Hysab Kytab partners with Telenor Pakistan to personalize consumer experience

Karachi(Cliff News)Hysab Kytab (HK) has entered into a strategic partnership with Telenor Pakistan to collaborate on gaining a deeper understanding of consumer preferences. The collaboration will help drive a deeper and more holistic understanding of consumers that will lead to the individual-level personalization of products and services in Pakistan.The partnership will involve collaboration in the domains of Market Research, Credit Risk Profiling, Analytics as a Service, Data insights and Targeted Advertising.Yasir Ilyas, Country Head, Hysab Kytab, while sharing his views about the partnership said, “Despite the increasing trend of electronic payment systems with higher rates of adoption by the general public in Pakistan, the most common transacting medium is still cash. Last year, 45.8% of all transactions alone were made using cash (PKR 75.9 Million) whileATMs processed PKR 470.6 million. Since the last visibility point for cash transactions is when cash is withdrawn from the ATM, the insights into cash-based consumer spending is virtually nonexistent. Hysab Kytab and Telenor can achieve higher rates of customer satisfaction and understanding through the addition of many more data-points that lead to a 360-degree view of the customer.”“We see a lot of value in partnering with one of the largest telcos in Pakistan as it would enrich the insights with the great work that the Telenor team has done with their analytics portal,” he added further.Both Hysab Kytab and Telenor Pakistan see this as the first step towards the establishment of a consortium with other major players to further enhance the consumer experience.

About Hysab Kytab

Hysab Kytab (Private) Limited, founded in 2018, is a financial technology company that serves individuals and businesses through a suite of financial management solutions. One of its products is a Personal Finance Manager with a proven success of over 280,000+ downloads from 160 countries worldwide. With the recent rollout of its mobile applications, HK aims to solve day-to-day problems of every household ranging from money management to emergencies of all kinds.


4th Karachi International Water Conference explored food security solutions

Governor Sindh, Mr Imran Ismail presenting the appreciation shield

Karachi(Cliff News)Day two of the two-day Fourth Karachi International Water Conference aiming to bring together thought leaders, actors and players of the water sector that are working on Water-Energy-Food Nexus concluded successfully here today. Major global, regional and national organizations and their representatives, researchers, professionals, decision-makers, business innovators, practitioners, experts, women’s groups, youth groups and leaders on WEF Nexus exchanged ideas on fostering new thinking, developing innovative solutions and work on the water agenda for the 21st century.Day 2, began with Session 5 ‘Fireside Chat on Valuing Water’, with free-flowing conversation with three defenders of water, Dr. Adil Najam, Ms. Ayesha Khan and Ms. Naida Naqi.  – the discussion explored the intrinsic value of water in protecting our ecosystems. Session 6A ‘Water Governance and Security – Food Production and Agriculture Development’ explored food security solutions for Pakistan and the panelists shared global and regional good practices that can be adopted locally. Moving towards Session 6B ‘Nexus Approaches for Water Policy and Strategy’ assessed whether the much needed WEF Nexus is reflected in our policy discourse. Session 7A ‘Water Infrastructure and Investment – A Bespoke Model for Water Financing’ chaired by Dr. Reza Baqir, Governor State Bank identified water financing instruments and financing models for water, especially for Pakistan in the 21st century. Session 7B ‘Leaving No One Behind – Young People Calling for Climate Change Emergency’ highlighted the efforts of youth in connection to the nexus and climate emergency. The conference closing session featured talks by Country Director World Bank, Ilangovan Pachamuthu and FAO representative to Pakistan Ms. Mina Dowlatchahi. Ms. Simi Kamal unveiled and gave an overview of the first of its kind Water Center being set up at NED University Karachi, The Panjwani-Hisaar Water Institute. Ms. Meher Noshirwani read the conference declaration wrapping up the intellectual discourse and discussion from two days. Towards the end, Governor Sindh, Mr Imran Ismail gave his remarks and lauded the efforts of Hisaar Foundation. The centrality of water in the Water Energy Food Nexus as a tool for analysis and the paradigm for action is obvious. Delivering water, energy and food for all in a sustainable and equitable way is one of the major challenges faced by our societies. By the end of the conference emerged an agenda for research, policy and action on WEF nexus, pledges of government and people working together, and connection between developed and developing countries. The Water-Energy-Food nexus was explored through various lens of valuing water, water governance, water infrastructure and investment, and social inclusion (gender and youth).The day ended successfully with the attendees hopeful that the water problems of the country could be addressed in a more positive and innovative way in the near future.  The PR of was handled by Starlinks PR and Events.

The day ended successfully with the attendees hopeful that the water problems of the country could be addressed in a more positive and innovative way in the near future


4th Karachi International Water Conference aiming to bring together thought leaders

President Of Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi at the opening session on the first day of 4th Karachi International Water Conference

Karachi(Cliff News)The first day of the two-day Fourth Karachi International Water Conference aiming to bring together thought leaders, actors and players of the water sector that are working on Water-Energy-Food Nexus took place here today. Major global, regional and national organizations and their representatives, researchers, professionals, decision-makers, business innovators, practitioners, experts, women’s groups, youth groups and leaders on WEF Nexus exchanged ideas on fostering new thinking, developing innovative solutions and work on the water agenda for the 21st century.Day 1 opened with Ashraf Kapadia, Chairperson Hisaar Foundation who welcomed the guests and gave a short introduction of Hisaar Foundation – a Foundation for Water, Food and Livelihood Security. Next Simi Kamal, the Founder of Hisaar Foundation spoke on the purpose of the conference, linking it to the global discourse on Water-Energy-Food Nexus and the centrality of water in the nexus. Ghias Khan, head of ENGRO Corporation spoke of access to clean water. He mentioned that as responsible corporates, we must monitor, measure and analyze our water usage to uncover opportunities to enhance our water management. He urged the public and private sectors to work together to bring positive change for the future.In his Keynote address Dr Roberto Lenton, Daugherty Distinguished Fellow, provided his perspective on the challenges of the 21st century and the water-food-energy nexus, during which he highlighted the Sustainable Development Goals as the framework for articulating the challenges, examining the inter-relationships among water, food and energy security. He discussed the value of considering these three key challenges jointly rather than separately, and provided a few examples of these inter-relationships in specific contexts.His Excellency President of Pakistan, Dr Arif Alvi, highlighted that he has selected water as one of his main areas of focus and keenly supports initiatives aimed at providing short and long term solutions to Pakistan’s water problems. He spoke of the Clean and Green Pakistan initiative and other dedicated efforts for water management, agriculture efficiency and use of renewable sources for power generation. The exhibition of the conference was also opened by the President.Session 2A ‘Valuing Water – Harnessing Energy and Food Production’ focused on understanding and localizing the WEF Nexus. Session 2B ‘Leaving No One behind – Café of the Unheard’ provided a platform for the audience to directly engage with the experts present on a range of subjects. Session 3A ‘Water Governance and security – Saving Urban Water from Urban Decay’ explored governance and politics of urban water and identified the way forward for the city of Karachi. Session 3B ‘The Indus and Murray Darling – A shared experience of reform’ identified Australian sustainability initiatives of relevance for Pakistan’s consideration. Session 4A ‘Water Infrastructure and Investments – Who gives a Dam’ explored the place of large and small water infrastructures in the context of WEF Nexus. Session 4B ‘Does the Nexus actually work? Women’s perspective’s sought to ascertain if the WEF Nexus resonates with Pakistani women.The session ended successfully with the attendees hopeful that the water problems of the country could be addressed in a more positive and innovative way in the near future.The PR of was handled by Starlinks PR and Events.

FourthKarachi International Water ConferenceWater EnergyFood Nexus – Agenda for the 21st Century 



Infinix and TikTok join hands to launch all new S5 campaign

Picture - Infinix Joins Hand with TikTok

Karachi(Cliff News)Infinix, Pakistan’s Leading Smartphone brand is known for delivering feature-rich smartphones to the users. Infinix has always been the leader when it comes to engaging and connecting with its users. To get closer to its users in a fun way, Infinix has joined hands with TikTok for its exciting new product ‘Infinix S5’ which comes with a 32MP In-Display Selfie camera and a whopping 6.6” punch hole display.In this campaign -“S5 Picture Clear Hai”, Infinix is encouraging everyone to show their other side which they are passionate about. We all have a personality that people normally see, one could be a banker, marketer, actor or anything and that is how people mostly see them, but what hides behind is the passion that mostly others don’t get to see, they could also be dancer, singer, racer etc.TikTok, the leading short-form video platform, is gaining global momentum around the world. Infinix has joined hands with TikTok to launch its first hashtag challenge #S5PictureClearHai. TikTok’s format and joyful tone is resonating with a new, influential generation, giving rise to interactive trends and creative memes that encourage everyone to participate. By letting users create their own content, users can be part of the Infinix community and turn into authentic and powerful brand ambassadors.This campaign is an instant hit on TikTok and managed to garner more than 8.8 million views in just two days, almost 150,000 users made their videos to the catchy beat uploaded on TikTok for Infinix S5. Needless to say, we aren’t surprise by how this fun campaign got executed and managed to bring out the clearer picture of everyone. It wouldn’t be wrong to mention here that TikTok users in Pakistan are taking ‘Picture Clear Hai’ to the next level, and once again Infinix has been successful in engaging the youth of Pakistan in a fun way!With Infinix S5’s 32MP In-Display selfie camera, people get a chance to showcase both sides of their personality, hence the tagline for their campaign ‘Picture Clear Hai’ perfectly fits the bill, as it is both inquisitive and making a statement at the same time.To reinforce the narrative, Infinix engaged the diva of Pakistani showbiz industry Sana Javed as their brand ambassador along with famous travel v-logger Irfan Junejo, the most adored young rockstar Abdullah Qureshi, and queen of the ramp, super model Zara Peerzada to show their other sides.

About TikTok

TikTok is the leading destination for short-form mobile video. Our mission is to inspire creativity and bring joy. TikTok has global offices including Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, Jakarta, Seoul, and Tokyo.

About Infinix

Launched in 2013 and targeting the young generations, Infinix Mobile is a premium smartphone brand from TRANSSION Holdings. With “THE FUTURE IS NOW” as the brand essence, Infinix aims to allow consumers to stand out in the crowd and to show the world who they really are. Infinix is committed to providing the most cutting-edge technologies, bold and stylish designs, keeping consumers on trend and up-to-date. Infinix’s portfolio spans five product lines – ZERO, NOTE, HOT, HOT S, and SMART; empowering users to own innovative technologies and experience intelligent lifestyle! Infinix has a presence in more than 30 countries around the world, covering Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and South Asia.


Cleveland Clinic AbuDhabi share insights at 49th Annual Cardiocon Event


Karachi(Cliff News)A full delegation of cardiovascular physicians and surgeons from the prestigious Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, a leading center of medical excellence in the United Arab Emirates, are highlighting the latest innovations in heart and vascular health at the 49th annual Cardiocon event this week.The delegation is being led by two of the most seasoned heart and vascular physicians at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, Dr. E. Murat Tuzcu, Chief Academic Officer and the Chief of Cardiovascular Medicine in the hospital’s Heart & Vascular Institute, and Dr. Faisal Hasan, a seasoned Interventional Cardiologist and Vice Chair of Cardiovascular Medicine at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi.Dr. Tuzcu, speaking for the first time in Pakistan, is an internationally recognized expert in the emerging field of heart valve repair and replacement and treats patients from all around the world.  Dr. Hasan is specialized in minimally invasive complex cardiac and vascular procedures, following his initial medical training at the Aga Khan University Medical College in Karachi.Physicians from the hospital will cover a range of topics, including treatments for high risk patients, structural heart disease, and new vascular approaches for saving the limbs of patients at risk of amputation.Cardiocon enables the team from Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi to exchange ideas and best practice with peers from Pakistan’s medical community about the changing needs of the patient populations in both markets.The Heart & Vascular Institute is one of the five Centers of Excellence at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi. Led by some of the world’s most respected physicians and surgeons, it offers basic diagnostic to cutting-edge treatments including minimally invasive and robotic cardiac surgery.  The Institute was the first in the Middle East to introduce transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) as an alternative to traditional open-heart valve replacement surgery – TAVR is one of the key innovations being discussed at Cardiocon this week.



Imaad Ali gatecrashed his way into the QF of World Scrabble Championship


Torquay(Cliff News)It was a historic day for Pakistan as the whiz kid Syed Imaad Ali gatecrashed his way into the quarter finals of the World Scrabble Championship at Torquay, England becoming the first ever Pakistani player to do so.Imaad who became the youngest ever Junior World Scrabble Champion only days ago also become the youngest quarter finalist in history of the World Scrabble Championships.Imaad’s opponent in the quarter final is Nigel Richards who is nicknamed the GOAT (greatest of all times) in a game billed as the GOAT vs the Kid.

The other quarter finalist are

David Eldar (Australia) vs Dave Wiegand (USA)
Harshan Lamabadusuriya (England) vs Peter Armstrong (USA)
Paul Gallen (Northern Ireland) vs Jason Keller (USA)

The division B was completely dominated by the young Pakistani players in a way that the top five positions were occupied by Pakistani players.The first position kept changing hands between the Hadi twins until finally Hammad Hadi finished on top at the end of round 35. His twin brother Hassan Hadi had the same number of wins (27) and a slightly lesser spread.It is the first instance of two brothers finishing at 1st and 2nd in the World Scrabble Championship.Daniyal Sanaullah finished 3rd and Taha Mirza 4th while the 12 year old Monis Khan managed to hold firm til the end to occupy the 5th position.This is also a unique instance in the world championship history that the top five positions were occupied by players from one country.

World Scrabble Championship:Imaad have a good chance to qualify for QF

London(Cliff News)New Zealand’s Nigel Richards stood firm on the third day of the World Scrabble Championship. The defending world champion has 21 wins and a spread of 2175.Paul Gallen of Northern Ireland had a good day that saw him climb to the 2nd spot with 19 wins while Dave Koening of USA continued to be in good form despite losing two games to the teenage sensation Imaad Ali. Koening ended day three on the 3rd spot.The story of the day was definitely the 13 year old Imaad Ali from Pakistan who stunned the world by beating one great player after another, Imaad proved his ice cold temperament by winning both the live telecast matches and earned praise from millions watching. Imaad is now on the 7th spot with a good chance of qualifying for the quarter finals.Pakistan’s ace Waseem Khatri finally got back into form and got into the quarter final position by finishing 6th at the end of day three. Moiz Baig slipped to 17th while young Sohaib Sanaullah is on 21st.The Division of the World Scrabble Championship continued to be dominated by the Shangrila Pakistan team although there was a stiffer competition from other countries on day three.The Hadi twins made the world championship look like a family affair. Hassan Hadi snatched the No. 1 spot from Taha Mirza with some impressive wins. He is now on 20 wins and a spread of 2408.As always the other twin Hammad Hadi has similar number of wins and is right next to his brother with a slightly lower spread.Taha Mirza is still fighting on and is standing firm on the 3rd spot with 19 wins while Daniyal Sanaullah occupied the 4th position with 19 wins.There was finally some competition from other countries as Omijeh Osas from Nigeria, Terry K. Rau from USA and Sapong Kwaku from Ghana got into the quarter final positions while little Monis Khan is still in the top 8.9 more games will be played tomorrow and the top eight from each division will qualify for the quarter finals.

IBA sign MOU with Orange Tree Foundation


Karachi(Cliff News)The Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Orange Tree Foundation (OTF) agreeing to provide scholarships worth Rs. 2 million each year for a period of 2 years to undergraduate and graduate students.  The objective of the scholarship is to provide the Institute’s promising young students a stepping stone to self-efficiency. The eligibility for the scholarship will be based on the candidates’ academic record and their requirements of financial assistance.In the ceremony, the Institute was represented by Acting Executive Director IBA Karachi, Dr. Sayeed Ghani; Head of Corporate Relations and Communications Department, Malahat Awan; Director National Talent Hunt Program, Dr. Junaid Alam; and Director HR Department, Mashooque Bhatti while OTF was represented by CEO and Board Member, Omer Mateen Allahwala; Chairman Board, Faisal Khalid Abdullah; Board Member and Head of Academic Program, Arfa Hasnain, Senior Coordinator, Tazeen. A. Qadir, and Senior Member Fundraising Committee, Riaz Ahmed.The IBA Resource Mobilization department is striving to create new avenues for helping the financially constrained students at the Institute. Every year 4000 students get enrolled in the six undergraduate as well as eight graduate programs of the IBA Karachi. Out of these 4000, 1500 students apply for financial assistance. Along with the limited resources of the IBA Karachi, many individuals, businesses, and governments make regular funds available to provide scholarships to the underprivileged students of the Institute.The OTF is a tax-exempted, not-for-profit Educational Society based in Karachi working towards the cause of education in Pakistan. Established in 2011, Orange Tree Foundation aims to provide equal opportunities to financially challenged individuals of our society through quality education, healthcare and family support.Scholarships worth Rs. 2 million each year for a period of 2 years.

World Scrabble Championship:Nigel Richards of NewZealand hold firm at second day

Torquay(CliffNews)The defending champion Nigel Richards of New Zealand continued to hold firm at the end of day-two of the World Scrabble Championship at Torquay, England.Richards has won 13 of the 17 matches played so far and maintains a spread of 1573.David Koening of USA in now 2nd with the equal number of wins and a spread of 693 while former world champion David Eldar of Australia is 3rd with 12 wins and a spread of 1293.The Pakistani players continued to be impressive among a pool of great players. At lease three of them climbed into the top ten at some time during the day.At the end of the day two the wonder boy Syed Imaad Ali who is also the youngest player in the premier division is tenth with 10 wins while Moiz Baig is 11th with the same number of wins.Division B of the World Scrabble Championship appears to be an all Pakistan affair with the Pakistani youngsters chalking up impressive wins against far more experienced players.Taha Mirza hit an incredible purple patch winning 12 games on the trot. Taha remained No. 1 throughout the day and ended day two on 14-3 with a spread of 1289.The second spot kept changing hands between the Hadi twins. As usual the twin brothers have an equal number of wins but Hassan Hadi is on 2nd due to a better spread while Hammad Hadi is 3rd.Daniyal Sanaullah after a poor start came back to his own later in the day ending at the 4th position. Daniyal also recorded the highest score of the championship with a massive 728 against Kara Twaits of England.Little Monis Khan staged a strong rally late in the day to snatch the 5th spot from Maureen Hoch of Israel.Omijeh Osas of Nigeria and James Wilkie of Scotland are the only players giving a stiff competition to the young players from Pakistan.

Syed Imaad Ali became youngest player to win Junior World Scrabble Championship


London(Cliff News)Pakistan’s wonder boy Syed Imaad Ali at 13, became the youngest player ever to win the Junior World Scrabble champion here at Torquay, England.Imaad remained in the lead right throughout the championship and was declared a champion with one match to go with a 17/3 record and a spread of 2159. He is only the second player in history to have won both the World Youth Scrabble Championship (now renamed WESPA Youth Cup) and the Junior World Scrabble Championship; the first one being compatriot Moiz Baig.Pakistan players dominated the championship throughout and walked away with a number of trophies as well as the top five positions.Daniyal Sanaullah capped a great tournament by winning the runner up trophy with 15 wins and a spread of 1335. Hassan Hadi finished third with 15 wins and a spread of 1024 while Sohaib Sanaullah and Hammad Hadi finished 4th and 5th respectively

Following are the age category titles

Under-18 World Champion, Taha Mirza (Pakistan)
Under-16 World Champion, Rory Kemp (England)
Under-14 World Champion, Saim Waqar (Pakistan)
Under-12 World Champion, Monis Khan (Pakistan)
Under-10 World Champion, Misbah ur Rehman (Pakistan)

Former world champion Brett Smitheram awarded trophies to the winners.