Tax of 36 billion rupees imposed on tobacco is highly appreciable:Zeeshan Danish

Islamabad(Cliff News)According to the presidential ordinance, taxes of 36 billion rupees imposed on tobacco and cigarettes are highly commendable.Allience of more than 100 active members organizations Coalition for Tobacco Control – Pakistan (CTC-Pak) appreciates the move of increasing the price of tobacco from Rs.10 to Rs.390 per kg and increasing the duty on branded cigarettes. CTC-Pak hopes that the government will not reduce the price. Due to the increase in the price of tobacco, cigarettes and other tobacco products will be out of the purchasing power of the people and it is believed that this will reduce the consumption of tobacco products, which will lighten the additional burden on the health budget of the country. Annual tobacco-related deaths will be reduced and new users will be discouraged. This initiative of the government is highly commendable.CTC Pak Coordinator Zeeshan Danish further said that along with the increase in price, the government should also discourage the tobacco industry in other sectors as its cultivation also has bad effects on the environment, including large-scale pollution. These include water use, deforestation, pollution of air and water systems. Being a developing country, tobacco harms us on other fronts as well, including food insecurity. Perpetuity of such moves will definitely help in reducing the use of tobacco especially among youth.

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