The Social Squad first destination wedding in newyork city

NewYorkCity(Cliff News)Destination weddings have become extremely popular over the last years and are surely the future for the wedding industry in Pakistan. Gathering all your family and friends in a fabulous location for your special day is super appealing for so many reasons.The Social Squad co-founder Fahad Nassr and Ayesha Haroon with their team is trying to promote accessibility of planning and designing a wedding abroad for us to have the destination wedding we’ve always dreamed of.The Social Squad, starting off with their first wedding event in New York, Long Island and Manhattan collaborating with Sona J. Shah who is the Founder and CEO of SJS events, an Indian wedding planning company and who has been admired by many known magazines such as vogue, New York Times etc.The Social Squad ensure that each client is given individual attention and as their client, the bride Amy Sattar and groom Safi Mohammed are the resident of New York, born and brought up there, they don’t get to witness Pakistani essence in the weddings there fully. So The Social Squad is trying their best to take the Pakistani traditional and cultural elements to their events and customizing their event design accordingly.One of the highlights of the event is the notable glitterati of the New York City such as Sonal Shah, a Vogue acclaimed NYC based Wedding Planner, The Lollywood A-list star Fawad Khan with his wife SadafFawad and many other US based prominent residents like members of APPNA etc. The Social Squad has shortlisted the best venues such as Crest Hollow Country Club, Lotte Palace New York and Garden City Hotel New York with the best DJ’s of the town Rohit Sharma, DJ Sharad and DJ USA events to it memorable for everyone.With the best team including ClaneGessel, a passionate photographer whose work has been featured in nearly every bridal magazine and was named top 5 wedding photographers in The Nation, The Paanwaala NYC, presenting authentic paans as a staple back from Home and Bukhara Grill, A Michelin Star acclaimed restaurant in New York City is pulling off this wedding.


















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