Print and digital media are fastest tool of modern diplomacy: Indonesian CG

Mr. Totok Prianmato, Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia, hosted a dinner in honor of senior journalist;s  at a local hotel.
Karachi(Cliff News)Mr Totok Prianmato, Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia invited senior journalists for a session of media talk which was followed by a dinner in Karachi.Speaking at the dinner gathering, Indonesian CG said that the bilateral relationship between Pakistan and Indonesia is increasing fast with each passing day.“Both countries enjoys brotherly and friendly relations since the start of diplomatic ties in 1951 and this bond is strengthening further”, Prianmato said.Indonesian CG also told the journalists that “Working as the official representative of Indonesia for the Sindh Province, one of my key task is to nurture and boost up the brotherly relations between Indonesia and Pakistan in all fields of interest including economy, trade, investments and people-to-people contact, effective 
communication with journalists community etc that shall benefit both countries.”“Sindh Province, especially Karachi, is a very important post for Indonesia, notably in the economic, trade and investment sectors. As Karachi is the largest city with 2 sea ports, its holds immediate importance as the main entry point of Indonesia’s products to Pakistan’s market,” Indonesian envoy said further.Talking about the role of media in today’s world, Indonesian CG said that media is playing a strong role in diplomacy whether it is a public diplomacy or state diplomacy, media has transformed diplomacy from being closed to open.
“Print media and also now digital media are the fastest growing tools of modern diplomacy”, Totok added.The Indonesian CG also requested all media friends to continue their unending support and contribution to the Consulate General of Indonesia in Karachi.In this regard, the role of media in covering various activities organized by both Indonesia and Pakistan will greatly assist in strengthening bilateral relations between the two brotherly countries.President Karachi Press Club, Imtiaz Faran, Secretary KPC Armaan Sabir and other senior journalists were also present during the gathering.

Indonesian Women Association and CG visited Al Umeed Rehabilitation


Karachi(Cliff News)As one of their social welfare program on world disable day, the Indonesian Women Association of the Indonesian Consulate General, Karachi (Dharma Wanita Persatuan) visited Al Umeed Rehabilitation Association (AURA), Karachi, the nonprofit charitable organization, on December 12, 2019. This visit is also to commemorate of the 20th anniversary of the Indonesian Women Association.The purpose of Indonesian Women Association to visit Al Umeed is to recognize a non- profit charitable organization that offers specialized interdisciplinary Treatment, Rehabilitation, Special & Inclusive Education services for children and young adults suffering from Cerebral Palsy. The Indonesian Consulate General has sharing the same feelings towards what the children felt made them come to Al-Umeed to share happiness.During the visit Mrs. Ani Totok Prianamto, wife of Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia in Karachi with other members of the Women Association admired Munizeh Ali Habib, President of AURA and the staff of AURA for their noble work.Mrs. Ani Totok Prianamto on her remarks acknowledged their hard work, passion and appreciated them for their enormous effort which they put in to run this Centre.The members of Women Association visited different sections of AURA such as therapy room, art section, computer section, exercise room, swimming pool and vocational room where children prepare many things with their abilities like paintings, embroidery on cloths, jute bags, hair bands etc., which AURA exhibit on different occasion.The visit reflects social and humanitarian concern of the Indonesian Women Association and is part of their commitment to spread the message of love, care, and benevolence to the disabled community in Pakistan, which in turn will strengthen cordial relations between two brotherly countries.


Indonesian Consulate to promote fashion diplomacy at Beauty Pakistan Exhibition

Karachi(Cliff News)In bid to fashion diplomacy, Indonesian Consulate General in Karachi in collaboration with Maha Trading, the distributor of Indonesia’s Martha Tilaar beauty products in Pakistan participated at “The Beauty Pakistan: Beauty Care Cosmetics Exhibition” on 7th – 8th December at Alliance Française de Karachi, Clifton, Karachi. The two-day event was organized by the Diplomatic Business Club featuring Indonesian Bridal Show and Pakistani Bridal Makeover Show as well as Cosmetics & Beauty Products Exhibition.Through this event, Indonesian Consulate General in Karachi presented typical characteristic of traditional wedding dresses from Provinces of Central Java, Jakarta (Betawi), and West Sumatra (Padang), cultural performance of Lancang Kuning and Tanjung Katung dances, as well as Batik Fashion Show by Indonesian ladies of the consulate. While the Indonesian Consulate’s stall showcased a variety of Martha Tilaar cosmetics & beauty products and video of various Indonesia’s tourism destinations.It is believe that this event is a unique opportunity for both Indonesians and Pakistanis to show their diverse cultures and traditions through Bridal Makeover Show and dance performance, which reflects harmonious co-existence among diverse ethnic groups with different cultural traditions, particularly in a multi-ethnic state like Indonesia, comprising of more than 17,000 islands, 714 ethnics, and 652 different local languages.Through this event, the Indonesian Consulate General would like to spread the message of love, harmony and respect to Pakistani brothers to further develop our people-to-people connectivity. Events like “Beauty Pakistan” which brings Indonesia and Pakistan distinctive culture under one platform is therefore very important and have a significant positive impact on the successful exchange between people and societies.More than 250 guests attended the event. The participation of Indonesia at this Beauty Pakistan Exhibition received positive response from the visitors.The Indonesian Consulate General in Karachi will take every possible opportunities to promote Indonesian culture and tourism potentials and convey the message of cultural diversity and hospitality of the Indonesian people on various occasions, which is expected to contribute positively to the efforts of improving the positive image of Indonesia among Pakistani people, particularly in Karachi which in turn would increase the number of Pakistani tourists to Indonesia.





Blood donation drive at Indonesian Consulate General in Karachi

Karachi: Blood Donation Drive was held at the premises of the Indonesian Consulate General in Karachi,
 in cooperation with Afzaal Memorial Thalassemia Foundation(AMTF) of Karachi. Staff of the Consulate General along with their families and Karachi-based Indonesian community, including Indonesian students, as well as a number of Pakistani guests
participated the event.It has been for the fifth consecutive years that Indonesian Consulate General in Karachi in collaboration with AMTF, organised blood donation drive in Consulate’s premise. This event is
the second time during this year. It is the commitment of Indonesian Consulate General to spread the message of love, care, and benevolence to our fellow human beings and voluntarily share something with them that may be indispensable in saving their life.The blood donated would be used for transfusion for children suffering from Thalassemia in
Karachi through AMTF.

Performing arts personalities envoys nation’s soft image:Thai Consul General

Mr. Thatree Chauvachata, Consul General of Thailand, hosted a dinner in honor of the selected members of the TV and Film fraternity of Pakistan at his residence. Photo shows Mr. Apipan Cheecharoen, deputy Consul General, Mr. Humayun Saeed, Mr Farhan Agha, Ms.Maria Wasti, Mr. Nadeem Baig, Ms.Erum Khan, Ms.Mona J, Mrs. Shahnaz Ramzi, Mr. Kanaporn Apinonkul, Country Manager Thai Airways and Mr Mobin Ansari, with host.

Karachi(Cliff News)The sharing of films, music and drama are the best means to project a country and its culture. The practitioners of performing arts should have good personal ties with counter parts in other countries. The Consul General of the Kingdom of Thailand in Karachi,Thatree Chauvachata, made these remarks at a dinner hosted by him exclusively for prominent showbiz personalities in the city. Humayun Saeed, Farhan Agha, Maria Wasti, Erum Khan, Mona J, Nadeem Baig, Shahnaz  Ramzi, besides several others attended the reception.     The Thai consul general said he would like to foster better relations and deeper understanding between Thailand and Pakistan by acting as a conduit between the performing artistes of the two countries. He said he was glad to see that Pakistan’s showbiz industry was a vibrant one and Pakistani artistes should act as brand ambassadors of their nation.He said that Thailand and Pakistan both possessed unique natural beauty and picturesque spots besides tourism sites. The showbiz industry of both countries should explore these avenues and also go for joint productions which would be mutually beneficial for both countries. He added that the Thai consulate in Karachi would always facilitate such efforts.Humayun Saeed said the idea had merit and should be explored. Farhan Agha was of the opinion that Pakistani dramas were second to none and need to be introduced to other countries of the region. He said Thai production houses would find Pakistan a good venue for joint productions.Thai Airways Country Manager Kanaporn Apinonkul speaking on the occasion said the increase in two-way traffic between Pakistan and Thailand demanded more additional flights from Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, particularly the federal capital.

Flag hoisting ceremony at Indonesian consulate Karachi to mark 74th Independence

Karachi(Cliff News)The Flag-Hoisting Ceremony was held at the premises of the Indonesian Consulate General in
Karachi, to mark the 74 th Anniversary of the Independence Day of the
Republic of Indonesia. Staff of the Consulate General along with their families and Karachi-based Indonesian community, including Indonesian students, as well as number of Pakistani
guests attended the event.The ceremony began with the flag-hoisting carried by the “Paskibra”, a special flag bearing and flag raising team accompanied by the national anthem of “Indonesia Raya”. The ceremony followed by observing moment of silence in honor of all who have sacrificed their lives for the independence of Indonesia, reading of the proclamation text of Indonesian independence, reading of text of “Pancasila” or Five Principles of Indonesian State Philosophy, reading of text of Preamble of the Indonesian Constitution 1945, and speech by Indonesian Consul General
who leads the Flag-Hoisting Ceremony.
Indonesian Consul General, Totok Prianamto in his remarks among others said that celebration of Independence Day is of great significance to the people and history of Indonesia, marking the
declaration of Indonesia as a free nation from the shackles of colonialism and reminder of the unmatched sacrifices and untiring efforts rendered by the forefathers in their struggle of
independence. The Independence Day also gives message to every Indonesian national to play their due role and work wholeheartedly with full devotion and commitment to present Indonesia
as a progressive and prosperous country among the comity of other developed nations.Indonesian Consul General also highlighted Indonesian Government achievements in
economic, trade and social among other things. The priority programs of Indonesian government also be mentioned, included continuation of the country’s infrastructure
development, human capital development, creating more investment and employment opportunities.
Touching upon bilateral relations between Indonesia and Pakistan, Indonesian Consul General
shortly highlighted activities of the Indonesian Consulate in promoting bilateral trade, economic,social and cultural cooperation, which include regular participation of Indonesia at My Karachi Exhibition, facilitating the visit of Pakistani businessmen to Indonesia’s biggest automotive exhibition, Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) and Trade Expo Indonesia
(TEI), blood donation campaign in collaboration with Afzaal Memorial Thalassemia Foundation(AMTF), educational cooperation with University of Sindh, Jamshoro, as well as Indonesia’s cultural performance in various occasions in Karachi. He also highlighted the growing bilateral
Indonesia-Pakistan ties, where the bilateral trade volume has reached US$ 3.1 billion in 2018 against US$ 2.2 billion in 2016 which is a significant growth, while Indonesia has recently
offered additional 20 tariff lines to Pakistan in a bid to further strengthen bilateral trade relations.The ceremony was observed with great zeal and fervour and followed by “prosesi tumpengan”(cutting of well-decorated cone-shaped yellow rice, often prepared for special occasions like
communal feast) by Consul General to mark the celebration of the 74 th Anniversary of Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia. The entertaining dance performance of Bajidor Kahot and Gemu Famire by the Indonesian ladies enthralled the audience and made the
atmosphere more lively.

Emil Wyss brings love and prosperity to people’s of Pakistan

Karachi(Cliff News)Mr. Emil Wyss, who was the Consul General of Switzerland in Karachi from 2014-16, recently was in the metropolis and Hyderabad on a twelve days private visit!“Just before leaving Karachi after my diplomatic assignment ended, my wife and I committed to revisit this beautiful country every year around the 14th of August. I’m very happy that I could come this year to celebrate the Pakistani
Independence Day with friends and to meet with some local charities, and
NGOs to further promote their cause to serve the less privileged” said Mr.
Wyss who arrived in Karachi on August 07.During this visit the Swiss national, who excitedly boasts that his heart is half-Pakistani, paid visits to Karachi Vocational Training Centre for intellectually challenged children, Bint-e-Fatima Old Home Trust for aged / single women,Al-Umeed Rehabilitation Association (AURA) for cerebral palsy children, Deaf Reach School for aurally impaired, Alamgir Welfare Trust where he inaugurated the Trust’s state-of-the art computer institute for the less
privileged students in Korangi area.
Mr. Wyss also visited Marie Adelaide Leprosy Centre where he paid homage
to the founder, Late Sister Ruth Pfau. He attended an impressive investiture
ceremony and Independence Day celebrations organized by Saifiyah Girls
School run by the Bohra community in the old Karachi City precinct. He also
granted wishes of terminally ill kids during his visit to Make-a-Wish
Foundation Pakistan.Despite heavy rains over past week-end, the former Swiss diplomat, went out
and about on his mission to visit Friends of Burns Centre at the Civil Hospital(now Dr. Ruth K. M. Pfau Hospital), Brenton Carey Hostel for orphan and single-parents girls students, the Edhi Foundation, IBTIDA Drug Rehabilitation Centre, and Dar-ul-Sukun home for the abandoned children with special
abilities.Dressed in a half-starched traditional Pakistani shalwar kameez, with waistcoat, and sandals, Mr. Wyss made sure to attend the official flag hoisting ceremony at the Mazar-e-Quaid on the morning of August 14. Following which, he visited Afzaal Memorial Thalassemia Foundation where he donated blood for thalassemia major children. Later that day, he visited Markaz-e-Umeed to participate in the Independence Day celebrations and enjoyed BBQ dinner with the elderly at Vcare Social Welfare Society in the metropolis’ North Nazimabad area.While he was in Hyderabad, the expat met with students of Government Boys Public School from Kotri’s Dhani Bux Village, visited Neuro Medical Centre,attended Eid and Independence Day celebrations organized by the Rotaract
Club of Hyderabad Galaxy, and showed keen interest in the artworks made by
students during his trip to the Mehran University’s Centre of Excellence in Arts
and Design in Jamshoro.On the second last day of his tour de Karachi, Mr. Wyss visited the offices of HANDS Pakistan, went to meet students at the Anjuman-e-Behbood Samat-e-Atfal (ABSA) School and College. He also participated in a special event arranged by Dawood Global Foundation for its Educate-a-Girl program.In the vicinity of Landhi, he visited Drug Free Pakistan Foundation. Mr. Wyss also made a stop at one of Pakistan’s first ever vocational education institute,Pak-Swiss Training Centre, and spent one afternoon with the especially-able children at the Umeedgah Rehabilitation Welfare Trust.
Few hours before returning back, Mr. Wyss did not miss the Commissioner
Karachi’s City Parade. Talking to senior journalists, and media representatives
at a local hotel he shared details of the tour, cherished the world-famous
Pakistani hospitality, and expressed his interest to revisit Pakistan, soon, with
his wife – Arie.