Law and literature are similar in many ways:Asif Saeed Khousa


Karachi(Cliff News)“In last 22 years we dealt with 57 thousand cases. Whether it’s military court case or panama case, Asia Malona case or former Prime Minister Gillani case we resorted to the literary figure’s famous sayings, deciding all the cases” these thoughts were expressed by the former chief justice of Pakistan Asif Saeed Khousa in the opening ceremony of  three day literature festival held at Arts council Karachi. Former chief justice Asif Saeed Khousa further said “many judges including me are interested in art & literature and I am planning to return back to this way. Law and literature are similar in many ways”. On the moment addressing to the audience president arts council Muhammad Ahmed Shah said we support to those organizations that are serving to Urdu literature. The prominent literary personalities such as Muhtaq Ahmed Yosufi and Jameel uddin Aali are no more with us but their name will always live in the history of Urdu literature”. Further he said that last year Ameena Saiyid started organizing the Adab festival which is now running successfully. On the occasion of the inauguration ceremony of 2nd Adab festival former Pakistan’s Representative to the United Nation Maleeha Lodhi , in her speech said “Together with the intellectuals we need to create the positive image of Pakistan globally. We have to make our foreign policy according to the global approach of each country”. In the opening ceremony, Founder of Adab Festival Ameena Saiyid said “The literature festival was founded a decade ago which has now become a thriving tree. I am glad that this literature festival is covering a wide variety of topics” Along with the literary & political personalities like Asif Farukhi, Shaiyma Syed, Iftikhar Arif, Kishwar Naheed, Stefan Winkler ,former foreign minister Hina Rabbani Khar, I.G Sindh Kaleem Imam,  this event was attended by a massive number of literature lovers. On the occasion a puppet show was presented by THE THESPIANZ THEATRE and poetry of Habib Jalib was beautifully presented by the young musicians & singers. The day was concluded with the Qawali performance of famous qawal Abu Mohammad and Fareed Ayaz.

Twins Apart:A serious comedy play based on real and dark experience of society

IMG-20190217-WA0179-1Syed Qalb-e-Muhammad

Twins Apart is a serious comedy play based on real story and dark experience of the society.The story of a play starts from the two twin boys of poor women “ESSA” and “MOOSA”.She worked as a cleaner in her owner house.The husband of this working woman is using drugs and unable to take care of his family.Once the house owner knows her servant is pregnant with the two baby boys she demands her to adopt one child.Then later on after the birth of children she is forcing her servant to take money and leave job from her house and go far away.The children later on grow up and becomes friends of each other.Once the mother of adopted child knows that her boy meet his real mother “Safia”,she change the house and shifted to a new place.After 14 years both boys remember each other on every occasion of life and they meet in “Pepsi Battle of the band”.The adopted boy again tells his mother to meet the family of her servant so the twist of the story is started again and later on Parents of this boy forcefully send him to UK.The other poor family boy have no job after the marriage and he don’t have money to give his wife then elder brother force him to do criminal activities.Once they were snaching the money and mobile the police they had to face the police encounter the elder brother got success in running away while younger brother was caught Red handed on the spot.He was being send to the jail and start using drugs.After releasing from the jail unfortunately he is a habitual of using drugs and start fight with his wife then suddenly his wife knows that his husband friend has come back from the UK so she decided to meet him for the treatment of her husband.While she was going to meet him she was crying badly and his husband friend trying to convince her the moment caught by the elder brother “Raju” and showed this moment to his younger brother because he is looking for a reason to back home again.When “Essa” saw his wife to “Moosa” he decide to kill his friend and start firing during the concert.Again the story take another turn and family and police gather together.Looking for the critical situation of their children they decide to break the promise and silent and told the boys About the reality they were shocked but suddenly two bullets from somewhere hit them and they lost their lives they unlucky brothers were no more.

Bunvat Festival starts on 12th Dec 2018 at Arts Council Karachi

Bunwat Festival

Karachi(Cliff News)Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi is going to Organize third 3 days Bunvat Festival with the collaboration of Kaifwala Foundation from 12 December 2018 at 04:00 PM at Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi. The festival will be supports and promotes original works from artists that are exceptional at what they do “Bunvat” is a gesture. the festival will last till Friday 14 December.

Urdu ghazal come out from 70s and its changing tremendously:Najma Rahmani

Karachi(Cliff News)The second day of International Urdu Conference at Arts Council of Pakistan started with the title “Urdu Poetry: Old a New Creative Dimensions”. The session was chaired by famous poet Iftikhar Arif, Imdad Hussain, Jazib Qurashi, Afzal Ahmed Syed and Basir Kazmi from the UK. Famous researcher, translator,and Prof from India Najma Rahmani read her paper “The contemporary Urdu poetry scene”. She said that modern generation has all the sense of modernism, Urdu Ghazal has come out from the 70’s time and it is changing tremendously. New poetry is coming up with the needs and demands of time. She added that Love and politics were the famous aspects of Urdu poetry and it now has new dimensions and now we have determined that we cannot separate poetry from the politics.Famous poet Tanveer Anjam read his paper on the title “Modern poetry and feminine sense”. He said that modernism is old now and the women have a different experience of life than men but taking both on the same level is a feminine sense. He added that in the last decade of the 18th century Zahid Khatoon Shervani was the first poetess of modern feminism, modern poetry has opened new doors for women, and they express their rebel through their poetry, Kishwar Naheed, Zehra Nigah is the representative of modern feminism in Urdu poetry, the famous poem of Kishwar Naheed “We sinful ladies” are highlighting this aspect. He further added that Fahmida Riaz stands alone in the Urdu Poetry.Famous poet and researcher Zia Ul Hassan presented his paper on “Effects of Ghalib on modern Ghazal”. He said that Iqbal takes a lot from the Ghalib and this led to Noon Meem Rashid in the Urdu poetry, Ahmed Afzal Syed was the last representative of Ghalib Poetry. Famous Critic Shadab Ahsani presented his paper on “Poetry and our society”. He said that English and Urdu literature has a great resemblance that both don’t have any country on their name However English was a language of Oppressors where Urdu was the language of convicted. He said that literature is being published in Pakistan, but it cannot be truly said as a Pakistani literature. Famous poet Saba Ikram presented his paper on “Some important names in the modern Urdu poem in Pakistan”. He said that many things have been changed since 60’s to present. We have many famous name in the Urdu poem including Saleem Rahaman, Kishwar Naheed, Ifzal Syed, Fahmida Riaz, Tanveer Anjum, Anwar San Roy, Syed Kashif Raza, Shabbir Nazim, Saleem Shahzad, Azra Abbas, Saadat Saeed, Saleem Aagah Qazlabash, Raees Farogh, Ali Muhammad Farshi, Mubeen Mirza, AyubKhawar, Iqtadar Javed, Sahar Ansari, Zahra Nigah, Pirzada Qasim Jazib Qurashi, Muslim Shamim and many others. Famous Poetess and writer Yasmeen presented her paper with the title “The concept of old and new dimensions of creative poetry”. She said it is impossible to cover the subject because the creativity is itself is a complex phenomenon. We need to see poem and Ghazal differently. Urdu poem is changing from the sensation to the reality.Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi hold a conference by York Shyer Literary Forum Award which was hosted by Ghazal Ansari, two lifetime achievement awards were presented to Yameen Akhtar and Bashir Murad the session was chaired by the award committee Ishtiaq Mir, Naseem ul Haq, Tasneem Hasan, Zaheer Ahmed, Basar Kazmi, Saman Shah,andFatimaHassan. The awards were presented by the famous broadcaster Raza Ali Abdi, He congratulated the president Arts Council of Pakistan Muhammad Ahmed Shah for 11th successful International Urdu Conference.  Karachi: In the third session of the 2nd day of the 11th international Urdu conference, intellectuals from the Urdu fiction gathered on the stage for the Subject of “Urdu Fiction: Past Present and Future”. The session was chaired by Asad Muhammad Khan, Hasan Manzar, Mustansar Hussain Tarrar, Masoor Ashar, Aamir Hussain, Noor Zaheer, and Javed Ali. Daniyal Joseph talked about the “lost travelogue of women in Urdu”. He told to the audience that he is researching on the travelogue by women for the all times and he will come up with a great piece very soon. ZaibAzkar Hussain Talked about the “Fiction and session sense”. He said that social sense is a complex terminology and it depends upon the vision of the writer. Famous writer Akhlaq Ahmed Talked about “Urdu Short Stories after 9/11”. He said that Urdu short stories changed and it got a great change form the event, although Urdu fiction writers takes some time to come up with fiction on such a great event but still they accepted the change and now Urdu fiction has new dimensions and covering against the terror in the society where Khalid Mahmood Sanjrabi discussed on the “modern concerns of the Urdu short stories”. Renown writer Asif Furkhi presented his paper on the “Urdu Short Stories: after the symbols and abstract”. He said that Urdu has changed its dimensions with time and it accepted the change in the literature and society. He further added that Fahmida Riaz was not only a poetess but a great short story writer as well. She has written some great short stories while she was exiled to India. Muhammad Hameed Shahid talked about the “Modern Urdu Fiction and its style” where Aslam JamshadPuri talked about the “Modern Urdu short stories: Subject and problems”. He discussed the different aspect of Urdu short stories. Famous short story writer Mirza Hamid Baig talked about the “Urdu Fiction: Past, present,and Future”. He enlightens the history of Urdu Short stories and reveals that Prem Chand was not the first Urdu Short story writer but it’s happened 115 years ago with the short story of entitled “Naseer and Khadeeja”.


11th International Urdu Conference starts on 22nd November 2018


Karachi(Cliff News)The 11th International Urdu Conference organized by the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi will be held from November 22 to November 25, announced president of the council Ahmed Shah at a press conference on Tuesday. He informed that the arts council will organize the 11th International Urdu Conference from the November 22 to 25 at the Arts Council of Pakistan in which leading intellectuals, researchers, and writers from the world including India, USA, China, and UK will participate. It is an honor for the management of arts council and the citizens of the Karachi that Urdu Conference is being held for the last eleven years. 11th international Urdu Conference will be reviewed literature culture, music, poetry, painting, dance, drama, education, Pakistani languages, journalism, film and what we have been done in other fields will be discussed. He was addressing the press conference at arts council of Pakistan on Tuesday Afternoons. He said that we started international Urdu conference eleven years ago, so many announcements had been seen till then, but it was always impossible to follow it. I was lucky that it was started by me and today whole Urdu World is Acknowledging the Urdu Conference. We accommodate the artists, writers, poets and all the people from different fields of creativity and today Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi is the center of these kinds of activities. We have first initiated this event and from then many conferences and festivals started in Karachi. Through the help of these literary conferences, music festivals and other programs to protect our cultural heritage, we are successful with the help of God and today we are here in front of you with the 11th international Urdu conference where literary, social and cultural activities will be restored. The conference is being attended by the prominent writers and scholars around the world including DR Shamim Hanafi, Zohra Nigah, Asad Muhammad Khan, Zia Mohyeddin, Amar Jalil, Mustansar Hussain Tarar, Masood Azhar, Tang Mang Shang from China, Kishwar Naheed, Fahmida Riaz, Iftikhar Arif, Raza Ali Abadi from London, Pirzada Qasim, Zahida Hina, Arif Naqvi, Amina Syed, Fatima Hassan, Anwar Maqsood, Farah Yasmeen Shaikh from USA, Arif Naqvi from Germany, Ibrahim Muhammad Ibrahim from Egypt, and Simon Shah from Paris. He expressed his views during the inaugural press conference of Urdu conference at the Akbar hall of Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi. He was accompanied by Prof Ejaz Ahmed Farooqui secretary arts council, literary person Haseena Moin, and Talat Hussain. He added that the role of media is very important in the world as a brand it was hard in the first conference to call the intellectual from the world but today the leading intellectuals and researchers are contacting themselves as they know the history of the conference that is the reason double number of people attending conference every year. We also are pleased that 11 years ago when we started the conference, it was the first ever conference of Pakistan in Pakistan, and today there are conferences in different cities of Pakistan and we understand that this is one of our success and the Urdu Conference of Art Council is indefinite. This year the conference will continue for 4 days till 25th November. He said that Urdu has no contradiction with the other languages of Pakistan, but all these languages are close. People of Karachi own Urdu Conference and it is a reason for the success of Urdu Conference. On initial session, Arts Council will pay a tribute to renown poet Jaun Elia and Anwar Maqsood will read a letter he received from Jaun Elia. Zia Mohyeddin will recite the poetry of four famous poets Mira Ji, Iqbal, Rashid, and Faiz. 11th international Urdu conference will include sessions on education, Art, Theater, Poetry, Fiction, Journalism, Digital Cyberspace, TV, Film, Translations, and the other discussions including the presentations of research papers on Urdu. President Arts Council of Pakistan Muhammad Ahmed Shah announces that 2nd Life Time Achievement Awards from Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi will go to Zia Mohyeddin for his work for film and TV.

DICE CAM 2018,Gap Analysis working sessions and Inaugural Ceremony

Well known and versatile actor of the media industry, Bushra Ansari, cuts the ribbon for the inaugural ceremony at DICE CAM 2018

Karachi(Cliff News)The first day of the two-days DICE CAM 2018 successfully culminated here today at Arts Council Karachi. The welcome address was given by Dr KhurshidQureshi, founder and chairman of DICE Foundation and an engineer by profession, who spelled out the vision and mission of DICE (Distinguished Innovations Collaboration and Entrepreneurship.)The full-day programme comprised working sessions on film, TV, documentary, animation, CGI and special effects which began from the morning and continued till the evening. Delegates were divided into teams and brainstormed to assess the gaps in each field, formalized ideas and drafted proposals. The sessions were personally overseen by the Hollywood producer of JINN, Ajmal Zaheer Ahmed.The inaugural session in the eveninghosted by Usman Mazhar, comprised speeches by the eminent board members of DICE, academia and industry representatives. Bushra Ansar, the chief guest of the evening then addressed theaudience. The evening ended with dinner followed by an entertainment segment comprising a classical dance performance by Zahshanné Zehra Malik, a stand-up comic act by Usman Mazhar,a beat boxing segment by I Am Karachiand musical performance by Zarah, and Alycia Dias.It may be noted, DICE Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization, registered in Michigan, USA. The mission of DICE Creative Art & Media (CAM) is to use the powerful mediums of design, art, communication and film to foster a drastic and fundamental change in the thought processes of academia, independent artists, creative entrepreneurs and industry.The Gap Analysis Working Sessions and Inaugural Ceremony attended by media, industry representatives, and students of various media institutions were a huge success and the participants benefited greatly from it.



Daastan-E-Ishq,the tragedy of Heer Ranjha grabs viewers attention

Beautifully performed the character of Heer by Sabiha Zia in the play Daastan-e-Ishq adopted by Zarqa Naz

Karachi(Cliff News)The cast and crew of “Daastan-E-Ishq” walked the Red Carpet at the premiere of their much-awaited theatrical play at Arts Council.The play was well-attended and received by stars, media representatives and socialites attending the premiere with rave comments about the stellar performance given by the actors, and the tight-knit plot and storyline based on the popular tragic events of Heer Ranjha. Adding to the charm of the play they felt, was its brilliant music and strong narration.It may be noted that Daastan-E-Ishq had been previously performed for the British High Commission in a private show and had received much appreciation and applause, owing to which the organisers decided to offer it commercially for larger audiences and perform the play for public for ten consecutive nights.The famous love story of Heer Ranjha, originally written by Waris Shah, has this time been adapted and written by Zarqa Naz, and based on the script by Kaifi Azmi, who has renamed the story for enactment as DAASTAN-E-ISHQ. The play has been flavoured with our traditions and live music and depicts the popular folklore surrounding Heer and Ranjha who meet at a wedding and fall in love at first sight. Love blooms, but catastrophe strikes in the shape of the evil uncle Qaido, who is determined to thwart their romance.The fabulous performance by the cast Umair Rafiq as Ranjha, Sabiha Zia as Heer, and the antagonist Sameer Hussain as Qaido, narration by Akbar Ladhani as Raavi, executed in collaboration with Green Eye Production, and directed by Zarqa Naz took the audience on a historical journey to the Punjab.

Daastan-e-Ishq, flavored with our tradition and live music with amazing acts in a narration form by Akbar Ladhani

Speaking on this occasion, Umair Rafiq of Green Eye Production, an entertainment house for theatre, films and TV the primary aim of which is to promote theatrical culture, said, “I want to makemy country proud by becoming a trend-setter and promoting our traditions, content, culture, and its people, not just within the country, but abroad as well.”DAASTAN-E-ISHQ’s television media partner is HUM Network Ltd, print partner is Express, radio partner is FM 89, travel partners are Careem and Green Air, ticketing partner is and mall partner is Atrium mall.The premiere event and PR of the play is being handled by STARLINKS PR and Events.The play will be running for public at Arts Council Auditorium, Karachi from June 29 till July 8. Tickets are available at Atrium Mall, and also online.

The cast of Daastan-e-Ishq receiving a standing ovation from the audience