Rising talent of OISSA Dodgeball Club Muhammad Saad Siddqui


Karachi(Cliff News)The Dodgeball future is looking bright in Pakistan as young and talented players lot are taking interest in this game.Pakistani players in all levels club, regional,national and international are grooming day by day.The credit goes to organizer’s who are working hard for the promotion of game and find the young talent as well.17 years old Muhammad Saad Siddqui of St.Patrick’s College is a rising talent of OISSA Dodgeball Club is representing Karachi and Sindh Dodgeball Association.He also played for Happy Home School Society Campus.The young boy is keep trying to improve his abilities and aiming to represent him country at International level.He regularly participate in different partice and training sessions to make himself fit and sharping his gaming.So far he participated in Interschool and Karachi Dodgeball Championship as a Captain of his team.He represented East Team at DMC East Mini Olympic Games and attend Dodgeball National Foundation Coaching Course.He try to fulfill all the expectation and perform for his country in future.


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