raise awareness among industrial experts and help them reach, what we call, ‘WORLD CLASS SAFETY’.The forum concluded that it is imperative for the academia in Pakistan to introduce courses on process safety at universities and the chemical industry should play its role in making that happen.