Print and digital media are fastest tool of modern diplomacy: Indonesian CG

Mr. Totok Prianmato, Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia, hosted a dinner in honor of senior journalist;s  at a local hotel.
Karachi(Cliff News)Mr Totok Prianmato, Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia invited senior journalists for a session of media talk which was followed by a dinner in Karachi.Speaking at the dinner gathering, Indonesian CG said that the bilateral relationship between Pakistan and Indonesia is increasing fast with each passing day.“Both countries enjoys brotherly and friendly relations since the start of diplomatic ties in 1951 and this bond is strengthening further”, Prianmato said.Indonesian CG also told the journalists that “Working as the official representative of Indonesia for the Sindh Province, one of my key task is to nurture and boost up the brotherly relations between Indonesia and Pakistan in all fields of interest including economy, trade, investments and people-to-people contact, effective 
communication with journalists community etc that shall benefit both countries.”“Sindh Province, especially Karachi, is a very important post for Indonesia, notably in the economic, trade and investment sectors. As Karachi is the largest city with 2 sea ports, its holds immediate importance as the main entry point of Indonesia’s products to Pakistan’s market,” Indonesian envoy said further.Talking about the role of media in today’s world, Indonesian CG said that media is playing a strong role in diplomacy whether it is a public diplomacy or state diplomacy, media has transformed diplomacy from being closed to open.
“Print media and also now digital media are the fastest growing tools of modern diplomacy”, Totok added.The Indonesian CG also requested all media friends to continue their unending support and contribution to the Consulate General of Indonesia in Karachi.In this regard, the role of media in covering various activities organized by both Indonesia and Pakistan will greatly assist in strengthening bilateral relations between the two brotherly countries.President Karachi Press Club, Imtiaz Faran, Secretary KPC Armaan Sabir and other senior journalists were also present during the gathering.

Law and literature are similar in many ways:Asif Saeed Khousa


Karachi(Cliff News)“In last 22 years we dealt with 57 thousand cases. Whether it’s military court case or panama case, Asia Malona case or former Prime Minister Gillani case we resorted to the literary figure’s famous sayings, deciding all the cases” these thoughts were expressed by the former chief justice of Pakistan Asif Saeed Khousa in the opening ceremony of  three day literature festival held at Arts council Karachi. Former chief justice Asif Saeed Khousa further said “many judges including me are interested in art & literature and I am planning to return back to this way. Law and literature are similar in many ways”. On the moment addressing to the audience president arts council Muhammad Ahmed Shah said we support to those organizations that are serving to Urdu literature. The prominent literary personalities such as Muhtaq Ahmed Yosufi and Jameel uddin Aali are no more with us but their name will always live in the history of Urdu literature”. Further he said that last year Ameena Saiyid started organizing the Adab festival which is now running successfully. On the occasion of the inauguration ceremony of 2nd Adab festival former Pakistan’s Representative to the United Nation Maleeha Lodhi , in her speech said “Together with the intellectuals we need to create the positive image of Pakistan globally. We have to make our foreign policy according to the global approach of each country”. In the opening ceremony, Founder of Adab Festival Ameena Saiyid said “The literature festival was founded a decade ago which has now become a thriving tree. I am glad that this literature festival is covering a wide variety of topics” Along with the literary & political personalities like Asif Farukhi, Shaiyma Syed, Iftikhar Arif, Kishwar Naheed, Stefan Winkler ,former foreign minister Hina Rabbani Khar, I.G Sindh Kaleem Imam,  this event was attended by a massive number of literature lovers. On the occasion a puppet show was presented by THE THESPIANZ THEATRE and poetry of Habib Jalib was beautifully presented by the young musicians & singers. The day was concluded with the Qawali performance of famous qawal Abu Mohammad and Fareed Ayaz.

  Seeme Productions opens doors to offices in the UK and UAE

Seeme Productions opens doors to offices in the UK and UAE.

Karachi(Cliff News)One of the largest independent production houses in Pakistan, Seeme Productions, has expanded its business and creative services to the international market, now operating in the UK and UAE.This expansion comes intending to take this independent business venture to the next step portraying Pakistan on the production map worldwide and introduce Pakistani industry talent to the world. Seeme is now providing enhanced production facilities in the UK and UAE as part of its strategy to promote the production of global content, bringing work opportunities to Pakistan, and also providing the directors with the opportunity to deliver on the international market.Speaking about this new step, the CEO, Mr. Naveed Arshad, said, “Seeme has always been aspirational, and going international is a part of that aspiration. The UK and UAE market is flourishing, and this provides the perfect opportunity for us to create a customer base abroad as well. At the start of this new decade, we hope that we can continue to deliver the same high standard of quality and reliability we are known for in Pakistan and take our vision abroad.”Seeme’s step also opens doors for Pakistan to become a production hub, and to prove its mettle and potential in the international market. Seeme’s new premise will strengthen its operations and create an even more comprehensive business offering for the production specialists.

About Seeme:

Seeme Productions was the brain-child of Seemeen and Naveed Arshad. It started as a small production house with a core team of six individuals. Still, despite its humble beginnings, today, Seeme Production is ranked as one of the most highly esteemed companies in Pakistan. At See’Me, we believe in providing solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Indonesian Women Association and CG visited Al Umeed Rehabilitation


Karachi(Cliff News)As one of their social welfare program on world disable day, the Indonesian Women Association of the Indonesian Consulate General, Karachi (Dharma Wanita Persatuan) visited Al Umeed Rehabilitation Association (AURA), Karachi, the nonprofit charitable organization, on December 12, 2019. This visit is also to commemorate of the 20th anniversary of the Indonesian Women Association.The purpose of Indonesian Women Association to visit Al Umeed is to recognize a non- profit charitable organization that offers specialized interdisciplinary Treatment, Rehabilitation, Special & Inclusive Education services for children and young adults suffering from Cerebral Palsy. The Indonesian Consulate General has sharing the same feelings towards what the children felt made them come to Al-Umeed to share happiness.During the visit Mrs. Ani Totok Prianamto, wife of Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia in Karachi with other members of the Women Association admired Munizeh Ali Habib, President of AURA and the staff of AURA for their noble work.Mrs. Ani Totok Prianamto on her remarks acknowledged their hard work, passion and appreciated them for their enormous effort which they put in to run this Centre.The members of Women Association visited different sections of AURA such as therapy room, art section, computer section, exercise room, swimming pool and vocational room where children prepare many things with their abilities like paintings, embroidery on cloths, jute bags, hair bands etc., which AURA exhibit on different occasion.The visit reflects social and humanitarian concern of the Indonesian Women Association and is part of their commitment to spread the message of love, care, and benevolence to the disabled community in Pakistan, which in turn will strengthen cordial relations between two brotherly countries.


Intbau Pakistan’s three day International Conference successfully ends in Karachi

Participants of panel discussion after the conclusion of discussion

Karachi(Cliff News)Day three of the international conference on green architecture Earth and Heritage Calling – The case of Makli and Karachi successfully closed here today at Beach Luxury Hotel. Prior to the session a digital exhibition on Karachi’s Historic Architecture and Malaysia’s Colonial Period was declared open, as part of the conference. The inauguration began with recitation from the Holy Quran by    . Mr Mumtaz Ali Shah, chief secretary government of Pakistan addressed the audience, followed by his excellency Mike Nithavrianakis, British Deputy High Commissioner. Accompanied by Robert Adam chair INTBAU, Harriet Wennberg executive director INTBAU, Hamdan Majeed executive Director Think City, the guests of honour inaugurated the exhibition brought about by the efforts of ace Pakistani photographers Amean J and Tapu Javeri, and Future Architects, Think City, coordinated by veteran architect and photographer, Tariq Qaiser.The fifth and final session then formally began with Tariq Qaisar member executive committee, INTBAU Pakistan giving the introduction. Chief guest Asad Umar chair standing committee on finance, revenue and economic affairs gave the opening remarks. Prof. Pervaiz Vandal author and rector, Institute of Art and Design, Lahore then delivered the keynote lecture on Colonial Architecture in Lahore: input by the ‘native’. Duncan Cave chair INTBAU Malaysia/Think City) then gave the keynote lecture on Malaysia and British Period Architecture.Yasmeen Lari member of CHF International advisory committee gave an introduction to the Commonwealth Heritage Forum on behalf of Philip Davis, chair CHF.A panel discussion featuring Ameena Saiyid, Muneeza Shamsie, Iftikhar Shallwani, Tapu Javeri and Nighat Mir then took place.The session came to an end with concluding remarks by the session chair




Performing arts personalities envoys nation’s soft image:Thai Consul General

Mr. Thatree Chauvachata, Consul General of Thailand, hosted a dinner in honor of the selected members of the TV and Film fraternity of Pakistan at his residence. Photo shows Mr. Apipan Cheecharoen, deputy Consul General, Mr. Humayun Saeed, Mr Farhan Agha, Ms.Maria Wasti, Mr. Nadeem Baig, Ms.Erum Khan, Ms.Mona J, Mrs. Shahnaz Ramzi, Mr. Kanaporn Apinonkul, Country Manager Thai Airways and Mr Mobin Ansari, with host.

Karachi(Cliff News)The sharing of films, music and drama are the best means to project a country and its culture. The practitioners of performing arts should have good personal ties with counter parts in other countries. The Consul General of the Kingdom of Thailand in Karachi,Thatree Chauvachata, made these remarks at a dinner hosted by him exclusively for prominent showbiz personalities in the city. Humayun Saeed, Farhan Agha, Maria Wasti, Erum Khan, Mona J, Nadeem Baig, Shahnaz  Ramzi, besides several others attended the reception.     The Thai consul general said he would like to foster better relations and deeper understanding between Thailand and Pakistan by acting as a conduit between the performing artistes of the two countries. He said he was glad to see that Pakistan’s showbiz industry was a vibrant one and Pakistani artistes should act as brand ambassadors of their nation.He said that Thailand and Pakistan both possessed unique natural beauty and picturesque spots besides tourism sites. The showbiz industry of both countries should explore these avenues and also go for joint productions which would be mutually beneficial for both countries. He added that the Thai consulate in Karachi would always facilitate such efforts.Humayun Saeed said the idea had merit and should be explored. Farhan Agha was of the opinion that Pakistani dramas were second to none and need to be introduced to other countries of the region. He said Thai production houses would find Pakistan a good venue for joint productions.Thai Airways Country Manager Kanaporn Apinonkul speaking on the occasion said the increase in two-way traffic between Pakistan and Thailand demanded more additional flights from Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, particularly the federal capital.

INTBAU Pakistan’s Conference on green architecture

Participants, delegates and students at the Intbau conference.JPG

Makli(Cliff News) Session three, day two of INTBAU (International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism) Pakistan’s three-day conference spread of five sessions began here bright and early in the morning, with delegates coming in bus-fulls to ZC3, the venue of the conference for the first two days, and with many others having stayed the previous night at Makli .

With the bamboo structure of the Zero Carbon Centre colourfully decorated in green and blue the guests arriving for the first time at the venue were taken aback by the impressive arrangements made in the middle of an erstwhile beggars’ village – especially by the mud and bamboo living accommodations made for over 80 delegates and 40 students who stayed overnight.The master of ceremonies for the entire conference, joint secretary INTBAU Pakistan, Shanaz Ramzi  formally began the session with recitation from the Holy Quran by a student. Murad Jamil, Honarary Secretary, INTBAU Pakistan then welcomed all the delegates. Mr Sardar Ali Shah, Minister for Culture, Government of Sindh then addressed the gathering and appreciated the efforts of INTBAU Pakistan in making this international conference possible and highlighting Makli in the process.The speakers lined up for the third session included James Green of Richard Griffiths Architects who spoke about Zero Carbon ateliers.    Lisa Skillen, a ceramist from Australia spoke about glazed ceramics and terracotta ateliers, while Celeste Sangster of World Habitat briefed delegates about Pakistan Chulah and the award it won, Dr Gwynn Jenkins from Malaysia spoke about heritage safeguarding while Sadia Fazli (Registrar PCATP) spoke about the engagement of students in such activities.The next few hours were spent in demonstrations by artisans and hands-on work learning the techniques being adopted by the trained village folk to do kashi work, and working with bamboo and earth, as well as restoration work at 17th c. tomb of Munir Maghfoori.

. The workshops were as under.

  • Earth wall techniques
  • Earth plasters
  • Thatching technique
  • Lime slaking methods and mixing  
  • Bamboo techniques
  • Prefabricated panel-making
  • Erection of LOG (Lari OctaGreen)
  • Preparation for terracotta/kashi (ceramics)
  • Painting, Glaze application, finishing for terracotta/kashi products
  • Traditional kiln firing
  • Making organic earth for plantation
  • Box plantation, Azzolla and green fodder
  • Mother earth products: organic briquette for fuel, natural soap, bamboo charcoal toothpaste, organic compost
  • Pakistan Chulah making and decorating


  • Scientific cleaning of stone elements using natural soap
  • Ground cleaning
  • Repairs and stabilization of stone graves
  • Use of lime

After a break for lunch session four began with senior architect, Nayyar Ali Dada briefing about architecture in Pakistan, while Prof. Dr Noman Ahmad dean NED University moderated a general discussion involving all delegates – both national and international — and students.The various workshop facilitators which included Danish Zuby, Dr Bhai Khan Sher, Ramiz Baig, Shahid Khan, Arif Belgaumi, Safeeyah Moosa, Prof. Dr. Samra Khan, Prof. Dr. Anila Naeem, Saba Samee, Azhar Sualehi, Wafa Shah, Mujahid Sadiq, Tapu Javeri, Moyena Niazi, Marvi Mazhar, Azmat Ali Khan, Mariam Ghaznavi, Irtiza Ahmed, Sofia Mir, Mohd. Eesa, Hashim Ashraf, Fareeda Ghaffar, Tanya Ali Soomro, and Noor-ul-Huda who had been overseeing the activities then presented their learnings. Shama Usman concluded the presentations.Ar. Yawar Jilani then concluded the session with the Way Forward.After refreshments, chief minister, Government of Sindh and senator Sassui Palijo joined the conference. Ar. Khadija Jamal chairperson IAP-BAE and member executive committee INTBAU Pakistan gave the welcome note.Arif Changezi president Institute of Architects Pakistan spoke about Engagement of architects in development while Amir Nazir Chaudhry vice chairperson Architecture PCATP spoke about Architects and planners’ role in meeting SDGs.Harriet Wennberg executive director INTBAU dwelt on the Way Forward, after which Safeeyah Moosa CE Spiritual Chords, South Africa spoke about Zero Carbon for Africa.Finally, Yasmeen Lari addressed the session and briefed the participants and delegates about her Foundation’s work in Makli and with local communities.Mementoes and certificates were then distributed among the delegates by senator Sassui Palijo.Hadi Ali Rizvi member executive committee INTBAU Pakistan delivered vote of thanks.