FESF launched another awareness campaign “Deaf Trainee Chef”

Karachi (Cliff News)After a successful campaign by Deaf Reach to train “Pakistan’s First Ever Female Deaf Barista”, Deaf Reach, a program of FESF, launched another awareness campaign by the name of ‘Deaf Trainee Chef’ on 22nd February 2019.The purpose of the campaign was to celebrate the spirit of inclusion.A deaf student from the Deaf Reach Program, Karachi spent a day at a different restaurant for a week and was trained in culinary arts by the professional chefs, who are the mainstay behind the restaurants. Our training partners opened the doors to their kitchens and worked tirelessly to impart the skill sets to young AbdurRehman – an alumni of the Deaf Reach Schools, Training Centers and Colleges.One of the key goal of the Deaf Reach Program is to ensure each student is trained in livelihood skills along with academics. The holistic learning program makes our deaf students ready for the job market. The Deaf Trainee Chef program is one such initiative made successful with the support of entrepreneurs who are respected names in the local food industry.


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