Dodgeball can take place main extreme sport in Pakistan:Syed Sakhawat Ali


Karachi(Syed Qalbe Muhammad)Founder National Sports and Physical Education Foundation Abdul Karim Mughal said that Education is right and Sports is left direction of the society.It’s also become a bussiness and entertainment all over the world.He was addressing the National Dodgeball Foundation Course 2018 at Hexis College Karachi.He added we must need to think about that why our sports are declined day by day.In my personal opinion our sports management system is fail day by day that’s why we are not getting success.Our sports bodies are weak in Admin,Finance,technical correspondence and records.


President Sindh Dodgeball Association Syed Sakhawat Ali said we are confident that this sports can take place as a main extreme game in Pakistan because every where people are going to timeless sports and in Dodgeball you need to play only 15 mins.After 3 mins players are changing the sides.This is a thrilling,fast and adventurous sports.He futher added that we can play dodgeball in men,women and mixed category.Four players are able to start the match.Listed players are only able to play.The fight is for centre ball.We use 5 balls in the match.The fight is for central ball the remaining four balls 2,2 get the both sides.Neutral Zone and attack line is important in the game.One team consists of 6 players.5 officials will supervise the match.Secetary Sindh Tennis Association Khalid Rehmani said that less practice is the major weakness in our sports.Dodgeball Association brain stroming session will introduce quality of players in Pakistan.On this occassion Chairman SDA Mukhtar Ahmed,G.S Abid Naeem,President SJAS Tariq Aslam,Muhammad Rafi,Abdul Qadir Salah,Shadman Raza,Laiq Butt,Sarwar Hussain and others are also present on the occassion.In the end of ceremony President SDA Syed Sakhwat Ali present the gift of three balls to Senior Journalist Maqsood Ahmed for special children.


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