Pakistan need technical and honest Sports Journalists,Jahangir Khan


Karachi(Syed Qalbe Muhammad)One of the greatest player in the history of Squash Jahangir Khan said Pakistan need technical and honest Sports Journalists for the capacity building of the nation.I was retire 25 years ago but media keeps me alive in the News.He was addressing the Asia Youth Sports Reporters Training Program 2018 in the local hotel at Karachi.Jahangir said Journalism is a part of Sports Man life I remember when I saw first news of my life in the age of 13 everyone give me lot of respect.Unfortunately we don’t have any program to groom our young talent.Former Test Cricketer Jalaluddin said Sports Journalists motivate the players and always highlighted rights things.In the modren era all sports should be played scientifically,Journalists must updated about the technology.He futher added grass route level player should take 5 years for grooming.T20 is more attractive as compare to T10.Repoters need to be smart to built relation with players.The Future of test cricket never end.We need to adopt modren invention in the game.Former GB Member PCB and President KCCA Prof.Ejaz Ahmed Farooqi said it is the duty of organiser to bring talent on the main stream level.Supporting of Financially weak players is a challenge for me when i was President KCCA,I make entire cricket free of charge on zone level.Justification is very important in selection,if selection is fair media will support you and results will be better.Journalists news will built and damage the career of players.Farooqi said players want security if PM wipeout departments cricket will destory in the Country.Chairman Pakistan Billiards and Snooker Association Alamgir Sheikh said media role is very important to give boost up of snooker in Pakistan.After Mohammad Yousf there is a big gap but Mohammad Asif wins is a snooker revival.We gets the sponsor and polish alot of talented players.Sports Journalism is a wonderful career and very vast and open field.PBSA is a No 1 federation in out of 42 federation in Pakistan Sports Board.Deputy COO Operations Leisure Leagues Pakistan Muhammad Zabe Khan said sports built the profile of country.If organiser doing a good job it need to report well.Local Media reports is our credit.Women Football organiser Sadia Sheikh expressing her views that media can play his role in the development of women football.We need to bring women coaches to groom our girls in football.After facing lot of difficulties we already introducing football in Thar.Senior Journalist and Former Reporter of APP Ashan Qureshi said triple “D” Determination,Dedication,Devoation is very important in the life of Sports Journalist.We need to focus what going on today.This is the basic duty of Journalist to built and create the news.The base of media is Print Media as it’s importance remain same until the coming centuries.Anchor Person and Senior Repoter Daily Jang Majid Bhatti expressing his views that spicy news kills your createtiblity.You need to be alert to give big stories because if story is back fire it will creates problem for you.News is the face of Journalist.Anchor Geo Super Waheed Khan said Print Media across the globe facing very big challenge I advised repoters to come online editions.Reporters must have network of information.Source is based on your trust.If you have news you must deliver it.In the end Channel 24 Reporter Mehmood Raiz briefed about the importance of social media.The event is successful because of Secretary PSWF Amjad Aziz Malik,President SJAS Tariq Aslam,GS Asghar Azeem and his devoted team.The program hosted by Sports Journalist and International Hockey Commentator Raizuddin.



Filmwala Pictures announces historic collaboration with ZEE Studios International for “Load Wedding”

[Press Release] - Filmwala Pictures Announces Historic Collaboration with ZEE Studios International for 'Load Wedding'

Karachi(CliffNews)Filmwala Picturesis proud to announce the first ever collaboration with one of the most reputable and biggest media houses in Asia: Zee Studios International for the global release of their film – Load Wedding – all set to release this Eid ul Azha.The film stars one of the most loved couple of the Pakistani film industry – Fahad Mustafa and Mehwish Hayat in the lead roles and is directed by Nabeel Qureshi.Speaking about this momentous partnership Fizza Ali Meerza, CEO Filmwala Pictures said, “This is a great moment for Pakistani Cinema & FilmwalaPictures – and it just feels phenomenal to be able to take Load Wedding to so many new markets with this amazing collaboration. Zee Studios International has an immense reach across the globe, we are just honoured that they felt Load Wedding was the right Pakistani film for them to come on board with their support and help us reach new territories, markets and audiences – helping us make Pakistani Cinema global.”Teaming up with Zee Studios International, Load Wedding is going to be released in USA, Canada, UK, GCC, Singapore, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand/ Fiji and Mauritius in addition to Pakistan where it is being distributed by IMGC.Nabeel Qureshi, Director Load Wedding stated, “Load Wedding is already creating immense excitement within the audiences in Pakistan and going global with Zee Studios International could be the best thing possible for this project. Filmwala Pictures is on the verge of creating history and we need love and support from our well-wishers.”Zee Entertainment launched in 1992 by Dr Subhash Chandra, has made a mark for itself not only in South Asia but worldwide. They embarked on their dominance in cinema with the release of Gadar – Ek Prem Katha in 2001 and since then have released some of the biggest hits such as Rustom, Jazbaa, Qarib QaribSingle, Hindi Medium and Secret Superstar to name a few.Load Wedding will be hitting the cinemas in Pakistan and worldwide on Eid ul Azha.

About FIlmwala Pictures:

Filmwala Pictures is a one of the biggest Pakistani Film Production Company founded by Fizza Ali Meerza who has proven to be a pioneer in the film business and contributed immensely in the revival of the Pakistani Film industry. The dream team of Fizza Ali Meerzaalong with Nabeel Quershi; director and co-writer, have managed to give back to back block buster hits since 2014.Filmwala Pictures acknowledges films as a medium, as a tool to change, hence they aim to create entertaining films on a good scale that showcases the problems faced by our people at a grass root level while also giving a positive message for the society.



Geo Tv “Ittehad Ramzan” transmission grabbing the full attention of viewers across the globe


Written by : Syed Qalb-e-Muhammad

Geo ittehad ramzan transmission is getting great suceess and grabbing the full attention of viewers in Pakistan and across the globe.Rabia Anum and Sami Khan are the host on the iftar time.The participants of ittehad ramzan transmission is win the million of prizes every day.To make colourful and attractive to Ittehad ramzan the management of geo decided to introduce a different competition for the children like debate and quiz and for the intrest of youth and senior citizens the Ullama gives the answers of your question which were asked by the viewers by call and sms and briefly discuss the current issues of the society to make comfortable your life in Ramzan and after Ramzan.The most important part of transmission is health tips because fasting in this type of hot weather is very difficult but the health experts,doctors and ullama tells the techniques to maintain your fitness and completely fasting the whole holy month.Geo always bring the best for people of all ages and the first ashra of Ramzan the Geo “Itthead Ramzan” has become the country most popular transmission in the iftar timings.The segments of transmission are given below.


Qasas-ul- Quran :
The segment of Qasas-ul-Quran is hosted by Umair Rana. This segment throws light on the events discussed in Quran. A different event related to a messenger is discussed each day.Ziyarat (pilgrimage) to sites associated with Muhammad, his family members, His companions and other venerated figures in Islam such as the prophets are carried out each day.

Allah Walay:
The Allah Walay segment is inclusive of discussing the life events and way of life of the Sufi personalities who have shown immense love for the supreme Almighty Allah T’alah.


Jaan kar Geo :
Jaan kar Geo, also called the kids story segment is the segment in whichWarqah, the little story teller, narrates religious stories to kids. A different inspirational story discussed by Warqaheach day has a beautiful lesson and guidelines for the muslim Ummah

CSR segment:
The segment involves inviting needy and grief-stricken families to come on set. Donations are raised live with RabiaAnum and Sami Khan requesting the audience to contribute generously.NGO’s are also invited to the platform to generate solutions on what can be done to help the needy families.

Dil sey kehdo:
Dil sey kehdo is a debate segment in which participants are provided with a platform to voice interactive argumentson a variety of topics. 4 participants address their debates out of which 1 is sent to the quarter finals. The winner is gifted different merchandise including bikes and home appliances.

Rabb-e-Zidni Ilma:
This is a quiz segment which comprises of 4 participants who go through 3 rounds of questions asked on Islamic and social studies topics. The participants who give the maximum number of right responses clear their way to the final round and the winner is rewarded with free merchandize.

This segment involves a Naatcompetition between 3 participants. 2 of the participants get eliminated and the winner makes it to the final round. The audience gets to listen to a beautiful and melodious recollection of Naats from young talented Naat Khwas .


Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi became part of GEO Entertainment holdings

Abduallah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi (1)

Karachi(Cliff News)The ace producers of the biggest entertainment company of Pakistan 7th Sky Entertainment and the brains behind the most talked about serial these days “Khaani” have accomplished another milestone by joining hands & have partnered with GEO Television Network.GEO Television Network is proud and excited to announce their partnering with Mr. Abdullah Kadwani and Mr. AsadQureshi of 7th Sky Entertainment who have now become part of GEO Entertainment Holdings. Mr. Abdullah Kadwani has taken charge as the Group Managing Director Geo Entertainment Holdings and Mr. Asad Qureshi shall be the Chief Operating Officer of Geo Entertainment Holdings.They will be responsible for the bottom line of all units that come under it which include GEO’s Entertainment TV channels including GEO and Kahaani, Production House, GEO Films, Fire Records and all other entertainment properties of GEO Network.Mr. Abdullah Kadwani is a renowned Pakistani Actor, Director, Marketer and Producer who brings decades of media related skill sets including performing arts, advertising, media marketing, sales and production. Starting out as the CEO of Media International a media events and public relations firm, he soon took over as the CEO in partnership with Pakistan’s biggest media services group, Interflow Group and launched its flagship company, ICON Media. He was also the CEO of Media Max and as part of the core team played a vital role in launching a leading satellite channel of Pakistan & was associated with them for 11 years…He is also the Founder of the premier broadcast and filmed entertainment company ‘7th Sky Entertainment.Abdullah Kadwani has transformed the media production industry by introducing professionalism and culture transforming values. He ventured into not only productions, but direction as well and has directed many award winning Dramas. With a diversified portfolio he has been contributing substantially to the entertainment media industry in Pakistan. He has been a recipient of many awards including; Best Producer, Best Actor and Best Drama Serials. He brings with him an unsurpassed experience of more than 25 years in the field of Television industry in Pakistan. His acumen has led him to create milestones, new channels, programming and ideas that have also earned him a reputation of a man of commitment, relationship and performance. He remains the only individual in the industry to have experienced 360 degrees of this trade winning him accolades and awards in recognition of the same. Today, he continues to do so with a proven track record of quality, performance, integrity and innovation.Asad Qureshi has extensive experience and has played an instrumental role in bringing innovation to the Pakistan Media Industry. His passion for his work and belief in continued learning led to his selection in the AMP- Media Management Program at IESE Business School and UCLA. With his attention to details he identified the gap and true potential in the satellite industry enabling him to become part of the core team that launched the first Satellite channel- Indus TV Network in Pakistan. In 2001, he moved on to join Media Max as Director Operations, which became Pakistan’s premier and pioneering broadcast marketing company. Since 2004 he has been the Director and founding partner of 7th Sky Entertainment, Pakistan’s premier broadcast and filmed Entertainment Company, which has proudly bagged several awards and accolades in different categories for its various projects.7th Sky Entertainment has produced over 100 projects, which range from drama serials, soap, tele-features and branded content for clients making it the largest independent content producing company in Pakistan.CEO of Geo TV Network Mir Ibrahim Rehman on behalf of Team Geo wishes both Mr Abdullah Kadwani & AsadQureshi the best of luck and hopes that under the leadership of the dynamic duo the GEO Entertainment brands will continue its journey as the leading Entertainment and drama content provider of Pakistan.Be it an emotional roller coaster of relationships in “Muhabbat Tumse NafratHai” or the ups and downs between a husband and wife in “Maan”, story of love and hatred in “Ghar Titli Ka Par” or a story of a rebel, love and revenge in “Khaani”, this super duo has always made dramas which top not only the ratings but our hearts as well and create waves everywhere. Their latest drama “Khaani” is the talk of the town while Khaani has become a remarkable character whereas the audience is just drooling over Mir Hadi.“Our dramas are not only entertainment but they are also objective based & trendsetters, they are stories which are from the masses and for the masses and we make sure to create them with all our heart. It’s a pleasure to join hands with one of the leading channels of the country and we are aiming to set new benchmarks through this partnership”said Abdullah Kadwani.Asad Qureshi also shared his happiness stating: “It’s not an easy task to make signature dramas like 7th Sky has been doing but requires a lot of hardwork and passion, and now as we have joined the leading entertainment channel we are more passionate about our work and will create top rating dramas in the future as well with the help of the talented team here at GEO.”We hope that with the merger of such great minds, GEO entertainment will soon become the leading entertainment channel in the industry.

About 7th Sky Entertainment:

7th Sky Entertainment (or Seventh Sky Entertainment) is one of the largest independent production house in Pakistan spearheaded by Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi. As Pakistan’s premier broadcast and entertainment company, 7th Sky Entertainment has produced blockbuster & award winningserials such as Daam, Doraha, Sheherzad, Mairtj ul Uroos, Meri ZaatZara e Benishan, Mere Meherbaan, Mere Charagar, Roshan Sitara, Aik Pal, Noor e Zindagi, Tum Kon Piya, Khaali Haath, Hiddat, Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat Hai, Gohar-e-Nayab, Ghayal and Maan


19th InterSchool Scrabble Championship starts on 3 Feb 2018

Karachi (Cliff News)The 19th Inter School Scrabble Championship will be played at BVS Parsi School on February 3-4, 2018.Once again this event will be sponsored by Horlicks who have been helping us promote scrabble for many years and have played a vital role in promoting scrabble all over Pakistan.As you are aware the 2017 edition turned out to be the largest scrabble tournament in the world with 1394 players. This year’s event is almost certain to break all previous participation records. It is expected to be the biggest tournament of any single sports in Pakistan with approximately 2000 players.Players aged 7-21 can participate. There are 10 categories giving players of all ages a chance to win trophies. Medals will be given to the top ten, while trophies will be given to the top three in each category. There are various other prizes to be wonThe championship is open to ALL schools and colleges. Entry forms are available at our website The last date of registration is 29th January.200 top players from this championship will be picked for training by a professional coach for several months and then the Pakistan team will be selected for the WESPA Youth Cup (Dubai) and Junior World Scrabble Championship (England).We are proud to remind you that the team Pakistan picked from last year’s inter school championship went on to create history at the Junior World Scrabble Championship played in Nottingham, England by winning five WORLD CHAMPION titles. The reigning champions of under 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 age category are all from Pakistan.These players although still in school will not be playing in the upcoming inter school championship but will be a part of the management of the event. This is a great tradition proudly introduced by PSA. The youth players who become international players are elevated to the management and take up important roles.The largest scrabble tournament in the world will once again be managed by a team of about 50 youth players.The year 2017 turned out to be a greatyear for scrabble in Pakistan. Apart from the last year’s inter school and the JWSC mentioned above:

— Hammad Hadi won the 32nd Princess Cup Youth Championship in Thailand

— Pakistan finished 2nd in the WESPA Youth Cup played in Malaysia. Four players from Pakistan finished in the top ten

— 15 year old Sohaib Sanaullah (a find of the inter school tournament) became the national champion of Pakistan dethroning the great Waseem Khatri

We are hoping that 2018 will bring further glory to Pakistan as our young players are getting regular international exposure with support from the corporate sector.

*Horlicks has been a pillar of support for a number of years

*United States Education Foundation has been a strong ally.

*This year we had strong support from Silk Bank and Jubilee Insurance and we hope that they’ll find this partnership rewarding for their brand and extend their support for future events too.

*Pelikan Stationary is also a new partner and they are providing all the stationery for the event

*Geo Super is the official media partner of this championship and has been giving great coverage to scrabble

We are seeking support from our friends in the media to promote the game which is presenting a great image of Pakistan in the world by producing champions after champions.


Drama Serial “Hari Hari Choorian”is all set to go on-air from 1st August 2017

Karachi (Cliff News)TNI Production’s New Drama Serial “Hari Hari Choorian”is all set to go on-air from the 1st August 2017.The Drama has been shot across charming locations in the backdrop of Beautiful landscape of Nathia Gali.Directed by Syed Atif Hussain and Produced by Muhammad Zeeshan Khan,the drama enjoys a mix cast of senior and young artists including Aiman M.Khan,Wahaj Ali,Hassan Ahmed,Sajid Hussain,Shagufta Ejaz,Natasha Ali,Javeria Abbasi,Mahmood Aslam,Faria Sheikh,Asad Siddqui,Sharmain Tayyub,Nazli Nasr,Maria Khan,Khalid Butt,Noshaba Bashir,Sabahat Ali Bukhari,Hadi Firdausi,Ali Deswali,Fozia Mushtaq,Qaisar Naqvi and Rabia Tabassum.Written by Jahanzeb Qamar,the Plot Portrays harsh social behaviours of People surrounded by the situation of love and hate.The title song is a creation of the experienced composer Waqar Ali whereas Lyrics are written by Ayub Khawar and sung by none other than the legend Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.Viewers can watch the 1st Episode from the 1st August 2017 on Geo Entertainment at 8pm every Tuesday.20170721_184935

PSL Team Owners Reinforce their Solidarity to Organise Final in Lahore

Dubai (Cliff News)There was a high level meeting held earlier today between Pakistan Super League Management and Franchise owners, chaired by the Chairman of the PCB Executive Committee and the PSL, Mr. Najam Aziz Sethi.Among various administrative and event discussions, all the team owners took time to reinforce their solidarity and conviction with the decision of taking the Final of the PSL back to its rightful home, the Gaddafi Cricket Stadium, Lahore, also the head office of both the Pakistan Cricket Board and the PSL.“It has been heart-warming to see the dedication of all the owners to the cause of taking cricket back home and there is a realisation that this final will be the first step in opening the gates to international teams starting to make the journey again. We are all committed to this mission and wish to have a thoroughly entertaining final where it should happen – in Lahore,” said Sethi while speaking of the meeting.