Angeline Malik launches short film on child abuse to create awareness

Angeline Malik,  Samina Ahmed, Bushra Ansari, Zeba Bakhtiar, Ally Khan, Faraz Khan and Mehnaz Rehman at the launch of a short film campaign against child abuse.jpg

Karachi(Cliff News)A press conference was held here today at Karachi Press Club to launch a campaign against child abuse initiated by actor/producer Angeline Malik to help create awareness against this evil in our society. The event was marked by the screening of promos in Urdu and English of a short film produced by Malik, on the subject.Video shout-outs by various celebrities who spoke against the cause and also offered solutions to tackle the problem were also shown at the conference. Among those who had recorded their messages were Ushna Shah, Hina Bayat, Saman Ansari, Samina Ahmed, Bushra Ansari, Ahmed Ali Butt, Alyy Khan, Sarwat Gillani, Samiya Mumtaz, Rasikh Ismail, Salma Hasan, Suzain Fatima and Nida Yasir.  A number of celebrities were also present in person to raise their voices against this issue and to show solidarity for the cause. Among notable attendees and those who spoke on the occasion other than Malik were Samina Ahmed, Bushra Ansari, Zeba Bakhtiar, Ally Khan, Faraz Khan (Advisory board member of Muhafiz) and Mehnaz Rehman (Auraat Foundation), who strongly advocated that it was everyone’s responsibility to stop child abuse.Child abuse is one of the most ignored issues in Pakistan despite its crippling effects. The number of reported cases has been increasing annually which is why there is a dire need to take on this issue at a national level, and come up with workable solutions.



SHERDIL to be released internationally on April 12th by Zashko Films

International Poster

Karachi(Cliff News)The patriotic film, SHERDIL, which was released all over Pakistan on Resolution Day, created a lot of buzz and was highly appreciated by the masses. Post Indo-Pak tension, the storyline of the movie was quite relatable with the current situation of the country.The film highlights a life of a pilot played by Mikaal Zulfiqar, and how he learns the significance of duty, honour and love for one’s country.
The latest development is that the film is all set to be released on April 12th, written and produced by Col Nomaan Khan, and directed by Azfar Jafri (of ‘Parchi’ and ‘Janaan’ fame), ‘Sher Dil’ is set in the backdrop of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF). The film will be released in the UK, US, Canada, UAE, and Scandinavian countries by Zashko films as the official distributor, which is an international film distribution company owned by Actor Producer Shayan Khan (Na Band Na Baraati), while Exxodous Pictures as executive producers for UK, USA, and Canada and is expected to bring more business to the Pakistani cinema worldwide, after doing a business of 80 million on box offices locally.
Model turned actor, Mikaal Zulifqar is on cloud nine enjoying all the praising and appreciation by the public and critics. The lead actor of the film, took to his Instagram and thanked everyone who has watched the film and are planning to watch. “Thank you Pakistan for your amazing response. Sherdil becomes the highest opening and highest opening weekend film of 2019. These figures are more than amazing for a Pakistan only release and it is definitely among top 5 [Pakistani] films of all times,” he wrote.
The film also stars Armeena Rana Khan, Hassan Niazi and Sabeeka Imam in pivotal roles. After winning hearts of Pakistani audience, Sherdil is all set to conquer international market as well.

Mission Parwaaz- Fakhr e Alam child hood dream finally takenoff


Florida (Cliff News)Mission Parwaaz is a mission full of obstacles up in the air, but nothing seems to stop the uber-patriotic Fakhr-e-Alam. Fulfilling his childhood dream, Fakhr scored his private pilot license in 2015, later announcing his dream to circumnavigate the world to create a world record, first of its kind, in the history of Pakistan. Alam is currently flying the Pilatus PC12 single-engine turboprop aircraft for this mission. Fakhr will fly 26,000 miles, covering 31 cities and 25 countries on an estimated 28-day-long journey, weather permitting.Keeping his followers updated with his current situation, Fakhr conveyed his message to the nation saying, “I have so far traveled 70% of the Atlantic. There was a small malfunction in the landing gear and hydraulic systems mid-flight, but having overcome this hitch, I am still very much determined to continue ahead and make my nation proud.”After the announcement of Mission Parwaaz, Fakhr’s journey became a national affair making Pakistani’s around the globe proud. Fakhr-e-Alam started his tour on Wednesday, October 10th, from home base KPIE, Clearwater/St. Petersburg International Airport, Florida, USA, marking a historic event to circumnavigate the world in 28 days and dedicating his efforts to the people of Pakistan.Recent updates on Twitter states that Fakhr and his team have landed safely in Croatia this evening. Best wishes and prayers for the entire team to make a safe landing on their next destination, Egypt. Stay tuned for further updates at


Talisman Animation Studios officially released new song “Inky Pinky Ponky”

[News Byte] - The Donkey King New Song Release _Inky Pinky Ponky_ - A delightful Battle of the Maestros

Karachi(Cliff News)Geo Films & Talisman Animation Studios have officially released the new song “Inky Pinky Ponky” of their upcoming animated movie “The Donkey King” on October 3rd, 2018.A film by Aziz Jindani, the architect of the success of Pakistan’s first and most popular animated super hero series for a leading antibacterial soap brand, The Donkey King promises to be a fun film for all ages.The stage is set, the lights turned on, the energy of the crowd is visible, as Jan Mangu and Shahzada take their places for a musical battle in Inky Pinky Ponkysong.The 1 min 54 sec song is catchy from the very beginning and comes across as a fiery contest between Jan Mangu and Shahzada. The playful nature of The Donkey King is beautifully reflected in Asrar’s voice, who is a combination of rustic, playful and dramatic vocals that pierce through instantaneously. The Lyrics and composition is also by the musical maestro Asrar, while he directed the music in collaboration with Majid Raza.The music of The Donkey King is another well designed facet which makes this the first animated movie where no stones have been left unturned to make this a joyful ride for all ages. A couple of digs on the recent political situation are hard to miss in the song but the fun of this song lies in the fact that it never once moves away from the lively tone. The mischievous rivalry between Jan Mangu and Sher Shahzada opens up a little more and takes the audience through a humorous ride, which gives some more insight about Jan Mangu’s life and aspirations. The video promises some action packed scenes in the movie as Mangu and Shahzada battle it out on the stage! This song is a wonderful mix of the classic and the new, knitted in a delightful melody which sure makes it the song you’ll be humming all day!

The Donkey King Theatrical Trailer Promises a film with big heart

[Press Release] - The Donkey King Theatrical Trailer - Promises A Film With A Big Heart, Big Star Cast And Big Box Office Potential

Karachi(Cliff News)Geo aFilms& Talisman Animation Studios have officially released the theatrical trailer of their upcoming animated movie “The Donkey King” on September 24, 2018.The Donkey King is helmed by Aziz Jindani, the architect of the success of Pakistan’s first and most popular animated super hero series for a leading anti-bacterial soap brand. A teaser trailer of the film was released about a month ago and fetched over 2 million views across digital platforms with its lead character Mangu achieving near cult status since then as children & children at heart are widely seen imitating the catch phrase from the teaser “My Name is Mangu, Mangu! Jan Mangu! The Washing Machine.”Riding on the shoulders of a successful teaser, the hopes were only higher from the theatrical trailer and it surely exceeds all expectations. Just under two and half minutes of run time the trailer traces the journey of Mangu from an ordinary world to accidentally becoming the king of Azad Nagar. Only to realize that this was all part of a Machiavellian web set up by the cunning Miss Fitna (Fox). It goes onto set the contest between Mangu and Miss Fitna but keeps the audience yearning for more to discover if Mangu succeeds in rising to be a true king or not? The makers have also capitalized on the pop culture by stitching a gag at the end with reference to meat balls made of donkey meat. In short, the trailer has all the making of a mass entertainer with humor, action, adventure and song & dance. It surely lives up to its tag line “a fun film for all ages.”The trailer also unveils the ginormous voice cast of the film with some of the biggest names of the industry including; Jan Rambo, Hina Dilpazir, Javed Sheikh, Ghulam Mohiuddin, Erfan Khoosat, Ismail Tara, Mani, Adeel Hashmi, Irfan Malik & Ali Hassan, Faisal Qureshi, Ahsan Rahim, Shabbir Jan and Shafaat Ali. It is undoubtedly the biggest ensemble coming together for a Pakistani film of any genre.The trailer also whets the musical appetite by giving a sneak peek into, what appears to be, the title track of the film “Donkey Raja”. The songs are composed by Shuja Haider, Shani Arshad, Asrar & Majid Raza. The background score is composed by Shani Arshad and recorded with live orchestra at the Budapest Film orchestra, a first for any Pakistani film.The maker, Aziz Jindani, shares his views and states, “The Donkey King is an attempt to leap frog Pakistani films in general and animated films in particular. The film indeed speaks to the children but continuously winks at the adults. We have been deliberate to not get straitjacketed by the stereotype of ‘what an animated film is expected to be’. In just under 105mins of runtime The Donkey King packs in a kaleidoscopic cinematic experience. It will make you laugh, will leave you moist eyes at places, will get you at the edge of your seat with suspense & thrill and above all deliver a meaningful message that will inspire children & children at heart to dream big and discover their full potential.”In closing, going by what we see in the trailer, the Donkey King promises to be a film with a big heart, big star cast and big box office potential. We are surely queuing up at the cinemas first day, first show on Oct 13, 2018 when the film is set to rule cinemas across Pakistan.

Aniq Ernest of Big Guns Productions-Journey from a film intern to an AD Film Director


Aniq Ernest, a film graduate from Canada, started his career as an AD and immediately kicked off with some of the big directors in the industry. From a passionate and energetic intern to becoming a successful ad filmmaker, he bagged more than 150 Television Commercials to his credit, out of which 70 plus ad films as a Director and Producer.

Among big names he became the youngest director/producer in Pakistan. Starting his own production house with the name of Big Guns Productions, within a very short span of time it became one of the go to names in the industry and it has been growing in reputation and team wise since then. From Telcos to FMCGS, to corporate videos and documentary films, they do it all.

Big Guns Productions Achievements

Aniq Ernest was behind the most watched Pakistani Commercial on Youtube ‘Lahore Qalandars’ in 2016. He has also won the prestigious PAS Awardsin various categories.

In The Pipeline – Recent & Upcoming Projects

Goonj is one project which is yet to be released, along with, a TVC in collaboration with Government of Punjab and a telco. Recently Aniq Ernest has been approached to direct a couple of feature film projects, but as of now he is still waiting for the right script.

Big Guns Productions is Celebrities Favourite

Big Guns Productions has worked with,Moammar Rana, Noor, Mahira Khan, Shahid Afrdi, Hamza Ali Abbasi, Amir Khan, Sheheryar Munawaar, Sajjal Aly, Babar Ali, Zara Sheikh, Mehwish Hayat, Ajab Gul, Sonia Mishaal, Salman Shahid, Arshad Mehmood, Ali Safina, Fahad Mustafa, Mohsin Abbas Haider, ZebaBakhtyar, Javed Sheikh, Sarah khan, Saima, Meera, Sahir Lodhi, Adnan TipuShah, Reema, Resham, Waseem Akram, Shahid Afridi, Feroze Khan, SabeekaImam, Nadia Hussain, Mahnoor Balouch, Aiza Khan, Danish Taimoor, Anwar Maqsood, Babrik, Faheem Abbasi, Naveed Raza, Shahood Alvi, MawraHocane, Meera Ansari, Gohar Rasheed, Mani, Dr Amir Liaquat, Yasir Hussain, Areeba Habib, Maya Ali, Yasir Shoro, Sikander Rizvi amongst others.


Karachi Literature Festival well attended by visitors of all ages

Karachi(Cliff News)A large number of book lovers and literature enthusiastic attended sessions of their interests on various thought-provoking subjects on the second day of Karachi Literature Festival (KLF) on Saturday.The series of activities related to literature were also well attended by visitors of all ages.Oxford University Press (OUP) Pakistan event gathered avid readers, writers, academics, and literary figures from across Pakistan and the world for the second day of the festival, which began on Friday at the Beach Luxury Hotel.The day started with the session “Home Fire: Rosinka Chaudhuri in conversation with Kamila Shamsie”. Home Fire was long listed for the prestigious Man Booker Prize and has garnered international acclaim. Centered around a British-Pakistani family torn apart by a conflicted past, this novel features themes that are very relevant today. The audience heard interesting commentary about Pakistani writing in English, the Paksitani diaspora in Britain and much more. The book launch for Remnants of a Separation: A History of the Partition through Material Memory by Aanchal Malhotra had a panel consisting of Aanchal Malhotra, NazIkramullah Ashraf, Shahnaz Aijazuddin and Reema Abbasi with moderator Saif Mahmood. “When you are born in India or Pakistan, you cannot separate yourself from partition”, said Aanchal Malhotra.Shahnaz Aijazuddin pointed out, “In Harry Potter, wizards use everyday objects and magic to transport them to another place. In Aanchal’s book, she has used ordinary objects to transport herself back in time.”Aanchal added, “Official history doesn’t encompass everyone so we have to trust peoples memory. But memory is inherently fallible so collective memory becomes personal memory. We have to take things at face value, blend of oral history and academic history as they cannot exist separately from one another.”About interviewing people regarding partition, Aanchal explains, “Memory is not chronological, you need triggers to remember. You need to talk about senses, ask questions like what did Chittagong smell like at that time.”At the book launch “Bhopal Connections: Vignettes of Royal Rule” by Shaharyar M. Khan,Shaharyar M. Khan &Mani Shankar Aiyar were conversationwith session moderator SadaffeAbid.Award Ceremony of KLF-German Peace Prize Winners with Dr Christoph Hein (Leading German Journalist on Asia)was presented by the Consulate General of Germany, Karachi. Dr Rasul Baksh Rias was declared as the First German Peace Prize winner.Ijaz Hussain won the second German Peace Price for his book Indus Water Treaty: Political and Legal Dimensions.”The only way to solve the water problem in India and Pakistan is to work together”, said the winner author. The third prize was won byAhtar Baloch for his book “Prison Narratives”.The most interesting session was “Slam-Bam Verse! Utterances of the Age” where the speakers Zohab Khan, ZohaJabbar, Batool Hassan, Shameneh Majid, Mariam Paracha, Hamza Iftikhar discussed the details withZohab Khan.Book Launch: Pirani & Other Short Stories by Jamal AbroMahtab Akbar Rashdi, Attiya Dawood, Shah Muhammad PirzadaModerator: Masood LoharIn the session MeToo: Gender issues today, the speakers AurélieSalvaire, Kami Chouhdry, HarisGazdar and session moderator Bina Shah discussed the burning gender issues. “A lot of the issues brought up by the me too movement expose not just sexual exploitation but economic exploitation,” saidHaris Gazdar, adding, “”Surveys reveal that women themselves don’t regard their own labour as work.”Aurelie Salvaire said, “I find there are more feminists in Pakistan’s lower middle class than in the upper classes”. She added that “Imagine what would happen is all the women in Pakistan stopped working for one day.”At the session “Why is Shakespeare Shakespeare?” Zia Mohyeddin read selected abstracts in his trademark style.On the session on sports “Howzat!The Madness that is Cricket”, the speakers Richard Heller, Shaharyar M. Khan, Mohsin Khan and moderator Sohaib Alvi discussed important sports issues. Shaharyar M. Khan said that “You need coaching academies across the country and not just the big cities so young talent can flourish.”Three books on Socio-Economic and Governance Priorities for Pakistan also launched ate the event. Hafiz A. Pasha, SakibSherani and Vaqar Ahmed sat with moderator Abdul Qadir to discuss the details.Hafiz A. Pasha said that “Since the 90’s Pakistan has lost its growth. What is equally worrying is that we have high and rising inequality the evidence is that over the last 15 years.The fundamental is how to manage the low growth and inequality.”In an intriguing session, NasriNazmaurNayeeShairi, Afzal Ahmed Syed, Tanveer Anjum, Azra Abbas, ArfaEzazi sat with moderator Syed Kashif Raza.In the session Autobiographies: A Conversation, Zubeida Mustafa, first female editor of Dawn and author of My dawn years sat with Kesho Scott of The Habit of Surviving & Tight Spaces. Zubeida Mustafa said that  “I wouldn’t say I was the first woman in journalism but I did join it at a stage when I could influence policy and pave the way for other women.”In the Book Launch: Travels in a Dervish Cloak, author Isambard Wilkinson talked to Victoria Schofield about his new book.Book Launch: The Three Innocents and Ors.: Chughtai on Childhood Translated by Tahira Naqvi.Shahnaz Aijazuddin and SabynJaveri sat with SamanShamsie to discuss the book.At the Book Launch: A Thousand Cups of Tea: Among Tea Lovers in Pakistan and Elsewhere in the Muslim WorldJurgen Wasim Frembgen sat with ArfaSayeda Zehra to discuss his book. ArfaSayeda Zehra moderated the session. Going Bananas with the Boys was an interesting session where the Banana News Network boys including Murtaza Chaudhery,Mustafa Chaudhery&Faisal Chaudhery entertained the crown.At the Book Launch: The Faltering State: Pakistan’s Internal Security Landscape  the author Tariq Khosa sat with Babar Ayaz, Hamid Khan & Javed Jabbar.Maheen Zia, AriebAzhar and Pervez Hoodbhoy  had a healthy discussion in the session EACPE Video Competition: Fostering Tolerance in Pakistan.Screenings of Short Films. This was followed by Award Ceremony by Getz.In session The Power of the Individual Story: Pakistani Women’s Autobiographies, Attiya Dawood, Azra Abbas, Samina Rahman and KishwarNaheed sit with Kesho Scott.In the session “Can Art and Culture Save the City?” DurriyaKazi, Sania Saeed, Faraz Hamidi and YawarJilani sat with moderator Naila Mahmood. “Citymaking is a complex task especially if you bring culture into it. Citymaking needs a conscience, an understanding of history,” says YawarJilani on architecture and pubic spaces. He added that “This process of engagement and dialogue. Our city has no planning authority. It’s headless. There is no institution to have dialogue or a thought process about which direction Karachi should be headed.”Sania Saeed said that “I was born during the time of dictatorship so we were just thrown into democracy. We didn’t know what to do because we were told what to do and what not to do. So we never saw political dialogue.” She added, “Theatre has a respectful engagement of the presenter and audience it is non threatening and non confrontational and more engaging and has a longer impact and if it can be continued then it reflect more positively in people’s attitudes. However, art doesn’t come under the politicians’ radars, which has allowed us to get away with a lot of things.” It’s difficult to get people out of their comfort zone because they’ve accepted and are living in this garbage, and to shake them out of this and get them out of it is difficult,”. “So it’s a psychological issue too. There are limited theatres in Karachi, it you don’t get along with Arts Council, pack up and leave, you can perform on the streets, not that even.” To this DurriyaKazi responded that I think the artists bridges the gap between chaos and order.Shahida Hassan, Irfan Sattar&Mahjabeen Ghazal Ansari had an interesting discussion in the session Safar aurKhwab: Shairiki Yaadain aur Baatain .At the Book launch of ‘Governing the Ungovernable’, author Ishrat Husain talked with Mani Shankar Aiyar, Y. Venugopal Reddy and moderator SimaKamil on his book, Governing the Ungovernable: Institutional Reforms for Democratic Governance*. Venogopal said “A leader can make a difference at an opportune point in time.” Ishrat Husain said, “I looked at the explanations of Pakistan’s decline. First and foremost, Pakistan is a fragile flailing state with nuclear power, extremism roaming about, tension with India and the US.” He added, “Whenever Pakistan has received generous foreign assistance, Pakistan has done well. This has been in relation with military governance.”In the session Harf-e-Baryab, Iftikhar Arif had a conversation with moderators Asif Farrukhi and NasiraZuberi and also performed a few readings.In the session Francis Robinson talks with Mahmood Jamal and Hameed Haroon on his book Jamal Mian: The Life of Maulana Jamaluddin Abdul Wahab of FarangiMahall 1919–2012, Francis Robinson was in Conversation with Mahmood Jamal and Hameed Haroon on his book.At the Book launch of ‘Of Pearls and Pecks of Straw’ author Iqbal Akhund talked with Ashraf Jehangir Qazi and moderator Maniza Naqvi on his new book, Of Pearls and Pecks of Straw: Recollections, Essays, After-thoughts. He said, “I am one of the last few Indians left. Many of you were born and bred here. I was born there and I was not at all in favour of Pakistan; we lived happily with Hindus, Christians and Parsis. Eventually I came around to the idea but I must confess I still have a certain nostalgia for that country that was.” About the book he said, “In 18 years I wrote 20-30 pages but then the book started to write itself and it was done in 2 years.”In the session To Write or Not to Write? Student Voices against the Odds, Mushba Said &Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy along with the moderator SabynJaveri had an interesting discussion.Jurgen Wasim Frembgen, Amardeep Singh, Ghazala Rahman Rafiq with moderator Zulfiqar Ali Kalhoro had a detailed discussion in the session Shrines and Sufi Legacy.SecunderKermani, Ghazi Salahuddin, Huma Baqai sit with moderator FasiZaka in session Electronic Media: Making and Breaking News discussed the trends of electronic media. Huma Baqai said that 80% of producers, when I appear on TV, tell me to not speak like an academic, to simplify my ideas.Chup: A Short Play directed by Sunil Shanker with the cast of Fawad Khan, Bakhtawar Mazhar, Kaif Ghaznavi, Sunil Shanker, &Erum Bashir was much admired by the crowd.Author Sheela Reddy talked with Governor Sindh Mohammad Zubair, F.S. Aijazuddin and moderator Kamran Asdar Ali about, Mr and Mrs Jinnah: Hindustan kiHairankunShadi. “Jinnahs personal life has never been discussed in this way. Pakistanis would probably not like it (the book), they don’t want to humanise Jinnah in this manner, they can’t fathom that he fell in love with a Parsi girl. So they might not like it but the truth must be told” said Mohammad Zubair. Author Sheela Reddy was asked what attracted 42-year-old Jinnah to an 18-year-old Parsi woman, to which she responded, “I think on his part it was her very youth that might have attracted him, she was a great romantic. I think she had qualities that he had suppressed about himself due to his need to self-invent into another man, a great man.”In the session Building Educational Institutions of Excellence, the speakers ShamshKassim-Lakha, Ishrat Husain, Wasif Rizvi, Sabahat Rafiq with modratorAmin Hashwani shed light of the educational system.The session Education of Girls: Perceptions and Realities in a Changing Pakistan was addressed by the speakers Rahat Kazmi, Sania Saeed, Nadia Naviwala. Riaz Kamlanimodrated the session. Nadia Naviwala said that “Surveys show that 75% of Pakistani parents think that education for girls is as important as boys… Gender gap in education is 10% in Pakistan and most of this gap exists in rural areas. She added, “Access to schools is the problem; the stigma isn’t girls schooling but girls going to school – meaning, mobility’s the issue.” According to Nadia, “You need to make school safe for girls by having more female teachers… You can get girls to schools but you also need to have quality education. Schools and education aren’t the same thing, and that’s where we’re failing”In the session, Reality catches up with SatireZarrarKhuhro, FasiZaka&Nadeem F. Paracha the croud took special interest and were fully thrilled by the thought provoking discussions.Khayal: An Evening of Indian Classical Singing by Amit Chaudhuri, accompanied by Yousuf Kerai on the table entertained the crowd.Don Akhbar’: Documentary Screening and Discussion on Lyari’s Local Media was well presented by Dostain Baloch, Zia Rehman, Waheed Noor with Nida KirmaniThe evening ended with AriebAzhar’sConcert along with Mushaira  that was attended by top poets including Iftikhar Arif, Inaam Nadeem, Afzal Ahmed Syed, Ajmal Siraj, Anwar Shaoor, Aqeel Abbas Jafri, Fatema Hassan, Harris Khalique, Irfan Sattar, KhwajaRazi Haider, KishwarNaheed, NasiraZuberi, Peerzada Salman, Salman Sarwat, Sarwat Zehra, Shahida Hassan, Tanveer Anjum, Usama Ameer Shaikh, Waheed Noor, Zakia Ghazal.