Naya Nazimabad hosts send off lunch for Karachi Kings and Quetta Gladiators


Karachi(Cliff News)To celebrate Pakistan Super League seas 5 being played in Pakistan, Naya Nazimabad hosted a send-off lunch in honour of the PSL Teams Karachi Kings’ and Quetta Gladiators. The ceremony was attended by Governor Sindh, Imran Ismail; Provincial Minister; Saeed Ghani; Mayor Karachi, Waseem Akhtar; Commissioner Karachi, Iftikhar Shallwani; along with top businessmen, bankers, cricketers and a large number of cricket lovers at Naya Nazimabad.Both the teams – Karachi Kings and Quetta Gladiators were also present along with their respective owners, Mr. Salman Iqbal and Mr. Nadeem Omar, and their advisors Mr. Wasim Akram and Mr. Moin Khan. Both Mr. Salman Iqbal and Mr. Nadeem Omar expressed their exuberance at cricket coming back to Pakistan and resolved to keep working for its continuity.Mr. Arif Habib, addressing the teams said, “Cricket is a game of thrills which the entire nation loves and enjoys. We wish Quetta Gladiators and Karachi Kings all the best and look forward to watching the teams playing competitively.”Referring to the recently issued letters by the DC-West which have raised some unfound observations about the Naya Nazimabad Project, Mr. Arif Habib, explained that such observations have been raised in the past as well and investigated by different courts and regulatory agencies. All such investigations have concluded that the land title of Javedan Corporation Limited (JCL) is absolute, lawful, clean and clear.


The project has been approved after investigations by various agencies. It is a model housing society that offers all recreational facilities including parks, grounds, stadiums and mosques etc. for healthy and wholesome living.Naya Nazimabad is a project of JCL, which has almost 4,000 shareholdera and is listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange. It is not a proprietorship or a privately owned company. It is in fact the only listed company which is engaged in the business of development. Present sponsors had acquired this company through a transparent, privatization process. The land owned by this company, which makes Naya Nazimabad, is either 99 years leasehold land or free-hold land. This land is in the company’s possession even before its nationalization in 1972.In 2011, company launched Naya Nazimabad project after obtaining all regulatory approvals as prescribed in relevant laws. Till date, over 2,800 allotments have taken place, 1,000 leases have been completed and the project has 30,000 houses in prospect and potentially 150,000 residents will benefit of contemporary modern healthy living.He further said, that Ghat-Wadh form no. 35 reflects the measurement and demarcation of the land only. It has nothing to do with the land title, which is perfect and spotless. The form was issued following the due process. DC-West letters are in contempt of the restraining order issued by the Sindh High Court on February 11, 2020. The company is serving legal notices to DC-West in this regard.Mr. Arif Habib restated sponsors’ resolve to continue to develop Naya Nazimabad for the progressive middle-class of Karachi as the benchmark in its class.




Gladiator Inter School Scrabble:BVS Parsi High School dominated top positions


Karachi(Cliff News)The 21st Gladiator Inter School Scrabble Championship 2020, hosted 1500+ participants at BVS Parsi School.BVS Parsi High School dominated most of the top positions.
The ten age categories that were hosted on both the days involved children ranging from 6 – 23 divided into the following age brackets:
Category “A” (Players born on or after 1-Jan-2012 & 31 Dec 2013)
Category “B” (Players born between 1-Jan-2011 & 31 Dec 2011)
Category “C” (Players born between 1-Jan-2010 & 31 Dec 2010)
Category “D” (Players born between 1- Jan-2009 & 31 Dec 2009)
Category “E” (Players born between 1-Jan-2008 & 31 Dec 2008)
Category “F” (Players born between 1-Jan-2007 & 31 Dec 2007)
Category “G” (Players born between 1-Jan-2006 & 31 Dec 2006)
Category “H” (Players born between 1-Jan-2005 & 31 Dec 2005)
Category “I” (Players born between 1-Jan-2003 & 31 Dec 2004)
Category “J” (Players born between 1-Jan-1997 & 31 Dec 2002)

Five rounds were played in each category and the first three categories were won by BVS. While the fourth and fifth were won by Beacon house and Mama Parsi Girls respectively. Happy Home did bag a lot of accolades but could not finish on the top of any category after day one. Day two featured players not only from Karachi but from areas like Quetta, Badin, Lahore etc as well. There was no specific school that won more than one category and the J division was by far dominated by Quetta’s players as well. The Happy Home School still could not manage to win a single category.
The summarized results are as follows
Category A
• 1st Position: Ali Fahad – BVS Parsi High School
• 2nd Position: AmsalPunjwani – Saint Michael’s Convent School
• 3rd Position: Luksh Kumar – BVS Parsi High School
Category B
• Position 1: Ahmed Hussain Khan-BVS Parsi high School
• Position 2: Muhammad NafayMansoori- BVS Parsi high School
• Position 3: Mirza MohidAyas- Happy Home
Category C
• Position 1: Muhammad Fawaz Ahmed – BVS Parsi high School
• Position 2: Syed Maaz Hassan Faridi – BVS Parsi high School
• Position 3: Misha Muzammil-Happy Home
Category D
• Position 1: Huzaifa Faisal – Beaconhouse School System
• Position 2: SyedaHazila Rizwan-Mama Parsi Girls
• Position 3: Mir Salal Ahmed-Arts and Science Academy
Category E
• Position 1: SyedaAtika Fatima-Mama Parsi Girls
• Position 2: ManhamahMukarram- Happy Home
• Position 3: Rao Muhammad Khawer- Happy Home


Category F
• Position 1: Muhammad Aun Murtaza BVS-Parsi High School
• Position2:Ibrahim Kashif Shamim-Generation’s School
• Position3:Moviz Abdul Jabbar-Arts & Science Academy
Category G
• Position 1: SehaanOwais-Army Public School – Saddar
• Position 2:Zulfiqar Ali Quraishi BVS Parsi High School
• Position3:Mustafa-Pentagon Academy – Quetta
Category H
• Position 1:Burhanuddin Mandsorewala-Jaffar Public School
• Position 2: Monis Muhammad Qureshi-Happy Home School
• Position3:Abdul Haseeb Baig-Happy Home School
Category I
• Position1: Rumaisa Waseem-Generation’s School
• Position2:Abdullah Ayoob-Army Public School – Badin
• Position3:Muhammad Ali Jawwad-BVS Parsi High School
Category J
• Position 1:Syed Muhammad Saqlain-BYSA – Quetta
• Position 2: Abdullah Amir-Happy Home School
• Position 3: Abbas Ali-BYSA – Quetta
Day two of the prize winners interestingly featured prize-winners from Quetta, Badin and Lahore as well clearly showing that Scrabble is being promoted in all corners of Pakistan actively. Sarfaraz Ahmed (Captain of Quetta Gladiators) gave out the trophies to the winners.Mr. Ansar Burney was day one’s chief guest.Former Pakistan’s test cricketers, Sohail Khan and Khurram Manzoor made a special appearance while Mr. Nadeem Omar(Owner of Quetta Gladiators) and Sarfaraz Ahmed came as chief guests on day two.All the top three prize winners were awarded with souvenirs and a gift hamper from Dollar. Moreover, the players who won the first prize are also given with the VIP passes of the opening game of the PSL and will also be invited on the official dinner of with the players and officials of Quetta Gladiators on 18th February. The players coming between 4-10 place were also given wth medals as well.

Durdana Soomro and Ayesha Kashif won top prize at ladies golf event at KGC


Karachi(Cliff News)It turned out to be a fun-filled tournament. Twenty Karachi ladies and girls were joined by two more from Lahore and Abbottabad at the Ladies Golf Tournament held here at the Karachi Golf Club.Played on the Texas Scramble format, the tournament had seven teams featuring the leading ladies of Karachi golf along with some rising young talent.In the end, it was the trio of Mrs Durdana Soomro, Mrs Ghazala Zafar and 11-year-old Ayesha Kashif which won the top prize.Hosted by Fawzia Naqvi, Lady Captain of KGC, the tournament lent its support to the Golf Training Programme launched by Ideas Events PR for under-privileged children. HabibMetro Bank and ATCO were the sponsors.


Law and literature are similar in many ways:Asif Saeed Khousa


Karachi(Cliff News)“In last 22 years we dealt with 57 thousand cases. Whether it’s military court case or panama case, Asia Malona case or former Prime Minister Gillani case we resorted to the literary figure’s famous sayings, deciding all the cases” these thoughts were expressed by the former chief justice of Pakistan Asif Saeed Khousa in the opening ceremony of  three day literature festival held at Arts council Karachi. Former chief justice Asif Saeed Khousa further said “many judges including me are interested in art & literature and I am planning to return back to this way. Law and literature are similar in many ways”. On the moment addressing to the audience president arts council Muhammad Ahmed Shah said we support to those organizations that are serving to Urdu literature. The prominent literary personalities such as Muhtaq Ahmed Yosufi and Jameel uddin Aali are no more with us but their name will always live in the history of Urdu literature”. Further he said that last year Ameena Saiyid started organizing the Adab festival which is now running successfully. On the occasion of the inauguration ceremony of 2nd Adab festival former Pakistan’s Representative to the United Nation Maleeha Lodhi , in her speech said “Together with the intellectuals we need to create the positive image of Pakistan globally. We have to make our foreign policy according to the global approach of each country”. In the opening ceremony, Founder of Adab Festival Ameena Saiyid said “The literature festival was founded a decade ago which has now become a thriving tree. I am glad that this literature festival is covering a wide variety of topics” Along with the literary & political personalities like Asif Farukhi, Shaiyma Syed, Iftikhar Arif, Kishwar Naheed, Stefan Winkler ,former foreign minister Hina Rabbani Khar, I.G Sindh Kaleem Imam,  this event was attended by a massive number of literature lovers. On the occasion a puppet show was presented by THE THESPIANZ THEATRE and poetry of Habib Jalib was beautifully presented by the young musicians & singers. The day was concluded with the Qawali performance of famous qawal Abu Mohammad and Fareed Ayaz.

Only way to improve Pakistan cricket is to pick deserving players:Mian Azmat Hussain and Ansar Javed Toor

Interview :Syed Qalbe Muhammad

Photos : Shahzad Jafri



Mian Azmat Hussain was born on 22nd August 1947. He started his education at St. Paul School and Islamia College. Later on he qualified as a Chartered Accountant from UK. Mian Azmat has been a Vice President for KCCA on several occasions including treasurer. Mian Azmat promoted other games also like Judo, Karate, Tak Wando. Mian is very famous in all over Pakistan regarding his financial and technical support to organize cricket and run one of the most prestigious clubs “Mian Azmat Professional Cricket Club” and gave a lot of super starts to Pakistan Cricket. Mian Azmat Professionals invited players from all over Pakistan to play in the club. The another patron of his club was Ansar Javed Toor who was born on January 04, 1951 started his education in Govt. High School Punjab and B.Sc. from Karachi. He flew for American Air Force subsidiary Civil Air Petrol in USA. These two gentle man also with Naseer Pasha (Manager, Coordinator MAP), the main source for running the club introduced the legends of Cricket in International Arena without his innovations and enthusiasm MAP would have never achieved the greatness it did. We caught them at Karachi Gymkhana and discussed the lot of cricket and tribute his services for this country.



Mian Azmat Hussain said in 1981 we made one cricket club with the help of six founding members, Capt. Amjad Hussain Faizi, Ansar Javed Toor (Faizi),Mian Shoukat Hussain, Capt. Aijaz ul Haque, Ateed Riaz, called Thursday (Jumairati) Cricket Club. We booked KPI ground and started playing cricket. After that we started net practice in our office plot.Former Sports Minister Dr.Muhammad Ali Shah, Dr.Faiz Muhammad Khan, Qazi Shabbir and various other prominent people played in our team as well also supported MAP club. We started Mian Azmat Professional Club. When we didn’t pay any player at that time but we pormate talent for introducing a healthy competition for young cricketers to promote young talent which was provided by GREAT Ishaque Patel (Advisor MAP) with his keen eye and observation. Our only motive was to produce quality cricketers and we succeeded in that. The only way to improve cricket is to pick the right talent without being bias but self centered motivation is destroying Pakistan Cricket. Our selection criteria at all levels is very weak you can imagine that Leg and Offspinners are the backbone of Indo Pak Cricket. If there action was wrong how they come to International Cricket. Umpires skills from grassroots level till top are not satisfactory. The down fall comes to cricket because our legends want to work only for money which incidentally with respect and fame was given to them because of Pakistan . They don’t want to transfer their talent to groom the young generation. Closing of departments is destroying our Cricket Culture. Professional cricketers based on their salaries how can they survive without income. I personally suggest that Prime Minister should ask Cricket Authorities to revert back to Departmental Cricket and put more emphasis on schools, colleges,universities and club cricket. Mian Azmat and A.J. Toor said discrimination with minorities in Cricket is unbearable. Players motivation is only to play for his country. The darkest era of our cricket is that not a single minority player is selected in any region. There is a need of law to pick two talented minority cricketers in the squads of all regions. Stupid commercialism is dangerous for the game. PCB needs to give respect to former cricketers and invite them in all matches so more crowd will come, see and meet their heroes. Mian Azmat Professionals is the pioneer of Karachi Gymkhana Ramzan Tournament but we are not even invited in the prize distribution ceremony anymore. PSL is not a long time beneficial for Pakistan Cricket because we get only few players for this league and still they do not fulfill the expectations, as well as the good talent is being wasted. We need to establish cricket to bring in people like good Administrator Arif Ali Abbasi and good cricketers, Nadeem Yousuf, Sajid Abbasi and so many others. Wrong decision to removed Sarfraz Ahmed from all sorts of crickets at once he should have been removed if necessary slowly, another wrong decision taken by PCB is appointing Misbah Manager & Coach. Why? Don’t we have other professional cricketers in country to hold and accept the responsibilities without being bias.


Hamid Ismail Foundation organised Tape Ball Cricket Tournament

Presenting awards to the winners and runner up of Tape Ball Tournament

Karachi(Cliff News)The closing ceremony of the Tape Ball Cricket Tournament presented by Hamid Ismail Foundation (HIF) took place on Saturday at the Annu Bhai Park in Nazimabad, Karachi. The ceremony included an award distribution to the winning teams and a musical performance by a renown music artist, AsimAzhar.Many notable personalities attended the ceremony including Mr. Hamid M. Ismail, Founder of HIF,Dr. Farooq Sattar, Head of MQM Organization Restoration Committee; and Firdous Shameem Naqvi, Member National Assembly.The Tape Ball Tournament had commenced on November 30, 2019 and welcomed 48 teams from all over the city. The winner and runners-up of the tournament were awarded prizes worth Rs. 100,000. The aim of this initiative was to engage the youth of Pakistan in healthy sports activities and to provide them with a platform to display their talent.Hamid Ismail Foundation is a non-profit organization which was founded by Mr. Hamid Ismail. The aim of the foundation is to work towards quality education, environmental sustainability, healthy entertainment opportunities, and women empowerment. HIF has been actively involved in organizing activities and implementing projects that reflect their values.

Indus Hospital to address healthcare challenges in Pakistan at ICON 2020

Indus Hospital Photo Release - Indus Hospital to address healthcare challenges in Pakistan at ICON 2020 (Jan 14, 2019)

Karachi(Cliff News)“The Conference titled ‘ICON 2020’ will highlight initiatives taken by the Indus Hospital to address healthcare challenges in Pakistan by bringing together disparate and like-minded institutions and individuals”. These thoughts were express by Dr. Abdul Bari Khan, Chief Executive Officer, Indus Health Network (IHN) while addressing the media at the ‘ICON 2020’ launch press conference.ICON 2020 will be held from January 17-19, 2020 in Karachi with the theme of ‘Building Bridges for Better Healthcare’. The conference will take place at the Marriot Hotel, Karachi.At the press conference, Dr. Ali Anwar Jillani, ICON 2020 Conference Secretary said that medical science is an ever-evolving field. Diseases, in the next decade and century would be what is unknown today. He emphasized on research for newer drugs, technologies, and treatment modalities are the only way to cope up with this ever-advancing phenomenon.Dr. Mohammad Fareeduddin, Head of Pediatric Services, Indus Hospital and Chair, ICON 2020 said that more than 40 pre-conference workshops will be conducted before the conference, already progressing. ‘Pakistan was the first country to adopt United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals 2030 agenda. Indus’ ICON 2020 is committed to contribute in to the Goal No. 3 of good health and well-being for all’, he said.He further added that ICON is a biennial conference and is attended by notable delegates from across the globe. The conference aims at disseminating research-based recommendations and will be reflecting upon and synthesizing current healthcare scenario along with identifying challenges for future.Dr. Saima Saeed, Chair, Scientific Committee, ICON 2020, said that the conference has 38 symposia altogether over 3 days. Dedicated sessions for nurses, physios, pharmacists, speech therapy and counsellors have been deliberately included as well unsung heroes such as clinical services management. This is in addition to wide ranging clinical specialties like pulmonology, plastic surgery, public health and pathology, all designed to highlight the importance of Building Bridges for Better Healthcare.Mr. Mashhood Rizvi, Executive Director, Communication and Resource Development Directorate, IHN said that ICON 2020 will lay the foundation for strategic partnership and alliance to help improve healthcare across Pakistan. ‘It is a great opportunity to share your experiences and best practices and to highlight the latest developments in the healthcare sector’, Mr. Rizvi said.Dr. Saima Salman, from ICON 2020 committee said that ICON 2020 is a multi disciplinary conference catering to research and capacity building. “The purpose is to bring like-minded people on a single platform and promote dialogue”, she added.