IT Industry to quote prices in USD to overcome currency fluctuation

Karachi(Cliff News)Major players of the IT industry have decided to quote prices in US Dollars considering the recent economic shifts Pakistan has been going through. A letter is circulated and signed by top players of the IT infrastructure industry and they have disseminated the notification to their customers as well informing them about this change.The step has been taken considering the recent economic conditions due to which the whole industry has suffered heavily on account of rupee devaluation. IT Infrastructure industry is an import based sector, hence heavily dependent on the imports and exchange rates. As all the players are importing their services and products in USD and being paid in PKR, they are facing huge losses because the exchange rate is fluctuating and the difference is getting wider. To mitigate huge losses, it seems logical that the IT industry quotes the prices in dollars.All stakeholders have been informed via direct letters that the IT hardware and software infrastructure industry will quote prices of products only in US Dollars which will be payable in Pakistani Rupees using the interbank conversion rate as on the date of payment.The letter has been signed by the respective CEOs of all the major IT infrastructure companies of the country. All the players who have signed up on the new arrangement approves that this is a necessary move considering the currency fluctuation and value of imports.In order to develop and work towards a thriving tech based economy, it is extremely important that the tech companies are moving forward in a progressive manner. Pakistan is still lagging behind in terms of technological developments and it is imperative that a favorable business environment is created for the IT industry. Addressing the issues would not only help the IT infrastructure industry to remain sustainable, but would also enable the companies to provide uninterrupted services to the customers.



Daraz:A market place and a community in your pocket


What is Daraz?

“Daraz is the leading online marketplace in South Asia, empowering tens of thousands of sellers to connect with millions of customers.”

OK, but what is Daraz REALLY?

“Daraz is a Mall, a Marketplace,
and a Community in your pocket”

We provide immediate and easy access to
4 million products in more than 100+ categories.

More than 2 million Pakistanis use Daraz every day.

We deliver more than 1 million packages every month to all corners of Pakistan.

We have created 50,000 jobs in Pakistan, and every month 2,000 new sellers are educated through our university.

What changed in 2018? – Everything

A new and Personalised App giving each user a unique experience.

DarazMall was introduced for users to follow their favourite brands with premium quality and service level.

Global Collection for our customers who like to shop from abroad.

Top-ups & E-store for convenience and a Voucher Module for the deal hunters.

Daraz Wallet for easy payments and instant refunds.

Message Center to keep all your information in one place.

Q&A feature to allow customers and sellers to interact freely.

…and many more innovations to come in 2019!

”Daraz is a University for Entrepreneurs”

Anyone who has a smartphone can start a business…

… and our Education is free of charge

Every month we educate 2,000 new sellers…

…and provide advanced online and offline training courses to our existing sellers.

“Logistics is a challenge because the ecosystem in Pakistan is not digitalised and integrated.

To overcome this challenge, we have built Pakistan’s first logistics company specifically designed for
e-commerce operations.”

DEX already has ~1,000 riders in 30 cities for faster and better delivery service (including much better tracking and visibility).

Today, we do more than 55% of all Daraz deliveries through DEX and delivery time is 1-2 days faster than with external partners.

We are helping existing and new logistics providers digitalise (large and small).

You will recognize DEX by the orange uniform…

…and a big smile!

Our Hubs also serve as Customer and Seller Experience Centers

Easy Pick-ups and Returns

Personalized Customer Service

Friendly community

Can you deliver in 1 day?

Yes! But only for selected products

For grocery products that you need fast, we operate 30 hubs across the country that provide a One-Day Delivery service.

Use the City filter to find products available for One-Day Delivery in your city (more to come!)

For our Premium Service “Fulfilled by Daraz”, we operate 4 major warehouses in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad

“Fulfilled by Daraz” means that the product is shipped from one of our own warehouses.

For fastest delivery and quality assurance, we always keep the top ~30% selling products in our KLI warehouses.

Use the filters to select the service level designed for your needs.

“DarazMall is the doorway to our top trained sellers that are committed to
top-quality products, express shipping and a
14-day return policy”

“With thousands of marketplace participants, our most important job is to make sure the customer is always protected.

We work hard to minimise mistakes, but when they do happen, we make them 100% right!”

“Technology and Seller Education are the keys to create a safe and happy shopping experience for our customers”

All of our sellers are educated through Daraz University where we put a big weight on appropriate pricing, product quality and service levels.

Our technology allows us to monitor price inflation and irregularity instantly. Sellers that falsely increase prices are strictly penalised or delisted.

Our App is designed so that Sellers that offer the the best prices, best customer service levels, and fastest delivery automatically get the most visibility on our App.

“Ratings & Reviews give customers additional product and seller information before the purchase”

“Refunds for returned products have always been one of the major pain points for customers because funds have to go through multiple banks to reach the customer’s account.

With the Daraz Wallet, we have made the refund process instant and convenient.

Customers can also use the wallet to collect vouchers and make online payments with maximum security and convenience.”

”Purchase Protection is the biggest commitment we give to our customers”

In summary:

Daraz is a Mall, a Marketplace, and a Community in your pocket.

Daraz is a university for entrepreneurs and we educate more than 2,000 new sellers per month.

DEX is Pakistan’s first logistics company specifically designed for e-commerce operations to raise the standards for the industry.

For a premium experience, try our ‘DarazMall’ and ‘Fulfilled By Daraz’ services.

With Daraz Wallet we have made secured online payments even faster and the refund process instant and convenient.

Purchase Protection is our biggest commitment to keep customers safe.

Where do we go from here?

Here is a look at our Mission together with some of the ambitious targets we have set!

Our Mission:

“Make it easy to do business anywhere in the era of the digital economy”

“We firmly believe that the digital era is on par with the Industrial Revolution. In the coming 10-20 years, digital technology will fundamentally alter many parts of society from commerce to politics to culture.

Our purpose is not only to embrace this change, but to proactively create change and welcome a better future for Pakistan.

Progress is not without challenges, but we are ready to be the innovator in this era and we are dedicated to overcome any challenges on the way.”

Our Six Aspirations to lead Pakistan into the Digital Era by 2022:

As the market leader, we will continue to drive 100%+ annual growth of the e-commerce market for the next 4 years.

Reach 200,000 active Daraz sellers (all educated through Daraz University).

Engage 25 million Daraz users monthly by being relevant, convenient and service-mind.

Create 1 million jobs for marketplace participants.

Fully digitalize the logistics ecosystem with real-time visibility for customers regardless of location.

Introduce digital payments to 10 million new customers.

“This also requires an adjustment to our Values.

A small change with with huge implications and responsibility.”

PTCL encourages customers to opt for eBilling

e-Billing image

Karachi(Cliff News)Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) encourages its customers to opt for eBilling, instead of receiving monthly paper bills, in its effort to help save the environment.This initiative will, not only create awareness on preserving nature but, also gives customers an opportunity to contribute towards this cause.
On the occasion, Moqeem ul Haque, Chief Commercial Officer, PTCL said, “PTCL, being a national company, takes its responsibility to reduce paper usage throughout our company that can have a significant impact in going green. We strive to provide our customers with easy and convenient options like eBilling that is secure and saves time.”
The company has taken steps to ensure that numerous avenues are open for customers to opt for eBilling. Customers can subscribe online through the PTCL website at and through the TouchApp (Android & iOS). They can also call on the PTCL helpline 1218, subscribe to eBilling and opt out of receiving paper bills. All new customers are now receiving only eBills.Furthermore, customers can pay their bills without showing a paper bill using UPaisa. They only need to provide a telephone number with the area code.PTCL is contributing towards saving the environment and a greener Pakistan.


PTCL collaborates with Careem to offer discount on rides


Karachi (Cliff News)PTCL collaborates with Careem to offer discounts on rides for its customersacross Pakistan. This agreement was signed at PTCL HQ in Islamabad today.PTCL customerswill get up to 100% credit back (up to Rs. 250) on their first ride with Careem.Those customers who are already using Careem App, will alsoreceive 50% discount (up to Rs 125) on Careem’s Go+ and Business Rides.The exclusive discount promo codes will be delivered to PTCL customers through their PTCL monthly bill, sms and email.On the occasion, Moqeem ulHaque, Chief Commercial Officer, PTCL, said, “This agreement offers value and convenience to our customers, by providing them discounts for their travel with Careem. We are passionate about using new digitalservices to further facilitate our customers and this is one way to express our gratitude towards them.”Shahzad Jamal, General Manager North, Careem, Pakistan, said, “We are pleasedto collaborate with PTCL in providing this exciting offer to their customers. With PTCL’s nationwide presence, it is indeed going to be a truly digital innovation fortheir customers as they can book Careem rides using the discount code inall the major cities of Pakistan.”Through this partnership, PTCL is creating value and convenience for its customers, wherever they travel across Pakistan.


BYKEA onboards Jazz as its business solutions partner


Karachi(Cliff News)Jazz, Pakistan’s leading digital communications company, has signed a transformative business agreement with ride-hailing service BYKEA. In choosing Jazz, BYKEA will now have streamlined operations for enhanced digital connectivity and efficiency.Jazz will be providing internet connectivity to not only BYKEA riders, but also the ride-hailing app’s offices throughout the country. Apart from this, Jazz will also be providing financial solutions to BYKEA in the form of an Internet Payment Gateway for the app, rider payment collection at all JazzCash agents and enablement of incentives on digital disbursements for their partners through their mobile-wallets.BYKEA has also opted for Jazz’s Mobile Business Line solution, whereby a master number will be operational for the company. All employees will be assigned mobile extension numbers that BYKEA customers can reach without having to dial personal mobile numbers. This solution also offers automated calling times per operating hours so employees receive calls on their mobile extensions. They will have a smart operator where a telephone operator can manually forward calls to desired mobile extensions and a professionally recorded voice menu to guide the caller to relevant extensions and to share other pertinent information relevant to BYKEA.Jazz will also be offering its Campaign Management Tool for Bulk SMS services allowing BYKEA easy to use, efficient, measurable, and cost-effective ways of broadcasting brand messages to target audiences.“Our B2B solutions allow customers to create a digital hub – a central place where devices, software, applications, and connectivity come together to deliver platform agnostic, user-centered and relevant services” said Faisal Sattar, VP Business Services Division – Jazz.“We are looking forward to assisting BYKEA in further improving their operational excellence through our top of the line business solutions,” he further added.“We’re very excited to partner with Jazz to help enhance for our partners and customers the communication and transaction experience. We believe this partnership will be a harbinger of change in the collaboration between tech startups and the telecom sector in Pakistan,” said MuneedMayar, CEO – BYKEA.Over the years, Jazz has established itself as a dominant business-to-business (B2B) converged solutions provider in the communications and information technology sphere and is trusted by over 25,000 companies. In terms of B2B reach, Jazz is an industry leader given its nationwide presence; dedicated round-the-clock support and responsive sales services.



Jazz and Careem join hands for customer facilitation

Jazz and Careem Join Hands for Customer Facilitation

Islamabad(Cliff News)Jazz, the country’s leading digital communications company, has partnered with Careem, Pakistan’s leading ride-hailing app, to offer doorstep services to current and potential Jazz customers. This partnership will allow people to buy Jazz SIMs,port their current mobile numbers to Jazz’s platform, get their SIMs replacement and recharge their accounts without leaving their homes – all via the Careem app.Speaking about this unique partnership, Asif Aziz, CCO – Jazz, stated, “Jazz is committed to a Digital Pakistan agenda. We are the first Telecom in Pakistan to facilitate our customers by delivering them our products at their doorstep through Pakistan’s top ride hailing service provider. Being customer obsessed, we always keep the customer at the heart of all initiatives we take. Collaboration with Careem is a milestone towards digital innovation and direct to customer service in shortest available time”.Commenting on importance of this partnership Shahzad Jamal, General Manager Islamabad, said, “At Careem, we believe in simplifying lives via technology, the partnership with Jazz is one such example how businesses can work together and offer ease to customers at doorsteps.”For now this facility will go live on 25th of February, 2019, for people residing in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Dawlance brings the ultimate gift for its customers this wedding season

Karachi(Cliff News)Dawlance – Pakistan’s leading home appliance manufacturer in its aim to further reward its esteemed customer base, has launched an exclusive ‘Wedding season offer’ in Pakistan.
Through the means of this offer, upon purchase of the wide-range of Dawlance home appliances, the consumers don’t just get supreme quality products that will serve the purpose, as they move on to this precious phase of their lives, but also get rewarded with the ultimate wedding gift for their selection of one of Pakistan’s most trusted home appliance manufacturing brand.
By purchasing Dawlance products, customers can ensure themselves a great chance to win from a range of offers starting from exclusive honeymoon packages for Istanbul (Turkey) and Dubai, to a two-night stay in one of Pakistan’s best hotels, or being rewarded with free Dawlance kitchen appliances and other mega gift hampers on offer.“All purchases from our valued customers during this wedding season, starting from December 25, 2017 till February 14, 2018, can serve as a perfect chance for them to win amazing gifts from Dawlance which ranges from mega honeymoon packages to exclusive gift hampers,” said Hassan Jamil, Head of Sales and Marketing, Dawlance.
Commenting at the occasion, he said, “Dawlance has been one of Pakistan’s most loved brand when it comes to home appliances, and it is this immense love and trust of our customers that encourages us to reward them with not only supreme quality but this time we go a step further as we reward our customers with a perfect wedding gift for them.”Upon successful purchase, customers will register their purchased appliances on the official Dawlance website,, and will be rewarded with points matching the value of their purchased products. All registered customers will then receive a link to access their profiles via an email from Dawlance, which will feature the earned points as well as a voting option to increase their chances of winning big.The link can then be shared with friends and family on all social media assets including WhatsApp, which will thus enable them to cast their votes and increase your chances of winning. The more votes, the better your chances of winning.
Points criteria is based on the following; 3000 points qualifies the customer for a chance to win return tickets to Turkey (for couple), 2000 points sets the eligibility to qualify them to win return tickets to Dubai (for couple), 1500 points will provide a chance to win a 2-night stay in one of the most luxurious hotels in Pakistan (for couple), while 1000 and 500 points will reward the customers with a chance of winning Dawlance kitchen appliances and other exclusive gift hampers.The qualifying criteria for all customers is to hold a valid and NADRA verified CNIC card, while this offer cannot be availed by Dawlance dealers and employees.

About Dawlance:
Dawlance, a leading home appliances brand of Pakistan, was established in 1980 with the vision of making Dawlance a Global brand by practicing reliability and to make Pakistan Proud; Dawlance serves its consumers in 3 functions involving Food Care, Fabric Care and Home Care with its wide range of appliances including refrigerators, freezers, micro-wave ovens, small kitchen appliances, washing machines and air conditioners.Dawlance has large manufacturing capabilities owing to its 3 factories , it has the largest service centre and dealer network in Pakistan; Dawlance’s vast service network in Pakistan displays its ability to reach consumers in every corner of the country and is one of the prime reasons for the brand’s success.
Dawlance promises reliability in every way for its consumers and stakeholders alike; Reliability is the key characteristic of Dawlance and is exercised within all functions of the company; it is in fact embedded in the organization’s culture. Aside from its reliability, Dawlance’s major strengths are differentiation and relevance- it makes products that are relevant to the needs of the Pakistani households but with an element of differentiation; Dawlance takes pride in introducing innovative products for the Pakistani market to enhance the lifestyle of its consumers and deliver a superior product experience.