Dadabhoy Institute organised one day workshop “Detecting Mycotoxins Effectively in Field Crops and Spices”

Karachi(Cliff News)Faculty of Science, Dadabhoy Institute of Higher Education has organized a One Day Workshop on “Detecting Mycotoxins Effectively in Field Crops and Spices” collaborated with Sindh Medical Store (SMS) at Main Campus, DIHE.Guest Speaker was Belvick Lee (Regional Senior Sales Manager Romer Labs), described about the worldwide contaminants of food with mycotoxins, which is a significant problem that impact food safety and economic losses. The pre and post-harvest environment conditions of field crops promotes the growth of fungi in field and during storage. In this workshop, we also discussed about the methods of analysis for the management of mycotoxins in agriculture produce such as rice and chillies, which are major export of food supplies from Pakistan.After the Thank you note Dean of Science Prof. Dr. Shahana Urooj Kazmi and all faculty members presented a memento to our honorable guest speaker.

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