Empowering social entrepreneurs to achieve more using technology

Microsoft Photo Release - Empowering social entrepreneurs to achieve more using technology (Mar 03, 2020)
Islamabad(Cliff News)Microsoft  through its Microsoft for Startups initiative, has announced the launch of its Global Social Entrepreneurship programme. Around the world, startups are creating new businesses, built around powerful technologies and designed to make the world a better place. Innovators and entrepreneurs are finding new ways to harness technology to drive purpose-led social enterprises that measure success not just by the profits they generate, but by the good they do. Microsoft is deeply inspired by the commitment of these social entrepreneurs, who are focusing their passion for positive change on improving human health and the environment, advancing social and economic equity, and much more.

But these are huge, complicated problems and far too large for any single organisation to hope to solve alone. So to empower social entrepreneurs, Microsoft is launching a new Global Social Entrepreneurship programme to offer qualified startups access to technology, skills, customers and grants. The Global Social Entrepreneurship programme has benefits aimed specifically at elevating startups addressing an important social and/or environmental challenge through their products, services or operations.“Solving global social and environmental challenges requires synergy of the right technology, partners, conducive environment and technology. When startups work together with investors, enterprises, governments, non-profits and communities, we are able to unlock new potentials,” said Microsoft4Afrika Director AmroteAbdella.This global initiative is designed to help social enterprise startups build and scale their companies to do good globally. Microsoftbelieves in providing the foundational building blocks to help social entrepreneurs create companies that can achieve worldwide impact. Social enterprises that become part of the Global Social Entrepreneurship programme will receive access to free Microsoft cloud technologies, including up to $120,000 in Azure credits, along with technical support and guidance.A dedicated programme manager will help Global Social Entrepreneurship startups market and sell solutions and connect to large commercial organisations and nongovernmental organisations that are potential customers. Participants focused on sustainability, accessibility, and skills and employability will also be eligible for grants. Furthermore, the social enterprises that join the Global Social Entrepreneurship programme will be part of a worldwide community of like-minded innovators who come together to share ideas, foster connections and celebrate success.The programmeis available in 140 countries and will actively seek to support underrepresented founders with diverse perspectives and backgrounds. Founded by two female Pakistani doctors Dr Iffat Zafar and Dr Sara SaeedKhurram, SehatKahani is empowering female doctors and digitising healthcare in Pakistan. An e-health startup, the company aims to democratise access to quality and affordable health care using cost-effective ICT enabled solutions through a network of qualified home-based female doctors.The services integrate health with technology to create virtual solutions that provide access to health for all while making use of the untapped female health resources of Pakistan. Microsoft through the 4Afrika initiative has supported SehatKahani with go-to-market strategy and provided advisory roles for strategies on scaling up and growing their business. This has also facilitated the design of a digital health solution including a mobile app and a web platform to diagnose and treat a broad range of diseases virtually.“We are working towards a future where healthcare is available to all irrespective of their gender, race, ethnicity or social class using technology as an equaliser for all, and our partnership with Microsoft has been a game-changer in our journey,” says Dr Sara Saeed Khurram.Social impact startups from around the world are welcome to apply. The criteria to qualify for the programme includes a business metric that measures impact on an important social or environmental challenge; an established product or service that will benefit from access to enterprise customers; and a commitment to the ethical and responsible use of AI.Qualified startups will be eligible for grants in the areas of sustainability, accessibility, skills and employability.Through Global Social Entrepreneurship, Microsoft looks forward to working in close partnership with social enterprises from around the world. 

Huawei founder and CEO downplays the US ban at Davos 2020

Huawei Photo Release - Huawei Founder and CEO, Ren Zhengfei

Karachi(Cliff News)Huawei founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei believes his company has withstood the challenges posed by a US entity list ban last year, emerging as a stronger organization and one committed to international cooperation. The CEO’s comments were made around a panel session held at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, which began on January 21 under the theme “Stakeholders for a Cohesive and Sustainable World”.Zhengfei said his company has “basically stood the challenges” posed by the current US administration, including being placed on an export black list and targeted on various fronts in recent months. “This year the US might further escalate their campaign against Huawei, but I feel the impact against Huawei would not be very significant,” he said. “I am confident we can survive future attacks.” Zhengfei added that Huawei has spent billions to prepare a “plan B,” which has allowed the company to survive the US entity ban. “This year in 2020, since we already gained experience from last year and we got a stronger team, I think we are more confident that we can survive even further attacks,” he added. The executive’s comments come at a time when Huawei leadership estimates that its global sales revenue will have topped USD122 billion in 2019, an increase of roughly 18% year-on-year.Speaking at Davos, the CEO also made note of his respect for American companies and championed international cooperation. “Huawei used to be an admirer of the US, we learned a lot from them. We hired dozens of American consulting firms to learn how to manage our business. The US should feel proud of [Huawei], they have the US management system exported and implemented. They should not be overly concerned about Huawei and our position in the world.”
Huawei was recently ranked fifth on the 2019 EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard as one of the biggest investors in research and development worldwide.As a result of its R&D investment focus, Huawei has been able to leadthe development of 5G technologies globally, and more than 700 cities and 228 Fortune Global 500 companies have chosen Huawei as their digital transformation partner.

The Key to HUAWEI P30 lite’s Success:Quality

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 Smartphones have now become an irreplaceable digital product for people in a modern society. Quality is not only an important consideration for consumers when selecting a phone, but also what many handset manufacturers strive to provide. Without good quality, there is no way for a company to build a brand, to develop, let alone to compete in the market.When we are talking about smartphone quality, we are often referring to a comprehensive quality assessmentwhich includes camera, battery life, gaming, telecommunication and other aspects. Although 5G is not really widely applied yet, players in the smartphone market have already expanded the competition beyond hardware, because beneath the hardware, it is the overall product experience that consumers are taking into consideration.Among all the quality smartphones out there in the market, you can’t miss the HUAWEI P30 Series. HUAWEI P Series is a flagship series targeting at young consumers who like fashion. In terms of quality, it is among the more premium devices in Huawei’s product portfolio. For instance, the HUAWEI P20 Series, one of the most popular products last year, remains a leader in the smartphone industry, both in terms of camera features and system performance. In addition, it is regarded as one of the top devices in terms of telecommunication features, product usability and user sentiment.This year Huawei launched the HUAWEI P30lite, a position just below the flagship tier. This addition to the HUAWEI P30 Series is designed for young professionals who pursue a premium lifestyle. But in terms of quality, can HUAWEI P30lite live up to the name of the HUAWEI P series?From HUAWEI P30 lite’s positioning, we can tell that its specifications are not meant to be the most high-end. But speaking of Huawei’s advantages in camera, HUAWEI P30 lite packs a real surprise with its Triple Camera setup. Its rear camera consists of a 24MP primary lens, an f/1.8, wide aperture sensor with pixel size of 0.9μm and an 8MP ultra wide angle sensor that covers 120 degrees and enables HUAWEI P30 lite to capture breathtaking ultra wide angle photographs. Even for grand architectures, with HUAWEI P30lite, users can capture the whole view with ease.Sporting a Dewdrop Display, HUAWEI P30lite has a very high screen-to-body ratio of 84.1 percent; meanwhile it houses a 32MP front-facing camera for the ultimate selfie. HUAWEI P30 liteis available in Midnight Black, Pearl White and Peacock Blue. It uses the same gradient color design as HUAWEI P30 Series, which is in line with young consumers’ aesthetic sense and is relatable to them.For young users, mobile gaming has become an important part of their life. Therefore, apart from a powerful camera and stunning design, good gaming performance is another important function youngster’s look for in a smartphone. HUAWEI P30lite is equipped with a new version of Huawei’s proprietary graphics processing technology (GPU Turbo). Test results show that the device is decent at running mainstream mobile games such as PUBG. The high performance it enableslets users fully immerse themselves in graphically intensive games.In terms of performance specifications, HUAWEI P30 lite is not as competitive as HUAWEI P30 and HUAWEI P30 Pro, but for daily tasks it can handle with flying colors. With a brilliant triple-camera setup and amazing photography features, HUAWEI P30lite outperforms its competitors from the same price range. Furthermore, it’s optimized EMUI and various AI supports will ensure consumers with a more efficient user experience. Even though it’s not a flagship product, it delivers beyond flagship-level performance!If you are looking to live a stylish and premium lifestyle, or are not willing to settle for mediocrity, HUAWEI P30lite will be the ideal choice in the same price range. Most importantly, you will not be disappointed by the experience and functionality it delivers.


Shell eco-marathon asia returns to Malaysia in its 10th year

Karachi(Cliff News)Shell announced today that Malaysia will host Shell Eco-marathon Asia in 2019 as part of its global Make the Future Live programme. Held at Sepang International Circuit, Kuala Lumpur, the Asia competition comes back to where it was first held in 2010, and celebrates its 10th year of challenging bright young student minds to design and build ultra-energy-efficient cars, and then take them out on the track in competition.From April 29 to May 2 over100 teams from all over Asia and the Middle East will test their self-built energy-efficient cars in the Shell Eco-marathon Mileage Challenge, to see who can go the farthest using the least amount of energy. In 2018 Singapore hosted the event, where the winning team was efficient enough to travel 2,341 kilometres – about the distance from Malaysia to Yangon, Myanmar – on just one litre of fuel.“Shell Malaysia is proud to host the 10th Shell Eco-marathon Asia at our home ground. It is an inspiring event that supports Shell’s vision of sustainable mobility – more energy efficient vehicles and cleaner road transport.  It’s really impressive to see student teams pitting their skills against their cohorts from different countries to see who can design and build the most fuel-efficient vehicle,” explained Iain Lo, Chairman of Shell Malaysia.“Shell has been in Malaysia for over 125 years, and we will continue to power Malaysia’s future with cleaner, innovative and competitive energy solutions, some of which will be showcased at the event,” he further added.Student teams will also have the opportunity to qualify for the Shell Eco-marathon Drivers’ World Championship. Introduced to the Shell Eco-marathon programme in 2016, Drivers’ World Championship challenges the best UrbanConcept teams to combine the proven energy efficiency of their car with the speed and skill of their driver, in a race to see who can cross the finish line first on the least amount of fuel. Qualified teams will go to London for a chance to compete with teams from Europe and the Americas. In 2018, ITS Team 2 from Indonesia’s Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya was crowned the ultimate global winner of the Drivers’ World Championship, the second Asian team to win in the three years the competition has been running.Pakistan will again be participating in Shell Eco-marathon Asia, with a contingent of10 futuristic cars from 6 universities competing to be the most energy-efficient. Last year, a team from National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST) earned the ‘Perseverance and Spirit of the Event’ Award for helping other teams compete in the race. This year the teams are more spirited and determined to bring home a race award.”Every year, we see an increasing standard of performance, as well as team spirit and passion, among the student participants at Shell Eco-marathon Asia. The Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia is the perfect venue to witness new innovations in vehicle design come to life. We look forward to another exciting year at Shell Eco-marathon Asia,” said Shanna Simmons, Shell Eco-marathon Global Technical Director

About Shell Eco-marathon

Shell Eco-marathon can be traced back to 1939 at a Shell research laboratory in the United States as a friendly wager between scientists to see who could get the most miles per gallon from their vehicle. The winner of that contest barely achieved 50 mpg (21 km/l). These humble origins inspired what is now a global programme of competitions. In 1985 in France, Shell Eco-marathon as we know it today was born. In April 2007, Shell Eco-marathon Americas event was launched in the United States, and in 2010, the inaugural Shell Eco-marathon Asia was kicked off in Malaysia.Malaysia hosted Shell Eco-marathon Asia from 2010 until 2013. In 2014, the event moved to a street circuit in Manila, Philippines, which hosted the event until 2016. Shell Eco-marathon Asia then moved to Singapore at the Make the Future Festival from 2017 to 2018. This 2019, in its 10th year, Shell Eco-marathon Asia returns to the Sepang International Circuit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


SJP Films confirms its 2nd feature titled “Middle Class”

Middle Class Poster

Karachi(Cliff News)Sadia Jabbar Productions confirms its 2nd feature film titled “Middle class”.The production will hit the floor next summer and it will be released in 2020. The story of the film revolves around the dreams & desire of Pakistani middle class. It’s going to be an entertainment ride while highlighting some issues of Pakistani middle class in a thought provoking manner, new perceptions on our society and is bound to provide thought provoking content.In collaboration with HKC Entertainment, Cine Star and SadiaJabbar Productions.

Samsung introduces limited time offer for its exclusive television line-up   

Karachi(Cliff News)In order to give its customers, the opportunity to benefit from premium content in HD quality, Samsung Pakistan recently introduced a limited time offer for its line-up of exclusive television screens. On the purchase of a single Samsung TV, customers will be able to win another TV absolutely free. In addition, they will also be given the chance to avail amazing discounts on a majority of the brand’s products.The offer, in question, is being offered on selected models of the brand’s exclusive line-up of televisions. With the purchase of either Samsung’s 65” QLED TV or its 82” Premium UHD 4K TV, customers get a 43” UHD 4K TV absolutely free while on the purchase of the brand’s 65” Premium UHD 4K TV, 55” Premium UHD 4K TV, 65” UHD 4K TV, 55” UHD 4K TV and its 49” UHD 4K TV, customers get a 10% discount on their price. The offer is valid from 4th December 2018 to 31st January 2019.Through this offer, Samsung aims to further bolster its relationship with its target market as well as give them the opportunity to enjoy the brand’s quality products.One of today’s leading brands in technology and innovation in Pakistan and around the world, Samsung has been offering its customers the highest quality in televisions, home theater systems and mobile phones for decades. Apart from providing efficient after-sales service, the brand continues to give its customers the chance to benefit from its quality products at an affordable investment.