World Habitat Trophy for Pakistan Chulah

Karachi(Cliff News)Heritage Foundation of Pakistan’s smokeless stove programmeresponsible for creating female entrepreneurs out of village women and improving their quality of health and life, which was recently adjudgedWorld Habitat Awards Winner for the year 2018was honoured withthe trophy at the ceremony of UN Habitat World Convention held in Nairobi. The trophy was received byHE Syed Maroof, the Acting High Commissioner of Pakistan in Nairobion behalf of Heritage Foundation.The trophy for World Habitat Award 2018 awarded to Pakistan Chulah was handed over by MrVictor Kisob, the Deputy Executive Director of UN Habitat at a prestigious ceremony in Nairobi.The trophy will be brought to Pakistan by David Ireland, Executive Director, World Habitat, and presented to Yasmeen Lari in November at the international conference on Green Sustainable Architecture organized by INTBAU Pakistan in collaboration with INTBAU and World Habitat at Makli at Zero Carbon Cultural Centre (ZC3), in the vicinity of Makli World Heritage.To celebrate the prestigious award, a couple of thousand Pakistan Chulah makers, representing several hundred villages will be present along with eminent international and national delegates from around the world and across the county.The World Habitat Awards Advisory Group said: “This is a tremendous project, which is changing the kitchen from a dirty place to a clean place. By making women into entrepreneurs it gives status in the family and the wider community. It’s vernacular architecture at its best.”

About the self-built chulah:

The zero carbon self-built Pakistan Chulah has been constructed by over 50,000 rural housewives in Upper and Lower Sindh. It is smokeless and fuel efficient, requiring only sawdust/cow dung briquettes for fuel, thus requiring no biomass or wood for cooking.


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