Gladiator Inter School Scrabble:BVS Parsi High School dominated top positions


Karachi(Cliff News)The 21st Gladiator Inter School Scrabble Championship 2020, hosted 1500+ participants at BVS Parsi School.BVS Parsi High School dominated most of the top positions.
The ten age categories that were hosted on both the days involved children ranging from 6 – 23 divided into the following age brackets:
Category “A” (Players born on or after 1-Jan-2012 & 31 Dec 2013)
Category “B” (Players born between 1-Jan-2011 & 31 Dec 2011)
Category “C” (Players born between 1-Jan-2010 & 31 Dec 2010)
Category “D” (Players born between 1- Jan-2009 & 31 Dec 2009)
Category “E” (Players born between 1-Jan-2008 & 31 Dec 2008)
Category “F” (Players born between 1-Jan-2007 & 31 Dec 2007)
Category “G” (Players born between 1-Jan-2006 & 31 Dec 2006)
Category “H” (Players born between 1-Jan-2005 & 31 Dec 2005)
Category “I” (Players born between 1-Jan-2003 & 31 Dec 2004)
Category “J” (Players born between 1-Jan-1997 & 31 Dec 2002)

Five rounds were played in each category and the first three categories were won by BVS. While the fourth and fifth were won by Beacon house and Mama Parsi Girls respectively. Happy Home did bag a lot of accolades but could not finish on the top of any category after day one. Day two featured players not only from Karachi but from areas like Quetta, Badin, Lahore etc as well. There was no specific school that won more than one category and the J division was by far dominated by Quetta’s players as well. The Happy Home School still could not manage to win a single category.
The summarized results are as follows
Category A
• 1st Position: Ali Fahad – BVS Parsi High School
• 2nd Position: AmsalPunjwani – Saint Michael’s Convent School
• 3rd Position: Luksh Kumar – BVS Parsi High School
Category B
• Position 1: Ahmed Hussain Khan-BVS Parsi high School
• Position 2: Muhammad NafayMansoori- BVS Parsi high School
• Position 3: Mirza MohidAyas- Happy Home
Category C
• Position 1: Muhammad Fawaz Ahmed – BVS Parsi high School
• Position 2: Syed Maaz Hassan Faridi – BVS Parsi high School
• Position 3: Misha Muzammil-Happy Home
Category D
• Position 1: Huzaifa Faisal – Beaconhouse School System
• Position 2: SyedaHazila Rizwan-Mama Parsi Girls
• Position 3: Mir Salal Ahmed-Arts and Science Academy
Category E
• Position 1: SyedaAtika Fatima-Mama Parsi Girls
• Position 2: ManhamahMukarram- Happy Home
• Position 3: Rao Muhammad Khawer- Happy Home


Category F
• Position 1: Muhammad Aun Murtaza BVS-Parsi High School
• Position2:Ibrahim Kashif Shamim-Generation’s School
• Position3:Moviz Abdul Jabbar-Arts & Science Academy
Category G
• Position 1: SehaanOwais-Army Public School – Saddar
• Position 2:Zulfiqar Ali Quraishi BVS Parsi High School
• Position3:Mustafa-Pentagon Academy – Quetta
Category H
• Position 1:Burhanuddin Mandsorewala-Jaffar Public School
• Position 2: Monis Muhammad Qureshi-Happy Home School
• Position3:Abdul Haseeb Baig-Happy Home School
Category I
• Position1: Rumaisa Waseem-Generation’s School
• Position2:Abdullah Ayoob-Army Public School – Badin
• Position3:Muhammad Ali Jawwad-BVS Parsi High School
Category J
• Position 1:Syed Muhammad Saqlain-BYSA – Quetta
• Position 2: Abdullah Amir-Happy Home School
• Position 3: Abbas Ali-BYSA – Quetta
Day two of the prize winners interestingly featured prize-winners from Quetta, Badin and Lahore as well clearly showing that Scrabble is being promoted in all corners of Pakistan actively. Sarfaraz Ahmed (Captain of Quetta Gladiators) gave out the trophies to the winners.Mr. Ansar Burney was day one’s chief guest.Former Pakistan’s test cricketers, Sohail Khan and Khurram Manzoor made a special appearance while Mr. Nadeem Omar(Owner of Quetta Gladiators) and Sarfaraz Ahmed came as chief guests on day two.All the top three prize winners were awarded with souvenirs and a gift hamper from Dollar. Moreover, the players who won the first prize are also given with the VIP passes of the opening game of the PSL and will also be invited on the official dinner of with the players and officials of Quetta Gladiators on 18th February. The players coming between 4-10 place were also given wth medals as well.

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