11th Karachi Literature Festival promotes habit of reading and healthy discourse:Shafqat Mehmood

Karachi (Cliff News)Federal Minister for education and Professional training Mr Shafqat Mehmood stated about 11th Karachi Literature Festival is a very exhilarating experience for me. I have never seen so many literary icons in one place and it is a real honour to be able to meet them and discuss issues of common interest. The very richness of this occasion fascinates me and creates in me the wish that instead of being a former bureaucrat and now a minister, I should also have followed the profession of art and literature and expressed my thoughts and feelings in a free-flowing manner.”“As you would be aware, the subject of education is a major priority for the government of Prime Minister Imran Khan and he has given me special instructions to make education viable and progressive if Pakistan is to move ahead on the path of national development. It is events like the Karachi Literature Festival that greatly enable our government to further the cause of education because these events promote the habit of reading and healthy discourse between individuals of all ages.”The Karachi Literature Festival is a three-day event being held on 28, 29 February and March 1. After the inauguration, on 28 February, the following two days of the Festival will comprise full days of discussions, talks, readings, author signings, art exhibition, performances, talks and discussions, etc. A food court and book fair have also been set up at the Festival.The theme of the Festival this year is ‘Across Continents: How the Word Travels.’ As every year for the past ten years, the purpose of KLF is to bring together international and Pakistani writers to promote reading and showcase writing at its best.Earlier, in his welcome address, Mr. Arshad Saeed Hussain, Managing Director, Oxford University Press Pakistan, said, “The institution I head is, by its nature, deeply involved in the process of educating Pakistan. I would suggest to you that an event like the eleventh KLF we are inaugurating today, is part and parcel of that process. By bringing together scholars, intellectuals, artists, writers, and policy makers to engage in discussion over many issues, we are creating living examples of Critical Thinking to place before you. By testing and sharpening new and maybe challenging ideas, we are encouraging innovative thinking and promoting Thought Leadership. In this festive spirit, we continue to encourage the habit of reading among young and old alike.” He further added, “KLF brings us together to express ourselves creatively and to engage with the fast changing political situations that surround us, through literature, music, poetry, songs, visual performing arts and other genres. KLF is a platform for people to speak in an open and free forum in celebration of the human spirit in all its forms.”The Guest of Honour, H. E. Dr Christian Turner CMG, British High Commissioner to Pakistan, spoke on the occasion of his very interesting experience of being in Pakistan and his deep fascination with the country’s cultural identity. Remarks were also made on the occasion by Jason Green, Public Affairs Officer, US Consulate, and Ms. Anna Ruffino, Consul General of Italy in Karachi, while Keynote Speeches were delivered by Mr. William Dalrymple, author and historian, and Ms. Zaheda Hina, Urdu short story writer and playwright.Several book awards instituted by KLF were also announced on the occasion. These comprised:KLF-Infaq Foundation Urdu Literature Prize. The books shortlisted for this prize were Chaar Darwesh aur Aik Kachwa by Syed Kashif Raza, Ae Falak-e-Na Insaf by Hasan Manzar and Sindhi Adab: Aik Mukhtasir Tareekh by Attiya Dawood. The winner was Ae Falak-e-Na Insaf by Hasan Manzar. The jury comprised Mr Asghar Nadeem Syed, Dr Nasir Abbas Nayyar, and Mr Hameed Shahid.KLF-Getz Pharma Fiction Prize. The shortlisted books were Call Me Al by Sheheryar Sheikh, The Miraculous True History of Nomi Ali by Uzma Aslam Khan, Red Birds by Mohammed Hanif and The Selected Works of Abdullah the Cossack by H M Naqvi. Red Birds by Mohammed Hanif won the Prize. The jury of the prize comprised Mr Ghazi Salahuddin, Ms Hoori Noorani and Dr Nadya Chishty-Mujahid.KLF-HabibMetro Non-Fiction Prize. The books short-listed comprised Interpretation of Jihad in South Asia by Tariq Rahman, The Parliament of Pakistan by Mehboob Hussain, and From Kargil to the Coup by Nasim Zehra. Interpretation of Jihad in South Asia by Tariq Rahman was declared the winning entry. The jury of the Prize comprised Dr Syed Jaffar Ahmed, Mr Zafar Hilaly and Mr Muhammad Ali Siddiqi.The Awards function was followed by a Kathak performance by Zahshanné Malik titled ‘A Tribute to Perveen Shakir’.The first day of the KLF featured a session ‘The Story of Qawwali’ based on a talk by Ally Adnan which was interspersed with performances by Ghayoor-Moiz-Mustafa Qawwal, Farid Ayaz and Abu Mohammad. A discussion was held on ‘Education in Pakistan: A Roller Coaster Ride’ and featured Shafqat Mahmood, Asad Ali Shah, Amjad Waheed and Shahid Siddiqui as speakers. Baela Raza Jamil moderated the discussion.A discussion titled ‘Challenges to International Diplomacy Today’ was also held on the opening day of KLF. The panellists included Christian Turner, Shahid Amin and Tariq Waseem Ghazi and Shaheen Salahuddin was the Moderator. A session titled ‘Women of Substance’ was also organized centering around the lives of Fatima Jinnah, Benazir Bhutto and Asma Jehangir. Participants in the discussion were Victoria Schofield, Sheema Kirmani and Karamat Ali.  The moderator was Fouzia Saeed.The Atlantic Muse by the Arabian Sea: Poetry in English’ featured poetry recitations by emerging as well as established poets like Adrian Husain, Arfa Ezazi, Farida Faizullah, Fatima Ijaz, Harris Khalique, Ilona Yusuf, Maya Nadeem, Peerzada Salman, Sadaf Halai and Tehmina Ahmed. 

About Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press (OUP) is a department of the University of Oxford. It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. OUP Pakistan is committed to promoting the reading culture and to improving the intellectual content of life in Pakistan. It has an extensive school and college textbook publishing programme which addresses the need for books that are both of high quality and specific to the environment. It has gained a reputation for publishing well-researched academic and general books which are considered to be authoritative and definitive works on Pakistan.

About Karachi Literature Festival

Karachi Literature Festival (KLF) seeks to create an intellectual space in which the diversity and pluralism in Pakistan’s society and that expressed by authors from literary and cultural traditions beyond Pakistan’s borders can be freely accessible to people in an open and participatory manner.



MSB Educational Institute organized “Annual Fair 2020”

Karachi(Cliff News)MSB Educational Institute Haidery North Nazimabad organized the “Annual Fair 2020″on the topic of ‘ Mumineen around the world’. The Fair highlighted the journey of the Dawoodi Bohra Community from early days to the
modern era.Engineer Najeeb Haroo, MNA, was the chief guest of the event.The uniqueness of the fair was in the fact that every aspect of research,planning,creation and lay out was prepared by the students of the school and the organising class, std 8 did an amazing job.The journey of Mumineen ie the Dawoodi Bohra Community spread around the world right from Egypt to Yemen to IndoPak and onwards towards Africa, the Middle East and then to USA and Canada.The perils of migration from India to Pakistan with dramatics extended the emotional experience to every visitor.Africa business model was being discussed by students explaining the opportunities and growth in the dark continent. Higher education in Australia, IT and technological growth in the USA with the use of technology during Ashrah discourses of Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin (TUS) was explained by the students.The challenges faced in the Middle East and the maintaining of the integral Bohra culture of FMB (distribution of food) in the cold weather of Canada was impressively enacted by the little children.This was not all, visitors entered the Food Court serving the international cuisine of all the countries with mouth watering delicacies to be served to all.The Fair highlighted that the diversity of each culture with their costumes, climate and food, is adopted by the Dawoodi Bohra community yet maintaining their individual culture in every part of the world.The spread of the community has not only been for education business and livelihood but Mumineen
have played an important part in the social, cultural and economic growth of their homeland.The Fair highlighted the integrity in the diversity is attained by the guidance of our Maula Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin whose Dua and Raza makes life easy through the travails of time.The pre primary students conducted an open day for the parents and visitors highlighting each and every activity they go through the whole day where learning through play is the attractive factor for little children.The schools achievements in the field of Art, Sports and Co-curricular activities play an active role in the holistic development leading to higher education.The school’s Higher education program offers scholarships to meritorious students for University education also.The Fair was visited by students and their parents, friends and family, students of other schools dignitaries such as MNA Najeeb Haroon, Justice Qamruddin, Michael Pearson, government officials,Chancellors of prestigious Universities Mrs Seema Mughal, Dr Valiuddin , Prof Rafi ul Haq, Prof Shahab Siddiqui, Prof Farhat Naz, who lauded the efforts of the children as “ Par Excellent “ .The students confidence and command over the English language along with their mother tongue was especially appreciated by respectable MNA Mr Najeeb Haroon who was impressed by the presentation and research done by the students.

Teacher’s Literature Festival encourages the learning Pakistan needs


Photo Release Day-3 TLF - Teacher’s Literature Festival encourages the learning Pakistan needs (23 Jan,2020)Lahore(Cliff News)The 6th Teacher’s Literature Festival (TLF) was held at the Children’s Library Complex by Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITA). TLF, a tribute to International Education day 2020. With the attendance of over 2000 teachers, the festival was filled with excitement and eagerness to learn different ways of teaching and delivering material effectively during classes. TLF started in 2014 with the Board of Directors of CLF wanting to engage teachers in the process of loving literature as well. 70% of the teachers attending TLF were from primary classes of government schools travelling from all over Lahore.CLF Advisor of the Children’s Literature Festival (CLF), Rumana Husain expressed her enthusiasm saying “We hope that teachers will take what they learn today and implement it to create a more inclusive and creative learning environment for our children.”“This is such a fruitful platform to train the teachers and encourage them to pass on the information, not only to students but other teachers and school management as well,” said the teachers attending from Government Islamia Higher Secondary School. Sessions from the day included; theater and learning by Atif Badar, how to make book launches more impactful by OUP, a source of learning for students by Khaled Anam, Sarwat Mohiuddin and Raheela Baqai, connecting nature to reading for ECE teachers, the art of bookmaking, how to do a CLF in your school by CLF/ITA team, sign language workshop, critical thinking: 3Cs by TCF, understanding language for literature by Fiona Robertson, Suno Kahani Kaho Kahani by Rumana Husain and OloTatolo, digital learning by Edkasa, Cinema Ghar;what films can do for our children’s learning, and Science Tunnel by Khawarizimi Science.Other resource persons from the day included; Dr Arfa Syeda Zehra, Sadia Sarmad, Akbar Zia, Batool Nasir, Bina Jawwad, Tooba Malik and Ayesha Kitchlew.CLF Advisor and CEO ITA Dr Baela Raza Jamil said, “TLF is a critical part of the social movement on reframing education and learning as well as creating content for meaningful education in Pakistan.”With the ending of such lively two days of the Children’s Literature Festival, the Teacher’s Literature Festival ensured an even more inspiring closing to the festivities of learning. With that, the CLF team leaves Lahore in hope of a change in thinking and systems of education with an emphasis on literature.

Children’s agency remains at full swing at CLF Lahore

CLF Lahore Photo Release 2 (Day 2) - Children’s agency remains at full swing at CLF Lahore (Jan 22, 2020)

Lahore(Cliff News)After the two exhilarating days of literature celebrations of Lahore, the 64thChildren’s Literature Festival (CLF) wrapped up at Children’s Library Complex on Wednesday with children’s participation and agency being the most vibrant aspects of the fun-filled event.The two-day event organized by civil society organization Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITA) and sponsored by Oxford University Press (OUP) Pakistan, Open Society Foundations (OSF), Oxfam, British Council, Life Skills for Kids (LSK), Lahore Grammar School and Roots Millennium School.The co-hosts, sponsors and partners of CLF Lahore were also pleased to see such a great turnout in the event held in the capital. They all pledged to continue their efforts in improving the means and outcomes of learning for the children.On the second day, Amjad Islam Amjad visited CLF as a special guest and engaged with the kids on the importance of literature and creative writing. He also distributed his signature pens as a souvenir for young writers and encouraged all the aspirants to use the power of pen to change the world.Children’s agency remained at full swing at CLF Lahore 2020 as they were at the center of the two-day festivities at the Children’s Library Complex. The literature festival received a huge response from students, teachers and the general public as over 30,000 children attended the event. Schools from distant districts like Kasur, Faislabad, Gujrat and Sheikhupura also participated in the event.“This is not co-curricular activity but Children’s Literature Festival is Mainstream Curriculum,” said the Minister Food Punjab Sami Ullah Chaudhary, as he heard the young authors and read their writings. This was the best tribute to the Children’s Literature Festival (CLF). He further said that “CLF is indeed mainstream curriculum where reading, creativity, Science, Math, heritage, technology, theatre, music and movement is being promoted for making “Learning” happen. He said ‘when a child learns in this mode, she/he never forgets, the dots begin to connect – the truth begins to illuminate. This is an unforgettable and largest learning event for children that I have ever seen!”At least 80 sessions were held at CLF Lahore with over 125 resource persons and 36 partner institutions who were a part of the learning activities. Learning was at the heart of the two-day festival, CLF was packed with Augment reality sessions, robotics, pottery making from Harrapa, toy making, Science Fuse, Kitabgari, Alif Laila Book Bus activities, theatre workshops, open mic sessions, Cinema Ghar, Dastan-Goi, puppet shows, book launches, science activities, STEM workshops and experiments and exhibition, panel discussions, history of coins by State Bank of Pakistan and many more activities organized for the children. Child poets from Sanjan Nagar schools impressed the audience with an energetic Moshaira. Moreover, there were insightful and thought provoking panel discussions on topics concerning children’s literature, heritage and child rights.The second day’s morning session saw the main ground packed with children who were being entertained by non-verbal storytelling session through animations by Fauzia Minallah followed by sing-along session with Khaled Anam, a wonderful puppet show by Rafi Peer that was the main attraction of children and theater workshop by Atif Badar.Bano Qudsia room had several panel discussions in which one of the session was about Child Protection “Hamari Hifazat Kaun Karay Ga”. During the discussion CLF Ambassador, famous host and panelist of the session Juggun Kazim, ardently stressed on the rising concerns and alarming cases of child abuse and how we all need to knit together against it. There was a unanimous spirit of spreading maximum awareness and fighting this evil to make the society more amicable for our younger generation. CLF Advisor, Rumana Husain had wonderful session on history of Lahore and its heritage, creative writing and also she launched a book named “The Winged One”.The room titled Karwan-e-Iqbal had sessions through the day varying from storytelling to talks on Truck Art, Craft and Literature and innovative approaches to learn poetry. Suno Kahani Meri Zubaani was also there that was the main attraction to promote Urdu as a language alongside giving children valuable input on morals and ethics. Iqbal Shah from Shaman family of Kailsah joined CLF to narrate stories from the children’s literature from Kailaash.Faiz Ghar Auditorium had theater performances by Sanjan Nagar School, puppet show by Alif Laila, drum circle, theater performances by kids, theater competition by Khaled Anam. The CLF also gave special tribute to Fehmida Riaz, the poet-author who had been associated with CLF since its inception in 2011 and wrote many beautiful books for children. While in Waris Shah ki Baithak OUP had a full-day activity on the art of bookmaking.In other spaces CLF was packed with Augment reality sessions, robotics, pottery making from Harrapa, toy making, Science Fuse, Kitabgari and Alif Laila Book Bus activities.ITA CEO and CLF founder Baela Raza Jamil expressed great delight over the successful event. She said that it is very encouraging to see all these young faces excited to broaden their knowledge. “This is a dream come true that we have managed two amazing days in Lahore. We encourage and celebrate the joy of literacy and welcome anyone with an interest in children’s literature to join us. The festival went really well and I am thankful to all of the sponsors and partners for their support and love,” she added.With the success of 64th CLF held in Lahore, it has become the largest social movement for children’s learning in Pakistan. Through these interesting and interactive activities, CLF Lahore promoted the ideas of multilingualism, girls’ education, children’s literature, multiculturalism, diversity, sustainable lifestyles, tolerance, and gender equality, among others. Having a nationwide footprint with a reach of over 1.4 million children, CLFs continue to promote a culture of learning, focusing on creativity, imagination and multi-sensory stimulation, and not just on school textbooks, tests and examinations.

64th CLF kicks off in Lahore with a bang

CLF Lahore Photo Release (Day 1) - 64thChildren’s Literature Festival kicks off in Lahore with a bang (Jan 21, 2020)

Lahore(Cliff News)Day 1 of the two-day programme of 64th Children’s Literature Festival CLF culminated here today at the Children Library Complex Lahore, with 1000s of children, teachers and families participating with great spirit in over 50 sessions. CLF is the largest children’s learning festival of the country! Graced inclusively by government, private, and special schools it is created a positive narrative for learning through feelings and inquiry for ALL in Pakistan. Nearly 10,000 children attended the festival on the first day.Punjab Minister Food, Sami ullah Chaudary inaugurated the 64th Children’s Literature Festival (CLF) cutting the ribbon of a beautiful installation celebrating the theme and tarana of the CLF “Hamein Kitab Chahiye”. The festival’s inauguration at the CLC Main Ground or the “Walled City Lahore Gardens – “Nai Reesan Shehr Lahore Diyan” mesmerized the entire audience with brilliant renditions by the children from Government Special School Choubarji and Shahdab School, two young authors who share their writings in Urdu and English, and the Sanjan Nagar School students of Faiz Ahmed Faiz poetry. The Minister whilst presenting the CLF Awards to longstanding CLF unique resource persons said. “Today is a very special day for me; I want to be a child once again- let us all work for the learning beyond the narrow text books culture”. Commenting on the event, Ms. Talat Fatemah Naqvi, member of the Provincial Assembly of Punjab said, I am just awe struck at the scale and beauty of this festival – the only one of this kind in Pakistan.Earlier Dr. Fauzia Saeed, Director General Pakistan National Cultural Academy (PNCA) invited as the Guest of Honor, said that CLF is a powerful platform that celebrates diversity and learning! She said “I am overwhelmed each time by this unique festival for children committed to enhancing the love of reading and critical thinking among children through beautifully crafted storytelling, creative writing, illustrations, theatre, music, puppet shows, digital, robotics and STEM workshops, book launches and book fairs.The festival opened with multiple sessions taking place simultaneously making it very difficult to make choices by children and teachers alike as they hopped from one segment to another in a bid to attend as many as possible within the same time slot, learning the rich ideas.Whilstouncing the need to celebrate learning, reading, storytelling, and children focused activities, Baela RazaJamil, CEO ITA and founder CLF said, “We are back today with the tilsm / magic of CLF all due to the efforts of over 40 amazing partners and 130 valuable and celebrity resource persons present making our children happy; multiplying the love for stories, storytelling, reading and inquiry for expanding our imagination. Good things happen when we work together for them to happen,” she said, adding that books, literature as performing arts and science as interactive inquiry of nature through all senses broadened the minds of our children and teachers to new and fresh ideas. To honor and encourage our teachers the Teachers’ Literature Festival will be held to foster professional development and multiply the CLF in the classrooms on January 23, 2020 from 9:00 -3:00 p.m. The first day saw the Main Stage packed with kids interested in the atre conducted by Khaled Anam, AtifBadar to storytelling sessions by Suno Kahani Mari Zubaani and through the mural of love by Fauzia Minallahan open mic session for students” bolkay lab Azad hein teray” and a concert titled “Rocking Timeless Poetry by Ali Noor, Ali Hamza and Rakae Jamil”.The Shakespeare Hall held dramatic storytelling, puppet show by Alif Laila Book Bus Society, and Shair o Shairi ,Mushaira by Sanjan Nagar school students. Bano Qudsia held book launches by a 7 year old Zahra Bokhari and first time author Anam Khan along with Sign Language Facilitation and panel discussions. In Waris Shah di Baithak 1, full-day activity on the art of bookmaking was held by OUP’s team. FaizGhar Auditorium had Theatrical performance by Sanjan Nagar Students, theater performance by Rafi Peer and development through astronomy in Pakistan by Cosmic Perspectives. Digital Pakistan and Arfa Karim room featured digital various digital activates and session Safe Internet by ITA team.Karwan-e-Iqbal held public speaking workshop, History of Lahore by Rumana Husain, Critical thinking and creativity, storytelling session of folktales of Kalaash were narrated by the ‘Shaman- .from the beautiful Kalash Valley and  Khurshid Khan an amazing school teacher from Peshawar.The programmesat Abdus Salam hadrich learning spaces with daylong activities including robowars by Oxbridge, the amazing LHC tunnel by Khwarizmi Society, Robotronics, Science Fuse and heritage activities by State Bank of Pakistan Museum teams. Potters, paper making, wooden toys experts, arts and crafts and three mobile libraries from CLF and Alif Laila Book Bus Society enthralled Ghar had everyone.Cinema film screenings from Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy (SOC) Films, Quaid say Batein, many others.CLF Lahore has been generously supported by the Children Library Complex, School Education Department Punjab, Oxford University Press (OUP), Open Society Foundations, Oxfam, the British Council Library, Life Skills for Kids (LSK), Lahore Grammar School and Roots Millennium Schools.CLF promotes creativity, imagination and responsible citizenship through multi-sensory stimulation both in and beyond classrooms and textbooks, a truly unique platform that practically illustrates ways of motivating children to learn through self-expression, tolerance and critical thinking.CLF continues to spread the love of learning and propagation  practically as the largest learning festival for children and teachers in Pakistan promoting multiple intelligences; being held from Mithi, Turbat and Muzaffargarh to Lahore, Peshawar, Karachi  & Islamabad since 2011-Lahore marks the 64th CLF.Entry is free for all-Children as the VIPs of the CLF and adults must be accompanied by them. 

 64th Children’s Literature Festival kick off 21st January 2020

Lahore(Cliff News)The two-day 64th Children’s Literature Festival (CLF) and one-day 7th teacher’s Literature Festival (TLF) will be held on January 21-23, 2020 at the Children Library Complex (CLC), Lahore. CLF was first launched at Lahore in November 2011 at the same venue. The CLF is a flagship program of Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITA)founded by Baela Jamil , CEO of ITA and co-founded by Ameena Saiyid an icon in publishing promoting the love of learning.The annual CLF will be held on January 21-22, 2020 along with one day Teachers’ Literature Festival (TLF) on January 23, 2020.  The 3 day eventbearing the theme of its Tarana “Hamein Kitab Chahiyeh’ written by Zehra Nigah is packed with over 100 sessions, and 125+ resource persons and 26+Institutionalpartners. Ali Noor, Ali Hamza, and Rakae Rahman Jamil will rock the CLF Concert on 21st January at 3:00 pm.The success and continuity of CLFs is attributable to scores of authors, poets, actors, artists, performers, education experts, renowned celebrities, and new age scientists who are core partners of this unique “qabeela”/tribe of cutting edge humanists giving back to society  through this vibrant platform in Pakistan. The Oxford University Press (OUP) Pakistan has co-travelled with CLF/TLF on this nationwide journey since 2011.The three day festival will be structured around several parallel sessions from 9:00-4:00 p.m. with workshops, performances, theatre, plenary sessions, books and activity stalls including mobile libraries, catering not only to children but also teachers and parents from all school systems and backgrounds. There will be marches by children on each day on the Right to Education and Climate Justice calling attention to urgent emergencies.  The last day of the festival will be dedicated to teachers; the Teacher’s Literature Festival (TLF) packed with lively professional development sessions for teachers /educators from 9:00 -2:30 p.m. (Jan 23rd). The 64th CLF will promote the love for reading and the 4 Cs- critical thinking; communication, creativity and collaboration; committed to the principle that Children and all human beings learn with multiple intelligences and all senses to become lifelong learners.The event will be open to all as a non-ticketed event. Our CLF Goodwill Ambassadors, including Juggun Kazim, Khaled Anam,Omair Rana, Nadia Jamil, Ali Hamza and  Ali Noorwill be present. The two-day event has 16 learning strands, including Storytelling with expression and Music, Creative writing, Poetry, Theatre & Puppet shows, Dance and movement, BolKeh Lab Azaad Hain Teray, Heritage& Sports for citizenship, Book launches, Art of book making; workshops&environmental learning, STEM Digital and 3D activities, Robotics and maker space, Cinema Ghar, Arts and crafts, and plenaries on critical thinking, curriculum,girls in children’s literature, child protection and climate change. Books, Science& interactive stalls will mesmerize the children.The CLF inauguration will be colorful and inclusive with performances/readings by children from the Govt. Special Schools, young authors Harsukh and Sanjan Nagar students. CLF Awards 2019-2020 would be given to eminent resource persons and partners who have supported the movement since 2011. These learninggiants include Amjad Islam Amjad,ArfaSyeda Zehra, SyedaBasarat Kazim/Alif Laila Book Bus Society, Bina Jawad, ShehrezadeAlam, Fauzia Minallah, Mariam Khokhar of the CLC, School Education Dept. Peter Jacob, Maham Aliamong others.CLF advisors Rumana Husain, Maham Ali, Fauzia Minallah, Peter Jacob and Baela Raza Jamil will actively participate in many strands of the three day event. The School Education Department (SED) and the CEO Lahore Mr. Pervez Akhtar Khan, have supported the mobilization of schools and teachers diligently. NFE & Literacy Dept, Special Education Dept, OUP and Private school associations have supported school mobilization effort.  The CLF Lahore 2020 sponsors arethe Oxford University Press Pakistan (OUP), OXFAM, the Open Society Foundations (OSF), the British Council, LGS, Roots Millennium School Life Skills for Kids (LSK), CLC and ITA.The Institutional Partners of CLF include Alif Laila Book Bus Society(ALBBS); the British Council,  Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) Citizens Archives of Pakistan (CAP), Children Library Complex (CLC),Chughtai Library,  Connect Hear, Dept. of NFE and Literacy/Govt of Punjab, Dugdugi, Edkasa, FaizGhar, Funkar Child Art, HarSukh,Idara-e-Taleem-o_Aagahi (ITA), ILM Association, Independent Theatre Pakistan, Kafka Welfare, Kids Gym,Khwarizmi Science Society, Knowledge Platform; KuchJaan Lo, Life Skills for Kids (LSK), LightStone Publishers, Maqbool Books, Olomopolo/OloTatolo, Orbit, Oxbridge, OXFAM, Oxford University Press (OUP), Pakistan Alliance of Science &Maths (PAMS),Pakistan Girls Guides Association (PGGA), Paramount Books, Potters from Harrapa,Punjab Textbook and Curriculum Board (PCTB)QAED/SED, Rafi Peer Theatre, Robotronics, SAHE, Sanjan Nagar Public Education Trust (SNPET)Higher Secondary School, Search for Justice (SFJ), School Education Dept., Science Fuse, Sharmen Obaid Chinoy (SOC) Films; Special Education Dept., the State Bank of Pakistan Museum, SunnoKahani Meri Zubani (SKMZ); TeleTaleem,The Book Group, TEVTA, The Citizens Foundation,  Walled City of Lahore Authority, Wonder Tree.Schools are being offered memberships to CLF/TLF at nominal rates to avail access to all learning materials, publications and workshops round the year and share widely  their young talent.The Full Program of the CLF and TLF is being shared today electronically; registrations for teachers and schools is online at www.childrensliteraturefestival.com and on CLC websites and social media; we encourage schools /families to get their programs early! “Attending this Festival” said a teacher at the CLF Multan 2018  ‘is like magical learning packed in one day for 365 days!” don’t miss it make it into an official school learning trip- a compelling day of rich and diverse learning on all school annual calendars! It is free, inclusive and open for ALL children and schools without any discrimination.

Federal Minister for Education Shafqat Mehmood visited TCF

Karachi(Cliff News)Federal Minister for Education and Professional Training Shafqat Mehmood visited The Citizens Foundation (TCF), Head Office where he met with the Founding Members and Senior Management of TCF.The purpose of the visit was to introduce Mr. Shafqat Mehmood to TCF and its impact in the field of education whilst also discuss the need for strengthening cooperation to address the education crisis in Pakistan. Mr. Shafqat Mehmood commended on TCF’s work and was impressed by its scale of operations and success in breaking down barriers to education for the less privileged children of Pakistan. He was also briefed on TCF’s Adult Literacy Program and its impact across Pakistan.The Citizens Foundation (TCF) is a professionally managed, non-profit organization set up in 1995 by a group of citizens who wanted to bring about positive social change through education. 24 years later, TCF is now one of Pakistan’s leading organizations in the field of education for the less privileged, educating 252,000 students across 1,567 schools in Pakistan.

About TCF:

The Citizens Foundation (TCF) is a strong advocate of the belief that a truly informed and educated society forms the foundation of a progressive state and instills in its citizens the ability to adapt and evolve with changing times. It is a non-profit organization set up in 1995 by a group of citizens who wanted to bring about positive social change through education. 24 years later, TCF is now one of Pakistan’s leading organizations in the field of education for the less privileged. The TCF model focuses on providing quality education through purpose-built schools located in the heart of Pakistan’s urban slums and rural communities.  The organization ensures that girls represent nearly 50% of overall student enrolment. To magnify its impact, improve enrolment and quality of education, TCF is also adopting Government schools across Pakistan.