Dream Station Productions to launch “Acoustic Station”


Karachi(CliffNews)Musicianand producer, Kashan Admani is scheduled to launch season 1 of ‘Acoustic Station’ unplugged in the studio under the label of his production house Dream Station Productions. The first episode will be released on 11th December 2019.In an era of electronic music, the Dream Station Productions’ Acoustic Station is a web series aimed at reviving and providing Pakistani audience the experience of an acoustic ensemble recorded live in the studio. The unplugged series will feature established acts and also provide a platform for upcoming musicians to showcase their work. Acoustic Station will have a total of 14 episodes featuring renowned and budding musicians. The platform will primarily showcase original music with most arrangements inclining towards jazz and blues.Each session will be based on an unplugged format recorded in the studio. When asked about the concept behind Acoustic Station and what listeners can expect, the founder and CEO of Dream Station Productions, Kashan Admani comments, “the idea is to give the listener a quality recording of the acoustic instruments and sounds with interesting arrangements. Since Dream Station Productions is the only acoustically perfect studio facility in Pakistan, the quality of the recordings made are at par with any international standard recording space. The listeners will experience instruments they may have never heard before or paid attention to. The main concept behind creating this platform is to bridge the gap between our younger musicians who are often times picked up by smaller platforms and the more established musicians who are usually a part of the bigger platforms. I would like to extend my gratitude to the Pakistani music fraternity for supporting Acoustic Station.”The first season of Acoustic Station comprises of 14 episodes which will be released on every Wednesday on Dream Station Productions’ Youtube channel. Details of participating artists will be revealed at a later date.


Launched in 2005, Dream Station Productions is the brain child of musician and producer Kashan Admani. Providing exceptional aesthetics, acoustic engineering and sound design from international consultants makes Dream Station Productions at par with some of the best international recording facilities. The studio is also widely recognized as a platform supporting new talent entering the music industry.



Raat Shabnami’s release marks as String’s last single for their Album “30”

Raat Shabnami

Karachi(CliffNews)The internationally acclaimed pop-rock band Strings has dropped the final single; “Raat Shabnami” from their 30-anniversary album. The eight singles were a celebration of the iconic band that has existed in the Pakistani music scene for the past 3 decades.Raat Shabnami is a hand-clapping, sing-along song, accompanied by a psychedelic music video with their signature poetic lyrics and the right amount of rock and roll to have you tapping your foot with the beat. The music reels off all cutting-edge influences, with the seam of genuine love and nostalgia running through, that gives it the simple charm that Strings has always retained. Amid the trippy scenes and the punchy guitar riffs, what gives the music video its real power are the lyrics- an ode to the band’s historically significant musical expedition.“Strings has always been more than just another band. Like they say, music lives forever- and our music has managed to live in the hearts, becoming a huge part of a lot of memories. With Raat Shabnami, we want to thank our fans for being a part of our musical journey,” said Faisal Kapadia, speaking about the release of the single.The music video for the single has been produced by Anomaly Films, and directed by Yasir Jaswal. Featuring defining moments from the band’s famous music videos in the background, the song leaves fans at an emotional standpoint as Faisal Kapadia sings, “Yaadon main hain yaadain esi, jeetain kesi mattain kesi.” The lyrics have been penned down by Anwar Maqsood.Strings have been one of the most enduring stories of Pakistan’s musical scene. As rockstars with poet’s hearts, they are truly singular. Having laid the blueprint for pop-rock in Pakistan; their inimitable body of work includes five studio albums, four season of Coke Studio, multiple international film soundtracks and more. Known for their melodious tracks and thoughtful poetry, Strings have managed to stay relevant in the Pakistani music scene over all the changing musical eras.


Salman Ahmad plays big role in music maestro Rahat’s success


Lahore(Showbiz Reporter)Salman Ahmad plays big role in music maestro Rahat’s successFamed Pakistani musicm maestrosUstad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s producer and global manager Salman Ahmed has said that the three upcoming UK concerts have sold out completely showing the popularity of Pakistani artist across the South Asian communities.Speaking to media in an interview, the veteran talent promoter and producer said that Rahat Fateh Ali Khan produces magical music and without a doubt he’s amongst the most sought-after world artists.Salman Ahmed has been managing Rahat Fateh Ali Khan for about 10 years now. The music maestro was well known in Pakistan because of his strong vocal skills but Ahmed turned around everything for the artist and had made him a household name in millions of homes in South Asia and beyond. Three months ago, the University of Oxford awarded the music doctorate degree to Khan – a huge personal honour for the musician and for his country of origin.Salman Ahmed said that credit for the success of Khan goes to his entire team who worked hard throughout the year on the shows and on the brand of Rahat Fateh Ali KhanHe explained: “Behind every show, there’s sweat, blood and toll. We work hard all the time to maintain the highest of standards in what we promise and produce.


Ustad Rahat performs for a few hours on the stage but thousands of hours of hard work are invested in the production of his shows and that hard work has worked to make him a mega hit. As a way of example, for our concerts starting this weekend at Wembley Arena more than 35 band members will be touring with the singer. There is a team separately working in an international office here in London on logistics, concepts, arrangements, production and marketing. Once these shows are over, we will start working on the next round of events. There is no break.”There was some controversy around Rahat’s shows in America in the wake of the revocation of Article 370 by the Indian government and Salman Ahmed accepted that attendance at Rahat’s shows few days ago was slightly less but he said that the UK concerts were sold out. “You cannot deny that Rahat is loved by Indians, Pakistanis and other Urdu-understanding communities. There is no alternative to him.”Salman Ahmed is one of the most experienced and respected Asian art promoters. His alliance with the showbiz started some 32 years ago when he started organizing Bhangra nights and small British Asian concerts. That was the time when British Asian singers had started making their mark. The BBC covered one of Salman’s first concerts at the time. There was no social media and no Asian channels around. The BBC aired a report then to showcase how the second generation of British Asians was growing with a fusion of British and Asian culture. Salman was then a teenager.Salman Ahmed went on to manage several Indian and Pakistani artists afterwards and worked full time in the same capacity, never looking back or never trying to do anything else.He said: “You should only do what you are good at. You can do excellence only in your job if you are devoted to it with full passion and commitment. I believe in total commitment and nothing else.”Unlike the maverick ways of some, Ahmed believes in treating his clients as a product. “My clients are my products. I promote products in the market. We invest in our products. We take risks and we inject our life into our products to make them a phenomenal success,” said Salman Ahmed acknowledging that Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has been the biggest hit for him as a producer.Salman Ahmed says he believes in promoting Pakistani talent before the world and for Rahat’s London shows he is introducing around a dozen Pakistani musicians for the first time. “These are young, educated and dynamic musicians who have been playing at the Basement Café and in the underground scene in Karachi and Lahore. They are doing an outstanding job. For the fusion part of Khan saheb’s shows these musicians will be used. They will be performing in front of the international audience numbering in the thousands and this will bring a unique kind of confidence in them.”Salman Ahmed said he was very excited about the latest round of shows because Ustad Rahat Ali Khan will be doing fusion, using instruments and sounds not tried before.


PME in association with BookMyShow as the official ticketing partner bring Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan


Karachi(Cliff News)PME in association with BookMyShow as the Official Ticketing Partner bring Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan to Dubai at the newly opened state of the art, Coca-Cola Arena, Dubai on Friday, 27th of December. After entertaining his fans all over the globe and performing at the biggest arenas in US, Canada, UK, Australia,South Africa, Netherlands , Brussels and Singapore, Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan returns to Dubai on Friday, 27th of December for the finale of his World Tour 2019, called Me, Myself & I.Speaking to us about the show, Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan had to say _” We started this tour in Abu Dhabi on Feb 15 and the grand finale show will be in Dubai. I love my fans from UAE”_Salman Ahmed, Rahat’s Producer and Managing Director of PME, the company which is organizing this World
Tour said _”Me, Myself & I is a totally new concept, where you will see the maestro, in three different acts
showcasing his magnanimous talent for more than 3 hours.”_Giving us some details about the three acts he said _” For the first time the audience will be experiencing the all new Fusion act where Khan Sahab will be performing some of his classics and Nusrat Sahab’s all time favourite qawalis in a totally new manner all along with some young and very talented musicians”_
Further we got to know that the second act will be of the his recent super hits from Bollywood such as Dekhte
Dekhte, Tere Bin from the movie Simba, Nitte Khaer, Rashke Kamar, classics like Mein Jahaan Rahoun, Ore Piya
and several other favourite songs. The third act is the spiritual Qawwali’s and classics like Mein Jahan Rahoun
and Ore Piya.This show is brought to you by PME, who have delivered world class concerts across the globe for over a decade. The exclusive ticketing partner is BookMyShow.“Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is one of South Asia’s most re-known artists; with his unique blend of music which blends Qawalli and the modern, Rahat has captivated fans across the globe. We are proud and privileged to be working with PME, a music promoter which stands out for its excellence in live events world over.” Sudhir Syal, CEO – Middle East, BookMyShow Salman Ahmed, adds: _“It is our great pleasure to share this wonderful news with the world. Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s tremendous devotion to Sufi and Qawwali music has been his life’s work and to be recognised with an honorary degree from Oxford University is a very special recognition to him personally but also to all those who have supported him and are helping to create a musical legacy.”

Komal Rizvi original song “Oh Hello Ji” have won 1st place in International Competition

Hello Ji

Karachi(Cliff News)It was announced here today that Komal Rizvi’s original song “Oh Hello Ji” that released last year on Eid and the collaboration remake “Desan da Raja” have WON 1st place in the International Song Competition in the World Music Category from 19,000 song entries from around 140 countries in the world.Speaking about the award Rizvi proudly said, “I feel so grateful and blessed that my hard work has paid off and my work has been appreciated internationally from so many contestants around the world. It is a testimony to my love for music and a proof that it runs passionately in my veins.”

About Komal Rizvi

Komal Rizvi, the famous Pakistani pop diva, song-writer, television host and actor marked her presence in the music industry from a very young age and has since then been acclaimed for her thrilling vocals and famous music videos.She established her career as a singer, releasing three albums. Rizvi took centre stage with her Cornetto Pop-Rock performance ‘Desan da Raja’ and Coke Studio hits Daanah pe Daanah, Washmallay, Lambi Judaai and O Laal Meri that stole the show and have been in the limelight to date. Indeed, Rizvi endeared herself in the public eye since by her songs Yehi Pyaar Hai, Baujee, Chahiye, Dil Ruba, Tu jo Mila, Tu Beh Gaya, and mashups like ‘How Long’ and ‘Pehla Pyaar’ and ‘My Immortal’ and Aitebar. Her latest song Hello Ji featuring Pakistani actor Yasir Hussain, and Chitta Chola, a wedding mashup collaborated with Indian YouTuber Siddharth Slathia were released in 2018.Rizvi has been entertaining audiences across musical genres from Pakistan to the West, in places like Norway, California, Sacramento, Houston, Ohio, Atlanta, New Jersey, Dallas, Vancouver and Toronto to list a few, where she regularly performs live.

About ISC

The International Songwriting Competition (ISC) is an annual song contest whose mission is to provide the opportunity for both aspiring and established songwriters to have their songs heard in a professional, international arena. ISC is designed to nurture the musical talent of songwriters on all levels and promote excellence in the art of songwriting.




Grammy Nominee Simon Phillips to arrive in Pakistan

DSC_0952 copy

Karachi(Cliff News)The Grammy Nominee Simon Phillips is scheduled to arrive in Pakistan on 21st February 2019 as part of Kashan Admani’s Dream Station Star Series 2019.The superstar drummer Simon Phillips will be in Karachi to conduct a Masterclass with Dream Station Studios. Talking about the Masterclass, Phillips comments, “I’m very excited to be coming to Pakistan very soon as part of Dream Station Star Series. I’m going to be playing and I’m going to be giving you a workshop to music industry professionals and discussing engineering miking techniques, production, and all that good stuff.” This will mark his first ever visit to Pakistan. The drummer is scheduled to be in Karachi, Pakistan from 21st February to 2nd March 2019.While addressing the need for creating growth avenues for Pakistani musicians, the creator of Dream Station Studios, Kashan Admani says, “I am extremely excited to announce the Dream Station Star Series. An event in which we are bringing famous international musicians to Pakistan to conduct masterclasses and workshops. We are bringing Simon Phillips who is one of the world’s biggest drummer, music producer and recording engineer and also a 2019 Grammy Nominee. We want local musicians to have access to international music stars they have been listening to and have been inspired by. We intend to provide them an opportunity to learn from the masters themselves and get motivation improve as music professionals.”More detail about the Masterclass with Simon Phillips will be disclosed at a later date.


Simon Phillips (born 6 February 1957) is an English jazz, pop, and rock drummer and record producer. He worked with rock bands during the 1970s and 1980s and was the drummer for the band Toto from 1992 to 2014.Phillips started to play professionally at the age of twelve in his father’s dixieland band for four years. Phillips was the drummer on the 1976 album 801 Live with Phil Manzanera and Brian Eno. He worked as a session drummer for Jeff Beck, Gary Moore, Bernie Marsden, Mike Oldfield, Judas Priest, Tears of Fears and The Who. He was the drummer for The Who during the band’s American reunion tour in 1989. He became Toto’s drummer in 1992 after the death of Jeff Porcaro.
In 2003, he was inducted into the Modern Drummer magazine Hall of Fame. He has also been nominated for the 61st Annual Grammy Awards (2019).


Launched 2005, Dream Station Studios is the brain child of musician and producer Kashan Admani. Providing exceptional aesthetics, acoustic engineering and sound design from international consultants makes Dream Station Studios at par with the best international recording facility. The studio is also widely recognized as a platform supporting new talent entering the music industry.


British-Pakistani Sufi opera star Saira Peter releases “Wanjli Walarya”


Karachi(Cliff News)British-Pakistani Sufi Opera star Saira Peter has just released “Wanjli Walarya”, a brand new live performance tribute to Khwaja Khurshid Anwar, legendary film composer of Pakistan’s golden era. It is the second production in a monthly series by SAALOC, the first being Saira’s tribute to Robin Ghosh, “Wada Karo Sajna” released in January. Although Khwaja Sahib is rightly credited with keeping Mdme. Noor Jehan’s star shining bright in the 1950s and 60s via his sparkling, memorable songs, many of Saira’s own generation do not know that he left India at the peak of his career in 1952, having been called best film music director of 1949 for film “Singaar”, in order to develop Pakistan’s nascent music industry.Last November, when Saira Peter performed at Al Hamra Hall, Lahore for a Khwaja Khurshid Anwar memorial concert organised by his son (Khwaja Irfan Anwar), it was the first such event in nearly 20 years.


She sang three of Khwaja Sahib’s songs, but it was her rendition of lively Punjabi tune “Wanjli Walarya”, one of the most popular songs from the 1970 super-hit film Heer Ranjha, that got the audience’s warmest response that day.Following this Saira decided to film her performance of “Wanjli Walarya” and introduce Khwaja Khurshid Anwar’s music to a global audience. Saira Peter has re-energized and modernized this classic tune, complementing her emotive, flawless voice with glittering flute riffs and percussion.She believes the superb standard of film music in the 1960s-70s made people flock to Pakistan’s cinemas, a quality that has been lost in more recent years. It’s great to see young singers coming up who can play a role in reviving the nation’s film industry.Saira Peter’s re-boot of Wanjli Walarya is sure to be a hit among lovers of the original as well as those discovering music of that era for the first time.


Watch it now on YouTube: