Dolmen Mall narrates stories of tradition,culture and gifting

5.Dolmen Family Narrates Stories of Tradition, Culture and Gifting

Karachi(Cliff News)Dolmen Mall has a prestigious image when it comes to celebrating festivities throughout the year. This Ramadan, Dolmen Mall brought the community together to revel happiness, accomplishment, values, emotions, love and togetherness, all under one roof to create a positive social change.In collaboration with top-notch brands Khaadi, BabyShop, OUP, McDonalds and Sindbads, the Dolmen Family shared pre-Eid smiles with 70 high achieving students from The Citizen’s Foundation (TCF) an initiative of Dolmen Cares. The recreational and educational trip around the mall with celebrities like AsaadAhmed, Kashmir Band and volunteers of participating brands spread smiles on the faces of TCF students who achieved top scores last academic year.  The student’s academic resolve was rewarded through an ‘on the house’ shopping spree for their Eid outfits, iftaar, surprise gifts and fun time at Sindbad’s.Throughout Ramadan, Dolmen mall was tastefully embellished to reflect the culture, tradition and festivities with a special Eid Bazaar, tantalizing iftaar and sehri deals and hosted the coveted Dolmen Eidi that gifted Eid baskets to shopping winners of daily draws during Ramadan shopping at Dolmen.Additionally, a unique collaboration with Karachi Chefs at Home (KCH); a popular women centric Facebook group encouraged participation in a “Eid Ki Mithaas” contest. Delicacies prepared by more than 50 passionate home based chefs from all over Karachi, prepared desserts at home and brought them to the jury at the mall’s food court where they were judged on presentation, taste and creative use of ingredients. While the winners received Grand Eidi Baskets, all the delicacies in Eid ki Mithaas baskets and platters were distributed to mall management and brand partner stores a day before Eid to show gratitude for the immense hospitality and effort throughout Ramadan at Dolmen.Naureen A Khan, General Manager Marketing, Dolmen Mall stated: “The feeling is always prodigious when you become the reason for someone’s joy. We feel honored with the overwhelming customer response this Ramadan. At Dolmen, our aim is to celebrate love and harmony throughout the year but it is an immense triumph of Dolmen Family to make people have ‘Ramadan at Dolmen’ memories etched in their hearts”

3.Dolmen Family Narrates Stories of Tradition, Culture and Gifting


Red Bull arranged street cricket for unfamous cricketers


Karachi(Cliff News)Red Bull Street Cricket took place for the first time in Karachi, Pakistan and the finale of the tournament held on June 8, 2018. The event took place in the Parking lot at Hill Park.Street cricket is something momentous for Pakistani cricket followers. Red Bull took an initiative for such enthusiasts by arranging Red Bull Street Cricket to showcase national talent. The tournament had 32 participating teams representing all corners of Karachi including (Defence, Clifton, Gulshan, PECHS and North Nazimabad).Rules of the tournament were personalized according to the ground requirements to make the sport more exciting. Hit leg side boundary (1 run), Hit the off side boundary (2 runs),Directly goes over the boundary on the off side (Out), Straight boundary (4’s and 6’s as usual). In the duration of the innings both sides were given 2 super-balls each. If the bowling team took a wicket on a super ball, the team on the batting side would lose 5 runs. The batting side when called the super-balldoubled the amount of runs scored on that ball.Following are the intricacies of the tournament:

1st inning 1st inning 1st inning
Karachi sports (56 runs) Model sports (51 runs) Model sports (35 runs)
2nd inning 2nd inning 2nd inning
MD SPORTS (29 runs ) Hassan sports (22 runs) Karachi sports (36 runs)

Best Bowling Award was presented to Muhammad Zohaib from Karachi Sports whereas Best Batsman Award was deserved by Asad Shah from Model Sports.“Red bull had chosen a very good and secure place. We should appreciate Red Bull for the way they have organized this tournament for boys. I think this activity should be continued because it’s a very healthy activity in Ramadan. Night cricket in Karachi has always been a trend whether its tape ball or tennis ball. We must appreciate this initiative and I am delighted to see such an amazing crowd here! I am also here because even my cricket initially started with tape ball and tennis ball. Today, the way they have organized this event is really commendable and I hope Red Bull will continue arranging such events because it is a very healthy activity for boys who stay up till Suhoor. Well done Red Bull!” – Moin Khan, Former Pakistan Cricket Team Captain.Street cricket being such a prevalent sport, the tournament arranged by Red Bull got massive response from both media and Karachi Street’s denizens.



Geo Tv “Ittehad Ramzan” transmission grabbing the full attention of viewers across the globe


Written by : Syed Qalb-e-Muhammad

Geo ittehad ramzan transmission is getting great suceess and grabbing the full attention of viewers in Pakistan and across the globe.Rabia Anum and Sami Khan are the host on the iftar time.The participants of ittehad ramzan transmission is win the million of prizes every day.To make colourful and attractive to Ittehad ramzan the management of geo decided to introduce a different competition for the children like debate and quiz and for the intrest of youth and senior citizens the Ullama gives the answers of your question which were asked by the viewers by call and sms and briefly discuss the current issues of the society to make comfortable your life in Ramzan and after Ramzan.The most important part of transmission is health tips because fasting in this type of hot weather is very difficult but the health experts,doctors and ullama tells the techniques to maintain your fitness and completely fasting the whole holy month.Geo always bring the best for people of all ages and the first ashra of Ramzan the Geo “Itthead Ramzan” has become the country most popular transmission in the iftar timings.The segments of transmission are given below.


Qasas-ul- Quran :
The segment of Qasas-ul-Quran is hosted by Umair Rana. This segment throws light on the events discussed in Quran. A different event related to a messenger is discussed each day.Ziyarat (pilgrimage) to sites associated with Muhammad, his family members, His companions and other venerated figures in Islam such as the prophets are carried out each day.

Allah Walay:
The Allah Walay segment is inclusive of discussing the life events and way of life of the Sufi personalities who have shown immense love for the supreme Almighty Allah T’alah.


Jaan kar Geo :
Jaan kar Geo, also called the kids story segment is the segment in whichWarqah, the little story teller, narrates religious stories to kids. A different inspirational story discussed by Warqaheach day has a beautiful lesson and guidelines for the muslim Ummah

CSR segment:
The segment involves inviting needy and grief-stricken families to come on set. Donations are raised live with RabiaAnum and Sami Khan requesting the audience to contribute generously.NGO’s are also invited to the platform to generate solutions on what can be done to help the needy families.

Dil sey kehdo:
Dil sey kehdo is a debate segment in which participants are provided with a platform to voice interactive argumentson a variety of topics. 4 participants address their debates out of which 1 is sent to the quarter finals. The winner is gifted different merchandise including bikes and home appliances.

Rabb-e-Zidni Ilma:
This is a quiz segment which comprises of 4 participants who go through 3 rounds of questions asked on Islamic and social studies topics. The participants who give the maximum number of right responses clear their way to the final round and the winner is rewarded with free merchandize.

This segment involves a Naatcompetition between 3 participants. 2 of the participants get eliminated and the winner makes it to the final round. The audience gets to listen to a beautiful and melodious recollection of Naats from young talented Naat Khwas .


Naya Naziambad Ramzan Cup 2018 begins at Lawai Cricket Stadium

Naya Nazimabad Photo Release - Chief Guest Mr. Saeed Ahmed, President National Bank of Pakistan inaugurated Naya Nazimabad Ramzan Cup 2018

Karachi(Cliff News)Naya Nazimabad Ramzan Cup 2018 began at Naya Nazimabad Lawai Stadium. The tournament was inaugurated by the Chief Guest Mr. Saeed Ahmed, President National Bank of Pakistan.Chairman of Tournament & Chairman Arif Habib Group, Mr. Arif Habib in his address, shared the vision of his conglomerate which aims to contribute to the promotion of sports in general and cricket in particular in Karachi. “The Lawai Cricket Stadium in Naya Nazimabad, having floodlights and many other facilities, remains occupied throughout the year. “Our objective is to make Sports City at Naya Nazimabad, whose facilities could be utilized by the inhabitants of the city,” he added.The tournament which began on May 14, 2018 will continue till June 04, 2018 where 12 teams will play total 25 thrilling matches. Naya Nazimabad Ramazan Cup Cricket Tournament 2018 offers record prize money of Rs. 2.085 million, including Rs. 1.2 million for the winners. The runners-up would receive Rs 0.6 million.Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Saeed Ahmed, President National Bank of Pakistan, expressed his delight at the outstanding facilities at the Lawai Stadium. “On behalf of National Bank we wish Mr. Arif Habib and the management of Naya Nazimabad Ramzan Cup 2018 the very best,” he said.This year, 12 teams have been divided in 3 groups. Group A includes Sui Southern Gas Company Limited (SSGC), State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), Brighto Paints & Rehman Foundation; Group B contains Sui Northern Gas Company Limited (SSGPL), National Bank of Pakistan (NBP), Omar Associates & Sindh Police and Group C contains Dollar East, K-Electric, Pakistan Customs & Civil Aviation Authority.

Pre-Ramzan festivities at UGS launch festival

Karachi (Cliff News)Socialites, media, fashionistas and families thronged the pre-Ramzan Launch Festival organised by United Global Solutions (UGS) here at a local hotel on Friday evening.The Festival was inaugurated by Sohail Shams, CEO of United Marine Agencies (UMA) and Mrs Rahila Sohail. Also present at the occasion were Asna Soban, CEO UGS, Soban Nazir, founder of UGS, Ambreena Rehan, designer Inshal Creations and Rehan Ahmed, jewelry designer.Well-decorated stalls were set up exhibiting a wide variety of products and designer clothes at the Festival.From a brand new organic milk by Asfa Pure Milk to mouth-watering delicacies by Kitchen Corporation, there was something exciting for the attendees of all ages. While guests were offered ice-cold milk shakes to beat the heat, Kitchen Corporation served them with a wide variety of savouries to munch on while they shopped.One of the highlights of the festival was the launch of Asfa Pure Milk. The product is absolutely free from hormones and injections coming from purely organic fed buffaloes which are supervised by professional staff round the clock.“It’s a great beginning to a marvellous future. We at UGS will strive to give our customers the best products keeping in mind their health and well-being,” said Asna Soban.Meanwhile, Inshal Creations had whipped up a gorgeous collection comprising the latest trends in fashion. From tastefully worked ensembles to cotton wraps there was something for everyone.While jewellery by Rehan Ahmed was another attraction at the festival.An event absolutely enjoyed by everyone!

ABOUT United Global Solutions (UGS)

At United Global Solutions (UGS) we are committed to provide our clients with professional, high quality, proficient and stress-free customer experience, which exceeds their expectations in terms of value, service and innovative/creativity.


Asfa Pure Milk, assures the safety of your and your family’s health absolutely free from hormones and injections coming from purely organic fed buffaloes which are supervised by professional staff round the clock.


Kitchen Corporation (a UGS company) is a full service catering company. We are specialists in offering quality meals prepared using fresh local ingredients at reasonable prices. We organize all types of Private, Wedding, corporate events, Canteen Lunches and provide full canteen lunch services with multiple menu in economical packages.


Inshal creations is a hub of quality attire that includes stitched and unstitched women’s clothing, unstitched menswear and Silver jewellery. Providing quality service in a very economical prices and the latest designs as per fashion trends.

IMG_20180513_024904_217 CEO United Marine Agencies Mr Sohail Shams & Mrs Rahila Sohail inaugurate the Pre-Ramzan Launch Festival by United Global Services here at a local hotel on Friday evening. Also present are Asna Soban, CEO UGS, Soban Nazir & Ambreena Rehan at the event.