Fourth edition of “The Jinnah Anthology” launched by The Jinnah Society

Karachi(Cliff News)The Jinnah Society in conjunction with Lightstone Publishers Limited, launched the fourth edition of “The Jinnah Anthology”. The recent edition like the other three has been compiled and edited by Liaquat Merchant and Professor Sharif al Mujahid.Unlike most other books on the Quaid, which are either biographies, histories, records, or recollections, the contents of ‘The Jinnah Anthology’ are uniquely varied. There is something of interest and value for everyone – the scholar as well as the student, the historian and the general reader. Adding to the value of the book is the fact that some of the material has never been published before, and much, if published, was heretofore inaccessible to the general reader – if not because of the specialized nature of the original publication, then the sheer time span or variety of sources. The previous editions have often been referred to as the best reference books on Jinnah in Pakistan.In his welcome address, Liaquat Merchant S.I. President, The Jinnah Society said that in order to understand the reasons behind the creation of Pakistan and why the idea of Pakistan will never die, one has to cross the bridge which is “Jinnah”. Some people have criticized Jinnah’s ‘Two Nation Theory’ and his struggle for the creation of a separate Muslim homeland. It must be remembered that Jinnah convinced the Minority Muslim Community in India that they were, in fact a Nation. With the emergence of Pakistan as an independent Nation, the Muslims got over British exploitation and Hindu domination. The new Nation gave the Muslims an opportunity to freely practice and propagate their religious faith. Jinnah wanted the Muslims to achieve Political and Economic independence. While the former is a fact, the latter remains a much-desirednecessity. The Jinnah Society has been propagating the principles, ideals and vision of Mr. Jinnah as a Nation building exercise and in the hope of development of leadership in the role model of Jinnah – a Leader respected for his private honor and public integrity. This is why the demand for “Jinnah’s Pakistan” is almost unanimous in the media and across the political divide.On this occasion,Sikandar Hayat, Professor of History, FC College Lahore and the author of the book ‘The Charismatic Leader Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah and the Creation of Pakistan’ said that the idea should be to make the Anthology appeal not only to the general public, average educated readers, … but also to a specialized, scholarly audience, comprising teachers, researchers, and postgraduate students working on Modern South Asia, both at home and abroad…. This Anthology cannot, and should not, be taken as a coffee table book, for, in my opinion, it is not! It’s serious work.’Guest speaker Yasser Latif Hamdani, Advocate High Court, Visiting Fellow (Harvard Law School)&Member of The Honorable Society of Lincoln’s Inn said that “Everyone talks about the kind of state Jinnah wanted. What no one talks about is what he would not have wanted. He would not want a Pakistan where any citizen is discriminated against on the basis of faith. He would not have wanted a Pakistan where anyone is made to feel like a second-class citizen or where the state would determine matters of the faith for its people. He would not have wanted a state where unelected state institutions ride roughshod over elected institutions and the will of the people.” Yasser Latif Hamdani is also the author of the book ‘Jinnah, Myth and Reality’.In his address, Abdul Basit, Former High Commissioner of Pakistan to India said that “Quaid e Azam succeeded in creating Pakistan but we as a nation failed to live up to his ideals. Fundamentally speaking what we need to do is to bridge democracy and knowledge deficits; break the economic gridlock; and work towards promoting cultural harmony. We must have a well-integrated plan and willingness to implement it. Half-hearted measures will take us nowhere. We cannot realistically expect to build a strong and prosperous Pakistan by giving short shrift to Quaid’s vision. It’s time to revert to him and address both our internal and external challenges with strategic thinking and tactical sleight of hand.”In her closing remarks, Ameena Saiyid OBE, S.I and Secretary General, The Jinnah Society said that ‘The Jinnah Anthology’ 4th edition is a critical source of information on someone who is above controversy and worthy of emulating.  Jinnah is a perfect role model for our youth, who need to study him deeply. Only independent research, a careful examination of the diverse opinions of him, and a search for the real Jinnah and not the one ‘created’ or ‘imagined’ by other people’s vested interests and ideologies can dispel the many myths that surround him.The Jinnah Anthology brings out the real Jinnah- Pakistanis have been looking for. It will also constitute an excellent reference book on the Founder of Pakistan.The contents of the 4th edition of ‘The Jinnah Anthology include rare photographs, personal recollections of contemporaries of the Quaid with Princess AbidaSultaan of Bhopal, SahabzadaYaqub Ali Khan, Begun Shaistalkramullah, Yusuf Haroon, Syed Hashim Raza, Justice Z. A. Chana, Sharifuddin Pirzada and Ata Rabbani. S. M. Burke gives a historian’s perspective of Jinnah. There are impressions given by Beverly Nichols, Lady Wavell, Aga Khan III, and Edgar Snow; and a study with additional articles by Liaquat Merchant, who is the Quaid’s grand-nephew and president of the Jinnah Society and co-author and editor Professor Sharif al Mujahid. Akbar S. Ahmed writes about what he calls Jinnah’s ‘Gettysburg Address’, and Stanley Wolpert presents a new tribute. There are excerpts from various speeches and statements of Jinnah, shorter quotes from him, as well as the famous quote of Wolpert about him. The book reproduces The Times (London) obituary of Jinnah, Jinnah’s will, and telling portions of high court judgments (on the case related to property instituted after the death of Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah) pertaining to Mr Jinnah’s personal faith and sectarian beliefs. The Jinnah Society was established on 23rd April 1997 at Karachi and has completed 20 years of existence in Pakistan. The main objective of the Society is to propagate the principles, ideals and vision of Quaid-e-Azam as a nation building exercise and in the development of democratic leadership in the role model of Mr. Jinnah.

Photo Release - Fourth Edition of ‘The Jinnah Anthology’ Launched by ‘The Jinnah Society’ (Mar 29, 2019)

Liaquat Merchant S.I. President, The Jinnah Society presenting the 4th edition of The Jinnah Anthology to Sikandar Hayat, Professor of History, FC College Lahore and the author of the book ‘The Charismatic Leader Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah and the Creation of Pakistan’; Yasser Latif Hamdani, Advocate High Court, Visiting Fellow (Harvard Law School)&Member of The Honorable Society of Lincoln’s Inn; Abdul Basit, Former High Commissioner of Pakistan to India and Ameena Saiyid OBE, S.I and Secretary General, The Jinnah Society

Daraz:A market place and a community in your pocket


What is Daraz?

“Daraz is the leading online marketplace in South Asia, empowering tens of thousands of sellers to connect with millions of customers.”

OK, but what is Daraz REALLY?

“Daraz is a Mall, a Marketplace,
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We provide immediate and easy access to
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More than 2 million Pakistanis use Daraz every day.

We deliver more than 1 million packages every month to all corners of Pakistan.

We have created 50,000 jobs in Pakistan, and every month 2,000 new sellers are educated through our university.

What changed in 2018? – Everything

A new and Personalised App giving each user a unique experience.

DarazMall was introduced for users to follow their favourite brands with premium quality and service level.

Global Collection for our customers who like to shop from abroad.

Top-ups & E-store for convenience and a Voucher Module for the deal hunters.

Daraz Wallet for easy payments and instant refunds.

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In summary:

Daraz is a Mall, a Marketplace, and a Community in your pocket.

Daraz is a university for entrepreneurs and we educate more than 2,000 new sellers per month.

DEX is Pakistan’s first logistics company specifically designed for e-commerce operations to raise the standards for the industry.

For a premium experience, try our ‘DarazMall’ and ‘Fulfilled By Daraz’ services.

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Where do we go from here?

Here is a look at our Mission together with some of the ambitious targets we have set!

Our Mission:

“Make it easy to do business anywhere in the era of the digital economy”

“We firmly believe that the digital era is on par with the Industrial Revolution. In the coming 10-20 years, digital technology will fundamentally alter many parts of society from commerce to politics to culture.

Our purpose is not only to embrace this change, but to proactively create change and welcome a better future for Pakistan.

Progress is not without challenges, but we are ready to be the innovator in this era and we are dedicated to overcome any challenges on the way.”

Our Six Aspirations to lead Pakistan into the Digital Era by 2022:

As the market leader, we will continue to drive 100%+ annual growth of the e-commerce market for the next 4 years.

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“This also requires an adjustment to our Values.

A small change with with huge implications and responsibility.”

TPL Maps Pakistan’s No.1 in car navigation software


Karachi(Cliff News)TPL Maps, Pakistan’s first and largest mapping company and the country’s most trusted automotive navigation solution is the highest selling navigation product in the country. TPL has been empowering auto industry with accurate and precision driven maps in more than 37 languages including Urdu, English and Chinese.
Some of the known brands that trust TPL Maps include Toyota Hilux, Fortuner, Corolla, Honda Civic 1.5 and Suzuki Swift. These constitute 70% of the vehicles manufactures in Pakistan that comes with built-in Navigation option. TPL Maps is the only local navigation company providing maps licensed by the Survey of Pakistan and offers a host of features including Voice Guided Navigation, Housing Address Search, maps in over 50 languages including Urdu and Chinese with 2D and 3D models for better visibility. The company’s long-term strategy is to further dominate the automotive vehicle space by Working on HD mapping and defining parameters for driverless cars.TPL Maps are powered by global navigation software giant SYGIC, the world’s most downloaded offline navigation application with more than 100 million users in 115 countries, which ios the global leader in in car navigation systems. TPL has been exclusive partners with Sygic for the last six years of association with Sygic.Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Adeel Hashmi, Head of Maps, said “TPL Maps is working with leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with over 70% market share in the industry and is the exclusive navigation software supplier for the country’s top 2 OEMs including Indus Motor Company, Pak Suzuki with inroads in other OEMs as well.”Bringing more innovation in the navigation domain TPL has aligned themselves with global mapping player, Here Technologies, to bring improved navigation solutions for high-end vehicles in Pakistan. TPL is also the exclusive partner of What3words, the top mapping startup in the world and being used by Mercedes and Ford and Inrix, World’s largest traffic data company based out of USA which shows TPL Maps’ commitment to bring innovative technology to Pakistan.TPL Maps is a wholly owned subsidiary of TPL Corp. Pakistan’s first and most comprehensive digital mapping solution and was launched in 2016. TPL Maps has the largest location-based data collection of Pakistan along with Location based platform and solutions for other industry verticals. For more information, visit

Markings KHUDI proudly launches its third title:”WindBeneathYourWings”


Lahore(Cliff News)Markings KHUDI, a motivational, inspirational and developmental publishing platform launches its third title, Wind Beneath Your Wings – A Book of Blessings by Marzia Hassan [#WindBeneathYourWings].Indeed, Markings KHUDI was first launched with its titles ‘Choti Choti Khushiyan’ and ‘Hum Nay Suna Hum Nay Dekha – Volume I’ last year.‘Wind Beneath Your Wings – A Book of Blessings’ is a compilation of everyday blessings to increase happiness for yourself and others. This simple practice of wishing well takes only moments and it starts a powerful positive ripple effect in our environment. It is divided into four sections; General Blessings, Prayers for your Married Life, As you Grieve and Prayers to Encourage You.The book encourages readers to share the blessings of each page by simply tearing off the page and to have fun thinking of creative ways to spread these page wishes amongst people one’s loves, to those one comes across during the day and perhaps even those who sometimes challenge you, be it through leaving pages in expected places as a surprise, to use them in place of greetings cards et al.Speaking about her book Marzia Hassan said; “Wind beneath Your Wings – a Book of Blessings is my way of spreading love, compassion and kindness in this world.”Speaking about the publishing house’ third title under Markings KHUDI, CEO Markings Kiran Aman has said; “I am delighted to publish a book that can be shared in so many different ways to create good vibes all around. This title and its publishing style also reiterates this notion of books being far more than the sum of their words: it is the spreading of a message, giving birth to positive feelings and encouraging the sharing of emotions in what becomes an exchange between the writer, reader and receiver.With eleven independent titles and over thirty-five corporate titles under Markings Publishing and Markings Corporate, Markings KHUDI is dedicated to an eclectic assortment of interests: self-improvement, mind-body-spirit, inspiration, health & healing, development, spirituality and lifestyle.Wind Beneath Your Wings – A Book of Blessings by Marzia Hassan is now available at Liberty Books and Book Mart across Pakistan and online at for PKR 500.

About the Author:

Marzia Hassan writes, speaks and consults on personal growth and relationship matters. Influenced by faith, positive psychology, neuroscience and mindfulness, she combines ancient wisdom with modern, evidence-based techniques to help herself and others live and love with positivity, purpose and peace. Marzia is the author of Parenting in the Age of Facebook (Rupa Publications, 2016) and various online courses. She shares her writing and speaking via her popular DailyWisdom email series, her podcasts and on social media. Find out more on

About Markings

Markings was founded by Kiran Aman in 2010 with a vision to nurturing a platform that encourages a diversity of expression. Indeed in its ninth year, Markings continues to provide avenues for giving voice to such expressions through words, pictures, performance, and other alternate styles of communication having launched nine critically acclaimed and award winning titles in the past.


GE,CPGHC HUBCO achieve key milestones to power Pakistan

Karachi(Cliff News)GE delivered the first steam turbine for the 1,320 MW CPHGC power plant and helped synchronize it to the grid three months ahead of schedule, just 27 months after the project received notice to proceed.Under an agreement signed in 2016, GE is supplying the core power generation equipment for the project, which comprises two units each of supercritical boilers, steam turbine and generator sets. The project’s engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractors are Northwest Electric Power Design Institute Co. Ltd. (NWEPDI) and Tianjin Electric Power Construction Company (TEPC).“CPHGC is the first overseas thermal power project developed by State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC) under the Belt & Road Initiative. The 2X660MW coal-fired power project is a priority project under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor,” said Mr. Zhao Yonggang, CEO, CPHGC. “We look forward to continuing our meaningful partnership with GE that promises to be beneficial for the power sector of Pakistan.”The CPHGC Power Plant, under a joint venture of China Power International Holding Limited (CPIH) with Pakistan’s Hub Power Company (HUBCO), is expected to be in full commercial operation by the mid of 2019 and is one of the infrastructure ventures supported under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor, a large development mega project that aims to connect Gwadar Port in southern Pakistan to Xinjiang, China’s northwestern autonomous region, through transportation and energy networks. The project will help Pakistan diversify its energy mix and reduce dependence on expensive imported fuels, allowing a significant reduction of the cost of electricity generation in Pakistan.

Enhancing performance at the Hub Power Plant

The 1,292 MW Hub Power Plant is Pakistan’s first and largest independent power plant and has been the country’s most efficient steam power facility since 1997. HUBCO has launched a project to enhance the efficiency and life-cycle of the facility through retrofit works that replace the old existing turbine rotor and inner cylinder assemblies with advanced GE steam turbine technology within the old existing turbine casing.“Pakistan’s energy demands will continue to grow,and this warranted targeted retrofits of the steam turbine units to increase their output and long-term reliability while also extending their maintenance intervals. I am proud to share that we have completed retrofit works on a steam turbine at the Hub Power Plant, significantly enhancing the unit’s operational performance,” said Khalid Mansoor, CEO of Hubco. “These achievements mark significant progress towards delivering on Hubco and GE’s joint, long-term commitment to strengthen Pakistan’s power sector.”The retrofit of the first steam turbine is now complete, translating into an efficiency increase of more than 1.3 percent, over 3.5 percent fuel savings per kilowatt hour, greater mechanical reliability and lower emissions per megawatt hour of electricity generated. The unit has already started feeding more reliable and efficient power to the national grid.The project showcases GE’s ability to successfully retrofit steam turbines developed by other original equipment manufacturers(oOEM) and the benefits that such services offer power plant owners and operators.“The modernization and improved utilization of existing power generation facilities offers a cost-effective route to enhance energy output and the reliability of electricity supplies across Pakistan,” said Michael Keroulle, President & CEO of GE Steam Power business in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey. “The successful delivery of both new equipment at the CPHGC and upgrade services at Hub Power Plants, respectively,illustrates GE’s continuous commitment and ability to support customers with end-to-end solutions that enhance performance across the life-cycle of projects.”“With Pakistan’s energy needs continuing to grow, we will need a holistic mix of advanced equipment, maintenance services and modernization works to better position the country to meet future energy challenges,” said Sarim Sheikh, President & CEO of GE Pakistan and Afghanistan. “From the world’s most efficient gas turbines and steam turbines, through modern renewable technologies up to first-of-their-kind retrofit works for installed thermal power plants and innovative digital industrial solutions, GE is proud to serve Pakistan with advanced, tailored solutions that address the specific requirements of the country.”GE’s steam turbines equip up to 30 percent of coal-fired steam power plants and 50 percent of nuclear power plants around the world. In Pakistan, GE has supported the development of energy infrastructure for more than 50 years and today, GE-built technologies can generate the equivalent power needed to supply up to 30 percent of the country’s electricity.

Sopheon and National Foods Ltd Partner for new product innovation

Amsterdam/Karachi(Cliff News)Sopheon, a global leader of enterprise innovation management solutions, today announces its partnership with National Foods Limited, one of the leading foods company headquartered in Karachi, Pakistan. National Foods Limited (NFL) has subsidiaries in the United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and Canada.With a strategic vision to achieve significant turnover growth by 2020, National Foods Limited wants to ensure long-term success by introducing a formalized product development decision making process to support the fast pace of change in the consumer markets. The team at National Foods recognizes that in order to maintain their competitive edge, they have to increase the pace of new product innovation and improve the success rate of these products. In terms of work process, the team is quite clear about the need to have one source of truth for all data and decisions related to new innovations, better strategic alignment across the different groups of stakeholders and better visibility at all stages of the product development process to mitigate the risk inherent in investments in bold, new-to-the-world products.The CEO of NFL, Mr. Abrar Hasan stated: “After an in-depth evaluation of a number of software vendors, we chose the Accolade Express solution. Sopheon has the expertise and a solid number of customer references in the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) space, the solution is Stage-Gate® certified, and we had really good interactions with the Sopheon team as well as CEO Andy Michuda.”Dr. Fayyaz Ashraf, Head of Innovation, Research & Development at NFL explains: “We are keen to future proof our business by implementing a software solution that will enable us to continue to grow. Innovation plays a big part in assisting us to achieve our growth objective as we must continue to find richer revenue streams, increase portfolio profitability, and focus our efforts on the most commercially viable investments using a fully automated cross-functional approach.”Mr. Syed Zeeshan Ali, Head of Information Technology at NFL, states: “Our strategy is to nurture business transformation, through automated solutions, by promoting efficiencies, increasing transparency and enabling greater speed in decision making. Sopheon’s Accolade Express will automate our Stage-Gate® process; this is what our innovation function needs to ensure that the right products reach our valued consumers by passing through a well-established, systematic process. We are excited to use this system to launch innovative products that continue to satisfy consumer appetite, and to ensure National Foods remains the brand of choice.”NFL aims to achieve new heights of business performance and innovation excellence through this collaboration with Sopheon.


WorldRemit introduces zero fee transfers to Pakistan


London/Islamabad(Cliff News)Leading digital money transfer service, WorldRemit, is offering its customers zero fees for transfers of $210 or over to Pakistan. *
WorldRemit has introduced the fee waiver to further support its overseas Pakistani customers and maximise the impact of the money they send home. Pakistanis living in over 50 countries, including the USA, UK and Australia, can now send fee free, fast and secure money transfers to Pakistan directly from their phones to recipients with or without access to a bank account. Customers can choose to transfer money to Pakistan for cash collection, bank deposit or mobile money. The World Bank estimates that the Pakistani diaspora sent home over $20 billion in 2018, representing nearly 7% of the country’s GDP. Money sent from loved ones abroad helps millions of families in Pakistan pay for essential needs such as healthcare and education. Recent research by WorldRemit found that 450,000 Pakistani children are in school due to receiving international remittances.However, a significant portion of remittances to Pakistan are still sent through informal channels such as friends, relatives or hawala. Sending money through unregistered third parties can be expensive and puts customers at risk of delayed delivery times or fraud.The WorldRemit fee waiver has been introduced as the company joins the Pakistan Remittance Initiative (PRI), a joint program by the State Bank of Pakistan, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis to encourage Pakistanis living overseas to use formal money transfer methods to send money home.
Hamza Islam, Country Director for Pakistan at WorldRemit, said: “Remittances sent from loved ones abroad provide a lifeline for millions of Pakistani families, which is why we are always exploring new ways to make our customers’ money go further.“We are delighted to enable our customers to make fast, secure and fee free money transfers to Pakistan with a few taps from their phones. The fee waiver is applied automatically, and customers can follow their money’s journey at every step using our ‘Track your Transfer’ function. By bearing the cost of sending remittances, the Government of Pakistan is incentivising Pakistanis to send money without fees via more secure and convenient formal channels.”Mr, Moinuddin, Head of PRI and Divisional Head EPD at State Bank of Pakistan, said: “As they are not regulated, informal international money transfers leave senders at risk of fraud, high-costs and in some cases the money might not reach their recipients.The prime objective of Pakistan Remittance Initiative (PRI) is to encourage Overseas Pakistanis to switch to formal money transfer methods. In order to further efficiency gains, PRI is increasing global outreach with high tech money transfer companies and adopting digital products such as WorldRemit’s convenient digital service. By enabling trusted remittance providers to waive their fees, we are offering the Diaspora a cheaper and more secure way to send money back home to support their loved ones and contribute to Pakistan’s bright future.”



ACCA and Board of Investment work together on “Ease of Doing Business” reforms


Karachi(Cliff News)During a meeting with Helen Brand OBE, Chief Executive, ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), Board of Investment (BoI) Chairman Haroon Sharif said that the government is focused on addressing the structural problems in the economy to ensure export-led development and achieve stabilisation through development of human resource in the country.Highlighting some of the structural issues, the BoI chairman said that the professional bodies such as ACCA has a significant role to play in the development of human resource in the fields of corporate management, particularly corporate finance. Helen Brand highlighted that ACCA is training professionals on the line of fulfilling the requirements of digital age and is inculcating the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.“We are looking for tangible partnerships with private sector to bring in their knowledge and expertise to get the desired results.” – Haroon Sharif, Chairman, Board of Investment (BoI)The ACCA team also shared some of the insights on ‘Ease of Doing Business’ and overall business environment in Pakistan. Haroon Sharif appreciated the efforts of ACCA in finding the gaps in the policy and implementation and asked them to share concrete recommendations with the BoI, which is the Secretariat for ‘Ease of Doing Business’ reforms in the country.Earlier, Helen Brand OBE called on the Chairman of Audit Oversight Board (AOB), Mr. Tariq Iqbal Khan in Islamabad to explore opportunities for future partnerships. Senior representatives from the AOB, including Usman Hayat, Chief Executive Officer and Shahid Karim FCCA, Chief Regulatory Officer were also present at the meeting.Helen also met with Zia ul Mustafa Awan, President, ICMA Pakistan to discuss greater collaboration between both the professional accountancy bodies in developing the accountancy profession in Pakistan. Helen was also joined by Alan Johnson, Deputy President, International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) and Chair of ACCA’s Accountants for Business Global Forum.Helen Brand OBE was in Pakistan to attend the third edition of Leaders in Islamabad Business Summit. Powered by ACCA’s award-winning Professional Insights and featuring business leaders and luminaries from around the world, ACCA joined the summit as a Knowledge Partner.On the sidelines of the summit, Helen also attended different sessions hosted by country’s top leadership, most notably the sessions hosted by Prime Minister Imran Khan, President Dr. Arif Alvi and General Zubair Mahmood Hayat NI, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee.



PTCL & Ministry of climate change collaborate for a green Pakistan


Islamabad(Cliff News)Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) and Ministry of Climate Change (MoCC), Government of Pakistan, have signed an agreement to support the Clean Green Pakistan Movement. This collaboration will enable to tackle issues of low forest cover and poor cleanliness in urban & rural areas of Pakistan.Under this MoU, PTCL and MoCC agreed upon afforestation of 200,000 trees across PTCL sites in the next five years. The MoU was signed by Syed Mazhar Hussain, Chief Human Resource Officer, PTCL and Babar Hayat Tarar, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Climate Change, followed by plantation of saplings at PTCL HQ.Furthermore, PTCL will initiate cleanliness drives in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad to assist the solid waste management. In the initial phase, the company pledges to ban non-recyclable plastics in PTCL HQ in Islamabad. The company shall also arrange clean drinking water for its employees in connection with its resolve to implement health care and better environment to the workforce. Moreover, PTCL will also install filtration units to provide clean drinking water for the general public.On the occasion, Ms. Zartaj Gul Wazir, State Minister for Climate Change, said, “We are glad to collaborate with PTCL on Clean Green Pakistan Movement, which is to create awareness across the country regarding the importance of environmental preservation. PTCL has initiated a comprehensive awareness campaign on converting customers from paper bill to eBilling, which is a step in the right direction. As a nation, we need to come together to tackle issues like pollution and low forest cover. Under the Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision of clean and green Pakistan, partnerships like this are going to pave the way in achieving our objective.”On the occasion, Rashid Khan, President and CEO, PTCL, said, “As a national company, it is our responsibility to support Clean Green Pakistan Movement. We are happy to collaborate with Ministry of Climate Change to create awareness and conduct trainings on environmental preservation. To promote this initiative, our teams across Pakistan will be executing afforestation campaigns.”In the past, PTCL has partnered with WWF for plantation of200,000 mangrove seeds in Balochistan, as part of the conservation organizations nationwide tree plantation campaign, called ‘Rung Do’. PTCL HQ is also Green Office certified by WWF.Recently, the company has also taken steps to ensure that numerous avenues are open for customers to opt for eBilling like PTCL website, Touch App and helpline 1218, to go paperless and save trees.PTCL is constantly contributing towards saving the environment and a greener Pakistan.


Reon announces 10 MW solar project at Bhit

Karachi(Cliff News)Reon Energy Limited today announced its latest 10 MW captive Solar Power Project for Eni New Energy Pakistan at Bhit, Sindh.The 10 MW photovoltaic project is expected to produce approximately 20 GWh (Gigawatt hours) annually. The output energy will be used on site, reducing gas consumption and avoiding around 140.000 Tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions in the next 10 years. The project aims to integrate the new photovoltaic project with the existing power generating facility. Once operational, it will allow the shutdown of one the existing gas turbines and consequently to cut down on operational costs as stated by Eni.Mujtaba Haider Khan, CEO, Reon Energy Limited said “I would like to congratulate Eni New Energy Pakistan for starting this project of strategic importance for the country as it saves precious gas currently being used for on-site power generation. The 10MW Photovoltaic project shall secure an additional energy source for Eni New Energy Pakistan.”The project located near Bhit Gas Field is expected to complete by October 2019.

 About Reon Energy Limited

Reon Energy Limited is Pakistan’s leading industrial solar solutions specialist with deep domain expertise in lifetime solar resource assessment, engineering, development and construction, operational asset management, trouble shooting and performance management.Reon started its operations in 2012 and since then has managed to turn around the nation’s Renewable Energy Market with successful partnerships with groups such as Fauji Cement Company, Sindh Engro Coal Mining, Kohinoor Textile Mills, Abbott Pharmaceuticals, and Unilever Pakistan.Our People are essential to delivering the Reon Vision of generating power that creates prosperity for businesses, empowers people, and protects the planet.