Twins Apart:A serious comedy play based on real and dark experience of society

IMG-20190217-WA0179-1Syed Qalb-e-Muhammad

Twins Apart is a serious comedy play based on real story and dark experience of the society.The story of a play starts from the two twin boys of poor women “ESSA” and “MOOSA”.She worked as a cleaner in her owner house.The husband of this working woman is using drugs and unable to take care of his family.Once the house owner knows her servant is pregnant with the two baby boys she demands her to adopt one child.Then later on after the birth of children she is forcing her servant to take money and leave job from her house and go far away.The children later on grow up and becomes friends of each other.Once the mother of adopted child knows that her boy meet his real mother “Safia”,she change the house and shifted to a new place.After 14 years both boys remember each other on every occasion of life and they meet in “Pepsi Battle of the band”.The adopted boy again tells his mother to meet the family of her servant so the twist of the story is started again and later on Parents of this boy forcefully send him to UK.The other poor family boy have no job after the marriage and he don’t have money to give his wife then elder brother force him to do criminal activities.Once they were snaching the money and mobile the police they had to face the police encounter the elder brother got success in running away while younger brother was caught Red handed on the spot.He was being send to the jail and start using drugs.After releasing from the jail unfortunately he is a habitual of using drugs and start fight with his wife then suddenly his wife knows that his husband friend has come back from the UK so she decided to meet him for the treatment of her husband.While she was going to meet him she was crying badly and his husband friend trying to convince her the moment caught by the elder brother “Raju” and showed this moment to his younger brother because he is looking for a reason to back home again.When “Essa” saw his wife to “Moosa” he decide to kill his friend and start firing during the concert.Again the story take another turn and family and police gather together.Looking for the critical situation of their children they decide to break the promise and silent and told the boys About the reality they were shocked but suddenly two bullets from somewhere hit them and they lost their lives they unlucky brothers were no more.

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