Ghias Khan represents Engro Corporation at the Nest I/O’s Disrupt 021 Conference

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Karachi(Cliff News)Ghias Khan, President & CEO of Engro Corporation, one of Pakistan’s biggest conglomerates, shared his practical experiences and insights on working as both an entrepreneur and a corporate professional, on Day 2 of Nest I/O’s 021 Disrupt Conference.Ghias shared his personal journey and the challenges that he confronted with investors, mentors and influencers, and peers. He also discussed the meaningfulness related to having an entrepreneurial spirit. He said about the topic, “It is my earnest hope that the Pakistani youth, which comprises the nation’s future, develops an entrepreneurial spirit in every aspect of life. Own a business in Pakistan, but also own the roads, own the public spaces, own your behavior, own your efforts, own it all and you’ll never want to make half-baked attempts at anything, and you will take the country forward. Being an entrepreneur is about taking ownership, which means risks – but the sense of pride connected with having something you truly own is unmatchable.”The idea behind 021 Disrupt is to introduce young entrepreneurs to issues of global relevance and broadcast to the world the talent, potential, and passion that lies within the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Pakistan.What makes 021 Disrupt different from all other conferences is the fact that it provides all its attendees an opportunity to completely immerse themselves in the entrepreneurship culture, engage in conversations of global relevance, and address challenges emerging worldwide.President P@SHA and Founder of The Nest I/O, Jehan Ara, commented “We did not expect 021Disrupt to be as successful as it turned out to be. The best thing that came out of 021Disrupt this year was that it forced the global entrepreneurial community to recognize and embrace the talent that lies within Pakistan. The conference did not only promote the startup ecosystem of Pakistan but also pulled in VC’s from around the world and got them interested in Pakistani startups.”.Ghias Khan, with his entrepreneurial outlook and strong business acumen, believes that performance is directly linked to culture at the workplace. He encourages an entrepreneurial mindset across all Engro companies and empowerment that is required to innovate and contribute towards the larger goal of a better Pakistan.

Jazz Wins Diversity and Inclusion Award at GDIC 2017


Karachi(Cliff News)Jazz, Pakistan’s number one Telco, has been recognized for implementing Diversity and Inclusion throughout the organization at the Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarks Conference (GDIC) 2017. The Telco wonthe award in the progressive category; for implementing Diversity and Inclusion systematically and showing improved results and outcomes.A key contributor to Jazz’s effective organizational structure is diversity of thought, through managers with different skills, backgrounds and expertise. Jazz has a long-standing commitment to workplace gender equality, and aims to ensure equal job classifications and pay for equal skills.The award was presented to Syed JaffarAbbas Shirazi, Head of Mobile Payments– Jazz by the Chairperson of the Benazir Income Support Programmeand Minister of State Marvi Memon andJehan Ara, President PASHA.“At Jazz, we realize that if we are to progress on gender balance, we all need to embrace and accelerate our efforts to adapt to the ever-changing world, both women and men of all generations. For this purpose, we are continuously innovating our products so that our customers, especially women, are able to benefit from the convenience of digital financial services,” said AniqaAfzal Sandhu, Chief Digital & Financial.Speaking at the conference, Syed JaffarAbbas Shirazi, Head of Mobile Payments– Jazz, said: “It is a proud moment for all of us at Jazz. Embracing diversity and inclusion makes businesses more effective and is the right thing to do.  By sharing experiences and ideas, we can all learn from each other and drive the change we need. We would like to thank GDIC for acknowledging our endeavors to promote gender inclusion at the workplace to enable equal opportunities for all.”Additionally, the company empowers every citizen of Pakistan in today’s fast paced digital economy through its primary products i.e. Jazz Internet, Jazz Voice, JazzCash, and Jazz X. JazzCashMobile Account with its millions of customers is enabling the under banked segment, especially women, with its modern, quick and efficient mobile-based financial services. The service is increasing their economic participation by facilitating greater control over finances, allowing them to conveniently manage their money even at the most remote areas of Pakistan.GDIC is based on the work of 95 Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) experts around the world. It supports all types and sizes of organizations in the development and implementation of D&Ibest practices. It is a comprehensive guide to explain what creating inclusive systems and managing diversity entails.

About Jazz

Jazz continues Mobilink’s leadership in the telecommunications arena by leading the country’s digital revolution in the country through the introduction of innovative services & products. The company empowers every citizen of Pakistan in today’s fast paced digital economy through its primary products i.e. Jazz Internet, Jazz Voice, JazzCash, and Jazz X.